Strike Fantasy Towers
Monday Night Breakdown

With Randy White and John Cartwright
January 6th, 2014
Monday Night 7:00pm
Live From: MetraPark Arena - Billings, Montana

Instead of the usual music playing and the shot of the fans we open up to Breakdown with what is left of the SFT roster out on the stage from the lethal lottery finalists Devina Darknyss and Dave Van Dam to Gary Mac and Ataxia. The crowd are quiet and watching on as Bob Taylor is standing in the middle of the ring, both commentators are on their feet as is all of the staff watching on as Taylor stands there with a microphone looking at the SFT stars. From over the back of Taylor we see a few signs saying SFT 4eva, please don't die SFT and many more there is a somber feeling in the arena.

Bob Taylor: Welcome everyone to what is now officially the last ever SFT event, as the rumour mill has been running rampant since we tried to silently stop ticket sales for all future events, I guess most of you all know what is going to happen tonight, the end of Strike Fantasy Towers.

Lets just get this straight out there, this is in no way related to the people who left to start up their own organization or anything remotely to do with that, this is about what is best for me, what is best for SFT what is best for those looking after Shadow. It has been a hell of a six months, ever since Shadow became ill and some of us had to step up. A lot of actually did do it, a lot of stepped right up to the plate and some never lived up to their potential but none the less there are a lot of formalities to handle tonight. First being where will you all go after tonight, well there is a bar open just down the street and I'll gladly pay for all your drinks all night.

You know there were companies out there that started based on the foundation of lets kill SFT, and they all failed, they all failed tremendously and the first company that starts not to kill SFT will see more shows this year than what we will do as this is our last. I want to take this time to thank all of those up there on the stage and those who have returned and have come through those doors over the last few months. You made my job easier and I wish you all the best in the future.

The crowd erupt as “Ten Thousand Fist” By Disturbed hits and Mike Zybala who wasn't on stage walks out dragging the SFT World Heavyweight Championship along with him, he heads right down and throws it into the ring before rolling in. Mike doesn't even look at the title and gets right up into Bob Taylors face before grabbing the microphone.

Mike Zybala: Your closing the company down before we even have a chance to bring back Chimpo, no wonder the ratings are dropping Bob. That title over there, it isn't worth the hassle, seriously I'll have to look over my shoulder every week waiting on someone trying to backstab me even though the company is shutting down, people steal shit. I need to carry it around like I own the thing, it is not worth if Bob, and I hereby relinquish the SFT World Heavyweight Championship.

Taylor smiles as Mike goes to walk out Randy White slides into the ring and with a microphone in hand even though he has no business being in the ring.

Randy White: Wait a minute Mike and Bob, are you guys serious, after everything this company has been through to fight the controversy to fight against other companies, the legacy we have all created you are going to one shut the place down and two. Mike . . . you seriously want to end this company without a world heavyweight champion?

For a second Mike thinks about it Taylor takes a step back and quickly Mike Zybala hits a superkick on Randy White knocking him down to the mat. Zybala smiles and against walks towards the ropes as if he is about to leave.

Bob Taylor: Hold on Mike, hold the fuck on. You don't walk into my ring and disrespect me the way you have or the SFT World Heavyweight Championship, you don't vacate the title, you don't get to walk away Zybala. You were just inducted into the Hall of Fame, don't make my last ever act as co-owner of SFT be removing you from the hall of fame.

Zybala stops for a second and turns around and looks at Bob Taylor, Mike is still happy and cheerful which annoys Bob Taylor.

Bob Taylor: The winner of the Lethal Lottery will not be the new SFT World Heavyweight Champion, that ends with you Mike, the last ever Strike Fantasy Towers World Heavyweight Champion, MIKE ZYBALA!!!

Now a smile appears on Taylors face he feels he has one up on Mike Zybala.

Mike Zybala: So I don't need to defend this and I go down in history as the last ever SFT World champion? I'll take it Bob put it there.

With the fans erupting Taylor angrily throws down the microphone as Mike Zybala picks up the SFT title belt and hoists it up in the air, the crowd as chanting for Mike as the show cuts to ringside where Randy White has finally came back to earth and he is sitting next to John Cartwright.
Twilight -vs- Jordan Caliban
Regular Match

RW: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, as you just heard tonight is our final night, SFT will no longer be a wrestling promotion and I blame Bob Taylor.

JC: You know everyone seems to blame him, everyone is blaming him because they can't look at their own faults.

RW: That is a bit egotistical.

JC: Our first match will see the debut of Jordan Caliban and his last match in SFT as well, kind of funny that isn't it?

RW: We will only get a small glimps of what this guy could have been here in SFT tonight as he takes on a member of the wall in Twilight, great to see him back John, always reliable.

JC: He should have stayed gone to be honest Randy, I never understand the point of him, and glad we wont see him anymore after tonight, I think I'll go try get a job with that other promotion.

RW: Sell out.

Basketcase by Greenday hits as he slowly walks to the ring and sits in his corner till his opponent gets in and the bell rings.

