Strike Towers Wrestling

With Randy White and John Cartwright
October 16, 2015
Helliniko Olympic Arena - Athens, Greece
Foreign Devils Tour (2nd Leg)




The show begins with a pyrotechnics display and flashing lights. "The Catalyst" by Linkin Park blares throughout the historic Helliniko Olympic Arena. The fans look on in awe at the spectacle before them as Strike Towers Wrestling presents Fallout IX. The camera pans around the arena, showing off the various signs.




The camera then heads over to John Cartwright and Randy White, who look as eager as ever to call all the action here tonight.

John Cartwright: Here we go again, ladies and gentlemen!

Randy White: Tonight is the night and it's time for a fight!

John Cartwright: That sounds awful. Don't say that again.

Randy White: I'll work on my material. Until I get it right, let's get down to business. We've got a capacity crowd here at the Helliniko Olympic Arena and four great matches to present to the world.

John Cartwright: Right, you are. The final round of the Lethal Lottery Tournament is tonight as Rumpke and Jason Dumas go one-on-one in a Bowling Alley Brawl Match!

Randy White: A new number one contender for the Elite Championship will be named as five men compete in a Fatal Five Way Match: Jack Jones, Robert Saints, Emerson Embry, Jakkub Deathblade, and Vapor!

John Cartwright: If Jessica loses in tonight's No DQ Match against Mr. Amazing... she MUST reveal who she cheated on him with!

Randy White: That sounds dreadful.

John Cartwright: Eh. Let's give it a chance.

Randy White: Then in tonight's MAIN EVENT! Both the Elite and World Titles will be hanging above the ring as Josh Konnely and Robert Garrett compete in a LADDER MATCH!

John Cartwright: Excitement is in the air and I'm breathing fine!

Randy White: Huh?

John Cartwright: On with the show!


Bowling Alley Brawl Match
2015 Lethal Lottery Tournament Finals

StrikeTron lights up and there we see Rumpke siting at the bar of a bowling alley.

Rumpke: Hello, STW Nation! I just got off the phone with Big T. As a result of Jason Dumas leaving STW, the final match will be postponed. So from here I'm going to layout an open challenge to all that wish to compete in the Lethal Lottery final. Anyone on the roster is welcome. Get in touch with the Director Of Operations, PDQ! Take care and good luck.

STW Fallout cuts to a commercial...

Drink right and drink well my friend.

Kentucky Cornshine.

Vs. Vs.

Fatal 5-Way Match - #1 Contender to Elite Title

STW FALLOUT IX returns from the break to the commentator's table with Randy White and John Cartwright.

Randy White: Well that was an interesting turn of events. Dumas is gone and Rumpke refuses to win the Lethal Lottery Tournament by default. Now thats a real champion.

John Cartwright: Thats a real moron. He should've taken the crown and gone on to Hallowed Grounds to face the champ.

Randy White: You ever heard of honor, John?

John Cartwright: Honor my ass! Rumpke was offered a gift from the wrestling gods and he turned it down. Then to make it worse he decides to make it open to the entire company. Does he think everybody's NOT gonna take him up on that offer? Its a clusterfuck and he just screwed himself.

Randy White: Well we shall see what happens with that situation on Revenge next week. Until then lets get the action going here at FALLOUT IX!!

We fade up to the ring where only a referee and the gorgeous Robyn Byrne stand. Robyn holds the mic up to her mouth and begins to intro the match and its participants.

Robyn Byrne: Fallout IX continues with the following one fall to a finish Fatal 5-Way for #1 contendership to the Elite Championship......

We hear the sound of a cattle drive enter the Helliniko Olympic Arena and its followed by "I Got Friends In Low Places" by Garth Brooks. Thats when Jack Jones comes running out onto the stage. The crowd cheers for the long running fan favorite. He goes from one end of the stage, pointing out to the STW Nation, and then to the other again pointing out to the fans. They in return cheer extra loud. Jack Jones heads down the ramp and as he walks by the fans he gives a couple of high fives before sliding into the ring. He stands up and after walking to the center of the ring raises his fists in the air.

Robyn Byrne: First up, weighing in at 200lbs, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.... He is JAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK JOOOOOONNNNNEEEESSSSS!!!!!

