Strike Towers Wrestling

With Randy White and John Cartwright
May 27th, 2014
EnergySolutions Arena ~ Salt Lake City, Utah


The top of the hour strikes. We see a bullshit paragraph about copyright infringement and fines and jail time. We then see the STW logo with the words: Before. Now. After. We then go live for the Madness & Mayhem PPV!! The scene goes inside the EnergySolutions Arena and after a ooh and aah pyro display the cameras show the Salt Lake crowd going nuts and cheering and screaming like they won the lotto.

RW: Welcome to another STW PPV event, this one entitled Madness & Mayhem! And with every title on the line before the big Clash of the Champions match we surely will have a helluva lot of..... Go ahead John...


RW: The Salt Lake City, Utah fans look ready to go.

JC: Lets kick this pig!!!

[Blood Money]

[The Order]

[Hi V Infection]

Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Match
Tag Team Titles

RW: Well now we’re all settled in lets get this show on the road!

All three teams are in the ring as the bell rings.

JC: And away we go!

Gabriel starts it off with Jack, nailing Jack with a forearm then Mike hitting Reno in the face with a standing drop kick.

RW: No respect for the champ.

Twilight now with a kick of his own on Mike and TK gets knocked down by Gabriel but TK sweeps the leg of Gabriel as Twilight hits him with a drop toe hold. As Twilight is going for a pin we see Reno come flying in with a lariat!

JC: This is just chaos.

Reno now gets hit by fists from TK but Reno hits him back with a . Meanwhile Jack and Twilight are back to back fending off Gabriel and Reno. TK comes in and clotheslines both of them but Mike hits him with a superkick! Mike covers TK as the ref counts 1…….2……..but Twilight breaks the count.

RW: Close one.

JC: I have trouble keeping up with the action.

We see Twilight and Mike Zybala trading impact moves on one side. We see Reno and TK in a powerstruggle arms locked. We see Jack punching Gabriel in the corner. Reno slides over to flip TK over the ring ropes as Gabriel Choke slams Jack in the middle of the ring. But Mike with a missle drop kick nails Gabriel before he can cover Jack.

RW: Nice save there.

Twilight gets thrown back in the ring by Reno.

JC: How nice of Reno helping Twilight back in the ring.

TK now with a flying clothesline off the ring and almost decapitates Reno on the outside!

RW: Ohhhh

Gabriel is able to hit his Anarchy on Twilight and while everyone else is brawling somewhere he covers Twilight and the ref counts 1……….2…….3!!!

RW: Gabriel and Reno win!

Winners via Pinfall: RENO DESTINY & GABRIEL OHIO

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match
Television Title

TK Money walks through the curtain. As he walks down the ramp he tosses $100 bills into the crowd. He walks up the steps and enters the ring. He looks up at the TV Title with confidence.

RW: Mr. Deep Pockets will have to dig deep if he wants to become TV Champ.

Precious comes out next looking sexy yet fierce. She walks up the steps and straddles the middle ropes for a moment teasing all the men inside the EnergySolutions Arena. She looks up and smiles a devilish smile.

RW: STW's resident black widow spider. Let's see if she has the ovaries to climb to the top of a tall ladder and grab the brass ring.

Mike Z makes his way out to the ring as the now former Tag Team Champion. He rolls into the ring and climbs up on the turnbuckles. He looks up at the TV Title suspended high above the ring.

RW: He may no longer be a tag champ but he has all the necessary tools to climb up and become the TV Champ.

JC: I think were ready to go for some TLC and trust me when I say there will be no red light specials here.

The referee calls for the bell just before exiting the ring. All 3 competitors stare up at the title and then at each other. Mike attacks TK and Precious uses this time to go grab a table and slide it in the ring. She grabs a chair as well and slides in the ring with it. She gets to her feet and whacks Mike Z in the back with the chair. Precious hits TK in the back with the chair before dropping it and heading out to ringside.

JC: She's going for the first ladder of the match.

RW: Precious has come to play and with a strategy.

