Strike Towers Wrestling

With Randy White and John Cartwright
May 31, 2015
Impact Arena - Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok Got Him Tour




Strike Towers Wrestling goes on the air live on pay per view with Justice For None! "And Justice For None" by Edward Andrew rocks through Bangkok, Thailand's Impact Arena and your television sets as a video package plays highlighting this and that, specially the history between Reno Destiny and Big T. We fade inside the Impact Arena as pyro fires off from just about everywhere. The STW cameras pan around the hyped up crowd and we see some signs: "BANGKOK GOT YOU", "DUMAS IS A DUMBASS", "X 4 PREZ/KING/SULTAN", and "BIG T GONNA GET WHIPPED LIKE A GOVERNMENT MULE"! We go ringside with our announce team comprised of Randy White and John Cartwright!

Randy White: Greetings and salutations! Welcome to STW Justice For None! As always I'm one half of the greatest commentating team in wrestling today, Randy White. Joining me of course is John "Bonanza" Cartwright.

John Cartwright: Bonanza?! I'm gonna choke you like a chicken, Randall.

Randy White: Randall?! Who are you, my mother?!

John Cartwright: If I was I probably would've shit you out you little turd burglar.

Randy White: Rrrrrrright... So hows Hop Sing and little Joe?

A moment of silence as John Cartwright eyes Randy White.

Vs. Vs.

Triple Threat Elimination Match
#1 Contender to Elite Championship

"Hate" by Jay-Z and Kanye West hits over the PA system. After a few moments Mr. Amazing appears at the top of the stage wearing a big fur coat, sunglasses, and Jessica by his side. They pose at the top of the ramp and the Bangkok crowd boos them. They start heading down the ramp.

Robyn Byrne: Justice For None kicks off with a triple threat elimination match with the winner becoming the #1 contender to the Elite Championship! First, making his way down to the ring accompanied by Jessica, weighing in at 235lbs hailing from Dallas, Texas... The Amazing One, MISTERRRRR AAAAAMAAAAAAZING!!!!

Amazing and Jessica walk up the step and enter the ring. They walk toward the ropes, Amazing steps up on the middle rope, and looks out to the crowd. He steps off the ropes and Jessica takes off his fur coat and sunglasses. His music fades out as Jessica exits the ring.

Randy White: A former Elite Champion in his own right but can Mr. Amazing outlast two others to get another shot at being elite.

John Cartwright: He keeps saying he should be the top guy here in STW, lets see if he prove it.

"I Got Friends In Low Places" by Garth Brooks begins to play. Jack Jones makes his way out. He walks down the ramp slapping hands as he does.

Robyn Byrne: Second, sliding into the ring, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, weighing in at 200lbs...... JACK JONNNNNNEEEESSSS!!!!

Jack Jones stands up and raises his hand in the air as the crowd cheers for him. His music begins to fade out.

Randy White: A staple of Strike Towers Wrestling, Jack Jones is a man who on any given Sunday can pull off the huge upset.

John Cartwright: If he pulls off the upset tonight he'll find himself one step away from becoming Elite Champion.....I suggest his fans not whole their breath.

The official music video of "Circus For A Psycho" by Skillet plays as the arena lights go out. Red smoke fills the stage area and Josh Konnely stands in the smoke with his back to the ring and cameras. He holds his arms out at his side and red lights begins to flash around the edges of his jacket, circling rapidly. Konnely turns around and removes the jacket, tossing it to the floor of the stage. The lights come up as he drops the jacket. His face and torso are painted in a black-and-white Punisher logo. He is wearing camouflage [white-gray-black] pants with cargo pockets, and black combat boots. Konnely marches down the aisle and stomps up the ring steps, pausing on the apron to look out around the Thai crowd. He wipes his boots on the ring apron before climbing into the ring. He crosses to one corner and climbs up the ropes, his left foot on the middle rope and his right foot on the top rope. He holds his hands at his sides, slightly away from his body as his music fades.

Robyn Byrne: Finally, already in the ring, from Bridgeport, Connecticut, weighing in at 180lbs... The Park City Punisher, JOSH KONNELYYYYYYYYY!!!

Konnely doesn't move, just keeps his eyes on both opponents. He gets a mixed reaction from Thailand fans. Robyn Byrne makes her way out of the ring.

Randy White: A former multi-champion here in Strike Towers but he hasn't been around since we got the "F" out a year and a half ago.

John Cartwright: Atleast we weren't forced to get the "F" out by some bullshit animal rights group.

Randy White: True dat!

John Cartwright: True dat?! Guys like you should never use ebonics.

Randy White: Fo shizzle. Well it looks like were ready to start this triple threat elimination match.

The ref calls for the bell. Slowly and cautiously each wrestler moves closer to the center of the ring. They each hold out there hands and almost have a 3 way finger lock but Amazing boots Jones in the gut. Konnely then hits Amazing in the back. Jones then hits Amazing with a punch of his own. Konnely also lays in some shots on Amazing. Jones and Konnely have Amazing against the ropes and whip him across the ring. Amazing bounces off the ropes and gets double back body dropped by Jones and Konnely. Jones then pushes Konnely away as he wants Amazing all to himself.

Randy White: Looks like Jack hasn't forgotten there history.

John Cartwright: Can't blame him. Amazing made it his mission to take out Jack Jones.

Jones grabs up Amazing and hits a suplex. Jones then brings Amazing up on his feet. Jones whips Amazing into the ropes, he bounces off the ropes, and Jones takes him down with a powerslam. Jones stands up and looks over to a corner.

Randy White: What are you doing, Jack? Pin him and be one step closer.

Jones goes out to the apron and climbs up to the top rope. He stands up straight on the top rope and points down at Amazing. Just then Konnely runs at him in the corner and hits a single leg front dropkick that kicks out one of Jones' legs causing him to fall junk first on the top turnbuckle.

Randy White: OUCH!!!!