The crowd pops big for STW's version of country boy Double J, not the wanna be country music singer. His music fades out and so do the fans. "Line in the Sand" by Motorhead plays over the arena as Robert Saints and his wife/manager Kelly Saints make their way out to the ring. Robert and Kelly slowly make their way down the entrance ramp. Robert climbs the steel steps and steps into the ring while Kelly stands on the ring apron and does her trademark split before entering the ring as Robert waits for his other three opponents.

Robyn Byrne: The second participant, being accompanied by Manawife Kelly, weighing in at 245lbs from San Diego, California..... He is "The Viper" RRRRRRRRROBERT SSSSSSAAAAAAAIIIIINNNNNTTTTSSSSS!!!!!

The Saints embrace as the music fades out and before Kelly exits the ring and waits in her husband's corner out on the floor. "Beer Song" by Psychostik hits the PA system and thats when STW's very own Superman, Emerson Embry, makes his way out. He stops at the top of the ramp and raises his hand in the air thats not holding a 6-pack and the fans cheer him. He heads down the ramp and as he does he pulls a can of beer off the pack and tosses it to an adult sitting ringside. He stops at the bottom of the ramp after giving out 5 beers. He grabs the 6th beer and pops the tab. He holds it up in the air as do the other 5 fans he gave beers too. They all chug the beers when Emerson chugs his.

Robyn Byrne: The third participant weighs in at 240lbs and one keg, from Baytown, Texas.... He is the Strike Towers Superman, EMERSON EMMMMMMMBBBBBRRRRRYYYYYY!!!

Emerson rolls into the ring, stands up, and stands in a corner. "The Reflection" by Trust Company plays and a couple moments later one of the newest grapplers to join STW-Vapor-walks out. The crowd gives him a bit of a mixed reaction as many seem to not know how to take him yet. He walks down the ramp, up the steels steps, along the apron of the ring, steps up onto the middle turnbuckle and rope, and raises his right fist in the air.

Robyn Byrne: The fourth participant weighs in at 205lbs and hails from Lake Erie, Pennsylvania... He is "The Cold One" VAAAAAAAAAAAPORRRRRRR!!!!

Vapor steps back down on the apron of the ring and steps thru the top and middle ropes. He walks across the ring and steps up onto the middle turnbuckle once again raising up his right fist in the air. His music fades out and he steps back down on to the ring mat. He looks at the other three corners filled with 75% of his opponents. "House Of The Moon" by Goatsnake plays and the angry badass Jakubb Deathblade storms out from backstage, ready to destroy anyone who stands in his way. He charges all the way down the ramp and slides all the way into the center of the ring. He stands up and looks around the ring at all of his opponents.

Robyn Byrne: The final participant weighs in at 225lbs and comes to us from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania..... He is "The Angry Badass" JAKUBB DEATHBLLLLLAAAAAAAADDDDDEEE!!!!!!

Robyn Byrne exits the ring with the referee holding the ropes open for her. Deathblade stares every one of his opponents down as his music fades out.

Randy White: Here we go! An all out brawl between not one not two but five different wrestlers! Business is about to be picked up and dropped on its damn head!

John Cartwright: Oh yeah! This Fatal 5-Way will indeed be fatal for everybody in that ring except the one who gets the fall and goes on to wrestle for the Elite Championship.

Randy White: Bare with us fans as John and I try to keep up with all the action.

The ref calls for the bell but nobody makes any hasty moves. Deathblade, being the crazy bastard he is, attacks first going after Vapor. Deathblade puts Vapor up against the turnbuckles and hits a knife edge chop.

Randy White: Jakubb Deathblade kicks it off and Vapor is now receiving.

Emerson Embry and Jack Jones decide to work together and corner Robert Saints.

John Cartwright: Embry and Jones working together against Saints, what a shocker?!

Gotta love John Cartwright's sarcasm. Deathblade hits a couple more knife edge chops. Emerson and Jack Jones move in on Saints with punches and kicks. Deathblade grabs Vapor and looks to whip him but reverses Vapor's direction sending him chest first right back into turnbuckles he just came from.

Randy White: Damn, I bet that hurt!

John Cartwright: The air might've just been taken out of Vapor.

Deathblade grabs up Vapor and hits a belly to back suplex. Emerson and Jack Jones follow their counterpart's idea when they grab Saints, pull him out of the corner, and then slam him back first into the turnbuckles-not once, not twice, but three times. Then they start teeing off on Saints' chest with dueling knife edge chops.

Randy White: Duel knife edge chops!

John Cartwright: Saints is getting lit up like the Fourth of July!