Precious slides the ladder in the ring and follows suit. She sets up the ladder in the center of the ring under the title. She puts one foot on the first rungbut that's as far as she gets before Mike Z hits her from behind (not like that). Mike slams her face into the ladder. Mike grabs up TK and body slams him. Mike sets up the table in the corner. He grabs Precious and spins her around before hoisting her up on his shoulder.

JC: I don't see this ending well for Precious.

RW: Or the table!

Mike is about to slam Precious through the table when TK pulls her off of Mike's shoulder. TK boots Mike in the gut when he turns around. TK sets Mike up for a powerbomb and when he lifts Mike up Mike reverses and lands on his feet in front of TK. Mike bends over and puts his head between TK's legs and lifts him up. Mike takes a step and turns around to face the table. Before Mike can do anything TK slides down his back to escape. Precious closes the ladder and puts it across her shoulders with her head poking between a couple rungs. When TK stands up he is hit in the face with the ladder. Mike suffers a similar hit with the ladder by Precious.

RW: Some nice back and forth with Mike and TK until Precious laid them out.

With both of her opponents down Precious sets up the ladder and begins to climb up. Halfway up TK is moving and Mike isn't far behind him. They both see Precious and grab at her ankles. They drag her back down and off the ladder into a press over there heads. They walk over to the ropes and deposit Precious out to the floor. TK drives his knee into Mike's gut. TK hits a belly to back suplex on Mike. TK grabs the table in the corner and sets it up on all fours. He picks up Mike and rolls him on top of the table. TK runs and springboard moonsaults off the middle rope and crashes on Mike putting him through the table. TK holds his abdomen as he starts climbing the ladder.

JC: Is it TK's time?!

TK climbs rung by rung. Precious is moving out on the floor. She slowly crawls into the ring.

RW: TK is almost at the top.

TK reaches one of the top rungs and reaches up and just as he gets a fingertip on the TV Title Precious starts wiggling the ladder. TK almost loses his balance but that doesn't matter as Precious tips the ladder over and TK crashes to the mat.

RW: Wipe out dude!

Precious sets the ladder up and slowly makes her way up the ladder and once at the top she reaches up and unhooks the belt.


RW: What a match and victory for Precious!

Winner via Belt Retrieval: PRECIOUS


Fatal Four Way Match
World Heavyweight Title

The Boys are Back in Town hits as Glenn Owen comes out to a huge pop from the crowd.

RW: I love that song.

JC: Its so old I guess Retro is back in.

RW: Thin Lizzy rules bro!

Kryptonite by 3 Doors down hits as Emerson Embry makes his way to the ring to a juge pop and ovation.

JC: The fans really love Emerson.

RW: Why wouldn’t they? He is the people’s champion.

The Ballad by Testament hits Saint Jude comes to the ring to a decent mix of boos and cheers.

JC: You recognize the music?

RW: Yeah it belonged to Legion back in the day.

JC: Do you know that Legion’s original theme music was War Pigs by Ozzy?

RW: Did you know what silver is really bad for babies.

JC: Did you know that most parents think they’re using the right car seat?

WAR READY HEY! HEY! YO! ( WAR READY ) 17 I WAS CHARGIN ( CHARGHIN) 17! [ War ready by rick ross and young jeezy blare throughout the arena as the crowd boos. Reno destiny walks out slowley starting into the crowd and smirking. He clinches his fist as he walks down the ramp and puts an X in the air while walking. He starts yelling at the crowd " What are you booing at you piece of garbage!?" he makes his way to the ring walking up the steps and stopping on the apron, turning to the crowd as he extends his hands outward embracing the boos. He then turns and assends the turnbuckle and raises his hands screaming " KING OF THE WORRRRLLLDDDD " He steps down off the turnbuckle and stands in the middle of the ring with his head hunched over, his hair wet dripping with water over his face.

RW: Tonight has simply been chaos. And this has to be the most insane ppv we’ve had in years.

