Strike Towers Wrestling

With Randy White and John Cartwright
February 24th, 2015
Rogers Arena ~ Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada




The pyro goes off and Drowning Pool's song "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" plays. As the lights cut on the crowd with their signs starts cheering like crazy for the opening of STW Forsaken Live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The camera pans down to the announcers table where Randy White and John Cartwright are standing by.

Randy White: Welcome everyone to STW FORSAKEN!!! I am Randy White and...

John Cartwright: I am John Cartwright, the VOICE of Strike Towers Wrestling.

Randy White: I think i have been here longer then you have.

John Cartwright: But no one likes you....

Randy White: Right. We have the Body Count Rumble for you tonight, there will be a NEW world champion tonight.

John Cartwright: Yeah due to Gabriel Ohio being a punk and walking out, we will have a undisputed world champion tonight.

Randy White: Also before the BCR, the Elite Championship will be on the line as Rumpke defends against Exterminator in a HARDCORE Match.

John Cartwright: And the storied rivalry between our COO Reno Destiny and Nirvana will come to an end tonight. Will the Deathmatch be to much for Reno Destiny? Or will Nirvana meet his destiny?


The show goes backstage to the locker room of Reno Destiny. He is wearing black pants and no shirt, his hair wet and down, and he looks very focused and ready to take on Nirvana. Wearing a snug fitting short black dress, WXW owner Cassandra Caldwell is standing a short distance away from Reno and is watching him attentively as he stands there staring in front of him as if mentally preparing himself for his Death Match tonight.

Cassandra Caldwell: You returned and you took back what was yours. You are the driving force of this company. You are the one who sets the standards here. You are a man of power, and when you took back control of Strike Towers, you showed everyone exactly how strong of a man you really are.

Reno Destiny: And yet, I still have those who doubt me. Nirvana is one of them.

Cassandra Caldwell: Nirvana is an old man who lost his relevance a long time ago. He doesnt want to accept it, but deep down, even he knows its true.

Cassandra slowly walks over to Reno and stands beside him. He continues to stare in front of him, keeping a serious face.

Reno Destiny: Nirvana is a man who is struggling to keep himself going. He wishes he could still be what he once was. He sees a man like me and it eats him up inside. It hurts him to know that he cant beat me. He knows that as well as I do. He just cant bring himself to admit it.

Cassandra Caldwell: He is a fool to be going out there tonight to try and defeat you. You are what power is all about. You are what strength and dominance is all about.

Reno slowly turns his head and looks at Cassandra, still keeping a serious expression.

Reno Destiny: And having you by my side makes me even more powerful. You understand me. You get me. My Cassie always understands me.

Cassandra gives Reno a kiss, then gently pulls away and stands close in front of him. He is looking at her, not taking his eyes off of hers. He speaks with determination.

Reno Destiny: I will beat Nirvana tonight. And then, he will be forced to come to the realization that his time is up. He is of the past, and tonight, I will end him.

Both Reno and Cassandra remain looking into each others eyes with serious expressions as the show goes to ringside.



"I Stand Alone" by GodSmack plays as the crowd stands to its feet with a mixed reaction. Reno Destiny walks out with Cassandra walking next to him. He looks around and grabs Cassandra by her hends and walks down to the ring. He gets to the steps and she walks up as he rolls into the ring and quickly hits the turnbuckle and pounds on his chest looking out to the crowd.

Robyn Byrne: Introducing First, now residing in New Jersey from Detroit, Michigan, The C.O.O Of Strike Towers, THE REVELATION, RENO DESTINYYYYY!!!

Randy White: Look at Reno he looks focused right now.

John Cartwright: He does, he is all business tonight and everyday for Strike Towers. and he even had the forsight to bring in WXW CEO as his leading lady tonight.

Randy White: I Wonder whats going on with that.

The camera cuts backstage to Nirvana and Lisa King walking towards the entrance and all of a sudden a chair smacks Nirvana in the back of the head and Lisa King looks over to see who did it. The camera pans and Mason Randall is standing there staring at Lisa. She starts to back up a little bit but Mason grabs her by the back of her head and drags her over to the table. He picks her up on his shoulders and then helicopter spins her off for a F5 through the table. He gets up and looks over at Nirvana who is trying to get up. He turns and realizes what Mason just did to Lisa and then rushes at Mason, but he catches Nirvana in a form tackle lifting him up and slamming him through another food table. Reno is staring at all of this in the ring, then tells Cassandra to stay in the ring and motions the ref to follow him. Mason stares down at Nirvana and says...

" Just Business "

Reno appears in the back with the ref and Reno laughs. then goes and grabs 2 chairs. He kicks Nirvana a couple of times and then places a chair under the side of his face. He is screaming at Nirvana.


Reno Destiny reaches way back and brings the hammer down as he Conchairto's Nirvana's skull between the steel chairs. Reno throws the chair and rolls him over to pin him and tells the ref to count.




Reno sits there staring at Nirvana limp body for a minute and then gets up. Medical teams swarm Lisa King and Nirvana as Reno walks away from them.

Winner via Pinfall: RENO DESTINY


We cut over to Amanda Summers backstage outside the locker room of Exterminator. The door swings open and Exterminator appears. He looks at Amanda Summers with a scowl.

Exterminator: You get two questions and only two questions. Make'em good.

Amanda Summers: Tonight you embark on an incredible journey to become both the Elite Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion. But to do that you have to go through 15 other wrestlers including Rumpke twice.

Exterminator: Excellent breakdown of the obvious. What's your questions?

Amanda Summers: My first question to you is about the hardcore match against Rumpke for the Elite Championship. He's been on a roll since returning and seems damn near unbeatable. Can you be the man to finally stop Rumpke?

Exterminator: Yeah...... I can be or I cant be. Its one or the other. But let me tell you something after tonight there will be no doubt who should hold the Elite Championship.

Amanda Summers: The good news is even if you come up short there you still have the Body Count Rumble and a one in sixteen chance of being crowned the new STW World Heavyweight Champion. My second question is what are you prepared to do in the Body Count Rumble to earn the big gold strap?

Exterminator runs over to the camera and grabs ahold of it. He stares deep into the lens and speaks his three favorite words.

Exterminator: Eradicate...... Decimate....... Exterminate.

Exterminator releases the camera and shoves it out of his way. He walks off down the hall and the scene fades out.


Standard Match

We return back to ringside as Forsaken continues.

Randy White: Quite the words of Exterminator as he looks to leave a dual champion. But now its time for our 2nd match of the evening and we got Mr. Amazing taking on Jack Jones.

John Cartwright: This might be a very interesting match.

"Hate" by Jay Z hits as Mr. Amazing comes strutting out from the back, a few fans cheer but most boo and throw things at him, which only seems to extend the grin on his face.

Randy White: I think he loves to be hated.

"Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks hits as Jack Jones makes his way down to the ring. He has on jeans, boots, a black tshirt with a simple white ring on it, and most people know what that symbol means.

John Cartwright: The fans seem to be behind Jack 100 percent tonight.

They stand in the ring toe to toe as the bell rings. Amazing hits a quick forearm then a snap suplex which he cradles into a cover but only gets a 1 count.

Randy White: Trying to get him off guard.