As Deathblade hits some snap elbow drops on Vapor, Emerson and Jack Jones pull Saints out of the corner and against the ropes. They whip him across the ring, he bounces off the ropes, and then they back body drop him.

Randy White: Saints got some frequent flier miles on that ride.

John Cartwright: What goes up must come down and he came down like a sack of shit.

Deathblade pulls Vapor off the mat and hits a suplex. Saints crawls over to the ropes and after he pulls himself up he gets clotheslined over the top rope and down to the floor by Emerson and Jack Jones.

Randy White: Team EmerJones sent Robert Saints out to the floor to join his wife.

Deathblade charges at Emerson and Jack Jones as they both turn around. Deathblade looks for the running cross body. Emerson moves but Jack Jones doesn't and Deathblade takes himself and Jack over the top rope and they crash next to Saints.

John Cartwright: Angry Badass at it again with no care for his own body and well being.

Randy White: Jakubb Deathblade will do whatever it takes to win, that is clear.

Emerson decides to start climbing the turnbuckles and has himself perched on the top rope.

Randy White: What is Embry thinking going up to the top?!

John Cartwright: I think Superman is about to fly, Randy!

John Cartwright is correct as Emerson leaps off the top, but as he does Deathblade sees him and moves. Emerson lands on Robert Saints and Jack Jones, taking them and himself out.

Randy White: I think I saw a red cape when he came off the top turnbuckle.

John Cartwright: And a big E on his chest too.

Deathblade sees they are down and not really moving much. Inside the ring he sees Vapor getting up. He slides into the ring and stands up. When Vapor stands up and turns around Deathblade boots him in the gut. Deathblade runs off the ropes and connects with a Break Yourself that causes Vapor to stagger around. Deathblade snatches him up from behind and before ya know it---

Randy White: PHILLY DRIVER!!

John Cartwright: Vapor got dumped on his friggin' head!

Randy White: Deathblade has the cover, 1.... 2.... 3!!! Jakubb Deathblade wins!!

The ref calls for the bell as "House of the Moon" hits. Deathblade stands up and as the ref raises his hand, Robyn Byrne makes the announcement...

Robyn Byrne: Your winner and the number one contender for the Elite Championship, Jakubb Deathblade!

Randy White: The Angry Badass does it again!

John Cartwright: In the past month this guy has proven he is a force to be reckon with. Watch out, STW, watch out.

Fallout IX fades to a promo for our next STW Revenge special entitled November Reign! Live on November 30th from the campus of West Virginia University!

Winner via Pinfall: JAKUBB DEATHBLADE


Fallout IX returns after the short promo and we go backstage where Amanda Summers stands with a mic in her hand.

Amanda Summers: Good evening! I'm here with "The Amazing Bitch" Jessica...

Jessica walks into the camera shot. She stands next to Amanda Summers but not like a normal wrestler but like a model. She swings her hair and hits Amanda in the face. Amanda takes it in stride like a true professional and continues on with the interview.

Amanda Summers: Up next you step in the ring to face your ex boyfriend, "The Amazing One" Mr. Amazing, in a No Disqualification Match and if you lose Big T has ordered that you must reveal who.....

Jessica cuts Amanda Summers off.

Jessica: Yeah I heard what "The Boss" had to say two weeks ago. Honestly I don't see where he thinks he can tell me that I have to reveal anything about my personal life. He's one crah....

Jessica stops mid word when she looks over and sees Director Of Operations "The Boss" Big T come out from behind a stone pillar and walk over to join Jessica and Amanda Summers. Amanda moves the mic from Jessica's mouth to Big T's.

The Boss Big T: Go on, Jess! Finish your thought.

Big T waits but Jessica keeps her mouth shut.

The Boss Big T: Not gonna finish it? That's okay, I will for you. 'He's one crazy son of a bitch' that about right Jessica? Am I in the ballpark? You know Jess I might be crazy and the son of a bitch but you know what I'm not? ...........A cheating hussy!

That comment made Jessica quite pissed off but it gets worse for her.

The Boss Big T: Two dollar, trash bag, stanky, skanky, lying, conniving, cheating hussy!! You'll never be anything more either. SOOOOOO....... Thats why I've decided that I will be ringside for your match. Just incase you decide to try to take a long walk off a shore pier after Mr. Amazing wipes the mat up with you.

Big T smiles and Jessica is visibly upset.