JC: Did he really have to come back Randy, this place was better without him at least it is only one last night, I cant wait to take a break, over thirteen years doing this each week, I'm burned out.

RW: Me to John, finally we agree all these wrestlers who say they are burned out after a few months need to step into our shoes we do this every fucking week.

The song starts and the intro plays through and finally as the tempo picks up this Dude just saunter out onto the center of the stage cocky as all that, singing along with his own theme song milking every second of it swaggering from side to side on the stage, finally a Beautiful red head appears as if from nowhere behind him and places her hand on his head calming him and then she steps back as he drops to his knees pounding on the ramp and then coming back up CM PUNK style screaming


He rolls back onto his feet, the girl is standing behind him smiling at his behaviour, he is basically bouncing as he makes his way from the stage singing along with his own theme song and getting in the face of the crowd, the song speeds up again and Jordan runs at the ring jumping and sliding in feet first followed by a quick kip up into a standing corkscrew back flip landing back on his feet. The entrance ends with Caliban sitting on the top rope with the girl playing with his hair on the apron. Both are waiting watching Twilight who is seated in his corner.

RW: I think this guy has the ability to be a star and if he proves it in his first match in SFT then I wish him the best.

JC: We have had some lackluster people join lately, like Diemnesia and others who never really lived up to their own hype.

As the bell rings Twilight stands up and Jordan comes out to the center, Twilight extends his hand for a shake but Jordan grabs him and hits an arm drag into an arm bar. Jordan then kneels up and drops down with a knee to the joint of the arm before getting up. Twilight gets to his feet only to be knocked back down with a dropkick by Jordan Caliban who instantly gets up and hoists his arms in the air to the delight of Sinnesy Rose who cheers. Slowly Twilight gets up but is backed up against the ropes by forearms from Jordan who then whips him off the ropes as Twilight comes back Jordan leaps up and takes him down with a Hurricanrunna into a pin attempt.

REF: 1 . . . Kickout by Twilight.

RW: Impressive start by Jordan Caliban and Sinnesy Rose seems very happy with the early goings.

JC: Who can blame her, it might only be Twilight but Jordan is showing some good ability just now.

Both men are up and Jordan takes Twilight into a side headlock but Twilight attempts a back suplex only for Jordan to land on his feet as Twilight turns Jordan attempts a superkick as Twilight cashes his foot he hits a spinning heal kick to the face of Jordan. Twilight is up closely followed by Jordan who comes running at him for a clothesline Twilight ducks and hits a spinning sit out slam on Caliban. Twilight quickly grabs the leg for the cover.

REF: 1 . . . 2 Kickout!

Both get up once again this time Twilight smashes his fist into Jordans nose and then follows with a kick to the midsection followed by a implant DDT.

JC: This is what annoys me about Twilight, he can be getting beat the hell down then he turns it around.

RW: Resiliency that is what Twilight has.

JC: I call it being an annoying little shit.

Reaching down Twilight pulls up Jordan before grabbing him in a gutwrench position and hitting a gutwrench suplex. Twilight gets up and then stomps on the forehead of Caliban before pulling him back to his feet, Twilight whips Jordan into the corner and then walks over and hits a knee to his midsection and then again. Twilight then whips Jordan across the ring into the opposite corner and comes running in with a clothesline only for Jordan to squeeze his body through the ropes and push his feet up to kick Twilight in the head. Using his upperbody strength Jordan pulls himself onto the top rope and stands up a groggy Twilight is staggering as Jordan leaps off with a cannonball suicide dive right into Twilight who hits the mat hard.

RW: Great turn around by Jordan Caliban showing he has what it takes to come back into the match.

JC: It is nice to see new stars do this.

The fans watch as Twilight gets up into a standing spinning heal kick followed by a springboard moonsalt by Jordan who gets up and looks at Sinnesy Rose who is again applauding. Jordan reaches down and grabs Twilight but gets taken down with a small package by Twilight.

REF: 1 . . . 2 . . . Kickout by Jordan Caliban.

Both get up, Jordan takes a wild swing and Twilight grabs him in a German suplex and goes for a release german suplex only for Jordan to land on his feet. Twilight unaware stands up and turns around right into a superkick.

JC: What a brutal kick by Caliban.

RW: I don't think Twilight saw it coming.

Taking a second Jordan goes over and speaks to Sinnesy Rose he then turns back to Twilight who is up and grabs him in a small package.

REF: 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!!!

RW: From nowhere Twilight picks up the victory.

JC: What a load of shit, Jordan was having a time out, no need for that.

RW: Well it is Twilight who wins and returns with a victory to his name.

Winner: Twilight Via Pinfall
The show heads backstage to the office of Bob Taylor who looks kind of smug whilst swinging on his chair, the door flies open and in walks Saint Jude he slams his hands down on the table.

Saint Jude: You son of a bitch, you can't close SFT you have no authority.

Bob Taylor: Wow Jude calm down, if you look over the contract I have the authority I have the power, kind of like he-man.

Saint Jude: Shadow is ill, this was his child he made sure this company stayed strong it will be here when he returns.

