September 30, 2014 ~ Verizon Center ~ Washington, D.C.


The opening shows the STW logo fading in and out. Cutting to a shot outside and above the Verizon Center where the lights are all on and fans still entering the arena.

Randy White: Welcome everyone to Strike Towers Wrestling Fallout VIII ... EXECUTIVE ACTION!

The camera cuts and goes around to inside the arena where fans are going nuts. A few signs can be seen while moving around the fans. "ZYBALA KICKED ME!", "RENO IS MY DESTINY!" and "BIG T LIKES DEM BLUNTS!". The camera cuts to Randy White and John Cartwright sitting behind their announcers desk with their headsets on and looking into the camera with smiles on their faces.

Randy White: Welcome everyone! I'm Randy White and this man sitting next to me is John Cartwright.

John Cartwright: Let's hurry up and get to the Elimination Chamber! COME ON!

Randy White: You won't have to wait long, John. Tonight we have three matches ..

John Cartwright: That's it!?

Randy White: Of course, we still have set up the elimination chamber yet. You know how long that takes?

John Cartwright shrugs and goes back to smiling towards the camera.

Randy White: Anyways, we have a special planned out for you fans at home. Thanks to Big T's announcement a few weeks ago, whoever wins the Elimination Chamber will be pushed right into a match against Reno Destiny this very night for his world championship!

John Cartwright: No rest for the weary, huh, Randy.

Randy White: That's right, John.

Suddenly, Randy holds the right side of his headset to listen over the fans.

Randy White: Hold up. We have word that Reno Destiny has just made his way to the arena as we speak!

The camera cuts to a white limo pulling up in the garage of the arena. The limo stops and the driver quickly gets out and rushes to the back to hold the door open. The crowd cheers as Reno makes his way out of the limo, wearing a black suit and tie with the STW World Championship on his shoulder! "Wake Up" by Rage Against Machine starts to play in the background as Reno Destiny makes his way to the locker-room with a smug look across his face. The camera cuts away to a commercial for one of the paid sponsors of the pay per view.


The camera cuts back to the show where we find Andrew Barnes in the locker-room while getting ready. Johnny Legend appears from the hallway with a bunch of food on a plate.

Johnny Legend: Did you check out the buffet!? It's awesome!

Andrew Barnes: Nah. I like my food rotten.

Johnny shrugs as he licks his fingers and walks over to sit next to Andrew Barnes.

Johnny Legend: So, do you think you have any chance on winning this chamber match?

Andrew rolls his eyes.

Andrew Barnes: You're a great manager, Johnny. And yeah, I have a chance. Sean Edmunds will be too busy thinking about himself. Gabriel Ohio is too depressed. I can go on and on about how pathetic these guys are.

Johnny Legend starts to chew on a chicken wing while Andrew wraps his knees up.

Andrew Barnes: Maybe you should go else where. Your finger licking is making me nauseous.

Johnny leaves as the pay per view music plays while the camera is set on Andrew Barnes.


(Standard 6-Person Tag Team Match)

Randy White: Well, that was short and pointless ... Anyways! It's time for our first match for tonight!

Robyn Byrne enters the ring with a mic in her hand.

Robyn Byrne: This match will be a standard six-person tag team match!

The crowd cheers waiting for the competitors.

"As, "I'm Good at Being Badd" by TLC plays, Precious comes out with Sweetheart and Harold and she goes to the ring.

Robyn Byrne: Coming to the ring, weighing in at one-hundred and thirty-five pounds, hailing from Greenwich, Connecticut ... PRECIOUS!

She puts her leg on the ring then the other to do the splits and then slides under the top rope as Sweetheart slowly gets in the ring and Harold watches Precious from behind.

John Cartwright: Someone call the boner police!

Randy White: Real classy, John.

John Cartwright: What?

Psycho comes out from the crowd and quickly jumps into the ring.

Randy White: I guess Psycho isn't too big on entrances?

"Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash plays. Jude steps through the curtain and slowly makes his way down the ramp.

Robyn Byrne: Making his way to the ring, from Waco, Texas and weighing in at two-hundred pounds...SAINT JUDE!

He looks around at the fans with indifference. Jude walks up the steps and enters the ring. He takes off his ratty looking jacket and tosses it out of the ring. He then turns his direction towards the stage and awaits his opponent.

Robyn Byrne: And their opponents ...

The beer song hits and Emerson make his way to the ring, throwing beers of cans to the fans as they chug them and smile and yell.