The Boss Big T: I'll see you out there! Have a good match....

Big T smirks and chuckles as he walks away. After about ten seconds we can hear Big T all out laughing his ass off as we fade out to the ringside area and the commentator's table.


No Disqualification Match
If Jessica Loses She Must Reveal Whom She Cheated On Mr. Amazing With

Randy White: Big T laying down the law and enforcing it.

John Cartwright: I hate him so much. He always has to stick his nose where it doesn't belong. He has no right to force Jessica to reveal any details about her personal life.

Randy White: John, she brought her personal life to STW, not Big T. She's the one who told the entire world that Mr. Amazing would abuse her and all that craziness. It wasn't Big T. She brought this on herself.

John Cartwright: Man, you really must have a hard on for Big T. You sweat his nuts worse than I did Reno Destiny's last year.

We fade up to the staging as "Bosses' Life" by Snoop Dogg begins playing over the Helliniko Olympic Arena's PA system. Moments later Director Of Operations Big T emerges through the curtain. The crowd erupts in cheers for the SFT Hall of Famer as he makes his way down the ramp. He walks around the ring slapping hands with all of the STW Nation members in the front row. He stops at the commentator's table and shakes the hand of Randy White. He extends his hand to John Cartwright but John chooses not to shake "The Boss'" hand. Big T keeps his smile as he waves Cartwright off and takes his seat located between the commentator's and time keeper's tables.

Randy White: Never a bright idea to disrespect the guy that signs your paycheck.

John Cartwright: Whatever! He can fire me if he wants. I'll just go work for some other wrestling company. A better company.

Big T's music cuts out. Shortly afterward "Good Girl Gone Bad" by Rihanna begins playing. "The Amazing Bitch" Jessica struts her stuff out onto the staging in her usual black fur coat and custom sunglasses. She walks down the ramp like a model, walks up the steel steps, and enters the ring through the middle and bottom ropes. Jessica shakes her ass as she walks toward the ropes facing the main TV camera. She grabs the top rope and then steps one foot onto the bottom rope and the other onto the middle rope, raising her right hand in the air causing silver pyro to shoot out of the ring posts. She steps off the ropes and goes over to her corner. She takes off her fur coat and custom sunglasses and places them down in the corner for ring crew to grab up. Her music fades out slowly and she is introduced by Robyn Byrne.

Robyn Byrne: Fallout IX rolls on with the following one fall No Disqualification Match! First up from Hollywood, California, she is "The Amazing Bitch"....... This is JEEEESSSSSSSSSSICAAAAAA!!

The Greek fans boo her but some guys do whistle at her. She acts like she's gonna shake her ass for some guys at ringside by then laughs at them like the pathetic losers they are.

Randy White: She pulled out the win in the first match but now with a huge secret of hers to possibly be revealed if she loses can Jessica do it again when it matters most?

John Cartwright: She's talented enough. Athletic enough. And nobody knows Mr. Amazing as good as her.

"Here To Show The World" by Downstrait plays and Mr. Amazing comes out onto the stage but not in his fur coat. He stands at the top of the ramp but with his dark sunglasses on he could be looking anywhere in the arena. Mr. Amazing raises his hands up to his face to the sunglasses and when he pulls them off we get a loud pop of pyro from around the StrikeTron. He stares at Jessica with a broken heart full of anger and Robyn Byrne can't even introduce him because he darts down the ramp and slides into the ring, scaring the ring announcer right out of the squared circle. His music cuts as he stands up in the ring. He heads right for Jessica but she takes the low road and exits the ring quickly.

Randy White: Oh boy! Here we go! Mr. Amazing starting it off with a rage of emotions!

John Cartwright: And thats gonna be his downfall! His emotions are going to cloud his thoughts and thats when Jessica will take advantage!

Amazing exits the ring, grabbing the top rope, and jumping over and down to the floor. Jessica backs up around the ring post as Amazing begins to slowly stalk his now ex-girlfriend. He backs her up all the way around the next ring post but when they reach halfway to the third ring post Jessica rolls into the ring. She stands up quickly and when Amazing tries sliding into the ring she starts putting the boots to him. But he still manages to get into his knees. Jessica boots him in the chest but it doesn't really faze him. She does it again and again nothing. She then decides to slap him but all that does is bring a smile to his face.

Randy White: Absolutely no affect on "The Amazing One". Zip. Zero.

