Strike Towers Wrestling
Monday Night Breakdown

With Randy White and John Cartwright
January 13th, 2014
Monday Night 7:00pm
Live From: Qwest Arena in Boise, Idaho

The STW Breakdown episode opens up to Bob Taylor standing in the ring with his bodyguard, he has a microphone in his hand as the crowd are booing.

Bob Taylor: Last week Mike Zybala hopefully realized not to mess with me, right now Chimpo is being treated like the animal he is, locked in a cage and being given bananas. Mike is currently employed by STW but at any moment I can change that, Mike must understand that I am in charge, that I make the rules and everything I say goes.

The crowd boo once again.

Bob Taylor: Yeah continue booing me that is all you morons are capable of doing, boo people and not give them the right amount of respect much like that jackass Mike Zybala.

"Ten thousand Fist" By Disturbed hits and Mike Zybala comes walking out and heads straight down the ramp heading for Bob Taylor, his bodyguard stands in front of him as Zybala climbs into the ring. Instantly he calls for a microphone and as he is handed it his music stops and Zybala gets in the bodyguards face.

Mike Zybala: I’m going to warn you once to step out of my face right now or I swear you’ll receive another superkick.

The bodyguard doesn’t move and Zybala steps back.

Bob Taylor: If you superkick myself or my bodyguard I swear you will be stripped of all your SFT accomplishments and suspended until further notice.

Zybala stops and then raises the microphone once more.

Mike Zybala: I’m not giving you a warning or threatening you but I want Chimpo back right now, right this second Bob!

The fans chant Zybalas name as Taylor begins laughing.

Bob Taylor: If you want Chimpo back I’ll give you him, . . . if you defeat my bodyguard right here and right now.

Before Zybala can accept the bodyguard grabs Zybala by the throat and hits a chokeslam, Taylor gets a kick in as the bodyguard pulls Zybala up to his feet and throws him into the corner. The bodyguard begins unleashing rights and lefts to the ribs and then grabs him by the throat with both hands and raises him up for a double handed chokeslam.

Bob Taylor: Slam him and slam him hard.

The cheer as Zybala hits a kick to the side of his opponent then another, the bodyguard releases the hold and Zybala steps back and leaps forward with a superkick knocking the bodyguard down. Zybala goes on top and makes the count himself and gets up the fans cheering. Taylor has scurried out the ring and is now at the entrance way, he turns to Zybala.

Bob Taylor: You want Chimpo, I will give you Chimpo.

The lights in the arena cut out as we hear Taylor laughing and a spotlight is shining on a metal cross as it is lowered to the ring with Chimpo on it. Zybala is heard shouting something and rushes out the ring and we can see him running up the ramp towards were the cross is being lowered. The fans are silent as the lights come on and focus on Zybala as the show heads to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

We come back and we are at ringside with John and Randy, John looks pleased and Randy looks confused.

JC: That was just awesome, what a head fuck.

RW: I don’t think everyone saw that as we went to a commercial break, Chimpo was lowered on a metal cross and as Mike Zybala got to him we were then informed by Zybala that it wasn’t Chimpo it was infact a stuffed version of Chimpo.

JC: Don’t you think that was just amazing though, Mike Zybala has lost his fun and it all down to Bob Taylor taking Chimpo away from him.

RW: He is one vile evil person, what he has done to Mike Zybala is uncalled for I swear we need people to walk out in protest.

JC: We have had enough walk outs Randy.

Psycho -vs- Jordan Caliban
Regular Match

Sabotage by Beastie Boys starts to play as Psycho makes his way to the ring, all the while stopping to high five fans and take pictures with fans.

RW: Well he seems to be enjoying himself this time around.

JC: That boy aint right, is he?

RW: No one in SFT is right in the head, leave it at that.

JC: Well you got me on that, hahaha

You Need Me I Dont Need You by Ed Sheerhand The song starts and the intro plays through but Jordan never comes out. The song starts again but halfway through, still nothing. There appears a message on the strikeaton that says I have retired, signed Jordan.

As Psycho sees this he starts jumping up and down with a big smile.

RW: By the reaction of Psycho you would think he just won the world title or the lottery.

JC: Ahh let him be happy, this is the easiet win he will ever get, so let him enjoy it.

Psycho leaves the ring and goes back to hugging and high fiving fans.

JC: He really aint all there is he?

RW: No he is not, haha

Winner: Psycho Via Caliban left the comapny

Saint Jude -vs- Nicolai Mayhem
Regular Match

RW: Saint Jude is taking on Nicolai Mayhem who had a good showing last week.

JC: He did and now he goes up against Jack Jones friend in Saint Jude.