Bob Taylor: When will that be Jude? When the roster is two men wrestling each week? Seriously the place is losing money no one tunes in anymore and that is with all those stars on the roster. The place should have been closed a long time ago just Shadow couldn't see it.

Saint Jude: Don't you fucking dare you have no right to speak about Shadow or SFT like this.

Bob Taylor: When Anthony Jesus took his ball and went home who was still here helping Mr Fluffy? ME!!! When Mr Fluffy took his ball and went home sure I was on a break but when shit hit the fan who was there to clean it all up and make sure this place was ticking over in Shadows absence? ME!!! So listen here you ungrateful piece of shit, you just like all those others who don't appreciate what I bring to the table you can go out have your last match in SFT and just shut the fuck up. If it comes to it I will end your SFT by firing you live on Television, Shadow may have been the life of this place for many years. Lately though it has been me, so you can take your tone and walk right back out that door and go have the match of your life.

Saint Jude: You have no right Bob, no right at all to do this, if I have to I'll pack up everything and run the place from my backyard.

Bob Taylor: With the amount of trash on the roster no one would notice any wrestling going on in your backyard.

Saint Jude: This place will stay alive Bob, this will not be the end of SFT.

Bob Taylor: We know because you, Twilight, Jack Jones and Emerson, maybe TK Money if he gives a fuck will all go to some bingo hall and keep the good name of SFT alive. But when you do I'll issue a lawsuit against you because as co-owner and the only active owner around I have every right. When Shadow took ill it more or less put me as the sole owner of SFT, and now I'm tired of it.

From behind Jude walks the man who beat up Gary Mac at Everything Ends, he looks at Jude who lifts his hands from the desk and looks at him straight in the eyes.

Saint Jude: By the end of tonight Bob, this place will still be alive.

Bob Taylor: If you continue like that Jude you will be in an ambulance by the end of the night, now you have a match coming up right now so go get ready for it.

Reluctantly Jude walks out of the room, Taylor smirks and laughs before taking out a cigar and placing it in his mouth.

Bob Taylor: It looks like Everything Ends, really was the end.

He begins laughing like a maniac as the show goes back to Randy and John.

RW: What a heartless bastard, what a waste of space.

JC: That is the owner of SFT you are talking about Randy, Bob Taylor the evil genius, Mr Controversial himself, he'll fire you then rehire you paying you less money and giving you more work to do.

RW: After tonight we are done so I can say whatever the hell I want about that bastard.
Ataxia -vs- TK Money -vs- Saint Jude
Triple Threat Match

JC: Whilst you are acting like an extra from the confessions of a teenage drama queen I'll let the audience know that we have the triple threat match featuring Ataxia, Saint Jude and the returning TK Money.

RW: It will be good to see TK Money back in a SFT ring.

JC: No it won't.

"Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash plays. Jude steps through the curtain and slowly makes his way down the ramp. He looks around at the fans with indifference. Jude walks up the steps and enters the ring. He takes off his ratty looking jacket and tosses it out of the ring. He then turns his direction towards the stage and awaits his opponent.

RW: It looks like Jude is waiting for a fight.

JC: He better prepare because Ataxia is about to show up.

"Die! Die! Die, my darling. Don't utter a single word..." As this comes over the PA out of the back coming to the ring at a full tilt is Ataxia. "The Messiah Pariah" ignores the fans and dives under the bottom ropes and slides across the ring almost hitting a cameraman. He smiles as he kips up and holds out his arms in a mock bow and looks at Jude whilst laughing.

JC: You know this is the last time we will see Ataxia in a SFT ring, this is wrong, I feel like a part of me is about to leave.

RW: And you call me dramatic?

T.K. walks to the ring loosening his wrists and stretching his neck. Meanwhile on the StrikeTron images of him in his matches are showing and watermarked in them are his accomplishments shown at the tempo of the notes, during the sustained notes the words "SFT Hero" become static for the length of the note.

RW: We have all three in the ring and look Jude and TK are looking right at Ataxia.

JC: Well it is a triple threat not a two on one.

Before the bell rings Jude and TK rush at Ataxia and begins unloading with rights and lefts, Ataxia tries to fight back but is backed up into the corner. Both TK and Jude begin laying boots to Ataxias ribs and then Jude pulls him out and they hit a double suplex on Ataxia bringing him crashing to the mat. With Ataxia down, Jude and TK Money drop a double elbow on the masked star, the fans are cheering as Jude pulls Ataxia to his feet and whips him off the ropes as he comes back TK and Jude hit a double spinebuster and Ataxia is on the mat holding his back.

JC: This is uncalled for Randy, I think a disqualification should be called and Ataxia should be the winner.

RW: As always with bullshit calls, you are an idiot and after tonight I will be glad not to work with you anymore.

With their opponent down Saint Jude climbs to the top rope and prepares for a diving headbutt before he leaps TK pulls up Ataxia and hits a stungun on him, Jude drops down and before TK can attempt a pin Jude gets in TK Money's face and begins shouting about what he was about to do. TK shakes his head and pushes Saint Jude who responds with a slap to the face and TK attempts one of his own but Saint Jude ducks and hits a back suplex on TK Money.