Robyn Byrne: Coming to the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and fourty pounds. He hails from Baytown, Texas ... EMERSON!

Emerson enters the ring and stares down at his opponents while still drinking.

Randy White: He's gonna be too drunk to wrestle!

John Cartwright: You can never be too drunk to wrestle, Randy.

"I Got Friends In Low Places" by Garth Brooks plays as Jack Jones comes out to the ring.

Robyn Byrne: And his partner, weighing in at two-hundred pounds, hailing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ... JACK JONES!

Jack Jones enters the ring and high fives Emerson as they wait for their partner. "Ten Thousand Fist" by Disturbed starts to play, as Mike Zybala goes to the ring thru the crowd, stopping along to way to mosh/dance with the crowd, because the music is that hot.

Robyn Byrne: Weighing in at one-hundred and forty-seven pounds, hailing from Buffalo, New York ... MIKE ZYBALA!

Robyn leaves the ring as Mike Zybala and Precious start the match. The bell rings and the two go right at each other. Mike grabs the hair of Precious and tosses her to the ground. While Precious is down, Mike turns to the crowd to taunt with some sweet kicks. He turns around and is met with Precious and her boot. Precious picks Zybala up and tosses him into her corner. Psycho reaches out his hand and Precious tags him in. Precious knees Zybala in the gut before leaving the ring. Psycho grabs Zybala and brings him out of the corner to put him into a quick bodyslam.

Randy White: This isn't looking good for Mike Zybala.

Psycho attempts to stomp the fallen Zybala, but Zybala grabs hold of his foot and pushes Psycho to the ground. Zybala gets to his feet and quickly tags in Jack Jones! Zybala rolls out and Jack Jones goes into the ring to spear Psycho to the ground of which he just came back up from. Jack Jones picks Psycho up and tosses him into the ropes. Psycho comes back and ducks a closeline from Jack Jones. From behind, Psycho grabs Jack Jones and puts him into a neckbreaker. Psycho covers Jack Jones, but only gets a two count before kickout. Psycho tags in Saint Jude and exits the ring. Saint Jude grabs Jack Jones puts him into a snap-suplex right into a cover.




Randy White: Close one for Jack Jones!

John Cartwright: Someone give him his cowboy hat for powers!

Randy White shakes his head. Saint Jude picks Jack Jones up but by being too close to Jack's corner, Saint Jude is met with a superkick over the top rope by Mike Zybala!

John Cartwright: How the heck did he reach over the ropes!?

The referee chews Zybala out but he isn't listening. Saint Jude is laid out and this gives Jack Jones time to tag in Emerson! Emerson comes rushing into the ring and closelines Saint Jude who just got to his feet. Emerson picks Jude back up to toss him into the corner. While in the corner, Emerson climbs up to unleash punches upon Jude's forehead. However, after a few punches, Jude interrupts Emerson by grabbing him and putting Emerson into a running powerbomb. Saint Jude rolls off Emerson and tries to make his way towards his corner to tag in Precious. However, Mike Zybala is there to kick Jude in the back of the head. The referee stops Zybala from doing any more damage and tells him to go back to his corner. Zybala listens, but not before blowing a kiss to Precious. She rolls her eyes.

John Cartwright: Oh boy, it's getting hot in hur!

Emerson gets up and picks Jude up to his feet. Emerson grabs hold of Jude and pulls him to his corner to tag in Jack Jones. Jack Jones grabs hold of Jude but Jude knees Jones in the gut and dropkicks Emerson out of the ring. Emerson lands awkwardly on his neck, bringing some STW staff to check on him. Saint Jude tags in Precious. Precious grabs hold of Jack Jones and quickly puts him into a DDT. Precious gets up and looks over to Mike Zybala who is watching the staff check on Emerson.

Getting Zybala's attention, Precious superkicks Zybala down and off the ring. Precious turns around and lands a Precious Effects on Jack Jones who was attempting to closeline her. Precious quickly covers!




Randy White: Precious did it!

"I'm Good At Being Badd" by TLC plays as the referee holds up Precious arm.

Winner: Precious, Psycho & Saint Jude via pinfall.


[ Camera cuts in the back room where Reno destiny is sitting taping his hands up slowly. As he looks down as his hands he grimaces and rips the tape off. Just then Amanda Summers walks in ]

Amanda: Reno. Can we get a word in

Reno stands up from the chair and pounds his fist into his opposite hand

Reno Destiny: What is it Amanda? Do you make it your personal business to walk into every mans locker room? Or were you trying to see what destiny has for you?