Mr Amazing stands up Jack and hits a DDT he again covers but only gets a 2 count. As he tries to go for a quick leg drop Jack rolls out of the way gets up and hits a crouching knee right on the face of Mr. Amazing.

John Cartwright: Now its Jack's turn.

Jack stands up Mr. Amazing and hits a perfect Russian leg sweep he covers as the ref counts 1............2..........kickout!

Randy White: Close but no cigar.

Jack now with a running bulldog as the ring shakes.

John Cartwright: Could this be it?

Jack covers Amazing as the ref counts 1............2..........kickout!

Randy White: How did Mr. Amazing kick out of that?

Jack climbs back on the ropes and flies off with an elbow drop but Amazing rolls out of the way! He hits nothing but mat.

John Cartwright: Ouch!

Amazing now quickly up and throws Jack back into the turnbuckle and hits his sensational kicks.

Randy White: Amazing is now softening up Jack.

Amazing sets up and hits his Perfect 10 as he covers and the ref counts 1..............2...............3!!!!!!!!!

John Cartwright: Pretty good match!

We cut to a promo for the return of Saturday Night Slaughter, coming back March 7th.

Winner via Pinfall: MR. AMAZING


Hardcore Match
Elite Championship

John Cartwright: Was that match just simply amazing?

Randy White: Amazing Indeed.

The lights go out and the beginning to "Highway to Hell" by AC{DC plays. The drums drop and the ramp lights on fire and Exterminator walks out staring into the crowd ... He walks through the fire down the ramp and rolls into the ring. He walks towards the ropes staring out to the crowd as they boo.

John Cartwright: Looking good and ready for this. My money is on X!

Randy White: Dont sleep on the old timer. Rumpke has shown he has some fight left in him.

"Sweating Bullets" by Megadeth plays as Rumpke walks out with the Elite Championship on his shoulder. He takes his walk down to the ring as he un shoulders the belt and slides it in the ring as he walks up the steps. He steps through the ropes inside the ring and picks up his title and holds it high in the air before handing it to the ref.

Robyn Byrne: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is for the STW ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP [Crowd Cheers] Introducing first, the challenger from Hell and weighing in at 275 Pounds.... THE EXTERMINATORRRRRRRRRR!!!!

The Vancouver Canuck crowd cheers.

Robyn Byrne: Introducing next, from Odon, Indiana...weighing in at 220lbs, Your STW Elite Champion, RUMPKE!!!!!!

The ref holds the title high in the air and then hands it to the time keeper and calls for the bell to ring. X and Rumpke circle eachother and they lock up. Exterminators size and strength trump Rumpke's so X backs him into the corner first and sends a knee to the stomach and a right to the jaw. X grabs his arm and whips him out, pulling him back and with power slings him to the corner again whip lashing down to the canvas. Exterminator grabs him by the back of his neck and scoop slams him down to the canvas with authority. Rumpke grabs on his back as Exterminator stalks him as he tries to get up. X picks him up by his waist and throws him back for a german suplex. Rumpke is laying on the canvas as X walks over and rolls him out the ring with his boot. He follows him out and picks up Rumpke and stands looking at the crowd as they boo and curse at him. He walks Rumpke over to the side of the table area but rumpke punches X in his stomach, then kicks him in his thigh. another kick. X grabs his stomach and Rumpke drops grabbing his tights and slings him head first over the announcers table and crashing down into Randy White and John Cartwright's chairs. Rumpke pulls himself up and dives over the table on top of X and starts delivering straight rights to the head. Rumpke gets up and carries X by his hair out of the calamity, he throws X to the post and hits head first. X staggers over and then turns around to find himself running into a clothesline. Rumpke walks around a bit and then comes back around and picks Exterminator back up and rolls him into the ring. Rumpke climbs the turnbuckle but by the time he gets up there , X jumps and drop kicks his legs and Rumpke falls down on the turnbuckle. X gets back up and grabs him off the turnbuckle and plants him with a power bomb. He goes for the cover.



kick out!

Randy White: Big Power Bomb by Exterminator. The man clearly outsizes the small Rumpke.

John Cartwright: Yeah but Rumpke has as big of a heart as anyone. I can't call this match, and i usually can.

Randy White: Most times youre wrong though.

John Cartwright: I get them all of them right somtimes!

X gets up and locks in a sleeper hold and lays down on it for leverage. Rumpke tries to roll over his body to break the hold but ex is to strong. He sees the ropes not to far from him and tries to reach for it but X gets up and drops a knee to his chest X picks him up and wraps his arms around the back of his hand and picks him up and holds him in the suplex position for about 15 seconds and then drops him down. Quickly going for the cover but he only gets a 2 count. X whips himself off the rope for another knee drop and gets up again and another knee drop. Rumpke covers his chest up trying to move away from X but with no luck. X grabs him and picks him up and throws him through the middle rope. X waits and stalks Rumpke to get up. As he does X launches himself off the opposite rope and goes for a suicide dive but Rumpke European uppercuts X and goes crashing to the floor on his own. The crowd cheers as Rumpke makes his way over and starts mudhole stomping X to the ground. He picks up X and starts with the right hands and boots and throws him into the side rails from left to right grabs him but the waist and belly to belly suplex on the steel ramp. Rumpke stands and looks out to the crowd as they cheer for him. He picks up X and starts to head back down the ramp but before he gets to the apron to roll him in X pushes him towards the steps and Rumpke flips over from the force of power X threw him with. He goes over and starts stomping again. Picking him up he hang mans him on the rail. X climbs the apron and jumps off sending a leg to the back of Rumpke as he is hanging on the rail. Rumpke is grabbing his ribs and falls to the mat. X gets up a couple seconds after and looks down at Rumpke before picking him up and rolling him into the ring. He rolls in and goes for the pin.



Kick out!

Randy White: This match has turned out to be something special Both men are giving it everything.

John Cartwright: Yes and X is leaving no stone unturned doing everything he can to put the heart of Rumpke back in his chest.

X waves his hands in a circle as he picks up Rumpke and throws him to the corner and follows up with a fast spring behind him and hits the STINGER SPLASH. Quickly he whips him again to the opposite corner and hits another stinger splash and does it again leaping stinger splash one more time but Rumpke gets the boot up and X gets jawed in the face. Rumpke holding his ribs staggers out the corner and gives him a right hand. X comes back with a right of his own, they exchange blows as the crowd exchanges boos and yeaahss.. Rumpke gets the upper hand though and slings himself off the ropes and they both clothesline eachother and they both go down.

Randy White: This is what Strike Towers is all about, and the Elite Championship being defended in such a great match.

John Cartwright: Instant Classic right here Randy, Both men arent giving an inch. Im suprised Rumpke got X down with that train wreck that just happened.

The ref starts to count and they both are moving to opposite corners of the ring. X and Rumpke struggle back to their feet but look angry. X taps his fist on the turnbuckle and Rumpke pounds his fist on the canvas. They both make a power move towards eachother. Rumpke and X charge and simultaneously, BOTTOMS UP and XCLAMATION POINT, they both punch eachother square in the jaw. X drops first and Rumpke wobbles and then falls face first to the canvas.

Randy White: BOTH men with power punches, This match is anyones right now.

John Cartwright: I guess you can both have the same moves , now we wont know which one hurts more.