RW: Well that didn't last long did it?

JC: Thank god.

Jude stands over the fallen body of TK Money shouting at him unaware behind him Ataxia is up and as Jude turns around he gets a heal kick to the sternum doubling him over. Ataxia grabs his head and hits a spike piledriver. As Ataxia gets up TK Money from behind hits a double axe handle followed by another, TK Money then DDT's Ataxia to the mat and covers him.

REF: 1 . . . 2 Kickout.

Saint Jude is up and grabs TK Money and rams a knee to his ribs then another, with TK doubled over Saint Jude goes for a powerbomb and hits it on the former champion. Straight away Ataxia comes from behind clotheslines him down and Jude rolls out the ring to let Ataxia get the pin attempt.

REF: 1 . . . 2 TK kicks out.

JC: Two close calls right there.

RW: Ataxia almost ended this match by stealing Saint Judes pin attempt.

The crowd are on their feet as Saint Jude slides into the ring he charges at Ataxia taking him down with a spear, Jude gets up looks at the crowd by from behind TK Money spins him around and whips him off the ropes as Jude comes back TK is going for a back body drop, Jude counters this with a tornado DDT. Ataxia is slowly getting up Jude goes and clotheslines him down but instantly Ataxia gets up a little dazed and Jude grabs his head hitting a facebuster, the fans are cheering for Saint Jude.

RW: Saint Jude is on a roll right here.

JC: Come on Ataxia get up, don't make this idiot win.

As Jude watches TK Money get to his feet he kicks him in the midsection and hits a slingshot suplex on the former World Champion. Ataxia is up and kicks Saint Jude in the ribs followed by going to the back and hitting a German Suplex into the turnbuckle. The crowd boo as a groggy TK Money gets to his feet, Ataxia leaps onto the top rope and leaps off with a 360 kick to the head of TK Money.

JC: Peaceful Tolerance by Ataxia and TK Money is down.

RW: Also the E.R Stat on Saint Jude, this is all Ataxias now.

Dropping down Ataxia covers TK Money.

REF: 1 . . . 2 . . . Saint Jude breaks the count.

Ataxia gets up and begins brawling with Saint Jude in the ring, Jude rams a knee to the midsection then throws Ataxia over the top rope but Ataxia lands on the apron and grabs Saint Jude and suplex's him to the floor. Ataxia is now standing on the apron watching TK get up, he springboards onto the top rope and hits another 360 Kick to the head, Ataxia covers TK as Jude gets up someone from under the ring grabs his ankle.

REF: 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!!!

JC: I told you Ataxia would do it and once again he does, that is what you call talent Randy.

RW: Who the hell is that holding Jude's ankle?

JC: I don't know but even without that Jude would never have broken up the pin attempt.

Winner: Ataxia Via Pinfall

The mans hand pulls on the legs of Jude who hits the floor and is then dragged under the ring, Ataxia exits the ring and heads up the ramp laughing whilst looking towards the ring.

RW: What the hell is going on with Saint Jude?

JC: Where is he Randy?

After a few moments of silence Saint Jude crawls out from under the ring his face is covered in Blood, TK Money is now standing at the ropes looking down as Jude looks a mess. From the other side of the ring crawls the man who assaulted Gary Mac at Everything Ends and who was in Bob Taylors office.

JC: Look Randy, that guy again?

RW: We have no idea of his name but he loves the Singapore cane.

With a cane in hand he slides into the ring and runs over slamming the cane into the back of TK Money, then then brings it down across the back of his head. The man lifts the cane in the air as Saint Jude slowly staggers into the ring. Straight away the man slams the handle of the cane into the ribs of Saint Jude when he is doubled over he lifts him up with a powerbomb and slams him down. The crowd are booing as Bob Taylor walks out from the back looking pleased and with a microphone in hand.

Bob Taylor: Saint Jude, I think from this moment on you will watch how you speak to me, take this as a lesson and learn from it. No matter what the future holds, you mess with me or speak to me like that again and you'll get a bigger beating each time.

The crowd boo as the mysterious man walks up the ram with the cane raised high and both him and Bob Taylor head to the back.

JC: How good is this Randy, not only did he fuck up Gary Mac pretty bad at Everything Ends but he takes out Saint Jude and TK Money on the final SFT show ever.

RW: This is getting way out of hand who is going to stop Bob Taylor?

Rumpke -vs- Andrew Barnes (c)
Television Title Match

RW: Who will leave SFT as the last ever Television champion?

JC: Andrew Barnes?

RW: Why him?

JC: Just I think he will, he is a leader of men.

RW: Well right now Rumpke is in the ring and he looks pissed off.

JC: He always does.

"Nights in White Satin" by The Moody Blues starts to play, as Andrew Barnes walks out from the back with his head down and hair covering his face. Andrew walks down to the ring and slides in. He wipes the hair back and away from his face.