Amanda looks around in embarrassment

Amanda: i .. i .. i

Reno Destiny: Save your apologies , i know what you want, you want a sound bite for this ppv, my thoughts on the chamber match. With all due respect i should go out there and just beat every single one of their asses. however that isn't what the rules are. I hope every single one of them fights with everything they have got. And PRAY that they have just a little left when they step in the ring... with Their destiny. Then and Only then will i ascend to not just being the face of STW, and not just its world heavyweight champion. They will realize the name Reno Destiny is a title in its own. Respect that and get the hell out of my locker room

Reno Knocks the microphone out her hand and he sits back down . she looks scared and she turns around with the other camera guy and shits Renos door.


(Elimination Chamber Match Winner Immediately Faces Reno Destiny for the World Heavyweight Title)

Randy White: Reno Destiny looks confident that whoever he faces, he will win.

John Cartwright: Of course. He's Reno Destiny. He's the face of the company!

The camera cuts to a shot of the elimination chamber all set up. Robyn Byrne stands in the middle of the ring.

John Cartwright: Oh boy! Here we go! IT'S ELIMINATION CHAMBER TIME!

Robyn Byrne: This match is an elimination chamber match. Six participant match wherein two participants begin the bout in the ring as the remaining four are held within each inner enclosure and are released into the match at five minute intervals. The objective is to eliminate each opponent from the match via pinfall or submission. The winner is the last remaining participant after all others have been eliminated.

John Cartwright: That was a mouth full. Almost like she just read that off some wiki page ...

Robyn Byrne: And our first participant ...

The first few guitar riffs of "All the Drugs" by Courtney Love blare over the PA system. The lights dim and fireworks over the entrance to the rampway shoot down creating a wall."Simply Sensational" Sean Edmunds steps through the wall of white and raises his arms. Miss Karla appears suddenly standing behind and clapping.

Robyn Byrne: Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, and weighing in a two-hundred and twenty-eight pounds ... SEAN EDMUNDS!

Edmunds jaws with a few fans as he walks through the door to get inside the cage. Passing by Robyn, Sean Edmunds smirks as he looks at her while walking to his chamber and gets inside, shutting the door behind him.

"Nights in White Satin" by The Moody Blues starts to play, as Andrew Barnes walks out from the back with his head down. Andrew lifts his head and smiles as he walks down the ramp to the cage. Not bothering with the fans, he notices Sean Edmunds in one of the chambers already.

Robyn Byrne: Coming to the ring, weighing in at two-hundred and forty-five pounds, hailing from Detroit, Michigan ... ANDREW BARNES!

Andrew walks down to the cage and right through the cage's door to get inside. Walking past Sean, Andrew spits on the glass of his chamber. This doesn't affect Sean as he continues to smile towards Andrew Barnes.

Randy White: Sean Edmunds and Andrew Barnes really don't like each other.

Andrew Barnes gets inside one of the chambers and watches the door shut behind him.

"The Devil in I" by Slipknot hits and Damien Khaos emerges from backstage in a cloud of smoke. He quickly makes his way down the ramp high-fiving fans along the way.

Robyn Byrne: Hailing from Roanoke, Vancouver and weighing in at two-hundred and two pounds ... DAMIEN KHAOS!

Damien Khaos runs through the door and right to his chamber.

John Cartwright: Wow, he's ready.

The rafter lights dim to low then the strike-tron flashes old wrestling clips with lighting flashing through. Soon a loud thunderous boom is heard when (Simple Measures) begins the play. The camera zooms to the entrance way as Greg Havok walks out at a normal pace then stops.

Robyn Byrne: Hailing from Cambridge, Massachusetts and weighing in at two-hundred and thirty-five pounds ... GREG HAVOK!

As He raises his arms.. the stage shoots off pyro. Greg starts to walk down the ramp that goes to the cage. As Greg approaches the cage, he walks through the door of the cage and through the middle rope. He walks over to his chamber and gets inside with the door shutting behind him.

John Cartwright: I bet he'll win.

Randy White: What makes you think that?

John Cartwright: My psychic told me.

The lights die as ominous acoustic intro of Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel oozes from PA and then red, green, and blue strobe lights flash just as the distorted guitars hit Moriarty walks slowly out from the entrance dressed in a heavy hooded leather trench coat covered in metal studs.