John Cartwright: Pain in the sack for the man known as Jack.

Jones sits on the top turnbuckle with a look of anguish on his face. Konnely climbs up onto the middle ropes. He grabs up Jones and brings him back into the ring with a double underhook suplex.

Randy White: Jack Jones got brought in the hard way by Josh Konnely.

John Cartwright: Damn that was quite the ride and landing. Must remind Jack of his cowboy days riding the bulls.

Amazing is getting up and Konnely sees him. Konnely runs at Amazing as he's bent over and hits a running knee lift putting back down. Jones is slowly getting up. Konnely comes up behind him and puts him in a headlock.

Randy White: I think Josh is looking for the Luz Sagrada...

Konnely drives Jones' head down straight into the mat.

John Cartwright: He hit it!!

Randy White: Konnely has a cover! 1! 2! 3! And Jack Jones is outta here!!

Konnely stands back up as the ref rolls Jones out to the apron. Konnely makes his way over to Amazing but Amazing is waiting with a kick to the gut and a DDT.

Randy White: Josh Konnely was on a roll but Mr. Amazing stopped him with a DDT.

John Cartwright: Now there both down and this is anybody's match.

Konnely gets up first followed by Amazing. Konnely throws a punch that Amazing ducks. Amazing wraps his arms around Konnely's waist and hits a German suplex. Amazing is up and goes over to a corner. He sits up on the top turnbuckle and waits for Josh Konnely to stand up.

Randy White: What's Mr. Amazing got in mind?

Konnely stands up and turns toward Amazing. Amazing jumps off the middle rope going for a blockbuster but Konnely moves out of the way and Amazing crashes down to the mat.

John Cartwright: Crash and burn by The Amazing One...or should I say not so Amazing One?!

Amazing slowly gets up and when he's standing Konnely sneaks up behind him and locks on the Peacemaker.

Randy White: Oh snap, Josh Konnely has Mr. Amazing locked in the Peacemaker!

Amazing slowly goes down to the mat and Konnely wraps him up in body scissors. A few moments later and a whole lot of fighting by Mr. Amazing and he taps out.

Randy White: He tapped! He tapped!

The ref calls for the bell and Josh Konnely's music hits.

Robyn Byrne: Your winner and number one contender to the Elite Championship, Josh Konnely!!!!!

Konnely releases Amazing and stands up. The ref raises his hand in victory as Justice For None fades out to a commercial for the new STW t-shirt that reads "Living The Dream, Never Say Die".



Standard Match
Elite Championship

Justice For None fades back into the Impact Arena. We go ringside with Randy White and John Cartwright.

Randy White: I don't know about you, Johnny, but I really enjoyed our first match.

John Cartwright: It was a good one and congratulations to the new #1 contender to the Elite Championship, Josh Konnely.

Randy White: Now it's time we find out who the Elite Champion will be as Saint Jude challenges Jason Dumas.

John Cartwright: Luckily for us we don't have to wait because they are both in the ring.

Randy White: Take it away, Robyn!

The scene fades from ringside to in the ring where Robyn Byrne stands in the center with a mic in her hand. She raises the mic up to her mouth.

Robyn Byrne: Justice For None continues with the following one fall contest and its for the STW Elite Championship!

The Impact Arena fans cheer and scream like happy little marks and then Robyn Byrne continues with introductions.

Robyn Byrne: First up is your challenger, SAAAAAAAAAINT JUDDDDDDEEEEEE!!!

The fans cheer the saint that is Jude.

Robyn Byrne: And your STW Elite Champion, JASON DUUUUUUUUUUMAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!

The crowd erupts in cheers for the biggest tool in the history of wrestling. Robyn Byrne exits the ring and heads over to sit at the time keepers table. The ref is handed the Elite Championship by Jason Dumas. The ref then stands in the center of the ring and holds the belt up high for everyone to see and admire but never touch or own. The ref hands the belt off to the timekeeper and calls for the bell.

Randy White: Alright, here we go! Elite Championship action you can only find in Strike Towers Wrestling!

John Cartwright: I've been waiting for this match for the past two weeks, it oughta be an instant classic.

Saint Jude and Jason Dumas come out of their corners. They have a quick handshake in the center of the ring and then back off a step before engaging in a collar and elbow tie up. The two men swap the advantage but neither really gets the upperhand. Jason Dumas finally seems to overpower Saint Jude pushing him back into a corner. The ref calls for the break counting to 4 before Saint Jude begins overpowering Jason Dumas pushing his way out of the corner.

Randy White: Gotta like a good power struggle.

Once Saint Jude and Jason Dumas are in the center of the ring again they disengage from the collar and elbow tie up. They circle each other with Saint Jude making a quick lunge at Jason Dumas' leg but doesn't actually go for him. They continue circling each other in the ring with Jason Dumas doing a stutter step that makes Saint Jude think twice.

John Cartwright: Im getting dizzy watching them go round and round.

They stop and look to lock up again but Saint Jude catches Jason Dumas with a boot to the gut. Saint Jude attempts to whip Jason Dumas but Jason Dumas reverses and whips Saint Jude. Saint Jude bounces off the ropes and runs back toward Jason Dumas. Jason Dumas goes for a clothesline but Saint Jude ducks under it. Saint Jude stops in his tracks and spins around. Jason Dumas spins around immediately after Saint Jude does. Saint Jude catches Jason Dumas in a small package.

Randy White: Small package pin attempt! 1... 2... 3! Holy shit!!!

The bell rings and "Ring Of Fire" hits.


John Cartwright: I can't believe it, Randy!!! Saint Jude gets the win with a small package out of nowhere!


John Cartwright: Calm down, BBQ sauce man.

Randy White: Saint Jude just shocked the hell out of the entire STW Nation!

John Cartwright: Jason Dumas sure as hell seems shocked! His jaw is still hanging in disbelief!