Saint Jude made his way to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd as they jeered the arrival of Nicolai Mayhem. Nicolai Mayhem started strong with some powerful slams and clotheslines, and a few near falls. Saint Jude started fighting back when the fans cheered his name, hitting a slingshot suplex but not having enough about him to get the pin fall as Nicolai kicked out. Both began brawling and it went to the outside where Jude was thrown into the steal steps. Nicolai thought he had the match won as Jude was struggling to get into the ring the end came when.

When he entered the ring Nicolai clotheslined him down and he tumbled in the air as he raised his arm after hitting the Mayhem Shiver the fans watched on thinking it was the end.

JC: Nicolai Mayhem is in complete control right here and Jude has no way of getting back into the match.

RW: If Nicolai hits this sitout powerbomb this sadly be all over.

Pulling Jude up Nicolai placed him between his legs and got ready to hit the sitout powerbomb he raised Jude in the air but he smashed his fist into his face and he released the hold as Jude was falling he spins and hits a tornado DDT, and covers Nicolai.

REF: 1 . . . 2 . . . 3!!!

RW: Saint Jude picks up the victory after Nicolai had been totally dominant throughout the match.

JC: He was a luck son of a bitch Nicolai will make him pay.

Winner: Saint Jude Via Pinfall

Jack Jones -vs- Dude Job
Regular Match

RW: Let us move on to our next match.

"I Got Friends In Low Places" by Garth Brooks starts and Jack Jones comes out to the ring, high fiving some fans as he makes his way down the ramp. Jack Jones slides into the ring and waits for his opponent.

Before Jack Jones music stops, Dude Job comes out from under the ring and slides in to behind Jack. Dude Job grabs Jack Jones and turns him around to put Jack into a DDT. The ref calls for the bell to start the match. Dude Job quickly covers Jack!




RW: Wow. Dude Job almost got away with a quick win!

Dude Job picks Jack Jones up and tosses him into the corner. Dude Job rushes over and attempts a closeline, but Jack ducks sending Dude Job flying chest first into the turnbuckles. Dude Job bounces off and smacks back first into the mat. Jack Jones grabs Dude Job and puts him into a Boston Crab. He doesn't have a lot of time to keep him in the hold, as Dude Job quickly grabs the ropes to break it.

JC: Jack Jones should've dragged Dude to the middle. What an idiot!

RW: Well, he didn't have the time to do so, John.

JC: Whatever.

Jack picks Dude up and tosses him into the ropes. Dude comes back and is nailed with a closeline by Jack Jones. Jack Jones gets right back up and is met with another closeline by Dude Job. Dude Job picks Jack Jones up and attempts to put him into bodyslam, but Jack Jones wiggles out and falls behind Dude Job. Jack Jones puts Dude Job into a German Suplex.

RW: Great counter by Jack Jones.

Jack gets a leg drop in before the cover.



Jack Jones picks Dude Job up and tosses him into the corner. Jack Jones runs and is met with a boot by Dude Job. Jack wobbles backwards as Dude Job comes out of the corner and kicks Jack Jones in the gut and puts him into a Piledriver. Dude Job covers.




RW: Dude Job wins!

Winner: Dude Job Via Pinfall

Gary Mac -vs- Lionel Kingston
Regular Match

JC: Time for Lionel to be mean and beat up Gary Mac.

RW: The Real Deal showed his worth last week when he dispatched TK Money.

Lionel entered the ring to a mixed reaction as Mac appeared he got a huge ovation from the crowd when he entered Lionel tried to cheapshot him but Mac moves and began taking control of Lionel the end came when.

JC: You better get him Lionel I want you to break his back.

RW: Gary has been in complete control from the start.

Mac kicks Lionel in the midsection and hits a powerbomb rolls over into a Boston crab and Lionel taps.

RW: Once again Lionel taps to Near Destruction for the second time in his career.

JC: What a let down.

Winner: Gary Mac Via Pinfall

As we come back from an advertisement we are in Bob Taylors office and he has his bodyguard with him who is holding his chin and around ten security officers all in his office.

Bob Taylor: Zybala I know you are listening and at New Beginnings we will let you have a real opportunity at winning back Chimpo, because you will face off against me . . . Bob Taylor in a no holds barred match. If you win I will release Chimpo from his cage and have him placed at ringside for you.

As for everyone else and them wondering what match they will be involved in, we will be having a special event as The Body Count Rumble will make its return. Everyone on the active roster are invited to be involved and anyone who feels like showing up will have the chance to win the Body Count Rumble and a shot at the STW Champion at the February Pay Per View.

A smile appears on his face as the show heads back to John and Randy at ringside.