Robyn Byrne: Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in at two-hundred and forty-five pounds ... JOSH MORIARTY!

He makes his way into the ring and walks slowly up the steps into the ring. Moriarty removes his coat and stands in the middle of the ring waiting for his opponent.

Randy White: It looks like Josh Moriarty and Gabriel Ohio will start this chamber off.

The lights flicker until the sound of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A Moon appears on the titantron and a white glow appears on the stage.

Robyn Byrne: Hailing from Parts Unknown and weighing in two-hundred and forty-six pounds ... GABRIEL OHIO!

A Huge explosion occurs and the flames dance as Gabriel Ohio, wearing a longblack leather jacket appears where the moon is shining and advances with a slow pace down to the ring, from under is coat black smoke follows his footsteps. The mask he wears resembles a ghostly still face, frozen in time. Gabriel Ohio walks to the middle of the ring and stares Josh Moriarty down as Robyn Byrne exits through the door and one of the outside staff shuts it to seal them inside the cage.

Dean Barge, the referee for this match is inside with them. He asks for the bell to start the match. Moriarty and Ohio start off by exchanging punches. Ohio starts to get the upper hand and decks Moriarty to the ground. Ohio picks Moriarty up and tosses him into the ropes, once he comes back, Ohio puts him into a body to body suplex over the ropes and smacking back first on the cold steel. Ohio gets up and climbs through the ropes to get to Moriarty who is holding his back while on the ground.

Randy White: Ouch! You can see the imprint of the steel on Moriarty's back!

John Cartwright: Heh. He can play tic-tac-toe on his back now.

Ohio picks Moriarty up, but Moriarty hits Ohio with a low blow and quickly puts him into a DDT on the steel floor outside the ring. Head first, this busts Ohio's forehead open. Blood begins to flow down Ohio's face as Moriarty rubs his back from just landing on it again.

Randy White: A crimson mask for Gabriel Ohio!

Moriarty gets to his feet and starts to stomp on Ohio's bloody head. He picks Ohio up and tosses him back into the ring. Moriarty climbs through the ropes and picks Ohio up to toss him into the corner of the ring.

The clock starts to go down as the next wrestler comes into the mix.




The lights randomly flash upon each chamber until it finally lands on Greg Havok! Havok rushes out and goes for Moriarty. Havok grabs Moriarty from behind and puts him into a german suplex. Havok quickly gets to his feet and puts Moriarty into a Boston Crab. Applying pressure on Moriarty's back, Havok leans back on the hold.

Randy White: Already with a hurt back, Havok is about to snap Moriarty in half!

Ohio slowly gets to his feet with blood dripping down his face and superkicks Havok off of Moriarty! Ohio quickly covers Moriarty.




Randy White: A close call for Josh Moriarty!

Ohio yells at the referee while Havok gets to his feet and waits for Ohio to turn around. Once he does, Havok dropkicks Ohio to the ground. Havok picks Ohio back up and tosses out of the ring onto the steel floor outside. Moriarty gets up while holding his back, but is met with a boot by Havok. Outside, Ohio gets to his feet and watches Havok on top of Moriarty punching him. Ohio looks up and decides to climb up on one of the chambers. Havok and Moriarty don't even notice him yet, as Ohio finally makes it to the top.

Randy White: Oh my! Gabriel Ohio is gonna jump off that chamber!?

Moriarty notices this and kicks Havok off of him. Ohio jumps and Moriarty rolls out of the way. Ohio lands elbow first onto the fallen Greg Havok! The fall knocks both of them out! Moriarty takes advantage of this and quickly covers Ohio.





The referee helps Gabriel Ohio out of the cage and through the door, locking it after he leaves. Moriarty covers Havok.



Moriarty picks Havok up and puts him back down with a bodyslam. The clock starts to wind down for the next competitor to enter.





The random light stops on Damien Khaos! Khaos walks runs out of the chamber and attacks Moriarty. He puts Moriarty into a powerslam and starts to stomp on Havok while he is still on the ground. Khaos lifts Havok up and tosses him out of the ring. Moriarty gets to his feet and dropkicks Khaos out of the ring as well. Moriarty climbs the top ropes and jumps off to land on both Havok and Khaos outside the ring and onto the steel floor.