RW: Our current and maybe last ever Television champion.

JC: Will there ever be anyone as good as Barnes.

RW: Possibly.

As the bell rings both Barnes and Rumpke meet in the center of the ring, Barnes looks him up and down and instantly slaps him across the face.

RW: Oh, remember Gust isn’t here to control Rumpke.

JC: Get out of there Andrew.

Rumpke responds with a huge right hand sending Barnes down and then gets in a mounted position and begins unleashing blows upon the head of the Television champion. Rumpke gets up and kicks Andrew Barnes in the head and the referee tries to maintain order but Rumpke pushes him out of the way and rolls out the ring.

JC: What the hell is he doing?

RW: Going for a chair by the looks of things.

Grabbing a chair Rumpke then slides into the ring he waits on Barnes getting up the referee warns him and Rumpke slams the chair down across the head of Andrew Barnes who falls to the mat. Rumpke then lifts it up and brings it crashing down across his back the referee wastes no time in calling for the bell.

RW: Rumpke has just been disqualified.

JC: No shit, he should be locked up in a zoo.

Winner: Andrew Barnes Via Disqualification

Not listening to the referee Rumpke continues bringing the chair down across the back of Andrew Barnes, the chair is bending in half before Rumpke throws it to the side, the referee is then pushed away before more come running down.

RW: I bet Barnes is regretting slapping Rumpke right there.

JC: Rumpke is an animal.

As the other five referees come in Rumpke manages to knock three of them down and Barnes is able to roll out of the ring and grab his title, Rumpke watches as Andrew Barnes runs up the ramp towards the back.

RW: You can’t blame Andrew Barnes, Rumpke is out of control and we don’t have anyone to control him.

JC: Can we get a lion tamer or a zoo keeper this guy has lost it and assaulted four officials, and our SFT Television Champion.

Mike Zybala -vs- Lionel Kingston
Regular Match

JC: Whilst we were at the commercial break Lionel Kingston made his way out to the ring, I think that was the toilet break for us all.

RW: What a fall from grace Lionel has had, from being the SFT World Heavyweight Champion, to not even having an entrance.

JC: Who can blame him though, he is an idiot.

The crowd don't even react to Lionel as the giant holds his hands in the air.

JC: If I got a reaction like that I would just leave the ring.

RW: Not many people like Lionel.

"Ten Thousand Fist" By Disturbed hits and Mike Zybala comes crashing through the entrance way with the SFT World title, the fans erupt as he begins moshing with some of the fans on his way to the ring, he spins a few times high fiving fans before sliding into the ring. Climbing the turnbuckle he holds it up high and then drops down to hand it to the referee the fans erupt again cheering for Mike Zybala.

RW: He always gets the fans pumped John, Mike brings the fun.

JC: And from what Amy Jo says the STD's.

RW: That is a low call John.

JC: Hey last ever SFT show so fuck them all.

The referee calls for the bell as Mike Zybala is now perched on the ropes as if he is lying in his bed, Lionel Kingston comes forward slowly like the giant he is, Mike Zybala drops off the ropes onto his feet. Lionel picks up speed only for Mike Zybala to hit a superkick to the chin of the Giant and then places his foot on top of him, the fans are cheering.

REF: 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!!!

RW: Holy shit, now that right there was a quick match.

JC: Looks like Lionel really did fall from grace.

RW: Mike's superkick just gets more super every week.

Standing up Mike Zybala lifts the title in the air and starts dancing all the way to the back whilst the fans at ring side try to imitate him.

Winner: Mike Zybala Via Pinfall

RW: What a night we have had so far John, this being the last ever show we want to say thank you to everyone over the years.

JC: It has been a pleasure, well not really but I'm forced to say this, if you want my official thoughts check twitter after the show.

"Twisted Nerve" Begins playing and Bob Taylor walks out from the back and heads right to the ring as if he is ready for business, the fans are booing as he reaches the ring he enters and calls for a microphone.

Bob Taylor: You know with this being the last ever SFT show, I thought we should induct a few into the hall of fame, now this isn't SFT wrestlers, this is about the impact and dedication that have made to SFT programing. So without any further hold ups, John Cartwright and Randy White get into this ring.

With the crowd cheering both the commentators look shocked.

JC: Seriously, I deserve this you don't.

RW: This is the proudest moment of my life.

Both men get up and head into the ring, Randy White looks like he is ready to cry and John is so pleased he actually has a smile on his face.

Bob Taylor: The service you two have provided to SFT over the years has been nothing short of excellent, that is why I have decided to grace the Hall of Fame with the presence of . . . YOUR CHAIRS!!! That is right those two chairs you both sit your fat asses on every week never get any credit, so I am inducting those chairs into the SFT Hall of Fame.

They look at each other almost embarrassed as the fans boo but you can hear some laughter through the boos.

Bob Taylor: Did you really think you two deserve a hall of fame spot for sitting there and calling the match?

Randy White: Yes of course.

John Cartwright: I understand boss, couldn't agree more.

Randy White: You are a sell out and an ass kisser.