The ref is handed the Elite Championship by the timekeeper. He walks over to Saint Jude and hands over the title to its new owner.

Robyn Byrne: Your winner and the NEW Strike Towers Wrestling Elite Champion...... SAINT JUDEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Saint Jude raises the title up for the fans to see and some cheer but all are mostly in stunned silence.

Randy White: Well so much for the instant classic.

The scene fades to backstage.

Winner via Pinfall: SAINT JUDE


The show goes backstage to just outside the locker room of Reno "Revelation" Destiny, where Cassandra Caldwell is coming out of the room and shuts the door behind her. We see STW interviewer Amanda Summers walking up to her with a microphone in her hand. Cassandra turns around and instantly jumps as she is startled by Amanda's presence.

Cassandra Caldwell: God damn it!! Why are you people always around here looking for someone to talk to??!!

Amanda Summers: It's my job to get answers to questions that are yet unanswered.

Cassandra Caldwell: Answers to questions that are unanswered.... Oh that's cute, that's real cute! But you know what? I'm about to disappoint you, because I know why you're here at Reno's locker room. You're here to try and get information about his state of mind going into this Strap Match against Big T tonight. But unfortunately for you, you've run into ME instead, and you're not getting ONE OUNCE of information from me.

Amanda takes a deep breath as Cassandra is looking back at her with an angry expression on her face, seemingly very annoyed by Amanda.

Amanda Summers: Look, Cassandra, Reno Destiny has been with the company for a long time. So I'm sure you can understand why his fans who have stuck by him through thick and thin, just want to know where he's been and if he's alright going into this Strap Match.

Cassandra Caldwell: The fans will get to see Reno tonight when he goes out there for said match. Until then, everyone is just gonna have to wait. Except for me of course. I'm his woman, and Reno knows he can ALWAYS count on me to stay by his side against all obstacles. Even if one of those obstacles is named Big T.

Amanda Summers: Care to elaborate?

Cassandra Caldwell: Big T has been a thorn in Reno's side for far too long. Reno takes control of the company, then Big T has to go and get all JEALOUS, and so Big T had to bring his ass back here and try to end Reno!! Well this war has gone on long enough! This Strap Match was inevitable. I saw this coming a long time ago because that's just how intelligent of a woman I am. Both men could get seriously hurt in this match tonight. But you know what? It's not gonna be Reno who gets hurt. Reno is a very strong young man. He is determined. He is resilient. He can handle a match like this. Big T CAN'T. It's gonna be Big T who gets the shit whipped out of him tonight with that leather strap, and he's gonna feel torture and pain like he's never felt before.

Cassandra waits for a moment, then continues.

Cassandra Caldwell: Tonight, Reno is going to make a "revelation" to everyone..... And that revelation is that, after tonight, Big T is nothing more than a FADED MEMORY.... and the BIGGEST FAILURE of Strike Towers Wrestling!

It seems Cassandra has nothing more to say as she then confidently walks away from Amanda who remains standing there with mic in hand as she watches Cassandra leave.

Vs. Vs.

Triple Threat TLC Match
STW World Heavyweight Championship

Justice For None returns from the short break. "The Beer Song" hits and Emerson Embry makes his way to the ring, throwing cans of beer to the fans as they chug them and smile and yell.

The lights begin to flicker off and on and eventually do go out. The entire arena is pitch black with only some fans lighting up their cellphones. A drum beat plays over and over again. The top of the ramp ignites in flames. You can barely see a figure rising from beneath the flames. As the figure becomes into view you can see he's wearing a black trench coat and has his head down, but if you look hard enough you see red face paint. A huge wall of fire explodes up in front of him. He walks right through it and "Highway To Hell" by AC/DC hits!! Red lights flash all throughout the arena as Exterminator stalks down to the ring. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He stands in the middle of the ring, raises his arms up forming an X, and at the same time fire spits out of the ring posts. Exterminator then removes his trench coat and hangs it up on a ring post.

"Orgasmatron" hits and out comes Nirvana from the back, dressed in a crimson red mask with matching tights and a long, flowing wrestling robe. Upon the back of the robe are the words "Kill You". Standing with him is a near seven foot tall woman in a mask. On the back of her tight fitting latex suit is the name Pistola. She seems made of muscle.

Half way down the ramp Nirvana turns and stretches out his arms, so that his opponent can see the words written on the back of his robe clearly. Pistola in turn flexes her muscles for the fans to see. Turning back to face his opponent, he slides a thumb over his neck and then spits to the side, as if in disgust. Before long, and without much pomp and circumstance, he enters the ring. Pistola takes her place at ringside.

Roybn Byrne joins the three men in the ring.

Randy White: It feels like we're missing something here...

"Sweating Bullets" by Megadeth hits and the crowd erupts as Rumpke walks out one more time, wearing the STW World Heavyweight Championship belt around his neck.

John Cartwright: THERE it is!

Rumpke walks to the ring and climbs up the steps. He removes the title belt from around his neck before stepping between the ropes into the ring. Rumpke holds up the STW Championship belt, displaying it to the crowd as they cheer.

The music cuts off. Rumpke looks sadly at the belt before extending it out to the referee. The referee lets Rumpke hold the title out to him for a moment before placing his hands on it. Rumpke and the referee both pause as flash bulbs go off in the stands and STW photographers and videographers capture the moment.

John Cartwright: For the benefit of those with flash photography...

Randy White: Ah! Let me get my Galaxy!

Following the photo opp, Rumpke releases the title belt and takes a couple steps back, waving farewell to the "Nation" of STW fans. Rumpke shakes Emerson's hand, and then shakes Exterminator's hand. He takes a step towards Nirvana, who stands there stoic and unmoving. Rumpke decides the better of crossing the unpredictable Midnight King, and instead gestures to the ring as he backs away.

Randy White: The floor is yours, says Rumpke.