Moriarty gets to his feet and picks Havok up. He tosses Havok in to one of the empty chambers and almost breaks the glass. A few cracks start to show but still intact. Khaos gets to his feet and grabs Moriarty from behind and chucks him into the steel cage. Moriarty bounces off and lands on the steel ground. Khaos notices Havok is leaning against the chamber and decides to rush towards him for a spear. However, Havok jumps out of the way just in time and Khaos breaks through the glass and knocks himself out while inside the broken chamber. The crowd goes nuts as all three men are pretty banged up.

Randy White: We might have to check on Khaos to see if he's still breathing!

Havok gets to his feet and notices Khaos is knocked out inside the chamber. Havok walks through the broken shards and falls on Khaos inside the chamber for the cover.




Randy White: How the hell did he kick out of that!?

Havok climbs back out of the chamber with an angry look upon his face and is met with a spear by Moriarty who sends them back into the chamber and on top of Khaos. All three men are crammed inside that little chamber. The referee checks on all of them, along with the outside staff checking through the cage.

The clock starts to wind down for the next competitor to enter.





The light stops on Andrew Barnes chamber! Andrew walks out of the chamber to an empty ring, while his three opponents are still knocked out inside the chamber.

Randy White: A perfect opportunity for Andrew Barnes. Andrew walks over to the chamber and drags Moriarty out by the feet. Andrew picks Moriarty up and throws him into the ring. He follows and covers Moriarty.




Andrew shrugs and picks Moriarty up to put him into a double arm DDT. Havok starts to regain himself as he gets off of Khaos and out of the chamber. Havok struggles and leans against the steel cage for balance. Barnes notices Havok and attempts a flying bodysplash from over the ropes, but Havok dodges him, making Barnes land directly into the steel cage, face first. Havok smirks but that's quickly wiped from his face as Khaos comes out of no where and puts Havok into Running Springboard Tornado DD! Khaos quickly covers Havok ...





Khaos struggles to get to his feet, as Havok is helped out of the cage by the referee. Andrew Barnes gets to his feet but Khaos quickly puts him into a sleeper hold from behind. Moriarty regains himself and notices the two outside the ring. Moriarty runs and jumps over the ropes to land on both Barnes and Khaos against the steel cage. All three men fall to the ground.

John Cartwright: That side of the cage is about to bust with all the bodies flying into it.

Finally, the clock begins to countdown for the last competitor to enter the match.





The light stops on the last man ... Sean Edmunds. Edmunds walks out of the chamber and towards his opponents. Edmunds picks up Khaos and quickly tosses him into the ring. He follows and picks Khaos back up to put him into the Tilt-a-whirl Tombstone! Edmunds covers ...





John Cartwright: Only three men left!

Edmunds kicks Khaos out of the ring so the staff can get him out of the cage. Moriarty gets to his feet and climbs into the ring to attempt a closeline on Edmunds. However, Edmunds ducks and trips Moriarty to the ground. Edmunds quickly puts Moriarty into a Boston Crab. Barnes gets to his feet and notices one of the glass shards. It's pretty big, and he picks it up.

Randy White: This isn't going to turn out well.

Barnes walks behind Edmunds and breaks the glass shard on the back of Edmunds head! It shatters and Edmunds drops to the ground. Barnes picks Moriarty up and attempts to put him into the Cut Above. However, Moriarty wiggles out of it and turns Barnes around to put him into Blasphemy! Moriarty covers Barnes.




John Cartwright: Close call for Andrew Barnes.

Moriarty yells at the referee for the "slow" count. Moriarty turns his attention to Edmunds. He picks Edmunds up and tosses him into the ropes. Edmunds comes back and closelines Moriarty to the ground. Sean Edmunds walks over to the cage as Miss Karla is there to hand him brassknuckles. Edmunds turns around and is met with a superkick by Andrew Barnes, knocking the brassknuckles out of his hand. Barnes picks up Edmunds and tosses him into the steel cage face first.

Barnes picks up the brass knuckles and waits for Edmunds to get up. Once he does, Barnes decks Edmunds with the brassknuckles! Barnes quickly covers.




Andrew Barnes picks Edmunds up and tosses him back in the ring. Barnes follows but Moriarty is up and puts Barnes into a DDT right when he gets into the ring. Moriarty picks Barnes up and tosses him into the corner. Edmunds slowly gets to his feet and catches Moriarty midway and puts him into a Northern Lights Suplex ...





Moriarty is helped by the referee to outside the cage.