John Cartwright: She bitch slapped him and he's smiling about it. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Randy White: He's a man on a mission and theres nothing she can do physically that'll hurt him more then her cheating did.

John Cartwright: Boo freaking Hoo! Get it over, it happens! My wife has cheated on me atleast a dozen times, half of those guys were pool boys. So swallow up your pride and get some balls.

Jessica slaps him again and the smile turns to an evil stare. Jessica begins backing away and Amazing stands up. Jessica quickly exits the ring and under the bottom rope. She starts looking under the ring but then disappears underneath. Amazing walks over to the ropes and again grabs the top rope and propels himself over the top rope and down to the floor. He smacks the ring apron as he comes down.

Randy White: You can run but you can't hide, bunny rabbit!

John Cartwright: What do you expect? She's fearing for her life right now!

Amazing pulls up the skirting that reads 'STW FALLOUT' and looks under the ring but he receives a face full of fire extinguisher sprooge courtesy of Jessica.

John Cartwright: "The Amazing Bitch" is also resourceful.

Randy White: Mr. Amazing is blinded, nows the time to make a move.

Jessica comes out from under the ring with a pack of garbage cans that have some brooms and other what not in the first can. Jessica pulls out a garbage can lid and walks up to Amazing. She gets as close as she can and hits him in the head with the lid. Amazing falls back against the commentator's table. As he still tries to clean his eyes Jessica grabs a cookie sheet out of the garbage cans. She raises it above her head and cracks it over Amazing's head. Amazing falls back onto the commentator's table and Randy and John stand up and try to move away from him.

Randy White: The action is getting a little too close for me.

John Cartwright: I prefer half naked women in my lap, not male ones.

Jessica pulls out a kendo stick like a sword and raises it in the air. She turns toward the commentator's table and Amazing. She grabs ahold of the kendo stick with both hands and smacks her ex lover right across his chest. Once. Twice. Then after a third time he rolls off the table and falls to the cement where Randy and John were just sitting.

Randy White: Glad I moved out of the way.

John Cartwright: Me too. I go to Scores not Chippendales. Meanwhile Jessica has taken control of this No Disqualification Match.

Randy White: She got lucky finding that fire extinguisher and them trash cans o' weapons under the ring.

John Cartwright: She makes her own luck.

While on the ground Amazing finds a bottle of water, that must've belonged to either Randy or John, that fell onto the ground when he rolled off the table. He splashes some of the water in his eyes and is able to regain some sight. Jessica is too busy celebrating and taunting the crowd to notice Amazing crawl around the side of the table. Amazing jumps up on his feet and runs at Jessica. He manages to nail her sending her stumbling forward and causing her to drop the kendo stick. Amazing stays on her, grabbing her up and rolling her into the ring. Amazing slides in as well. They both stand up and end up in the middle of the ring. Jessica tries to slap Amazing but he grabs her hand and stops her.

Randy White: He isn't letting that fly again.

John Cartwright: Jessica better do something quick otherwise she's about to be up shits creek, you know what I mean?

Randy White: I do actually.

Amazing lifts Jessica up across his shoulders and starts doing an airplane spin. He does like two dozen rotations or seemingly more before putting Jessica back down on the mat. She stumbles around like a drunken sorority girl in the ring and while she does Amazing goes out to the floor and grabs the garbage cans with all the weapons inside. He starts pulling everything out and tossing it into the ring. Its your normal weaponary: brooms, more trash can lids, stop sign, more cookie sheets, and other various crap. Amazing grabs a garbage can tosses it in the ring over the top rope.

John Cartwright: Careful, fool! You almost hit Jessica!

Randy White: I think thats the point, John.

Amazing throws a second garbage can in the ring and it narrowly misses Jessica. He tosses a third and this one hits her right in the legs and she falls to the mat.

Randy White: HIT! He sunk his old battlebitch! HaHa!!

John Cartwright: Not funny.

Amazing slides into the ring and stands up. He picks up a broom and waits for Jessica to stand up.

John Cartwright: Now what's he gonna do with that broom?

Randy White: Sweep, maybe?

John Cartwright: Smartass.

Jessica stands up and when she does Amazing comes up behind her. He slides the broom between her legs and grabs ahold of each end. Jessica looks at Amazing as he lifts her up on the broom.