John Cartwright: Don't you start me Randy.

Taylor begins laughing as he drops the microphone and leaves the ring leaving John and Randy standing there arguing, the fans watch as after so many years we see Randy White level John Cartwright with a huge right hand sending him down to the mat. The show then goes to a commercial break as security runs down to stop both commentators fighting.

Dave Van Dam -vs- Devina Darknyss
Lethal Lottery Regular Match
RW: Well I never thought I would ever say these words John but it is now time for our last ever SFT Main Event and it is the Lethal Lottery Finals.

JC: The trail blazing Devina Darknyss takes one the man who has held more titles in SFT than anyone else, Dave Van Dam.

RW: Both have earned their spot here and these fans are waiting to see who will walk out as the winner.

JC: Who ever walks out as the winner of the Lethal Lottery will go down in history as the last Lethal Lottery Winner, and the last main event winner.

Dave walks out from the back andpyro explodes throughout the arena. As he makes his way down to the ring pyro in the pattern of DVD shoots off behind him. He hits the ring and the word Icon blazes the ringside area.

RW: From the moment SFT opened its doors, Dave has been here in some form or another, having won everything he can and holding the record of most titles in SFT history.

JC: Maybe so but tonight he goes up against The Future, The Alpha Female, Devina Darknyss, and she has a nice set on her.

RW: Head out the gutter for once, this is the last time we will call a match let us make it a classic.

The house lights dim in the arena as Trip The Darkness By Lacuna Coil starts playing over the speaker system. The words 'Come Into The Darkynss' begins flashing on The SFT Entrance-Tron as the cameras fade to the top of the entrance way, Devina Darknyss emerges to an extremely negative reaction. Embracing the negativity from the audience, Devina makes her way to the ring while getting into a shouting match with a few fans. When Devina Darknyss gets to the ring, She slides under the bottom rope and slowly gets to her feet. The fans continue to boo as Devina Darknyss looks out into the crowd with a cocky smile across her face. Devina once again yells at the fans chanting 'She Sucks' as the music dies down.

JC: I hope when this is all over she will agree to marry me, I even made a sign asking her.

RW: Your boyfriend wouldn't agree to marry you why would Devina?

JC: That isn't true, people out there listening that isn't true.

RW: Oh so your boyfriend said yes, congratulations.

JC: Screw you.

RW: You would, wouldn't you.

Both commentators go quiet as the fans stand on their feet whilst looking at Devina and Dave in the middle of the ring, having teamed twice they now stand face to face. The bell rings and both come storming out from their corner into a collar and elbow tie up, Dave using his power takes advantage and pulls Devina into a side headlock and then takes her down to the mat, Devina attempts a head scissor hold but Dave dodges it, he yanks at her neck a few times then Devina starts climbing to her feet whilst still in the hold. Standing up Devina rams an elbow into the ribs of Dave then another and another and he releases the hold, Devina runs off the ropes Dave attempts a clothesline which Devina ducks and rebounds off the ropes with a flying head scissors take down. Dave hits the mat and rolls to his feet but Devina is up first and both stand off in the middle of the ring to the fans delight.

RW: Neither giving an inch there, good technical work by Dave Van Dam and a nice head scissors by Devina.

JC: The power of Dave should give him the advantage but we know Devina has a lot in her locker.

Again both begin to circle each other and go for another tie up, this time Devina slips under and locks in a belly to back waist lock then takes him down to the mat with a take down. Devina airplane spins on top of Dave a few times then slaps the back of his head, the fans laugh a little as Devina stands up followed by an angry Dave Van Dam. DVD throws a huge haymaker that Devina ducks and from behind this a Russian Leg Sweep on Dave, Devina gets up and drops a knee across the throat of Dave before rolling forward and onto her feet. Devina reaches down and pulls up Dave Van Dam lifts him in a bear hug position and falls back bringing his throat across the top rope.

JC: It looks like Devina is trying to weaken the neck and throat of Dave to prepare for her triangle choke hold.

RW: It is smart play by Devina she knows what she has to do to get ahead.

Slowly standing up Devina looks at Dave rolling on the mat holding his throat, she reaches down and pulls him to his feet before whipping him into the former, Devina walks over holds the ropes and places one foot on his throat and pushes into it, the referee comes over and starts a mandatory five count, Devina breaks on four and then his a throat thrust on Dave who now is only holding himself up by the ropes, Devina takes a few steps back and hits a cart wheel back elbow smash on Dave who falls into a seated position in the corner.

RW: With the Lethal Lottery on the line Devina is really taking it to Dave Van Dam.

JC: She is proving she is the Alpha female here tonight.

RW: I would love to see her go up against the best female competitors SFT has ever had.

Stepping back a little she looks at Dave Van Dam and with him seated she rams her knee into his face, then another. Devina pulls Dave up to his feet and whips him off the ropes as he comes back Devina leaps up with a brilliantly executed standing drop kick to the face of DVD. Standing up Devina then bounces off the ropes and leaps up dropping another knee across the throat of Dave Van Dam.