The ref starts his count again and both men lay lifeless for a few seconds .. then X starts to move and make a play for the ropes. Rumpke starts to shake the punch off and tries to get up on the opposite side of the ring. X using the ropes to get up looks back at Rumpke to see where he is as he grabs the top rope. Rumpke shakes his head trying to get his mind back right and X stands to a knee. Rumpke gets to a knee as well and then gets on his feet. X standing barely as well jumps up on the second rope and backflips off attempting the XDT, Rumpke ducks under the back flip turns around with a boot to X's midsection and HANGOVER!! He drops for a desperation pin..






Randy White: Rumpke has defended his championship! Incredible.

John Cartwright: Now we have to see if he has enough left for the Body Count Rumble. We will be white black after a word from our sponsor.

We cut to Jim Carrey sitting in a 2015 Lincoln MKS. He looks glaringly out the windshield and then speaks softly.

Jim Carrey: Buy.

The former In Living Color star pulls over and four hookers enter the Lincoln MKS. The same glaringly blank stare remains on Jim Carrey's face as he pulls away. The promo ends and we return back to the Rogers Arena.

Winner via Pinfall: RUMPKE


Body Count Rumble
STW World Heavyweight Championship

Forsaken returns live and we go back to ringside with Randy White and John Cartwright.

Randy White: Well John Forsaken has been quite the night already but up now is the main event Body Count Rumble for the vacant STW World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cartwright: I have been waiting for this ever since Big T announced it a couple weeks back. I honestly cant wait. Kick it up to Robyn in the ring.

The camera spins around from the commentator's table to focus on the ring. Robyn Byrne is standing in the middle of the ring with a mic in her hand and wearing a long flowing dress.

Robyn Byrne: To all the fans tonight in Vancouver, British Columbia's Rogers Arena and all of STW Nation watching on pay per view around the globe...... Its time for the Forsaken MAIN EVENT!!!!

The crowd cheers with happiness and anticipation as they know what's coming next.

Robyn Byrne: The following match is the Body Count Rumble for the Strike Towers Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship!! Eliminations can only happen by a wrestler going over the top rope and both feet touching the floor. 2 Competitors will start with a new competitor entering every 120 seconds. So the only question left is.... ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?!

Once again the Rogers Arena erupts in cheers. The lights die as ominous intro of “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” oozes from the PA and then red, green, and blue strobe lights flash just as Josh Moriarty walks slowly out from the entrance dressed in a heavy hooded leather trench coat covered in metal studs and heavy chains. He makes his way into the ring and walks slowly up the steps into the ring. Josh Moriarty removes his coat and awaits the bell as Robyn Byrne does his intro.

Robyn Byrne: Drawing entry number one, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 245lbs... JOSH MORIARTYYYY!!!

Josh Moriarty's music fades out as the fans boo him. "Basketcase" by Greenday hits as Twilight slowly walks to the ring and sits in his corner till the bell rings.

Robyn Byrne: Drawing entry number two, from Augusta, Georgia and weighing 190lbs... This. Is. TWIIIIIIIIIIILLLLIIIIGGHHHTTT!!!

Robyn Byrne exits the ring along with a couple of referees. The bell sounds to start the Body Count Rumble.

Randy White: Well it looks like Josh Moriarty and Twilight have garnered the unfortunate luck of getting numbers 1 and 2.

John Cartwright: For either of them to earn the prize they'll have to outlast 14 other entrants. To say they have an arduous task ahead of them would be putting it lightly.

Randy White: It'll be damn close to a miracle for either one of them to win but crazier things have happened in STW so we'll see.

The bell sounds and the Body Count Rumble officially begins.

Randy White: Here we go! When the Body Count Rumble concludes we will crown a new STW World Heavyweight Champion.

Josh Moriarty and Twilight circle each other and then go in for a collar and elbow tie up but Moriarty catches Twilight with a boot to the gut. Moriarty grabs Twilight's hand and whips him into the ropes. Twilight bounces off the ropes and Moriarty punches him in the gut doubling him over. Moriarty runs, bounces off the ropes, and hits a neck breaker on Twilight. Moriarty is up and drops an elbow on Twilight. Moriarty gets up and drops another elbow on Twilight. Moriarty gets to his feet and brings Twilight up to a standing position. Moriarty brings Twilight over to the ropes. He sets him up for a suplex and lifts him up but instead of bringing Twilight down in the ring on his back Moriarty puts him over the top rope.

John Cartwright: Oh boy! Almost got our first elimination!

Randy White: Twilight is lucky his feet landed on the apron but he is teetering on the edge of elimination.

Moriarty throws a right punch but Twilight blocks it with his left arm, he grabs Moriarty's head, and drops him neck first across the top rope. Moriarty staggers toward the center of the ring as Twilight hit the apron and rolls back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Randy White: Excellent defense by a former world champion.

John Cartwright: Got him out of harms way.

Twilight is up and he charges toward Moriarty taking him down with a clothesline. Moriarty is back up fairly quickly and Twilight runs him over with another clothesline. Again Moriarty is up fairly quick and again Twilight charges at him with a clothesline but Moriarty ducks. Twilight runs and bounces off the ropes. He runs at Moriarty who puts his hands on Twilight's waist lifting him up in the air feet first. As Twilight comes down he grabs Moriarty by the head and hits a DDT.

Randy White: Twilight was in a precarious position but he planted Josh Moriarty flush with that DDT.

John Cartwright: Twilight has Josh down, but can he take advantage and eliminate him?

Twilight is up and he brings Moriarty up to his feet. Twilight walks Moriarty to the ropes and drapes him over the top rope. Twilight lifts up one of Moriarty's legs trying to get him completely over the top rope and out to the floor but Moriarty grabs ahold of both the top and middle ropes.

Randy White: Twilight is trying to get Josh Moriarty over the top rope.

John Cartwright: It looks like Josh has Twilight blocked though.

Randy White: He certainly has a grip on the ropes.

John Cartwright: G.I. Josh with the kung fu grip.

The 10 second countdown until the next entrant begins with the fans in the Rogers Arena counting along.

Crowd: 10! 9! 8!

Twilight continues trying to get Moriarty over but isn't having much luck.

Crowd: 7!

Randy White: Entry number 3 coming up, who will it be?

Crowd: 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

A loud buzzer goes off and a moment later "Orgasmatron" by Sepultura begins playing over the PA. Out comes The Midnight King Nirvana. He walks down the ramp gingerly after already being in a Deathmatch against Reno Destiny.


Randy White: Its Nirvana!

John Cartwright: A very early number for a man who an hour and half ago was in a violent and brutal Deathmatch.

Randy White: His odds of winning are lower than Moriarty's and Twilight's. But odds aren't everything.

Nirvana walks up the steps and enters the ring. Twilight releases Moriarty and charges at Nirvana with a clothesline. Nirvana ducks the clothesline attempt by Twilight and when they both turn around Nirvana starts laying in some punches to Twilight's head. Nirvana grabs Twilight's arm and takes him down with a judo flip. Twilight stands up and Nirvana lifts him up and body slams him down. Nirvana follows up the body slam with a leg drop. As he gets up he is grabbed by Josh Moriarty but Nirvana grabs Moriarty by his hair and headbutts him not once but twice. Moriarty is rocking back. Nirvana spins him around and hits a German suplex. Twilight is up and he gets German suplexed by Nirvana.