Amazing lifts her up and down off the mat using the broom simulating flying around like a witch. He picks up a little a speed and Jessica gets more nervous yet has a slight look of enjoyment from what Amazing is doing. But that ends when Amazing lifts Jessica up real high and tosses her into the corner. Her head bounces off the turnbuckles and she slingshots backward in the air and down to the mat.

Randy White: Ooooohhh!! The take off and flight was good but that landing was a rough one.

John Cartwright: You're enjoying this way too much.

Randy White: Just like she did while she had that long wood between her thighs.

Amazing grabs a garbage can and stands it up in a corner. He peels Jessica off the mat and carries her over to the corner he put the garbage can. He sticks her in the corner against the turnbuckles, picks up the garbage can, and puts it over her head. He then walks over to the adjacent corner and stands there holding the top rope with his left hand. He starts stomping his left foot on the mat and slapping his right leg at the same time as he looks dead on at a garbage can covered Jessica. He points at her and looks out to the crowd. They cheer in approval of what's coming forth.

John Cartwright: MOVE JESSICA!!! GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!


Amazing charges at Jessica more than likely looking for the Sensational Kick but Jessica manages to get the trash can off her head and throw it at Amazing. It hits him in the head and he falls down to the mat.

John Cartwright: Oh, thank god!!

Jessica rolls out of the ring to the floor. She looks under the ring and pulls out a chair. She slides it in the ring and then she slides into the ring. Jessica stands up and picks up the steel chair.

Randy White: Now she's got something evil on her mind.

John Cartwright: Mr. Amazing is about to get the payback he deserves.

Jessica drops the chair on the mat in the middle of the ring and then drags Amazing up off the mat in a front chancery and over to the chair.

Randy White: This is bad news for Mr. Amazing!

John Cartwright: A B.D.T. onto a chair is bad news for everybody and anybody!

Just as Jessica is about to drop Amazing on his head he lifts her up and back drops her.

Randy White: At the last possible second he got a burst of adrenaline and was able to back drop her before it was too late.

Amazing is down on his knees after back dropping Jessica. As Jessica is down on the mat clenching her back, Amazing notices the chair out of the corner of his eye. He cracks a smile as he reaches over and grabs it.

John Cartwright: Uh-ohhhhhh, Spaghetti-O's!!!

Amazing stands up with the chair in hand.

Randy White: Big T...

John Cartwright: What's he doing?

Big T slides into the ring, pops up to his feet real quick, and when Mr. Amazing turns around he is hit with a Game Over to the chair to his face. The chair goes flying and Mr. Amazing falls to the mat.

Randy White: What the hell?!?!

John Cartwright: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!?!

Randy White: Big T just Game Over'd a chair into Mr. Amazing's face!!

John Cartwright: But why did he do that?!

Jessica turns over onto her hands and knees and looks up to see Big T standing over Mr. Amazing staring down at him. She stands up slowly not taking her eyes off of Big T. She slowly walks up to Big T and the knocked out Mr. Amazing. She gets up close and bends down to look Big T in his eyes. Thats when he finally looks up and locks eyes with Jessica. His look goes from one of emptiness to a cocky lustful smile and Jessica gets that same smile.

Randy White: OH! MY! GOD!

John Cartwright: No freaking way, dude! It was Big T?!?! Thats who she fucked around with?!?!

Big T kind of presents Jessica with the knocked out Mr. Amazing and thats when she stands on his chest to plant a big wet nasty kiss on Big T. As they kiss the ref makes the three count and calls for the bell. "Good Girl Gone Bad" plays as they slobber in' continues.


John Cartwright: I just wanna know when and why and how and all the dirty details.

Randy White: I'm guessing we won't have to wait long to find out. Jessica just wants to hurt Mr. Amazing and she knows every detail is going to rip through him like a hot knife through butter.

John Cartwright: Killing him softly with her words. I loved the Fugees in the 90s.

Rihanna is cut off and Snoop Dogg funnels through the Helliniko Olympic Arena. "The Boss" Big T and "The Amazing Bitch" Jessica exit the ring through the ropes, walk down the steel steps, and head up the ramp hand-in-hand. Once at the top they turn around to face the crowd with Jessica hanging all over Big T. The fans boo with a mighty roar as Fallout IX fades to a promo for the newest piece of merchandise- the brand spanking new Jakubb Deathblade "Angry Badass" t-shirt. On the front: 'JAKUBB DEATHBLADE' across the sharp blade of a katana sword - On the back: 'ANGRY BADASS' with a picture of him performing his finisher the Philly Driver.