Randy White: Sean Edmunds and Andrew Barnes are the only ones left!

Edmunds wipes some blood from his face from Barnes hitting him with the brassknuckles. Edmunds picks Barnes up and puts him back down with a standing dropkick. Edmunds climbs the top ropes and on to the top of the chamber.

Randy White: This could very well end it for Andrew Barnes!

Sean Edmunds jumps off and attempts a That's Sensational! However, Andrew Barnes rolls out of the way just in time. Edmunds bounces off the mat as the two are on the ground motionless. Andrew stumbles to get up and finally gets to his feet. He picks Edmunds up but Edmunds quickly breaks free and puts Andrew into a body to body suplex! Edmunds covers!




Edmunds gets to his feet and grabs hold of the referee. He continues to yell at him while Miss Karla tries to get his attention as Andrew Barnes gets to his feet. Edmunds finally turns around to get a kick in the gut and put in the Cut Above! Andrew quickly covers!





-Main Event-

(Elimination Chamber Match Winner Immediately Faces Reno Destiny for the World Heavyweight Title)

Randy White: Barnes wins!!! Andrew Barnes won the chambe match and is the new number one contender!!!

John Cartwright: But all he is now is cannon fodder for the champ. Barnes can barely stand.

Randy White: Speaking of the champ, look who is on stage!

: As the chamber rises back up into the rafters, Reno Destiny has walked out onto the stage area with Big T behind him. Destiny runs to the ring with T running along. Destiny slides in the ring as T stays outside and grabs a mic.:

Big T: Zybala!!! You wanted to ref so get your ass out here right now!!!

: A minute or two pass by when suddenly a stage hand walks out and runs up to Big T and says something.:

Big T: What do you mean he's taken a shit?!?! Tell him to get out here now!!!

: Suddenly T's phone goes off. He answers it, scowls and presses a button to put it on speaker mode and holds the microphone to the phone.:

Mike Zybala: Did you do it?? Oh wait, I can hear me over the speakers. Thats cool. Look, i cant really concentrate with you yelling for me. Im almost done so hold your horses.

: Zybala hangs up and T just stares at his phone but waits. Barnes is laughing as he sits in the corner catching his breath. After about five minutes, Zybala finally emerges from the back, tucking his ref shirt into his pants. A fan reaches over the barracade with a paper and pen and being the nice guy that heis, Zybala signs the autograph. Suddenly more papers appear and Zybala, while carefully looking to make sure none of the are contracts, begin signing.:

John Cartwright: What the hell is he doing????

Randy White: Zybala is one of are most popular stars and the nicest. He is just signing autographs for the fans.

John Cartwright: But he has a match to ref.

: Big T gets fed up after five minutes of signing goes by and walks up to Zybala and starts yelling at him. Zybala looks like a kid who has been scolded and slowly walks to the ring as Big T gets the loudest boos of his long career. Zybala slides in the ring and stands up. Reno shouts finally and charges at Barnes only to be cut off by Zybala, whi grabs Destiny and escorts him back to the corner. Zybala then starts patting Destiny down, searching for illegal weapons.:

John Cartwright: It is so obvious that he is just buying time for Barnes to recover.

Randy White: I see nothing of the sort. Zybala is just being thurough with his referee duties.

John Cartwright: heh duty.

: Zybala stops patting down Reno, saying hes clear. Reno chares for Barnes again only to be stopped again by Zybala. Reno starts complaining as Zybala says he didnt ring the bell yet. Zybala goes over to a laughing Barnes and procedes to pat him down, also stating he is clean. As Zybala goes to ring the bell, he is stopped by Barnes who starts to pat Zybala down.:

John Cartwright: Now this is just getting ridiculous.!

Randy White: Ridiculous huh? Look what Barnes just found.

: In his search, Barnes has found and pulled out a lead pipe hidden in Zybala's boot. Zybala just shrugs and smiles as if to say you caught me. Finally, Zybala calls for the bell. Reno explodes from the corner and starts throwing rights and lefts at Barnes, who responds with fists of his own. Being the fresher man, Reno gets the upper hand and catches Barnes with a solid right then gets Barnes in a headlock. Zybala checks to see if its an illegal choke but gives the thumbs up. Barnes struggles as he backs into the ropes and uses them to help send Reno into the opposite side. As Reno bounces back, Barnes lowers his head for a back drop but Reno stops and clubs Barnes on the back, dropping him to the mat. Reno proceeds to stomp him repeatedly. Not sure what to do, Zybala pulls out a referee handbook and scans a section real quick. He puts the book back in his pocket and says its legal.:

John Cartwright: I think Zybala should have read that BEFORE the match...