JC: This has been all Devina from the get go.

RW: Dave won't be out of it yet, he has it in him to get back in the match.

Reaching down Devina pulls Dave to his feet and hits a kick to his midsection, she prepares him for a DDT but Dave hits a punch to the kidneys of Devina and then another, but Devina stops him with an axe handle to the back of Dave Van Dam who falls to his knees. Devina takes a step back and prepares for a kick to the face but Dave rolls out of the way in time. He gets to his feet and as Devina turns around Dave takes her down with a spinning spine buster.

RW: Both are on the mat now John, that powerful move seems to have taken the wind right out of Devina's sails.

JC: It might have knocked the wind out her for now but she has inflicted way more damage to Dave than what Dave has to her.

RW: I have to agree right now this match is still in Devinas favor.

Slowly both get to their feet Devina attempts a short arm clothesline which Dave ducks as Devina turns around Dave hits a kick to the side of her thigh, then another and Devina falls to one knee. Dave with a kick to the other leg and she is on both knees as Dave Van Dam kicks her once in the chest followed by another, and then one more. Dave steps back and hits a kick to the face of Devina Darknyss who falls right back against the mat. Dave takes a few seconds to gather himself.

JC: It looks like he still feeling the effects of Devinas assault in the early goings.

RW: Well it was his throat she was targeting.

JC: With a good reason.

Having finally gathered himself Dave reaches down and pulls up Devina Darknyss and hits a snap suplex on Devina he twists his body and gets up with Devina still in the hold and hits another snap suplex. Dave powers back up with Devina and he lifts her up in a stalling suplex and then brings her crashing down to the mat, wasting now time Dave covers Devina.

REF: 1 . . . 2 Kickout by Devina.

RW: That is our first close call John and it goes in the way of Dave Van Dam.

JC: Devina showing she wont give up without a fight.

Getting up Dave goes over towards the turnbuckles and climbs it he waits on Devina getting up and then leaps off with a flipping neckbreaker and connects Dave quickly hooks the leg for the cover.

REF: 1 . . . 2 . . . Shoulder up by Devina.

Dave stands up pulling Devina Darknyss with him, he lifts her up onto his shoulders in a torture rack position he then spins her for an RKO but Devina counters with an arm drag on Dave. He gets up and Devina is slow to react as Dave runs through her with a huge clothesline. The crowd cheer as Dave begins stomping on Devina.

JC: All that frustration is coming out now, why hit a woman like that?

RW: This is wrestling John, this is what happens.

JC: Still a little uncalled for you think he would just lay down and be a gentleman.

Finally after ten stomps Dave stops and pulls her to her feet, Dave puts her head between his legs and hits a cradle piledriver, Dave thinks about going for the pin but decides to pull her back to her feet. Devina is groggy as Dave lifts her onto his shoulder and then slams her face first onto the turnbuckle. Dave springs off the middle rope and this a kick to the face of Devina Darknyss and then covers her.

REF: 1 . . . 2 . . . TH Foot on the ropes.

JC: Yes, Devina gets a foot on the ropes, this is going to be a long night for Dave.

RW: I thought he had it right there, what more does he have to do to win this.

JC: I have no idea but Devina is still in this match.

RW: She maybe John but Dave is in total control.

Dave signals for Total Vandamnation and pulls the limp body of Devina Darknyss up and lifts her into position the fans are cheering and then Devina twists her body and locks in a hanging inverted triangle choke.

JC: Devina was playing possum on Dave and has into the Darknyss locked in.

RW: It isn't fully locked in but it might just be enough to win her the match and the Lethal Lottery.

JC: Dave has nowhere to go he has to tap out.

Still standing and with his face going red Dave tries to reach for the ropes, Devina is desperately trying to fully lock in the hold as DVD takes a step forward, he then knows he has nowhere to go. Devina just locks it fully in as Dave leaps forward the best he can and manages to get fingers on the bottom rope, the referee calls for Devina to break the hold.

JC: How luck can one guy be.

RW: All the energy he had left must have been used trying to reach that rope, Devina Darknyss was almost the winner of the Lethal Lottery.

JC: Luck son of a bitch.

The fans are on their feet as Devina uses the ropes to get to her feet she watches as Dave begins using the ropes to get to his feet both look at each other and Devina runs at Dave Van Dam who meets her in the middle. Both begin exchanging punches with whatever energy they have left, Devina ducks one huge punch and as Dave turns around he is hit with a step up Enziguri.


RW: And DVD is down now this could be Devinas chance.

JC: She is going up top, is she taking Amps high innovative moonsault.

Standing on top with her back to Dave she doesn't notice Dave has gotten to his feet as Devina leaps off with a moonsault he catches her on his shoulders in a torture rack position and hits an RKO.

RW: Dave just hit Devina with Legendary Mark!!

JC: Shit, shit shit.

RW: He has put so many stars away with that move.

Slowly Dave Van Dam is able to crawl over Devina and loosely hooks the leg, the referee drops down.

REF: 1 . . . 2 . . . THRE Kickout by Devina.