Randy White: Nirvana has come in on fire and isn't letting his wounds from the Deathmatch hold him back from kicking some ass.

John Cartwright: When its the midnight hour only The Midnight King can rise above.

Moriarty gets up and Nirvana is waiting for him. Nirvana picks up Moriarty and hits a massive back breaker. Moriarty rolls on the mat clenching at his back. Twilight is getting up and Nirvana snatches him up and hits another massive back breaker. Twilight rolls around on the mat in pain.

Randy White: Nirvana almost broke Twilight's back.

John Cartwright: Get him one of Rumpke's pills, stat!

Nirvana grabs up Moriarty and brings him over to the ropes and like Twilight before him attempts to get the former World Champion over the top rope. Moriarty is draped over the top rope and once again grabs the top and middle ropes. Nirvana gets one of Moriarty's legs and lifts it up over the top rope. Nirvana grabs Moriarty's other leg and lifts it up over the top rope as well.

Randy White: Nirvana has Josh Moriarty teetering on the top rope.

John Cartwright: If he doesn't do something quick all Josh Moriarty will be getting is a cup of coffee and a ride home.

Just as things are looking bad for Moriarty Twilight starts attacking Nirvana from behind. Nirvana while still holding onto Moriarty's legs grabs Twilight and headbutts him. Twilight staggers backward a couple steps but goes right back at Nirvana with kicks to his legs. Twilight catches Nirvana in the back of his knee and the masked wrestler drops down to one knee and releases Moriarty back into the ring. Just then the countdown clock begins at ten with the crowd counting along.

Crowd: 10! 9!

Randy White: Nirvana almost had Josh Moriarty eliminated until Twilight interrupted.

Crowd: 8! 7! 6! 5!

Twilight punches Nirvana a couple of times as Josh Moriarty stands in the middle of the ring waiting for the next entry.

John Cartwright: But with 4th entrant the landscape will completely change in there.

Crowd: 4! 3! 2! 1!

The loud buzzer goes off and "I Got Friends In Low Places" by Garth Brooks hits as Jack Jones comes through the curtain and charges down the ramp.


Randy White: Here comes Jack Jones! He already took on Mr. Amazing tonight in an incredible match.

Jack Jones slides into the ring under the bottom rope and Moriarty meets him as he stands up. They both throw and land punches but Moriarty catches Jack with a knee into the gut. Twilight grabs Nirvana and hits a DDT while Nirvana was down on one knee. Moriarty sets up Jack for a suplex lifting him up but he cant finish as Jack reverses and lands on his feet behind Moriarty. Jack Jones grabs Josh Moriarty by the head and neck and hits a neckbreaker. Jack is up and bounces off the ropes and hits a big leg drop on Moriarty.

John Cartwright: Jack must've had an energy drink or something because he looks re-energized.

Randy White: Here's an interesting pairing we're about to see between Jack Jones and Twilight.

Twilight turns his attention to Jack Jones. Twilight grabs Jack from behind and goes for a belly to back suplex but Jack elbows Twilight in the head before he can attempt the move. Jack runs and bounces off the ropes. Twilight bends over and Jack leapfrogs him. But Jack stops and he and Twilight both spin around to face each other at the same time. Jack whips Twilight into the ropes, Twilight bounces off the ropes, and runs back toward Jack. Jack grabs up Twilight for a powerslam.

Randy White: Beautiful powerslam by Jack Jones and now he's heading up to the top rope.

As Jack Jones heads out to the apron and up to the top rope, Nirvana and Moriarty pair off in a corner with Moriarty trying to get Nirvana over the top rope. Jack is perched on the top turnbuckle waiting for Twilight to stand up. Twilight gets up to his feet and when he does Jack Jones flies off the top and connects with the Night Sky that sends Twilight flying across the ring and straight over the top rope but he lands on the apron.

John Cartwright: Twilight almost got eliminated by Jack Jones' Night Sky dropkick!

Randy White: He's not back in under the rope, he's not out of trouble yet.

Jack Jones sees Twilight laying on the apron so he charges and hits a baseball slide sending Twilight off the apron and down to the floor.

John Cartwright: TWILIGHT IS GONE!!


Randy White: I spoke to soon. Twilight has been eliminated first by Jack Jones.

The countdown clock is at 10 again and of course the fans count along again like good lil puppets.

Crowd: 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

Randy White: Whose it gonna be?

After the loud buzzer goes off "Hate" by Jay Z featuring Kanye West hits and Mr. Amazing walks out with Jessica. He takes off his fur coat and sunglasses and hands them to her before heading down the ramp. Jessica goes back stage as Amazing walks up the steps. Amazing enters the ring and Jack Jones is staring at him from across the ring.


John Cartwright: Its déjà vu!

Randy White: Round two, begin.

Amazing and Jack charge at each other with Amazing ducking under a punch from Jack. Amazing bounces off the ropes and connects with a cross body. Amazing is up and runs off the ropes. Amazing takes Jack down with another cross body. Amazing is up and Jack is up too. Amazing boots Jack in the gut and hits a snap suplex. Amazing is up and sets his sights on Moriarty trying to eliminate Nirvana. Amazing hits Moriarty in the back with a couple of clubbing blows. Moriarty lets go of Nirvana and Amazing spins him around. Amazing is facing Moriarty's back and hits a German suplex but doesn't release his grip around Moriarty's waist. They both climb up to there feet and Amazing hits another German suplex on Moriarty this time letting go of him.

Randy White: He is truly amazing.

John Cartwright: He has been tonight.

Amazing is up and he gets ambushed from behind by Nirvana. Nirvana quickly locks on cobra clutch and nails Amazing with a Castratikon.

John Cartwright: Less amazing now.

Randy White: Nirvana wiped out Amazing with a violent looking Castratikon. Did you see how he landed and folded up like an accordion?

John Cartwright: Like Superman on laundry day.

Amazing rolls toward the ropes as Jack Jones gets up to his feet. Jack goes up behind Nirvana, spins him around, and tries to whip him into a corner but Nirvana reverses and whips Jack into the turnbuckles. Jack hits the turnbuckles back first. Then Nirvana charges into the corner but Jack moves and Nirvana crashes chest first into the turnbuckles. Jack comes up behind Nirvana, grabs him, and rams him shoulder first into the ring post. Moriarty is up and heads over to where Nirvana and Jack are. Moriarty and Jack begin working together as they lift up Nirvana and seat him on the top turnbuckle. They each climb up to the middle rope and hit a double team super belly to back suplex on Nirvana. The impact causes Nirvana to roll backward and onto his stomach.

Randy White: Moriarty and Jack Jones' double teaming has Nirvana down.

The 10 second countdown clock begins with the Vancouver fans counting along.

Randy White: As the sixth entrant is due to come out it looks like he or she will have to deal with the double teaming effort of Josh Moriarty and Jack Jones.

Crowd: 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

The loud buzzer goes off again and "Highway To Hell" by AC{DC hits over the PA system. Exterminator walks through the curtain and heads down to the ring.


John Cartwright: Here comes STW's very own X man.

Exterminator looks up into the ring at Josh Moriarty and Jack Jones as they stand side by side waiting for X to enter the ring. X walks up the steps slowly. X looks at Moriarty and raises his fist and smirks.