John Cartwright: I think that was wise of Rumpke. I'm uneasy being THIS close to Nirvana, and I'm only at the announce table!

The bell sounds as Rumpke climbs out of the ring and the referee hooks up the STW World Heavyweight Championship. The STW Championship is raised high above the ring as Robyn Byrne begins the formal introductions.


The cameras show about half a dozen tables and ladders that have already been set up around the ringside area. There are folded tables and closed ladders leaning against the ringside barricade, standing on their sides.

Robyn Byrne: Introducing first... standing 6'8, and weighing in at THREE HUNDRED and FIFTEEN pounds, currently residing in PARTS UNKNOWN... he is THE MIDNIGHT KING... the man they call NIRVANA!

Randy White: I don't think it was originally Robyn's intention to introduce Nirvana first, but she took one look at The Midnight King and his Queen or Knight or whatever she is at ringside and thought it would be unwise not to.

Robyn Byrne: Next... weighing in at 275 pounds... from the DEPTHS OF HELL... he is HELL'S FURY... EXTERMINATOR!

John Cartwright: It's saying something when this guy is only the second scariest guy in the ring.

Robyn Byrne: And THEIR opponent... from BAYTOWN, TEXAS... weighing in at 240 pounds... EMERSON! EMBRY!

Randy White: I tell you, I wouldn't want to be Emerson in there with these two monsters, but I don't believe Emerson Embry has any quit or back-down inside of him. He's vowed to send Exterminator and Nirvana "back to Hell."

John Cartwright: Just call him Exorcist Embry, I guess. But that's a migthy tall task, if you'll pardon the pun.

Robyn Byrne climbs out of the ring and the referee gives some final instruction to three competitors before signaling for them to have at it.

Randy White: The bell has already rung, the proverbial and literal TABLE is set, and we are under way with our co main event for the STW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

John Cartwright: LET'S GET IT ON!

Emerson glances at Exterminator and then at Nirvana, and back to Exterminator. Embry shrugs and rushes at Nirvana, throwing rapid fire haymakers at the masked King. Emerson's famed punches seem to have no effect on the monstrous Midnight King. Nirvana places a hand on Emerson's head and delivers a wicked headbutt, knocking Emerson off his feet.

Exterminator charges Nirvana next, but runs right into a standing big boot from the big man.

John Cartwright: Statement made early on in this match. Going right after Nirvana isn't going to work too well.

Randy White: Just for clarification, in this tables, ladders, and chairs match there will be no pinfalls, no submissions, no count-outs, no disqualifications. The only way to win is to climb a ladder and retrieve the title. The first person who can pull down the belt will be declared the winner and the NEW STW World Heavyweight Champion.

Exterminator and Emerson regain their feet and look at each other. Silently agreeing to a new tactic, they pounce on Nirvana simultaneously, laying in kicks and punches. Exterminator hits a dropkick which causes Nirvana to stumble back against the ropes. Emerson dives at the legs of Nirvana as Exterminator stands back up and delviers a series of strikes to the head: an elbow smash, a backfist, a straight right, another backhand. Emerson simply hugs the legs of Nirvana, attempting to keep him trapped against the ropes.

Randy White: Emerson goes low whle Exterminator goes high, this strategy seems to be working.

John Cartwright: They've neutralized Nirvana's size and power advantage for the moment.

Exterminator delivers a knife edge chop before hitting another backfist. X backs away slightly and then runs forward. Emerson releases Nirvana's legs as Exterminator hits a clothesline, knocking The Midnight King over the top rope and out to the floor. Nirvana lands on his feet on the outside. Exterminator runs to the opposite ropes and takes a huge leap, jumping over the top rope and wiping out Nirvana with a suicide dive.

John Cartwright: The 6'4, 275 pound Exterminator throws caution to the wind with that suicide dive.

Emerson slides out of the ring on the opposite side as Exterminator puts the boots to Nirvana, trying to keep the big man down. Emerson grabs one of the folded up ladders from against the security barrier and slides it under the bottom rope. Embry climbs onto the apron and steps through the ropes; he grabs the ladder and sets it up underneath the spot where the title hangs.

Randy White: Don't look now, but Emerson is going to try to make the climb and steal the win for the title right now, the easy way!

John Cartwright: If Emerson has any advantage in this match, that would be it. He doesn't have to beat the two behomoths standing in his way if he can seize an opportunity while they fight or are temporarily incapacitated. He's quicker than his super heavyweight opponents, he doesn't need to be stronger or tougher. All he needs is cunning and resourcefull... ness?

The crowd is cheering and Exterminator glances at the ring. He sees Emerson is half way up the ladder- half way to the title- and so he quickly rushes into the ring. Exterminator climbs up the opposite side of the ladder, meeting Emerson at the top. Emerson punches Exterminator. Exterminator hits a knife edge chop. Emerson with another punch. Exterminator hits a backfist.

As Emerson and Exterminator slug it out on the ladder, Nirvana climbs to his feet on the outside. The Midnight King steps onto the apron, then over the top rope. Nirvana grabs the ankle of Exterminator and gives it a violent yank, causing X to be pulled off the ladder and free fall face first into the unyielding mat below.

John Cartwright: That was a bad way to land! There is the trouble with these ladder matches. Just like in a cage match if you try to climb too soon, you're not going to like how you come down!

Nirvana next reaches up and grabs the wrist of Emerson. The Midnight King pulls Emerson off the ladder and right into a short-arm clothesline.

Randy White: Have MERCY! You thought Exterminator got it bad, Nirvana damn near killed Emerson with that clothesline.

Nirvana pushes the ladder over so that it falls uselessly against the ropes. Exterminator is standing, but still trying to breathe right after he essentially body splashed the canvas. Nirvana lifts X up and dumps him on his back with a body slam. Exterminator stumbles to his feet and walks into a bearhug from Nirvana.

John Cartwright: There may be no stopping The Midnight King from completely destroying everything that stands between him in that title tonight.