Winner via Pinfall: JESSICA


Double Titles Ladder Match
STW World Heavyweight & Elite Championships

Fallout IX returns from the short break and we go straight into the ring with Miss Robyn Byrne.

Robyn Byrne: The following contest is your main event of the evening and it is a Double Titles Ladder Match! The winner of this match will be Strike Towers Wrestling Elite AND World Heavyweight Champion!

The camera shows both championship belts hanging from the ceiling, fifteen feet above the ring. We then see ladders of various heights standing up around the ring. "Circus For A Psycho" by Skillet begins to play across the loudspeakers. Yellow smoke fills the entranceway, into which Josh Konnely emerges, wearing a black leather jacket.

John Cartwright: There's our Elite Champion, folks. Tonight, he could walk away with TWO titles.

Randy White: I think they understand the concept of this match, John.

Robyn Byrne: Introducing first...weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds... from Bridgeport, Connecticut... he is your Strike Towers Champion Elite Champion... The Park City Punisher... JOSH KONNELY!!!

Konnely marches down the aisle and hops onto the ring apron. He wipes his boots on the ring apron, then enters the ring. He crosses the ring to the corner and takes a knee, holding onto the ring rope, and hangs his head as though in silent prayer or reflection. When he is finished, he sits down in the corner and waits, looking up at the titles hanging above the ring.

The big screen lights up with a picture of Robert Garrett with a smirk on his face, with fancy text under it stating "The Natural" before his theme cuts in and the speakers start to blare the start of the song.


As the music cuts in Robert steps out and nods his head to the music. The crowd starts their boos showing an obvious dislike for the superstar. He puts his arms up and slicks back his hair while looking around at the crowd. The Natural One grabs his wrist adjusting the tape and it before taking the walk to the ring.

Robyn Byrne: And his opponent... weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds... from Columbus, Ohio... The Natural One... ROBERT GARRETT!!!

So what you know about sacrifice when the lights go out?
The price to pay when you're digging down!
The skin of your teeth and the blade in your back!
What you know about hope?
What you know about that?

Rob walks down the ramp ignoring the few fans asking for high-fives but stopping at any person he sees with their camera out, posing for them. Once he gets to the ring he slides in before getting up on one knee. Observing the crowd, he throws his arms into the air making the golden fireworks sprinkle from above the ring showering him. The Natural One then stands up while taking in the boos of all the people observing him before going over to his corner and sitting on the top turnbuckle, gazing up at the titles hanging above the ring.

John Cartwright: This is definitely the calm before the storm.

Randy White: That it is, John.

Konnely and Garrett leave their respective corners and meet in the center of the ring, going head to head before backing off and looking up at the belts. There is bicker back and forth between the two, followed by an exchange of punches as the opening bell sounds. Garrett overpowers Konnely and takes control. Konnely goes down to a knee and Garrett grabs him by the arm, pulling him up, then taking him down with a short arm clothesline. He pulls Konnely up again and pulls him close with a front facelock, then throws Konnely's arm over his head and hits a snap suplex. His initial instinct is to pin Konnely. Instead, he smartens up and leaves the ring in search of a ladder.

John Cartwright: He won't have to go far for a ladder. There must be a dozen of them out there.

Konnely rolls onto his stomach, then pushes his way up as he sees Garrett nearing the ring with a ladder. Konnely sees the opportunity to strike and he bounces off of the ropes opposite of Garrett, then suicide dives between the ropes, crashing into the ladder and Garrett, sending everything crashing into the guardrails.

Randy White: OH MY GOD!

John Cartwright: Josh Konnely could have cost himself the match with a suicidal maneuver like that!

Randy White: Well... it is called a SUICIDE dive...

Konnely uses the guardrail to get to his feet to the thunderous applause from the fans in the Helliniko Olympic Arena. He grabs a six foot ladder and hoists it onto his shoulder, then launches it like a dart at Garrett, connecting with his forehead and busting him open just above his left eye.

John Cartwright: Our Elite Champion is out for blood!

Randy White: I love it!

Konnely then grabs a ten foot ladder, folds it up and slides it into the ring. After a running boot to Garrett to keep him down for good, Konnely enters the ring and begins to stand the ladder up in the middle of the ring as the fans chant, "KONN-ELY! KONN-ELY! KONN-ELY!" He begins to climb the ladder to the delight of the fans.