Randy White: Should Exterminator be throwing fuel on the fire reminding Josh Moriarty of knocking him out of STW back in December?

John Cartwright: No but since he's about to be on the low end of a 2 on 1 I don't think it matters.

X is on the apron and Moriarty rushes him but X grabs him by the head and drops down to the floor causing a slingshot effect that sends Moriarty flying backwards and he lands in the center of the ring. X slides into the ring under the bottom rope and immediately is met by a stomping by Jack Jones. X does manage to get to his feet while Jack hits him with punches and clubbing blows. Jack whips X into the ropes, he bounces off the ropes, and X hits a flying clothesline on Jack. Moriarty is up but he gets body slammed by X. Jack is up but he too gets body slammed. Moriarty gets up and X whips him into a corner. Jack is up and X whips him into the opposite corner. X runs at Moriarty and hits a stinger splash. X then runs across the ring and hits Jack with a stinger splash.

Randy White: A pair of stinger splashes and Exterminator is in complete control.

John Cartwright: Hells Fury is hard to deal with.

X cocks his fist in a neutral corner and waits ready to strike. Moriarty stumbles out of his corner, X runs toward him, and connects with an Xclamation Point.

John Cartwright: BANG! Xclamation Point!

Randy White: 2 months later and Exterminator is punching out Josh Moriarty once again.

Jack Jones stumbles out of his corner, X runs at him, and connects with the Xclamation Point.

John Cartwright: UH!! Double up! UH!! UH!!

Randy White: Who are you, Sir Cart-a-lot?

John Cartwright: Damn right, playa!

Mr. Amazing is up and dropkicks Exterminator in the back sending him staggering into a corner. Amazing charges into the corner at X and hits a dropkick. Amazing stands up and watches as X falls down onto the mat. Amazing looks over and sees Nirvana getting up so he runs over to hit a fameasser and connects.

Randy White: Everybody is down except Mr. Amazing.

John Cartwright: Simply amazing!

X is getting up off the mat and Amazing notices so he goes over to the corner X was in and climbs up on the middle rope. When X turns around Amazing jumps and hits a blockbuster just as the countdown clock begins.

Crowd: 10! 9!

John Cartwright: An amazing blockbuster from Mr. Amazing.

Crowd: 8! 7! 6!

Randy White: No matter the outcome of the Body Count Rumble I believe Mr. Amazing is a soon to be champion here in Strike Towers Wrestling.

Crowd: 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

The buzzer goes off and "Sweating Bullets" by Megadeth hits before Rumpke makes his way out.


John Cartwright: No way! Again match opponents from earlier tonight enter back to back.

Randy White: I don't think this has ever happened ever.

Rumpke heads down the ramp, up the steel steps, and into the ring. Amazing tries for a punch that Rumpke blocks. Rumpke connects with 5 rights to the side of Amazing's head backing him all the way across the ring and against the ropes. Rumpke whips Amazing across the ring, he bounces off the ropes, and runs into a big boot from Rumpke. Amazing doesnt go down but staggers around for a moment and unfortunately for him thats when Rumpke kicks him in the gut and hits a Hangover.

Randy White: What do you get when you drink too much?

John Cartwright: A Hangover!

Randy White: And thats what Mr. Amazing just got when you have too much Rumpke.

Jack Jones is getting to his feet. Rumpke goes over to him and wraps his arms around Jack's body and hits a belly to belly suplex. Moriarty is up and comes up behind Rumpke. He spins him around but its Rumpke who catches Moriarty with a boot to the gut and a DDT. Rumpke is up and so is Nirvana and Exterminator. X is first to make a move when he runs at Nirvana and hits an Xclamation Point that puts Nirvana up against the ropes. Rumpke follows that with a Bottoms Up on Nirvana that sends The Midnight King over the top rope and out to the floor.


Randy White: Oh wow!! Nirvana has been eliminated from the Body Count Rumble!

John Cartwright: Thats certainly a shocking elimination but it pretty much defines the Body Count Rumble and the fact anything can happen.

Rumpke turns around to see X running at him. X goes for an Xclamation Point but misses a ducking Rumpke. Rumpke waits for X to turn around and hits him with 3 consecutive European uppercuts rocking him back into a corner. Rumpke then grabs up one of Exterminator's legs and begins trying to get him over the top rope. Moriarty is up and runs up behind Rumpke. Moriarty grabs Rumpke's head from behind and hits an inverted suplex. Just then the countdown clock begins again.

Crowd: 10! 9!

Randy White: Josh Moriarty managed to stop the momentum of Rumpke.

Crowd: 8! 7!

Randy White: Only to have the #8 entrant about to make his way out.

Crowd: 6! 5! 4!

John Cartwright: Who will change the complexion of the BCR next?

Crowd: 3! 2! 1!

The loud annoying buzzer goes off and "By Testament" by The Ballad hits followed by the appearance of Redd.


Randy White: Here we go! Former Triad Champion until New Beginnings.

John Cartwright: When he didnt even get pinned or made to submit to lose that championship.

Redd charges down the ramp and rolls into the ring. Redd and Moriarty meet in the middle of the ring and start brawling. Eventually Redd gets the upperhand and whips Moriarty into the ropes. Moriarty bounces off the ropes, runs at Redd, and is laid out with a nasty spinebuster.

John Cartwright: He'll need to see Vancouver's best chiropractor in the morning.

Jack Jones is up and Redd approaches him. Redd snatches up Jack and hits a suplex followed by a big atomic leg drop.

Randy White: Reddwood Redd Rogan with the leg drop.

John Cartwright: HA!

Redd is up and so is Mr. Amazing. Redd turns and Amazing takes him down with a Lou Thesz Press followed up by several punches. Amazing stands up and waits for Redd to get up. Amazing grabs up Redd and looks for a fisherman suplex but Redd blocks with some punches to the gut. Redd goes behind Amazing and hits a side russian leg sweep.

Randy White: Mr. Amazing had Redd for a moment but the The Forgotten One took control right back.

Exterminator is on the top turnbuckle waiting for Redd to stand up. Redd stands up and when he turns toward X's corner X flies off and lands on Redd with a cross body. X is up and so is Redd. X boots Redd in the gut, lifts him up onto his shoulders, and hits a gut buster sending Redd rolling on the mat holding his midsection.

John Cartwright: Hope he didn't crap himself.

Just then the countdown clock begins again.

Crowd: 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

John Cartwright: Whose it gonna be?

The buzzer goes off and "Jungle" by X Ambassadors, Jamie N Common plays and Mason "Titan" Randall walks out. He heads down the ramp, up the steps, and through the ropes into the ring.


John Cartwright: The Manster is in, let the bodies hit the floor.

X charges at Titan but Titan catches him with a Take Off. Jack Jones is getting up while Titan waits in a corner. Jack is up and Titan rushes out of the corner and hits the Fatality. Rumpke is up and Titan is quick to pounce and nails a Titan Fall. Moriarty is up and Titan hits a couple of clubbing blows to his back. Titan whips Moriarty into the ropes, he bounces off, and Titan hits the winds of change.

Randy White: Mason Randall is running this Body Count Rumble!

John Cartwright: Titan is leaving bodies in his wake.