RW: The Body Count Rumble will return next week, I know who my moneys on.

JC: Hopefully now Saint Jude, but a great announcement none the less.

Mike Zybala -vs- TK Money -vs- Andrew Barnes
Triple Threat Non-Title Match
Ten thousand fist by Disturbed plays on the P.A. System. The crowd starts cheering as we see Mike Zybala come walking down to the ring through the fans in typical fashion. He greets the people along the way giving them high fives. He jumps the guard rail, and slides in the ring.

No More Fears by Dale Oliver blasts from the speakers. Images of T.K. Money in previous matches appear on the StrikeTron are showing watermarked within the images are his accomplishments shown at the tempo of the notes. during the sustained notes the words "SFT Hero" become static for the length of the note. Then T.K . walks out from behind the curtain and make his way down the ramp while loosening his wrists and stretching his neck. He gets to ring side, and jumps up onto the ring apron, T.K. Kicks his leg up and enters the ring.

Nights in White Satin" by The Moody Blues starts to play, as Andrew Barnes slowly walks out from the back with his head down and hair covering his face. Andrew makes his way down the ramp in a slow fashion. Once he gets down to ringside Andrew takes a left turn, and approaches the stairs. Once he gets to the stairs he turns his body 45 degrees and faces the two men standing in the ring. He slowly pulls his hair out of his eyes as he stares both T.K. And Mike Zybala down. Andrew makes his way up the steps, and climbs in the ring.

The referee calls for the bell. Mike quickly hits T.K. With a roundhouse kick. It was a solid kick that sent T.K. Flying outside of the ring. Meanwhile Barnes comes running and blindsides Mike with a hard-knocks closeline. Barnes starts stomping on Mike, Zybala blocks the second kick, grabs Barnes leg, and hits with a leg sweeper. T.K. Has recovered from that thundering roundhouse from Mike Zybala, T.K. Has slid into the ring while Mike is back up on his feet giving Mr. Barnes a few kicks to the face. T.K. Comes charging at Mike Zybala. I don't know if it was instincts or what, but Mike lined up and Super kicked T.K. Right in the face. Mike covers T.K.

Ref: 1..2..

Barnes pulls Mike off of T.K before the 3 count. Mike bounces back up to his feet only to be kicked in the gut and nailed with a DDT that plants him on the mat. Barnes goes to cover T.K.

Ref 1.. kickout!

T.K. Money has sat up while Barnes is on one knee taking the time to look at both men momentarily. Andrew pushes himself up as he sees that Mike Zybala does the same, Barnes charges Mike Zybala but it only gets him sent to the ground with another Super Kick.

RW: Mike Zybala's feet are busy tonight. I think he just wants to kick people!

JC: Agreed.

Meanwhile T.K. Is back up on his feet now, he takes off running, Mike hears him coming so turns around but its too late. T.K. Snatches Mike with his legs, and flips Mike over connecting with a Hurricanrana. Mike flips back up to his feet facing T.K. But he gets kicked in the gut and hit with the Impact-DDT. T.K. Is back up, he takes off running, jumps on the ropes and does a back flip off of them landing right on Mike Zybala connecting with his Springboard Moonsault. T.K. Goes for the cover.

Ref: 1..2. Kickout!

T.K. Argues with the ref for a minute but finds himself hammered in the back of the head with a hard knee from Andrew Barnes. Barnes grabs T.K; pulls him back up to his feet and delivers a thundering headbutt that knocks T.K. Into the corner. Barnes comes in slaming right and left handed fists into T.K's gut and then one more thundering headbutt to T.K's head. T.K. Obviously is dazed. Barnes runs to the opposite corner, grabs the corner ropes and smiles for a moment, and then takes off running hard. Barnes lowers his shoulder about to spear T.K. When out of nowhere another super kick is delivered from Mike Zybala. The crowd cheers loudly. T.K. Comes running out of the corner and hits Mike with a flying closeline. T.K. Quickly makes it to a corner, climbs the ropes. He jumps and flips, hitting Mike Zybala with a Shooting Star Press. T.K. Money pins Zybala.

Ref: 1..

Andrew Barnes pulls T.K. Off of Zybala, as T.K. Turns to look at Barnes he is met with a hard stomp to the face that also slams T.K's head into the mat. Barnes runs to a corner, and climbs up to the top rope. He jumps and comes crashing down with a leg drop, but it was not a direct hit. T.K. Money rolled out of the way in time.