Randy White: It takes quite a bit of effort to hall a 315 pound body up a ladder, but at 6'8 how far does he really have to climb?

Exterminator is beginning to fade when he desparately rakes the eyes of Nirvana, freeing him from The Midnight King's powerful grasp. Exterminator kicks Nirvana in the gut and again begins to throw backfists and punches and chops. Nirvana puts an abrupt and unpleasant stop to Exterminator's offense by grabbing a testicular claw.

Randy White: Ouch! He calls that The Castratikon!

John Cartwright: He's grabbed a handful of the X Family Jewels, but it's perfectly legal in this TLC match!

Randy White: Exterminator's going to need some very special and intimate TLC after being caught in this predicament.

John Cartwright: He might be a demon from the pits of Hell, but "Hell's Fury" is still a man, and having your man parts in a vise like that is definitely going to hurt.

Emerson Embry reinserts himself in the match, delivering a chop block to Nirvana. Nirvana buckles slightly, relieving some of the pressure on the Castratikon but not breaking it. Emerson stands and kicks Nirvana in the back of the same knee, releasing Exterminator from the claw's torturous grip.

Nirvana turns to confront Emerson. Exterminator, down on both knees, simply throws himself at the legs of Nirvana and hits a sort of chop block on Nirvana's "good" leg. This succeeds in putting Nirvana down on his back. Emerson rolls out of the ring as Exterminator lays nearly motionless, holding his probably bruised groin area.

John Cartwright: Chop blocks and leg strikes have temporarily floored the giant. Can Emerson or X take advantage?

Emerson grabs a steel chair from underneath the ring and slides in.

Randy White: Tables, ladders, AND CHAIRS! We've got our first chair sighting!

Nirvana sits up and Emerson swings the chair, smacking the King in the chest. Nirvana again lays flat on his back. After a few short seconds, Nirvana sits upright again. Emerson swings the chair a second time, this time hitting Nirvana right in his masked face. Not waiting for Nirvana to set up again, Emerson straddles him and drives the chair down into his chest like a stake. Embry drives the chair down a second time, and a third. He takes a step back and drives a fourth shot deep in the abdomen, driving the wind out of The Midnight King.

Emerson again raises the chair, and again takes a couple of steps backwards. Embry drives the chair down on Nirvana's right thigh. Emerson steps to the side of Nirvana and delivers the typical style of chair shot into Nirvana's thigh. Nirvana sits up and swats at Emerson with a left and a right, but both punches hit nothing but air. Emerson proceeds to slam the chair down over and over again, strike the thigh and knee of Nirvana.

John Cartwright: Shot after shot with that steel chair! This is brutal! Smart strategy to attack the leg, though. It's ard to climb on one leg, and if you can't climb, you can't win!

Emerson discards the chair, which has nearly been broken across the massive thigh of Nirvana.

Randy White: My God, that chair has been twisted and mangled beyond recognition, and maybe Nirvana's leg has, too!

Emerson delivers a single boot into the gut of Nirvana, followed by a second. He walks his way up and drives the boot down into the center of Nirvana's torso right between the rib cage. Emerson grabs the side of the overturned ladder and uses it for balance and he begins to "stomp a mudhole" in Nirvana.

John Cartwright: Emerson is fired up now! If Nirvana HAS a heart in that enormous body, Emerson is stomping on it!

Randy White: A black boot into the black heart!

Exterminator makes it back to his feet now and surveys the situation. With a smirk he raises his own boot and drives into the sternum of Nirvana, who is now all but defenseless. Emerson and Exterminator begin to take turns stomping on The Midnight King, which devolves into an unofficial contest of who can stomp him faster and more furiously.

Randy White: The "hashtag Old Man Swag" of Nirvana I think is being stomped into oblivion!

John Cartwright: It looks as though Emerson and Exterminator are going to make sure Nirvana is incapacitated and then they can just fight each other for the title.

Somehow Nirvana sits up after Emerson and Exterminator finish stomping him. Nirvana knocks Exterminator off his feet with a powerful uppercut. Emerson stares at him in wide-eyed disbelief. The Midnight King rises to his feet, struggling to carry any weight on his right leg.

John Cartwright: By God, how does Nirvana continue to rise? He just endured an absolutely hellacious beating, and somehow he is standing.

Emerson, defiant, flips Nirvana a double bird and attempts a Thesz press. Nirvana stumbles backwards, but catches Emerson in a bearhug. After a moment Nirvana turns the bearhug into a side belly-to-belly suplex. Nirvana folds up the ladder now and places two rungs around his neck. Exterminator is the first to get to his feet and Nirvana begins to do an airplane spin with the ladder, smacking X in the head. Emerson staggers to his feet and he too takes a spinning ladder to the head.

Randy White: Well, that was an innovative use of the ladder.

Nirvana military presses the ladder over his head and drops down so that it lands on top of both Exterminator and Emerson.

John Cartwright: How about this? Faced with a double team, Nirvana has found himself a tag team partner. An inanimate one, but very effective all the same.

Even with the ladder laying on top of him, Exterminator appears to be laughing. Emerson looks stone faced, also showing that he has plenty of fight left. Almost as one Exterminator and Emerson rise to their feet, still holding the ladder between them, and run at Nirvana. The three men collide as Emerson and X slam the ladder into Nirvana.

Randy White: I guess his tag team partner just turned on him there, John.

John Cartwright: It kind of backfired, didn't it?

Emerson releases the ladder and looks intent on continuing to keep the pressure on Nirvana. Exterminator, however drives the top rung of the ladder right into Emerson's face.

John Cartwright: Ouch, speaking of turning on people. I guess Exterminator is done playing nice. Hell's Fury has taken control, and he no longer has need of Emerson.