Amazing is up and Titan takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Redd is standing in a corner. Titan charges at him but Redd moves out of the way and Titan crashes into the turnbuckles. Amazing is back up and charges at Titan hitting a Sensational Kick that sends Titan over the top rope and out to the floor.


Randy White: Damn thats gotta suck for Mason! Everything going his way until he hits the corner hard and Mr. Amazing hits the Sensational Kick sending the Manster over and out.

John Cartwright: Thats too bad, I had high hopes for him. Maybe not winning but final four atleast.

Redd attacks Amazing from behind and tries to eliminate him but Amazing wraps his arm around the top turnbuckle and grabs the top rope to keep from getting eliminated. Then the 10second countdown clock begins.

Crowd: 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

Randy White: Whose up next?

The entrance buzzer goes off and "Ring Of Fire" by Johnny Cash begins to play over the PA. Saint Jude makes his way out and heads down to the ring.


Randy White: Its Saint Jude!!

John Cartwright: Look whose up and waiting for him.

Randy White: Oh here we go with a New Beginnings rematch!

Jude rolls into the ring and stands up. Exterminator stares a dagger at him across the ring and Jude gives the stink eye right back. They charge at each other like a couple of rams but as we all know the rams just cant win. Jude and X go into hockey fight mode, each grabbing ahold of the other, and throwing big time haymakers.

Randy White: Can you feel the hatred between these two?

John Cartwright: Ghostbusters 2 couldnt take the bad vibes off Jude and Exterminator!

Jude gains an advantage being his freshness compared to X whose been in for a few minutes. Jude whips X into ropes and upon his return X is clotheslined by Jude. X is back on his feet and Jude takes him down with a running double axe handle smash to the head. X is back up and once again Jude hits him with a double axe handle smash to the head sending him down to the mat. X gets up, a lil slower this time, and Jude boots him in the gut. Jude sets up X for a piledriver and hits it!

John Cartwright: Saint Jude just dropped Exterminator on top his noggin!

Randy White: I doubt it could make Exterminator any more of a dummy.

John Cartwright: Whoaaaaaa!! Shouldn't call Exterminator anything if you like breathing.

Saint Jude goes out to the apron and climbs up to the top rope. Jude looks down at X before he jumps off and lands on X with a Fist of God.

Randy White: Fist of God! Exterminator is down and im sure Jude will be looking to put him out.

As Jude bends over to pick up Exterminator off the mat Redd releases Mr. Amazing in the corner, runs up behind Jude, grabs him by his tights, runs him toward the ropes, and Redd tosses Saint Jude over the top rope and out to the floor.


John Cartwright: Oh shit!!! HaHaHa!!!

Randy White: Saint Jude just got eliminated by his own brother!

John Cartwright: With family like Redd who needs enemies.

Randy White: Aint it the truth.

Mr. Amazing runs up behind Redd and dumps him over the top rope but luckily for Redd he lands on the apron and quickly scoots back in under the bottom rope.

Randy White: Mr. Amazing returning the favor on Redd but much like Redd he was unsuccessful.

John Cartwright: But damn close!

Josh Moriarty, Jack Jones, and Rumpke are all slowly getting to their feet as Mr. Amazing stomps away on Redd. The 10 second countdown clock begins.

Crowd: 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

The buzzer goes off and "F.T.W." by The Vines hits and out comes the newest superstar to join STW Danny Vincent.


Randy White: Here's the debut of "Dangerous" Danny Vincent, good luck young'n.

Vincent slides into the ring, stands up, runs at Amazing and hits him in the head with a lariat sending Amazing bouncing off the top rope and down to the mat. Vincent then goes over to Moriarty and clubs him in the back a couple times before hitting a German suplex. Vincent is up and heads over to Jack Jones. He sets up Jack and hits a sitout powerbomb.

John Cartwright: The newb is doing great thus far.

Vincent is back on his feet and goes for Rumpke but Rumpke goes from being on one knee to completely standing as Vincent approaches him. Rumpke catches Vincent with a boot to the gut and hits a Hangover that sends Vincent staggering back. Vincent is a little dazed as he grabs the top rope to regain his bearings. From across the ring Exterminator rises to his feet and runs across the ring at Danny Vincent. X connects with yet another Xclamation Point but this one sends Vincent over the top rope, onto the apron, and down to the floor.


Randy White: He was on a roll for a minute there but the combination of Elite Champion Rumpke and Exterminator sent him packing from the Body Count Rumble.

John Cartwright: See you on Slaughter, kid!

Amazing is up and so is Moriarty. X goes for Amazing and Rumpke for Moriarty and both attempt to get them over the top rope. Redd gets to his feet and pulls Jack Jones off the mat. Redd sets up Jack for The Darkness and hits it as the countdown clock begins.

Crowd: 10! 9! 8!

Randy White: With this entry we are 3/4 of the way through.

Crowd: 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

The buzzer goes off and out comes the only person in the wrestling world to take advantage of the open call, Anna Mathews.


John Cartwright: Finally some boobs that arent on a man!

Mathews makes her way into the ring and the moment she does Redd comes over and picks her up and easily deposits her over the top rope onto the apron. Redd points down to the floor but Mathews slaps him right across the face.

John Cartwright: What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!!

Randy White: Whatever he had to eat today that taste got slapped out of his mouth.

Redd shows restraint but Rumpke does not as he runs in and nails Anna Mathews and she falls off the apron and out to the floor.


Randy White: Thanks for stopping in Ms. Mathews. Maybe we'll see you in the summer for the Lethal Lottery.

Exterminator picks up Amazing and body slams him before running across the ring and hitting a stinger splash in the corner on Moriarty. Meanwhile Redd and Rumpke are now brawling. Moriarty staggers out of the corner and thats when X grabs him up and tosses him over the top rope. Moriarty holds on to the top rope with both hands as his body dangles.

Randy White: Josh Moriarty is hanging by a thread.

John Cartwright: More like by a fingertip or two.

X tries to break Moriarty's grip and manages to get one hand off. Moriarty dangles with one foot touching but not the other. X sinks his teeth into Moriarty's hand and he's forced to let go and both feet land on the floor.


Randy White: Josh Moriarty is eliminated.

John Cartwright: To sad, too bad.

The countdown begins...

Randy White: Unlucky number 13 to come out next.

Crowd: 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

The buzzer goes off and is followed by "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack playing. Reno Destiny slowly makes his way out and down the ramp.


John Cartwright: Here comes Mr. Revelation to win the Body Count Rumble.

Randy White: You sound quite sure of Reno Destiny.

Reno enters the ring and charges at X and cuts him in half with a Collision Course. Reno waits as Jack Jones is getting up and when he does he too gets a Collision Course. Amazing is on his feet with his back to Reno and when he turns around he is also wiped out with a Collision Course.

John Cartwright: Spear! Spear! Spear!

Randy White: Or Gore! Gore! Gore!

John Cartwright: Either or, doesn't matter because Reno Destiny is in charge just like he is all of STW.

Reno decides to butt into the brawl between Rumpke and Redd by hitting each with punches. A right for Rumpke. A right for Redd. Another right for Rumpke. Another right for Redd. Reno rakes the eyes of Rumpke before kicking Redd in the gut. Reno whips Redd into a corner and he slams into the turnbuckles. Reno also then whips Rumpke into a corner. Reno charges into Redd's corner and hits a shining wizard knee right under his chin. Reno then runs at Rumpke's corner and hits him flush in his jaw with a shining wizard. Redd staggers out of the corner, Reno picks him up on his shoulder, and hits Respected.