Randy White: Maybe while he was taking his dump.

: Reno drags Barnes to his feet but Barnes starts to get a second wind as he peppers the champ with forearm shot after forearm shot, but is thwarted by a thumb to the eye. Barnes staggers back as Zybala gets in Reno's face about rules and what not. Reno goes to hit Zybala but refrains himself when Zybala tugs on the ref shirt. Barnes pushes Zybala aside as he shoulder tackles Reno into the corner and continues to drive his shoulder into the champs midsection over and over. Zybala, not even administering the five count, drags Barnes out of the corner and levels him with a superkick! There is an audible silence in the arena as Big T and Reno both look shocked.:

Randy White: Da fuq??!

John Cartwright: Indeed.

: Zybala then turns to Reno and hugs him as the fans quickly come back to audible life and start booing as loud as they can.:

Randy White: DA FUQ!?!?!?!?!?


: Zybala stops hugging Reno and makes a low bow, gesturing to the fallen Barnes. Reno smiles and practically struts to Barnes but is stopped by Zybala, who kicks Reno in the gut, grabs his head for a ddt, lifts him up like The Rampaige, but hooks his arms in a double arm d.d.t., leans forward and quickly falls backwards, spiking the champs head into the mat. Zybala rolls Reno to his back and drags Barnes on top of him.:

Zybala: 1...........2............3!!!!!!


: Zybala calls for the bell as Big T goes ape shit. As Zybala goes outside the ring, T goes to take a swing at him but stops when Zybala pulls the contract from his back pocket stating that if T hits him, Zybala gets the power. T grabs a chair instead and starts hitting the ring as Zybala grabs the title and gives it to a now standing but confused Andrew Barnes. Andrew snatches the title and rolls out of the ring as his music plays. With the World title in his hand, he raises it up as he walks up the ramp and to the back, leaving Reno Destiny in the ring. :

Winner and NEW WORLD CHAMPION: Andrew Barnes via pinfall.


Reno Destiny stands in the center of the ring after a hard fought battle… the StrikeTron becomes active, and a black limousine pulls in back. Whoever is inside doesn’t even wait for chauffer, then the door opens, and out steps a man in a black suit. The cameraman goes to pan up when the man’s hand blocks him.

“No, not yet they will see soon enough; just follow for now.”

The man begins walk to the gorilla position, several backstage notice he identity, and go to speak he places his index finger over lips signaling them to keep quiet. The man sees Sean Edmunds leaning up against the wall with his arm draped over Miss Karla’s shoulder. The man goes to walk past the duo, but stops…

“NICE WORK Mr. Edmunds, she is a heart stopper, I’ve been watching you.”

Sean nods at the man for the compliment, then the man admires Miss Karla for a moment, he reaches in his jacket pocket, and hands her card with a number on it…

“When you wake up in the next 10 minutes because you just saw greatness, and realize you’re done that waste of space; you can find me there.”

Sean gets angry, and goes to swing a punch at the man. The man catches Sean’s punch…

“I’m going to let this one go, because we all know you could handle all this.”

Reno can be seen in the ring laughing, as the crowd laughs as well.

John Cartwright: Did he just do that, Edmunds is no slouch.

Randy White: That’s what you would call either a lack of respect, or just oozing confidence.

John Cartwright: No way it’s him Randy.

Randy White: I wouldn’t be so sure.

The man walks on by, to the gorilla position. The man looks at the sound tech, as the man pulls a device from his jacket pocket, and presses the red button.


Randy White: Calm down.

Paper starts falling all over the arena, the crowd starts to get loud, and Reno reaches down picks a piece of the paper up; he looks at it, and smiles. John Cartwright picks up a piece as well. “All About The Benjamin’s (Rock Mix)” by Puff Daddy and The Lox burst through the P.A. system


The man walks through the curtain; the crowd comes unglued as even Reno is clapping for his return.

Randy White: His last words rang true… nothing’s for sure about T.K. Money!

T.K. Money walks down the ramp, and goes around the ring high fiving fans. Reno walks over the backside of the ring and gets a microphone, then signals T.K. to enter the ring. T.K. enters the ring, and the music fades as Reno hands T.K. the microphone. T.K. goes to speak, as the crowd chants “Welcome Back”, after some moments T.K., and Reno get them calmed down.