JC: And we are only at the halfway point.

All 4 men stand in the ring. Each of them a few feet apart. Emerson is the first to break and goes back into his corner.

RW: Here we go.

JC: 4 men enter, one man leaves.

RW: This isn’t thunderdom dude.

The bell rings and we begin. Reno starts it off with a standing superkick on Jude. Glenn goes for a clothesline but Reno ducks and the Reno with an XFactor out of nowhere. Reno covers Glenn the ref counts 1………..2………..broken up by Emerson!

JC: Emerson broke his rule and got into the match.

RW: Even timid hearts can be brave when needed.

Reno with a flying clothesline on Emerson but only catches him partially. Jude though with a Lariat of his own on Reno then covers him the ref counts 1…………2…………broken up by Emerson again!

RW: The little lion has teeth.

JC: Yes he does.

Jude is now on the side and brawling with Reno. Reno with a heart punch then picks up Jude and hits a spinebuster!

RW: Whats your favorite buster? Spine Buster or Brain Buster?

JC: I am partial to the peanut buster parfait.

RW: Now that’s my kind of buster too! Haha

As Glenn is getting up and advancing on Reno, Emerson climbs the turnbuckles and flies off with a flying bulldog off the tope!

JC: Holy!

Emerson with a killer high flying move and covers Glenn Owen as the ref counts 1………..2……….broken up by Reno.

RW: I think I might have a heart attack!

Jude and Reno are brawling again Reno sends Jude outside the ring. Reno flies with an over the top flying cross body block! And nails it perfectly!

JC: Beautiful!

But meanwhile in the ring Emerson is going for a figure four leg lock but Glenn kicks hi in the face and quickly gets up and nails a DDT!

RW: Uh oh!

Glenn quickly covers Emerson as the ref counts 1………..2…………3!!

JC: WE have a new world champion, this is insanity!

Glenn Owen raises his hands in victory as we see a promotion for

Winner via Pinfall: GLENN OWEN

Clash of the Champions Match

RW: It's time for the Clash of the Champions Match! The only way to get into this match and have the opportunity to earn the honor of being the Clash Champion.

JC: Only a handful of people have ever been Clash of the Champion.

RW: The last one being 9 years ago in the form of Kyle Murphy.

"Hellraiser" by Black Sabbath begins to play as a roughed up Gabriel Ohio walks out with his half of the Tag Team Titles. He walks down the ramp and slides in the ring.

RW: Gabriel is young and this is a huge opportunity for him.

"War Ready" begins to play and Reno Destiny very gingerly makes his way out to the ring with his half of the Tag Team Titles. He walks up the steps and enters the ring with Gabriel's help.

RW: This is Reno's third match tonight and he looks beat to shit.

JC: I don't know how he's standing.

RW: With the help of Gabriel Ohio and the ring ropes.

"I'm Good At Being Bad" by TLC fades in and the new TV Champion Precious struts her way out with the TV Title. She walks down the ramp slowly and skeptically enters the ring.

RW: She is sexy, gorgeous, and delicious.

JC: And not a bad wrestler either.

RW: Look at her breasts wrestle with her bra.

Randy pops a tent as "The Boys Are Back in Town" by Thin Lizzy plays over the PA system. Glenn Owen walks through the curtain and down the ramp with the STW World Title draped over his shoulder.

RW: He is the one and only British BaddAss and he represents STW as our World Champion!

JC: And has so for the past 5 minutes.

Glenn drops the World Title and charges into the ring. The ref calls for the bell.

RW: And here we go!

Glenn goes right for Reno. Gabriel attacks Glenn trying to defend his leader but Precious attacks him by raking his eyes. Precious whips Gabriel toward the corner but Gabriel counters nd Precious hits the turnbuckles. Gabriel charges at Precious but she gets both feet up. Gabriel staggers backward and gets wiped out by a nasty shot from Glenn Owen.

JC: Glenn put down Reno's backup.