JC: Great ring awareness by T.K. Money

Meanwhile, Andrew Barnes is sitting up with his hands holding his bum, and in a flash, T.K. Hits the ropes, and propells himself toward Barnes and connects with a dropkick to the face. T.K. Is up just intime to see Zybala coming at him. Zybala stretches his feet out trying to connect with another super kick but T.K. Catches his foot. Holding, Zybala's leg, T.K. Hits Mike in the groin. Mike bends over, and T.K. Snatches him up, in an instant Zybala gets tossed to the ground via a snap suplex. Barnes has got to his feet and goes after T.K. Only to get kicked in the gut. T.K. Hits Barnes with The Blood's Debt, and goes for the pin.

Ref: 1..2..

Zybala barely breaks up the count before the referee counted three. Enraged T.K. Turns around to get Zybala but is hit with another Super Kick. The crowd cheers at the site, apparently they love super kicks, who doesn't? Zybala covers.

Ref: 1..2..3!!

RW: Zybala just won his second match of the night.

JC: That first one didnt count.

Winner: Mike Zybala Via Pinfall

After the match. Andrew Barnes grabs his belt and walks up the ramp to the backstage hold his neck. The camera cuts backstage to Andrew Barnes walking down the hallway. Andrew notices Rumpke clapping while he walks by him.

Rumpke: Great match, Barnes.

Rumpke says in a sarcastic tone. Andrew stops and laughs infront of Rumpke.

Andrew Barnes: You think you're getting inside my head, Rumpke?

The two stare each other down. Rumpke flashes a smirk.

Rumpke: Think? I know.

Rumpke burps in Andrew Barnes face. Andrew shakes it off. Just when Andrew is about to walk away, he turns right back around and decks Rumpke with the Television title. This doesn't knock Rumpke out, but it sends him against the cement wall. Rumpke comes back and unleashes a flurry of punches. The two exchange punches as the backstage staff come by to break them up. Both have a crazy look in their eyes.

Andrew Barnes: You want a piece of me, Rumpke! You got it! I'll take you anytime - any day!

Rumpke smiles as the staff holds him back, while they drag Andrew away. The camera fades to commercial.

Devina Darknyss (c) -vs- Dave Van Dam
STW Championship Ladder Match
RW: This is actually the first ever Strike Towers Wrestling Championship match, Devina won it but at the time we didn’t know it was for the STW title.

JC: Dave Van Dam is seeking redemption more than anything tonight and in a ladder match he can hurt Devina but Devina is the champion she made Dave tap out a few weeks ago.

RW: These two are building a solid rivalry and tonight could be another chapter in that rivalry.

Dave walks out from the back andpyro explodes throughout the arena. As he makes his way down to the ring pyro in the pattern of DVD shoots off behind him. He hits the ring and the word Icon blazes the ringside area.

JC: I wish Dave just stayed retired maybe he would be able to keep a women if he done that.

RW: Can you not be this harsh with everyone else John.

JC: People like Dave deserve it, same with Zybala.

The house lights dim in the arena as Trip The Darkness By Lacuna Coil starts playing over the speaker system. The words 'Come Into The Darkynss' begins flashing on The SFT Entrance-Tron as the cameras fade to the top of the entrance way, Devina Darknyss emerges to an extremely negative reaction. Embracing the negativity from the audience, Devina makes her way to the ring while getting into a shouting match with a few fans. When Devina Darknyss gets to the ring, She slides under the bottom rope and slowly gets to her feet. The fans continue to boo as Devina Darknyss looks out into the crowd with a cocky smile across her face. Devina once again yells at the fans chanting 'She Sucks' as the music dies down.

RW: The first ever Strike Towers Wrestling Champion is in the ring and she looks focused on DVD.

JC: She is ready for this if Dave cant beat her within the forms of rules what makes him think he can do it in a match with no rules.

The bell rings and both rush out Devina with a right ducked by Dave as Devina turns around DVD hits a right then another then another, he grabs her arm and whips her off the ropes as she comes back DVD hits a standing drop kick. Devina gets up into a Northern Lights suplex by Dave who comes off the ropes with an elbow down across her throat. Dave is up and drops a knee across her forehead and up once against dragging Devina with him and whips her across the ring into the ropes and comes running in with a running back elbow smash.

RW: How focused and how strong does DVD look, he looks prepared.

JC: He cheap shot her when she turns around, that is low.

Holding Devina up he rams another elbow in to her face then leaps up in a hurricanerunna position spins his body and puts her over the top rope. Dave skins the cat and is back in the ring, Devina is totally dazed as she gets up and Dave runs hitting a suicide diver through the ropes onto Devina. The fans are going wild.

RW: The Immortal Icon is back John, he is in complete control.

JC: I’m not having this, if I didn’t have to do this job I would be over there beating the shit out of him.