Exterminator stands the ladder against the nearest corner and then whips Nirvana into the ladder face first. Exterminator turns Nirvana around and delivers a knife edge chop to the chest. After an elbow smash to the face, Exterminator backs away to the opposite corner. Exterminator runs full speed at Nirvana and leaps into the air with a jumping body splash, sandwiching The Midnight King between X and the ladder.

Randy White: Exterminator Splash! He just made a Nirvan-wich!

Exterminator turns around and is met with a Lariat from Emerson Embry. Emerson rolls out of the ring and lifts up the skirt of the ring apron. Embry pulls out a chair and throws it into the ring. He tosses in a second, and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth. Circling the ring he continues to toss in every chair he can find. Noticing that Nirvana has gotten up to one knee, Emerson slides back in. Emerson punches Nirvana in the head and 'Nurv' pushes him away.

Nirvana rushes at Emerson, who manages to lift him weakly and hit a spinebuster- right onto of the chairs.

John Cartwright: It almost seems as if these three lunatics have decided to forget all about the ladders and just beat the Hell out of each other.

Randy White: It certainly is one chaotic fight. Did you really expect anything less with these guys? Brawling and beating people up is what they do.

Nirvana turns onto his stomach as reflex after being dumped on spine-on-steel. Emerson applies a stepover toehold, hooking on the Tequila (Tequila Sunrise). Exterminator gets to his feet and grabs a rear waistlock on Emerson. Exterminator pulls Emerson off Nirvana and delivers a German suplex with a bridge. Instinctively Exterminator holds Emerson in a pinning situation, then lets go when he realizes there is no count.

Nirvana and Emerson both roll out of the ring. Exterminator now realizes that he has on opporunity and grabs hold of the ladder. He has to kick chairs out of his way to set the ladder up in just the right spot. On the outside, Nirvana has made it to his feet and is limping towards Emerson. Emerson hops to his feet and leaps at Nirvana, fists flying. A brawl ensues between Emerson and Nirvana on the outside. Exterminator sees the fist fight and climbs to the top rope instead of going up the ladder.

Randy White: Now what on Earth does Exterminator have in mind?

Exterminator dives off the top rope to the outside with a cross body type maneuver, crashing down onto Emerson and Nirvana even as they are punching on each other. All three men are down on the outside as the crowd begins to chant THIS IS AWESOME.

Exterminator is the first stand, followed by Nirvana. X runs at Nirvana and hits an Xlcamation Point, but Nirvana no sells the Superman punch and lays out Exterminator with a straight punch. Nirvana takes hold of Emerson, who is just getting up, and begins to bite the Texan's forehead. Nirvana drags Emerson toward the timekeeper table and hoists him up onto one shoulder, dropping him throat and chest first across the barricade.

John Cartwright: The brutality of this match is off the charts!

Nirvana resumes biting the forehead of Emerson. On the other side of the ring Exterminator climbs slowly to his feet. He begins to run in the opposite direction around the ring as the crowd roars in anticipation of something big.

Randy White: What's going to happen here?!

Nirvana shoves Emerson to the floor and drives a knee into his ribs. Exterminator gives a roar as he runs towards them. Nirvana turns around just as Exterminator comes flying in with a tackle. The security barricade collapses as Exterminator launches himself into the monstrous Midnight King. A chant of HOLY SHIT begins.

John Cartwright: Spear through the barricade!

Randy White: Nirvana's finished! He's got to be!

Emerson gets to his feet as Exterminator rises to a knee. Emerson grabs Exterminator and delivers a body slam on the thinly padded concrete floor. Double E grabs a ladder and lays it long ways over Nirvana's motionless body. Again Emerson returns his attention under the ring and pulls out a couple more chairs. He tosses those onto the pile that was Nirvana. He takes the timekeeper's chair and Robyn Byrne's chair and adds them to the pile. Emerson climbs back into the ring and tosses one chair after another out onto the pile, completely burying Nirvana in steel.

Randy White: Look at this! It's full metal mayhem out here!

John Cartwright: Exterminator killed Nirvana, and now Emerson's buried him!

Emerson goes outside the ring again and grabs a table. He slides that into the ring, and then tosses in a ladder as well.

Randy White: Emerson's lost his damn mind!

John Cartwright: What he should be doing is climbing up the ladder! Exterminator already set it up, and now both he and Nirvana are laid out on the outside.

Suddenly Pistola slides into the ring and scoops Emerson onto her massive shoulders. She goes into an airplane spin and lays out Emerson with EMBRACE NIRVANA. As quickly as she entered, the monster of a woman slithers back out of the ring.

John Cartwright: Now all three men are down, thanks to Pistola. We have a level playing field now... in every sense of the word.

Randy White: They are LEVELED alright! But who can recover to take advantage? Emerson might have won this thing right there if this Pistola... person... hadn't intervened.

On the outside Exterminator begins to stir. On his hands and knees he crawls to the ring, using the apron skirt to pull himself up and slide into the ring. He stands up, once again laughing despite all the punishment he has taken. Exterminator grabs the table that Emerson put in the ring, and he sets it up against the corner.

Not finished, Emerson grabs the second ladder and props it in the corner diagonal from the table. Emerson has begun to stir and pushes over the first ladder, assuring that Exterminator won't climb it just yet. Emerson gets to a knee and Exterminator runs to the ropes in front of him. Exterminator springboards off the ropes with a moonsault as Emerson gets to his feet.

Randy White: XDT! Exterminator nails the reverse DDT!

John Cartwright: This would be a perfect opportunity to get a 1-2-3 in a standard triple threat, but not tonight!

Once again all three men are down, with Nirvana still buried under a mound of chairs on the outside. Exterminator rolls to the ropes and uses them to pull himself to his feet. Exterminator positions the overturned ladder near one corner and climbs to the top rope. He scales the ladder. Exterminator leap frogs over the ladder, hitting a frog splash.

John Cartwright: OH MY GOD! An improvised X-Termination Splash from the ladder!

Randy White: That was nuts!