John Cartwright: Redd has been Respected.

Reno goes and grabs up Rumpke. Reno lifts Rumpke up and plants him with a Respected.

John Cartwright: Rumpke has been Respected.

Randy White: Well the fresh man in usually has an advantage and Reno Destiny might very well walk out of Forsaken the World Champion.

Reno Destiny looks around at the downed combatants left in the ring. He goes over to Exterminator and pulls him up to his feet and when Reno does he lifts X across his shoulders.

Randy White: What's he gonna do with him?

John Cartwright: GTS or maybe dump him over the top rope.

The countdown clock begins...

Crowd: 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!

Randy White: Who is it?

The buzzer goes off and "The Anthem" by Kardinal Offishall begins to blare over the PA system. Adam Saint runs down to the ring and slides in.


Reno Destiny drops Exterminator and as soon as Adam Saint stands up Reno Destiny charges at him and clotheslines him over the top rope and out to the floor.


Randy White: I was gonna say something about him but since he got eliminated so quickly...fuck him.

John Cartwright: Right in his ear!

Reno turns his attention back to X. X is standing up and Reno hits him with a couple of punches. Reno whips X across the ring, X bounces off the ropes, and Reno takes him up and over with a back body drop. X clenches at his back as he slowly gets up. Reno kicks X in the gut and he doubles over. Reno grabs X's arm and pulls it between his legs and then hits a sitout pump handle slam.

Randy White: What a sick move by Reno Revelation!!

John Cartwright: Highlight reel worthy.

Reno is up and so is Jack Jones. Reno rushes over to Jack and runs his knee into his gut a couple times. Reno whips Jack across the ring, Jack bounces off the ropes, and Reno takes him down with a powerful tilt-a-whirl slam. Amazing is up and attacks Reno as he's getting up after the slam with a flying forearm smash. Amazing is on his feet as Reno stands up. Amazing boots Reno in the gut and hits a fisherman's suplex.

Randy White: Reno was putting his thing down until Mr. Amazing got up.

John Cartwright: His thing been taking an online Ebonics class?

Amazing waits as Reno slowly gets up. The countdown clock begins counting down.

Crowd: 10! 9!

Randy White: Only two entrants left and we know itll be Psycho and then Emerson in the final position.

Amazing kicks Reno in the gut when he stands up. Amazing sets up Reno for the Perfect 10.

Crowd: 5! 4!

Amazing lifts Reno up and goes for the Perfect 10. Amazing runs and nails the Perfect 10.

Crowd: 1!

The buzzer goes off and Psycho runs out from the back flailing his arms in the air like a crazy man.


John Cartwright: What a fucking psycho?!

Randy White: Thats his name!

Psycho slides into the ring and starts throwing wild fists at Amazing. Psycho runs off the ropes and takes Amazing down with a hart attack inverted bulldog. Rumpke is up and Psycho socks him in the mouth a couple times before running off the ropes and hitting another hart attack. Jack Jones runs at Psycho and hits him from behind. Jack spins Psycho around, boots him in the gut, and goes for a piledriver but its blocked by Psycho and reversed into a back body drop. Psycho stands in the middle of the ring and when Jack stands up Psycho runs toward the ropes, jumps on the middle rope, and shoots backward with an elbow.

John Cartwright: Innovative back elbow.

Randy White: This guy is cray-zzzzzzzzzz!!!

Redd is up and Psycho pounces on him with punches and kicks. Psycho whips Redd into a corner. Psycho charges into the corner and squashes Redd with a mosh pit body bump.

John Cartwright: Now were moshing!!! I love STW!!

Randy White: We are the greatest.

Psycho charges back into the corner at Redd but Redd is waiting for him this time as Redd lifts up Psycho by the waist and thighs and back drops him out of the ring.


Randy White: OHHHHHHH!!! Too bad for the psychotic one.

John Cartwright: He came, he saw, he went ape shit crazy.

Exterminator goes from down on one knee to up and running toward Redd. X takes Redd down with a jumping clothesline. X then waits as Redd gets back up to his feet. X runs towards the ropes, jumps up on the middle rope, does a back flip off it, and hits the XDT on Redd. The countdown clock begins for the final time.

Randy White: Exterminator nailed that XDT flush!

John Cartwright: And now were a couple moments from our last entrant, Emerson.

Crowd: 4! 3! 2! 1!

The buzzer goes off and then "Beer Song" by Psychostik plays and Emerson jogs out and down the ramp. He rolls into the ring and looks around to see X, Jack, Rumpke, and Amazing looking at him while Redd and Reno are down.


Randy White: Thats it one of these guys will be the new STW World Champion.

Amazing is the first to engage Emerson and he catches a punch. Rumpke is next and he gets punched. Then X gets punched followed by Jack. Emerson then clotheslines each of them not once but twice. Then Emerson hits body slams on Rumpke and Jack followed by suplexes on X and Amazing.

John Cartwright: Emerson is like butter in there!

Randy White: The heart of STW is giving it all he's got.

Emerson grabs up Rumpke and drops him on the back of his head with a One and Done. Emerson then snatches up X and also hits One and Done on him. Amazing is just gets to his feet when Emerson connects with a Reverse Face.

Randy White: Emerson isnt playing around this evening. He's really opening up a six pack of whoop ass.

Jack is up and hits Emerson from behind. Jack sets up Emerson for a belly to back suplex but when Jack lifts up Emerson he gets punched in the face a couple times and has to put Emerson back down on his feet. Emerson punches Jack a couple more times backing him up against the ropes. Emerson backs up a step and goes for a big shot on Jack but Jack moves out of the way. Jack goes for a big clothesline but this time its Emerson who moves out of the way. They both spin around but its Emerson who catches Jack with a lariat that sends Jack Jones over the top rope and down to the floor.


John Cartwright: He was in the longest of the remaining competitors but now his dream of being World Champion is over. HaHa!

Just then Reno Destiny jumps up as Emerson is looking down at Jack Jones. Reno uses that slight distraction to run at Emerson and nail him in the back with a knee. Emerson goes flying over the top rope but lands on the apron.

Randy White: Close call!!!

Emerson is standing up when Reno approaches him and before Reno can try to hit him Emerson sticks his body between the top and middle ropes and drives his shoulder into Reno's gut. Emerson then reaches over the top rope and grabs up Reno for a suplex. Emerson lifts up Reno but cant him all the way up but does get him over the top rope and onto the apron.

Randy White: Now they're both on the edge of elimination.

John Cartwright: They better watch their step.

Redd is up and he goes over to a downed Rumpke and peels him off the mat. Redd lifts Rumpke up on his shoulder and then runs towards the ropes. Rumpke blocks the elimination attempt by grabbing ahold of the top rope. Redd tries to force him out but Rumpke holds on for dear life.

Randy White: Now on the other side of the ring Redd almost has Rumpke eliminated.