The fans almost erupt thinking Dave had won it, Dave also can't believe it.

RW: Devina somehow kicked out of Legendary Mark.

JC: What a moment right there, Dave almost gave up a second ago then he sees Devina kick oout of Legendary Mark.

RW: If there was ever a way to go out this is it John, with a huge bang.

Still favoring his neck Dave gets up and staggers back against the ropes, he looks down as Devina Darknyss is slowly getting to her feet, he can't believe it. With Devina almost on her feet Dave walks over but gets kicked in the midsection and instantly Devina hits a pumphandle reverse piledriver.

JC: Darknyss Driver, Darknyss Driver!!!

RW: This has got to be it, Dave was caught unaware.

JC: This will be is Randy, this will be it.

Devina grabs the leg and covers Dave Van Dam.

REF: 1 . . . 2 . . . THRE Kickout by Dave Van Dam!!!

The fans cheer Dave kicking out and there is a tense atmosphere now as Devina looks up to the roof looking for inspiration.

RW: I don't think Devina expected that.

JC: Neither did I Randy, I think Dave is on drugs can we get him tested.

Finally Devina watches Dave getting up he is half way as Devina comes over, he lifts her up onto his shoulders this time going for THE Legendary Mark once again, but Devina moves her body and locks in the hanging inverted triangle choke.

JC: She has it locked in this time, she has it locked.

RW: And John it is in the center of the ring.

Having Into The Darknyss locked in Dave falls to his knees as Devina applies more pressure, the referee is watching and Dave Van Dam taps the leg of Devina Darknyss and she releases the hold.

JC: She did it Randy, Devina Darknyss comes in from nowhere and wins the Lethal Lottery.

RW: And she does it in a hell of a war with Dave Van Dam.

As Devina stands up the referee raises her hand in victory, above the ring explosions happen and streams fall from the rafters as the SFT locker room comes out to the stage to look at the Lethal Lottery winner.

RW: What a night we have had, what a match to end SFT, this has been a pleasure.

JC: Devina Darknyss proves she is the alpha female and wins the lethal lottery, Mike Zybala ends SFT as the World Heavyweight Champion and Andrew Barnes as the Television champion.

Winner: Devina Darknyss Via Submission

RW: If I could do all this again I would.

JC: So would I Randy.

Suddenly in mid celebration "Twisted Nerve" plays and to the annoyance of the crowd Bob Taylor walks out pleased with himself and he heads straight down to the ring, Devina Darknyss is standing there looking at him enter.

RW: Why the hell is he out here?

JC: To say goodbye to SFT.

Inside the ring Bob Taylor walks over and shakes the hand of Devina and smiles, he looks as Dave Van Dam is now up and holding his neck whilst leaning against the corner, Bob gives him a nod then shouts for a microphone.

Bob Taylor: Well what a match to end SFT, the show has been good, most of you did well, apart from Lionel Kingston. This is the moment you all thought would never happen, and I know Ataxia has been wanting to blow up SFT for a long time, sadly I am in charge and it is down to me.

From inside his jacket Bob Taylor pulls out a remote control.

Bob Taylor: Since the actual Towers got destroyed a long time ago by Connor and the company bought a new office building, I think it is best to blow that up, if I can direct your attention to the strike tron.

The fans are booing as the tron lights up with the SFT offices, a huge building with the SFT logo hanging from the top of it. The tron then has a small feed of Bob Taylor in the corner.

Bob Taylor: I know some will be unhappy with this and some will be glad, so the countdown to detonation is now, 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1.

There is a huge explosion on top of the SFT building, the camera pans the arena looking at upset fans and then back to the tron. There is a huge silence from the crowd as the SFT building is still standing, no one knows what is going on then the smoke clears from the top and we see the initials STW.

We begin to hear Bob Taylor laughing whilst everyone on stage, in the ring and the fans are all confused.

Bob Taylor: I told you all this would be the last ever SFT show, I told you that Mike would be the last ever SFT World Heavyweight Champion, all of that is true. Because for years now this company needed a change, we needed to get the F out and get a more meaningful name, the history stays but the championship does. From this moment forward, we are now known as STRIKE TOWERS WRESTLING!!! And for our winner here,

(Bob turns to Devina) All of what you just done wasn't in vain as you are awarded the brand new Strike Towers Wrestling Championship and the first ever winner.

From the rafters a title belt is lowered into the ring right towards Bob Taylor who takes a second to unhook it and then look at the new title. He then hands it to Devina Darknyss who takes the title and places it on her shoulder.

Bob Taylor: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a new era in Strike Towers Wrestling, we will still be on the air and next week we will see the NEW and FIRST!!! STW Champion take on the first STW Television Champion Andrew Barnes. I give to you our FIRST EVER STRIKE TOWERS WRESTLING CHAMPION, DEVINA DARKNYSS!!!

The crowd don't know what to do the commentators are speechless and the camera zooms in on Devina Darknyss and the new STW Championship, the new STW logo appears and the show fades to black. Fade to black...

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