The crowd chants "STW" now. Meanwhile, on the outside, a ladder comes flying out from beneath a pile of chairs. Nirvana sits up out of the pile.

Randy White: Unbelievable! Nirvana has risen from the grave!

John Cartwright: And Exterminator just took himself and Emerson both out!

Nirvana climbs to his feet and slides into the ring. Exterminator is on his feet but doubled over, holding his ribs as he feels the effects of his own high risk offense. Nirvana grabs Exterminator's head and pulls him into a standing headscissor. He hoists Exterminator to his shoulders and drops him with a powerbomb.

Nirvana turns his attention to Emerson, who hasn't moved since 275 pounds of Hell's Fury rained down on top of him. The Midnight King lifts Emerson into a seated position and hooks him in a cobra clutch.

John Cartwright: Uh, Nurv? There are no submissions!

Randy White: I don't think it's a submission he has in mind...

Nirvana lifts Emerson off the mat with amazing ease and drives him back down with the OLD MAN SLAM.

Randy White: Told you! Old Man Slam. I believe he'd named that move after Lucrecia Black at one point. New name, same sinister slam.

Exterminator has climbed to his feet and pulls the ladder to the center of the ring. It seems he can barely stand, and yet he is still laughing as he once again begins to climb the ladder. Nirvana scoops Emerson onto his shoulder as Exterminator slowly makes his way up.

John Cartwright: Nirvana's got a hold of Emerson, but Exterminator's about to grab the gold!

Randy White: Nirvana has a plan, John, I'm pretty sure the Old Man Swag knows what to do.

Exterminator is near the top of the ladder. He reaches up and his fingertips scrape the gold. Right at that moment Nirvana tosses Emerson with the LAWN DART into the ladder Exterminator was standing on. The ladder falls over, taking Exterminator with it.

Randy White: There it is! Emerson into the ladder with the Lawn Dart, wipes out Exterminator!

Nirvana lifts Emerson right back onto his shoulder and sends him crashing through the table in the corner with a second LAWN DART.

John Cartwright: OH NO! Lawn Dart through the table!

Nirvana resets the ladder underneath the title and steps onto the bottom rung. He starts to climb, but then shakes his right leg.

Randy White: Remember the steel chair assault on that leg! We mentioned that it would be difficult to carry 315 pounds up the ladder with an injured leg, and that does indeed appear to be the case.

The damage done earlier slows his progress. Nirvana gestures to Pistola. She slowly climbs onto the apron. The Midnight King says something to his associate and he hops carefully off the ladder.

Pistola climbs into the ring and begins to climb up the ladder. The referee questions Nirvana and Pistola about what they are doing, although it's not exactly illegal.

John Cartwright: Wait a second... the rules are you have to RETRIEVE the title to win the match, right? Nirvana doesn't actually have to be the one to climb the ladder, does he?

Randy White: If Pistola unhooks the title, does that make her the champion?

John Cartwright: I'm pretty sure that's not the intent, Randy. She's a surrogate. Nirvana has ordered her to go up and get the belt for him.

Exterminator gets to his feet and grabs Pistola's ankle, stopping her from climbing. Nirvana headbutts Exterminator, but Pistola jumps down off the ladder and races out of the ring. Nirvana hits Exterminator with another body slam and then climbs to the second rope, facing out of the ring. Nirvana bounces on the middle rope and leaps backwards with a body splash, squashing Exterminator.

Nirvana climbs to his feet and walks right back to the corner. The Midnight King now climbs to the top rope.

Randy White: Good GOD! Three hundred fifteen pound moonsault!

Nirvana now returns his attention to the ladder. After being driven face first through a table, Emerson has not budged. Executioner has been squashed not once but twice under the 315 pounder. Nirvana very slowly makes his way up the ladder. He reaches up and touches the bottom of the dangling belt.

John Cartwright: One more rung and Nirvana will capture the STW World Heavyweight Championship!

Nirvana steps up another rung and lets his right leg hang loose so that he's only standing on one foot, keeping his weight off the injured leg. He grabs the hook that the title is hanging from and then takes his time unfastening the belt. Holding the strap of the belt, Nirvana pulls it free and holds it up triumphantly.

The bell sounds as Nirvana celebrates with the title, still on one leg atop the ladder.

Robyn Byrne: Ladies and gentlemen, your WINNER and NEW STW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... The Midnight King... NIRVANA!

Nirvana holds the World Heavyweight Championship in the air with both hands as fans cheer and clap after one hell of a match. The scene slowly fades to a promo for the new Josh Konnely "Park City Punisher" t-shirt.



Strap Match

Justice For None returns live inside Bangkok, Thailand's Impact Arena.

Robyn Byrne: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Strap Match!

The guitar rips through the speakers and the arena gets dark as "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack starts to play. Reno "Revelation" Destiny walks through the curtain and stares out to at the crowd. He is accompanied by Cassandra Caldwell who is right beside him with a smile on her face. Reno raises his hands as he tries to rile the fans to cheer for him. They walk down the ramp and Reno has his arms out as he heads to the ring. His eyes remain looking into the ring, then he walks up the steel steps, then stops and looks out at the fans. Cassandra is now standing in his corner at ringside admiring him with a smile and clapping for her man. Reno climbs the turnbuckles and raises both his arms up to the crowd. He hops down off the top turnbuckles and into the ring. His music fades out.

Robyn Byrne: Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan... REEENOOO DEEESTINYYY!!!

"Bosses' Life" by Snoop Dogg hits. Moments later The Boss Big T enters through the curtain. He stands at the top of the ramp and looks out across the Impact Arena. The Thailand fans cheer loudly for the Hall of Famer. He starts heading down the ramp. Big T walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. He steps up on the middle ropes in the nearest corner and as he raises his arms in the air he also keeps an eye upon his opponent Reno Destiny. His music fades out as he steps off the ropes.