Meanwhile Reno and Emerson have been trading punches and coming close to falling off the apron. Emerson gets the upperhand on Reno with a kick to the gut. Just then Mr. Amazing runs over to try and hit Emerson but Emerson blocks. Reno climbs up on to the top turnbuckle while Emerson takes care of Amazing with some punches. When Emerson finally turns his attention back to Reno all he sees is Revelation flying through the air at him. Reno connects with a knee to the head of Emerson. Reno falls into the ring just narrowly missing getting his foot caught in the ropes. Emerson however falls to the apron and rolls out to the floor.


John Cartwright: That heart has flat lined! Once again it shows just cause your the last entrant doesn't mean you gonna win.

Randy White: Or even be one of the final four for that matter. But Emerson isnt going anywhere and he'll remain in both title pictures.

Reno is up but Amazing kicks him in his leg a couple times. Amazing whips Reno into the corner. Amazing charges at Reno in the corner and goes for the Sensational Kick but Reno moves and Amazing misses. Amazing has his leg draped over the top rope. Exterminator pops up, runs over to Amazing, grabs his leg still in the ring, lifts it up, and pushes him over the top rope and out to the floor.


Randy White: And just like that Mr. Amazing is out and we are down to the final four!

John Cartwright: So who you got out of these four?

Randy White: Ill take Redd.

Reno runs over and clips Redd in the back of the knee. Redd drops to the mat and Rumpke lands on his feet next to Redd. Theres no rest for the weary as Exterminator tries to come up behind Rumpke and eliminate him but Rumpke once again grabs ahold of the top rope and wraps his legs around the top rope as well. Meanwhile Reno has Redd up and in the corner. Reno chops Redd three times and then punches him in the head twice. Reno whips Redd across the ring but Redd collapses on his way across.

Randy White: That clip from behind by Reno may have really messed up Redd's knee.

As Reno starts to stalk Redd seeing he is injured and like a shark smelling blood in the water he is about to strike but just then Big T sneaks down to ringside. Big T slithers into the ring behind Reno Destiny.

Randy White: The Boss has arrived and its about to be bad for Reno Destiny.

John Cartwright: He's changed since he left in October.

Big T stands sideways stomping his foot. The Vancouver fans are going crazy. Reno looks down at Redd who as he holds his knee points at Big T. Reno spins around quickly ready to fight but all he gets is a mouthful of Big T's boot.

John Cartwright: Damn it! Damn it!! DAMN IT!!!!

Randy White: Game Over for Reno Destiny. Big T kicked his lights out.

Big T stands over Reno Destiny and just glares down at him. Big T smiles as he exits the ring and heads back up the ramp.

John Cartwright: Gone like a thief in the night. He'll get his, ten fold.

While all this has been happening Exterminator has been trying to get Rumpke detached from the top rope but unsuccessfully. X backs off, runs at Rumpke, and hits a front dropkick but Rumpke doesn't budge. X then climbs up on the middle turnbuckle and jumps off stomping at Rumpke but again Rumpke doesn't budge. X goes back up on the middle rope and this drops an elbow but Rumpke still wont let go. Meanwhile Redd has crawled over to the ropes and used them to pull himself up. X continues hammering away at Rumpke but to no avail. Reno is getting up but groggy from the Game Over from Big T. Reno sees Redd near the ropes and charges at him. Redd stands hobbling on one good leg with Reno bearing down on him. Reno is almost there when Redd grabs the top rope and drops down to the mat. Reno Destiny's momentum, and being in a daze courtesy of Big T, sends him flying over the top rope and out to the floor.


John Cartwright: FUCK!!!! This is all Big T's fault!!!!

Randy White: Revenge is a dish best served cold. But honestly Redd's quick thinking is what got Reno eliminated.

John Cartwright: The Game Over made Reno's head all foggy! If Big T had minded his business Reno would've stopped himself!

Redd pulls himself back up and hops over to the corner. He tries to get his knee working again. X sees Redd out the corner of his eye and says screw it with Rumpke and turns to Redd. As X moves away Rumpke finally lets go and falls back into the ring. X doesn't charge in like Reno did, he moves meticulously toward Redd. Once he's only a couple steps away X catches Redd with a kick to the bad knee. Redd drops down but not all the way. X pulls him back up just to kick the knee again. Redd's leg buckles underneath him and he falls down onto his ass. But X pulls him right the fuck back up and punches him a couple times for good measure. X runs across the ring to the opposite corner. He then runs back across the ring and nails Redd with a stinger splash. X then grabs Redd's good leg and tries to put him over the top.

Randy White: Redd is in a real bad position right now.

Exterminator has Redd's lower body in his hands as he tries pushing Redd out. Just then Rumpke runs over and grabs Exterminator by his legs. Rumpke lifts Exterminator up and pushes him over the top rope. Exterminator goes over but he doesn't go alone as both he and Redd rumble over and down to the floor.



The bell sounds and Robyn Byrne makes the official announcement.

Robyn Byrne: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the winner of the 2015 Body Count Rumble and the NEW Strike Towers Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion..... RRRRRRRRRRRRRRUMPKEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

A referee enters the ring with the STW World Heavyweight Championship. Rumpke is laying on the mat in the center of the ring exhausted. The ref approaches and sets the championship down to help Rumpke to his feet. Once Rumpke is standing the ref picks up the championship and hands it to him. Rumpke holds it in his hands as the ref raises his hands in victory.

Randy White: What a night for Rumpke!! Congratulations!!

John Cartwright: If it couldn't be Reno Im glad it was Rumpke. The journey he's been through in his life, he deserves it.

Winner: RUMPKE


At the end of the match the locker room comes out to celebrate the winning of the world championship with Rumpke. He sits in the ring with Both Elite and World Championships in his hands and Mr. Amazing Redd and the rest come out to shake his hand. Rumpke goes to the turnbuckles and raises both titles in the air.

Randy White: He has dominated and taken over strike towers

John Cartwright: Rumpke is remarkable and should be celebrated.

Just then I Stand alone plays as Reno and Cassandra come out.

Reno Destiny: Congratulations, I couldn't get it done but you pulled it off, The first man to hold the Elite and World Title at the same time and the Elite title hasn't even been around for more then a month. Congratulations. Everyone, you do know what time it is? I have to do something no one is going to like, but i could care less what they like right now because this is what the rules are. You battled Rumpke,

Reno makes his way down to the ring.

Reno Destiny: You battled your ass off tonight beating Exterminator and then going through the BCR. You know the rules though, and as of right now, I am formally STRIPPING you of the Elite Championship. Now the easy thing for you to do is hand me the title, if you want to do things the hard way, ask Nirvana if he thinks that is a good idea.

The crowd is booing and Rumpke is reluctant to give up the championship belt. He snatches the microphone out of Reno's hands.

Rumpke: I am now your world champion.

He tosses the championship belt to Reno's feet and stands tall with the world title in his hands. Reno points to it saying he is coming for him next. Reno picks up the title and rolls out the ring. Cassandra follows and Rumpke continues to celebrate his victory and his accomplishment of becoming the STW World Champion.

Randy White: Rumpke worked his ass off for those championships.

John Cartwright But rules are rules and right now you cannot hold the only 2 championships in Strike Towers. Rumpke should beat the pavement and get some new talent in the doors. He is the face of Strike Towers now.

Randy White: From everyone here at Strike Towers Wrestling we will see you next saturday night for Slaughter!!!! GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!!!

We go to a replay video of the evening before Forsaken fades out.

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