Dave pulls Devina up and lifts her dropping her face first onto the barricade, Dave doesn’t let her fall and hits a reverse powerslam. He stands over her and looks over towards a set of ladders he folds them and slides them into the ring, Dave grabs another set of ladders and folds them, he watched as Devina is pulling herself up by the ring post, Dave runs and slams the ladders towards Devina but she moves and the ladders bounce back off DVDs face.

JC: Now that is how you change the course of the match.

RW: Dave is now busted open look at the blood those ladders must have made a huge impact.

Darknyss stands up and stomps on the forehead of Dave who reaches up and Devina punches down onto the forehead of Dave, she grabs him and throws him head first into the ring post. Devina then steps back and as Dave falls to his knees with his face facing the ring post Devina runs and slams her knee into the back of Daves head and it connects with the ring post.

JC: I think this match is over Dave is losing a lot of blood.

RW: He will fight through it to see the match through.

Sliding into the ring Devina sets up the ladder and looks up at the title, Dave then begins moving and slowly slides in but Devina stomps onto the back of Dave then drops an elbow then another. Devina pulls him to his feet and whips him into the standing ladder, Dave hits the ground hard. Devina resets up the ladder and begins climbing it.

RW: Devina is going for her title.

JC: You said it right Randy, her title.

Half way up Dave begins shaking the ladder but Devina drops to her feet and levels Dave with a roundhouse kick to the side of his head, the crowd are booing now as Devina pulls Dave up and smiles but quickly Dave lifts Devina up into a torture rack into a RKO.

RW: Legendary Mark by Dave Van Dam, Devina never saw that coming.

JC: No, just now Randy.

Dave grabs the lower rung of the ladder and begins climbing, he reaches half way and Devina still hasn’t moved, as he reaches the top he reaches out for the title but it raises a little. Dave thinks about it and steps right on top of the ladder and the title raises again.

RW: What the hell is going on here John?

JC: Looks like Devina look out insurance look up there.

The camera looks up to the cable and Bob Taylors bodyguard is pulling the ladder upwards away from Dave who looks on unamused. Nicolai Mayhem comes running down and slides in kicking the ladders away from Dave who falls onto Nicolais shoulders and he hits a sitout powerbomb.

RW: This is uncalled for it looks like Devina is working with Bob Taylor.

JC: Speaking of our owner here he comes.

Bob comes running down and slides into the ring, he shouts up towards his bodyguard to lower the title as he begins waking up Devina. He helps Devina up and they are watching as the title is powered Nicolai is standing over Dave but the crowd erupt with cheers as Mike Zybala comes running down slides in behind Nicolai.

JC: He has that god damned SFT title with him.

RW: And he is going to show Nicolai not to mess with his friend.

Zybala smashes the title into Nicolai who rolls out of the ring, Taylor smartly leaves, the title is now within reaching distance and no one is on a ladder. Devina runs and clotheslines Zybala down and picks up the title she stands waiting on Zybala getting up and hits him with the SFT Championship.

JC: Everything has changed now, Devina for the win.

RW: Dave is up John, DVD is up.

As Devina dropped the title she shouts abuse at Zybala, Taylor tells her to turn around and Dave now has the SFT title and brings it crashing across the skull of Devina Darknyss the crowd erupts as Dave sets up a ladder and climbs the first rung and grabs the ring. The bodyguard begins trying to pull him up but Dave unhooks the STW Championship and falls to the mat. The crowd are on their feet cheering as Mike Zybala slides in and picks up the SFT title.

RW: With help from the SFT World Heavyweight Championship, Dave Van Dam wins the STW Championship.

JC: Fucking bullshit, I quit.

RW: Calm down John, everyone lives to fight another day.

Winner: Dave Van Dam Via Retriving the Title

Nicolai helps pull Devina out the ring and then Him and Taylor help her walk back up towards the ramp as Dave and Mike stand in the ring holding the titles in the air.

RW: What a historical night this has been, Dave Van Dam becomes the first person to hold the SFT and the STW Championships, the Immortal Icon is back.

Taylor is signaling for a microphone and the crowd are still cheering for Dave.

Bob Taylor: You think you got away with this Dave, you stole that title, but next week it is New Beginnings and you will have your first title defense and it will be against the person you just stole it from, DEVINA DARKNYSS!!!

The crowd still erupt chanting Dave Van Dams name.

Bob Taylor: And to make sure your little friend cant get involved and that means you Mike, it will be inside a Hell in a Cell, welcome Dave to my coalition my hand picked champion as you call it Devina Darknyss will win the title back at Everything Ends and this little rivalry will be over.

The show credits come up as the show ends.

Fade to black...

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