John Cartwright: It looks like he's going to get this main event over with quickly.

As Konnely gets close to the top, he stops and looks out at the ruckus crowd, taking his eye off of the prize long enough to not see that Garrett has crawled back into the ring and he has his hands on the ladder. He uses all of the might he can muster to push the ladder over, sending Konnely crashing to the outside into another ladder. Garrett then stands up the ladder in the ring and starts his ascent toward the Elite and World Titles. His climb is slower than Konnely's, likely due to the blood loss. Once he reaches the third to the top rung, he reaches up and grazes the leather strap of the Elite Championship. Once he makes it up one more rung...

Randy White: LOOK OUT!

Konnely surprises everyone by hitting a springboard dropkick to the ladder, sending Garrett crashing onto the top rope, bunching throat first and then he hits the canvas. The ladder falls on top of him and the fans show signs of remorse for the World Champion. Konnely grabs the ladder and starts to stand it up, noticing that he bent the ladder pretty badly with that dropkick. With a shrug, our Elite Champion leaves the ring and acquires another ten foot ladder. He slides it into the ring and notices a sign in the front row reading, "KONNELY 4 HOF." He goes over and high fives the fan, then returns to the ring where our World Champion baseball slides the ladder into Konnely, sending him crashing into the announcer's table.

John Cartwright: And now we're part of the action!

Garrett rolls out of the ring and grabs Konnely by the back of the neck, rolling him onto the announcer's table. John and Randy back away, terrified of whatever is about to happen. Garrett climbs onto the table, pulling Konnely to his feet. He goes behind Konnely and sets him up for his back suplex cutter... but Konnely counters with a few stiff punches to the gash over Garrett's eye... followed by a headlock driver through the announcer's table!

Randy White: LUZ SAGRADA!

The table and both competitors are now destroyed. The fans are going insane, chanting things in their native tongue.

With both men at the third to the top rung of the ladder, Garrett and Konnely start trading off punches, clearly stiffer than ever. With both men starting to wear down, Konnely gets in a nice headbutt that rocks Garrett almost off of the ladder. Konnely goes up one more step and reaches for the titles. As he does so, the fans roar as Exterminator runs down the ramp from the backstage area.

John Cartwright: What is HE doing here?!

Randy White: Coalition interference! As usual!

Garrett starts to come to and punches Konnely in the gut when Exterminator reaches the ring. Exterminator hops up onto the apron and hits a springboard Xclamation Point... TO ROBERT GARRETT!

John Cartwright: WHAT THE WHAT?!


Robert Garrett goes crashing off of the ladder, landing on the mat below. Josh Konnely looks on in shock as Exterminator stands over Garrett's body. Our Elite Champion then reaches up and grabs onto the titles, struggling to pull them down before crashing to the mat himself. The final bell sounds and "Circus For A Psycho" starts to play as confetti falls from the ceiling.

Winner via Retrieving Both Titles: JOSH KONNELY


Randy White: Thanks to Exterminator, oddly enough... Josh Konnely is now our Elite AND World Champion!

John Cartwright: But why, Exterminator?! WHY?!

Konnely uses the ladder to pull himself up, holding onto both championships. He holds them up in the air to the overbearing excitement from the fans here in the Helliniko Olympic Arena.

Randy White: Regardless of how it happened... Josh Konnely is victorious and he is now THE MAN here in Strike Towers Wrest--

John Cartwright: OH MY GOD!

From behind, Exterminator hits Konnely with an Xclamation Point to the back of the head, knocking our new World Champion out cold. Without further hesitation, Exterminator leaves the ring and walks back up the ramp, taking not even a second to look back at the disaster he caused.

Randy White: Too many unanswered questions here tonight, folks. What we do know is that Josh Konnely is the Strike Towers Wrestling Elite AND World Champion at the end of Fallout IX.

John Cartwright: What a bizarre ending to an incredible night here for STW. For Randy White, I'm John Cartwright. We’ll see you next week at Reven--


A fan jumps the guardrail and slides into the ring. He grabs ahold of the Elite Championship and dodges security as they rush to the ring, clocking a few of them with the belt before escaping back into the crowd. The fans go wild when he or she gets to the steps and turns around, revealing...........


Randy White: The number one contender for the Elite Championship... just STOLE the Elite Championship!

With a devilish grin, Deathblade disappears into the crowd the show abruptly goes off the air and to a promo for Hallowed Grounds XV.




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