The crowd cheers

Randy White: We are glad you are home too T.K.

T.K. Money: First Reno I want to apologize to you.

Reno Destiny: its okay man, I’m glad you’re back.

The two shake hands, and hug.

T.K. Money: Second I want to apologize to the guys in the back, and you fans. Some weeks ago I took my ball, and went home. While the grass was greener, the STW Nation would not leave me alone. The feedback poured in daily, including Reno here. Reno I want to thank you for your words, and you fans reciprocated his feelings…

Just then “The Devil In I” by Slipknot begins to play…

John Cartwright: Man I really wanted to hear what T.K. was going to say…

Randy White: The wolves of STW are already at it again.

Khaos walks down the ramp, and hovers around the ring. T.K. takes off his jacket, and tie, then drapes the over the ring rope.

T.K. Money: Nice to know nothing has changed around here.

T.K. and Reno stand tall daring Damien to try his luck, and then “Basketcase” by Greenday plays as Twilight runs down the ramp to the ring.

John Cartwright: Business is about to pick up… wait… NO IT CAN’T BE! I never thought I would see the day.

Twilight joins Khaos; both men step up on to the apron.

T.K. drops the mic, and begins yelling at Twilight…

T.K. Money: Really this is how it’s going to be now, after 7 years, and 7 reigns you’re going to toss it aside.

Twilight: You never consulted me; you just left as usual, so I moved on.

Randy White: I don’t believe it either John; it looks like Blood Money has fallen.

T.K. looks over at Reno; Reno nods, as the two get ready to take on Twilight, and Khaos. Just then Gabriel Ohio, and Titan come from the crowd. Ohio, and Titan go after Twilight, and Khaos. Twilight, and Khaos bolt to the back as Ohio, and Titan pursue. Reno picks up the mic, and taps the top of it…

Reno Destiny: Now lets here what you have to say.

Reno hands the mic to T.K.

T.K. Money: Well now the world knows the answer to the tag team, and now I guess I do too; I don’t believe it either, but bonds can be broken.

Reno gets handed another mic.

Reno Destiny: New ones can be made man… you would make a very fine edition to The Order… what do you say.

Reno extends his hand…

T.K. Money: Looks like The Order, is one man larger.

T.K. shakes Reno’s hand, as the crowd boos.

Randy White: I don’t believe it T.K. has joined The Order; it makes me sick, now no one can stop them for sure.

Just then the StrikeTron becomes active again, and it shows Ohio, and Titan on the ground rithening in pain. The camera pans up…

Damien Khaos: It’s amazing what two steel pipes can do, but we are not done yet…

Both men run back through the curtain, and down the ramp with pipes in hand. Reno slides out, and grabs a couple chairs. T.K., and Reno are ready to fight, Khaos, and Twilight jump on the apron.

Damien Khaos: You ready for this beat down?

T.K. Money: You bet…

T.K. swings the chair, and connects with Reno’s skull sending him to the mat.

John Cartwright: The swerve, I knew it was coming.

Randy White: No you didn’t you marked out with the rest of them.

T.K. swings, swings, and swings connecting each time. Khaos, and Twilight enter the ring, and three men begin stopping away on Reno. After a few moments T.K. tells the two to hold Reno up, they do as asked, and T.K. connects with a punch to Reno’s Jaw. Twilight then hooks Reno, and nails Darkest Lights. Reno begins to bleed when Damien takes off running connecting with the Disruption DDT. T.K. bends over, and smack Reno across the face a few times before hoisting a lifeless Reno up, and over hitting the Devil’s Dues. T.K. then reaches in his pocket pulling out a 100-dollar bill wiping Reno’s bloody forehead before stuffing it in his mouth. All three men push him out of the ring, and onto the floor; Reno hits with a thud. The men celebrate as T.K. grabs the mic.

T.K. Money: Twilight, and myself you already know, but allow me to introduce a man I have known for a long, long time… Damien Khaos! Together we make THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE, and WE WILL DESTROY THE ORDER!

John Cartwright: Finally a group to take on The Order, but I don’t get the name.

Randy White: It refers to three locations that make a triangle shape. T.K. is referring to the Drug Triangle from Florida to Cube to Bermuda.

John Cartwright: Either way this will definitely rock the STW Nation

Randy White: Good Night Everyone, and will see you next on Titans!