Glenn turns his attention right back to Reno. He stalks Reno in the corner. Precious covers Gabriel and gets a 2 count. Glenn hits Reno with a body shot... And another... And another... And another! Glenn pulls Reno out of the corner and hits a Southwick Slam.

RW: Reno's in lots of pain.

Precious is up and so is Glenn. They stare at each other, almost contemplating whether or not to engage.

JC: I don't think Glenn wants to hit the lady.

RW: She aint no lady.

Precious slaps the taste out of Glenn's mouth. Glenn holds his cheek and when he puts his hand down Precious slaps him again.

JC: Making Glenn her bitch!

Glenn looks to be about ready to strike Precious but just as he's about to Precious grabs him by the testicles.

RW: She's got Glenn's whole world in her hand.

Precious squeezes a little more as she moves Glenn toward the ropes.

JC: She's got him by the balls, literally.

Gabriel is up and dropkicks Precious into Glenn sending Glenn through the ropes to the floor. Gabriel wraps his arms around Precious and hits a german suplex. Gabriel goes up behind Precious as she gets to her feet and drops her with a reverse DDT. Gabriel covers Precious but only gets a 2 count.

RW: That was a close a call.

Gabriel is up and out the corner of his eye he sees Glenn climbing up on the apron. Gabriel knocks Glenn off the apron and back down to the floor. Gabriel turns around and awaits for Precious to get to her feet. He charges at her going for The End but she ducks it but only to run into the not-so-loving arms of Reno Destiny. Reno scoops her up on his shoulders and hits a GTS. She staggers around for a quick moment, long enough for Gabriel Ohio to run and hit The End on Precious.

RW: The Order trying to rearrange Precious' face.

Gabriel Ohio covers Precious for the 1,2,3 and eliminating her first

JC: He missed it the first time but not the second. Precious will not be the Clash Champion this year.

RW: But wait a minute now, remember, under the stipulations for this match she is no longer the TV Champion but is now 1/2 of the Tag Champs. Poor girl fought her heart out in the TLC Match to win the title only to lose it a mere 30 minutes later.

JC: Real short reign for the very sensual Precious.

Glenn slides into the ring as the ref rolls Precious out of the ring and Glenn tackles Gabriel down to the mat. Glenn lays in a couple punches. Glenn gets up and puts a couple boots to Reno.

RW: Glenn is in control of The Order.

Glenn turns back to Gabriel. He boots Gabriel in the gut and sets him up for the South Downs Grave Punch. Reno is up and runs like an Ethiopian at Glenn for a Collision Course but Glenn moves out of the way and Reno takes out Gabriel.

RW: Mis-step by Reno Destiny!

JC: Big Time!!

Reno gets up in disbelief of his mistake. He turns around to get a South Downs Grave Punch from Glenn Owen and Reno falls on top of Gabriel. The ref makes the count and Gabriel Ohio is eliminated.

RW: Reno Destiny has eliminated his own tag partner Gabriel Ohio!

JC: But he is still a tag champ but now itll be with......Precious.

Glenn Owen smirks as he walks over and kicks Gabriel out of the ring. He stands over Reno Destiny and him to his feet. Glenn wraps his hand around Reno's throat.

JC: Look whose coming out to the top of the ramp!

Big T looks to the ring, Glenn Owen looks up at Big T, and with a simple thumbs down from The Boss Big T Glenn lifts up Reno and Power Chokeslams him down to the mat.

RW: Reno has been wiped out at the behest of Big T!

JC: Its a conspiracy against Reno Destiny!

Glenn covers Reno for a 1......2...... And 3!!

RW: Glenn Owen is the 2014 Clash of the Champion!!!

Winner and 2014 Clash of the Champions: GLENN OWEN


Big T walks down the ramp, around the ring, picks up the World Title from the timekeeper, walks up the steps, steps through the ropes and into the ring. He walks up to Glenn Owen and while looking down at the fallen Reno Destiny he hands the belt to Glenn. Big T raises Glenn's hands in the air as Madness & Mayhem goes off the air.

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