Robyn Byrne: And his opponent, from Wareham, Massachusetts......BIG TTTT!!!

The STW referee officiating this match is handed the long brown leather strap that will be used for this match. He asks for both men to come to the center of the ring, so Big T goes to the middle, followed by Reno Destiny, but both men keep a short distance from each other.

The referee then fastens one end of the strap to Big T's wrist, then he goes to Reno and fastens the other end to Reno’s wrist. As the referee is doing this, both men have their eyes deadlocked on each other in seemingly utter hatred for each other.

Once the referee has both men fastened to each end of the leather strap, he calls for the bell and the match officially begins!

Randy White: And this long awaited strap match is underway!

John Cartwright: This match is the ending to a war that has been going on for so long between these two.

Big T wastes no time and grabs the strap and yanks it hard which pulls Reno towards him, and Big T hits a clothesline onto Reno! Reno goes down to the mat and Big T goes right after him by grabbing up a good portion of the middle of the strap and he starts whipping Reno across the back with it over and over!!

Reno's face clearly showing how much pain those lashes are putting him in! Reno rolls away from Big T, and just as Big T is coming at Reno to continue the whipping, Reno gives Big T a powerful kick to the midsection. This causes Big T to double over for a moment, giving Reno just enough time to get to his feet. Reno grabs the middle of the strap and now he quickly returns the favor to Big T and starts whipping Big T harder than ever across his back!!

Randy White: Look at those lash marks on Big T's back as Reno uses that thick leather strap to Big T!

John Cartwright: Reno Destiny is a vicious man when he needs to be, and in this kind of match and with Big T as his opponent, he needs to be!

Big T is showing much pain on his face as Cassandra is smiling at Reno as she stands in Reno's corner at ringside.

Big T takes a few steps away from Reno and just as Reno is coming at him, Big T grabs Reno and hits a snap suplex! Big T then grabs the strap and starts to choke Reno with it!! Reno is now gasping for air!!

Reno is fighting desperately to get away from Big T and he is able to get to his feet and he starts hitting Big T's head with sharp elbow shots over and over! This forces Big T to let go of the strap. Reno then collapses to the mat and quickly gets the strap off his throat and he rolls out of the ring!

Cassandra goes right over to Reno as he is standing up and leaning on the ring apron for support as he is catching his breath.

John Cartwright: What a woman Cassandra is, to be right here encouraging her man, even though it is so dangerous for her to even be out here during a match like this!

Randy White: I guess she's a risk taker.

Reno rolls back into the ring, all the while keeping his eyes on Big T who is standing there ready to fight! Reno gets to his feet and charges at Big T and starts punching away at Big T's face!! Big T does the same!! Now both men are slugging it out and the fans are cheering loud!!

Randy White: Sounds like the fans are loving these bitter rivals beating the holy hell out of each other.

John Cartwright: This match was a long time coming, and now both these guys' tempers are far past the boiling point!

Big T grabs Reno by the hair and forces him over to one corner of the ring and Big T rams Reno's forehead right into the turnbuckle. He repeats this a few times, then turns Reno around, grabs Reno's head and runs towards the middle of the ring, delivering a running bulldog to Reno!!

Big T goes for a pinfall win.....



Reno kicks out!!

Randy White: Big T almost had Reno beat there!

John Cartwright: Operative word here Randy... ALMOST!

Randy White: Remember folks, the only way for Reno or Big T to win this match is by either a pinfall, or by touching all four corners of the ring without stopping.

Big T gets to his feet and grabs the middle of the strap and starts whipping Reno across the back with it, leaving red lash marks all over Reno's back!!

Reno is writhing in pain with each lash that he endures. Big T is looking down at Reno and he is enjoying his handiwork. Big T starts to talk to Reno....

Big T: COME ON BOY.... GET UP....

Big T stops the lashing with the strap and starts to take the boots to Reno's back!!

Cassandra is looking on from the outside with a very concerned expression on her face.

Randy White: As if Reno's back wasn’t red enough from the whips of the leather strap. Now Big T is putting the boots to Reno's back, making it worse!

John Cartwright: Reno's a tough young man, but this match right here is going to tell us all just how much he can really take.

Reno crawls to the ropes and is using the bottom and middle ropes to try and get himself up. But Big T goes behind him and positions his right leg over Reno's upper back as Reno is now draped over the middle rope and Big T is now choking Reno with the middle rope! Big T is using his right leg he has over Reno’s upper back to add even more pressure to choke Reno with the rope!!

Big T then backs away and Reno crumbles to the mat, struggling to catch his breath.

Reno is able to get to the nearest corner and starts to slowly get himself to his feet. Big T starts coming towards him and Reno sees this and Reno quickly kicks Big T in the gut! Reno hits a few more short hard kicks to Big T's ribs and this forces Big T to stumble back.

Reno comes out from the corner and hits a few sharp throat chops to Big T!

Randy White: Reno showing some life here now!

John Cartwright: He needs to get the momentum back on his side.

Reno then hits Big T with an enziguiri and goes for a pinfall victory...



Big T kicks out of it!!

Reno slams his fists hard against the mat!

Both men get to their feet and just as Reno is coming at Big T, he is met with a superkick to the side of the head!! This completely rocks Reno's world and he takes a step back and crumbles to the mat!

Now Big T goes for a cover....



2 1/2....


Big T, in his frustration, gets up quickly, goes over and grabs the middle of the strap, goes back over to Reno and starts whipping Reno to no end!!!!

Cassandra is on the outside looking on as she hold both her hands over her mouth in great worry!!

Reno is trying desperately to get away!! He quickly crawls to the other side of the mat and rolls out of the ring!! Reno now thinks he has escaped Big T, but he seems to have forgotten that he is strapped to Big T, hence there is no escape for either of them!

Reno starts to run around the ring, and of course, Big T is now also running around the ring, seeing as he is strapped to Reno. Big T is chasing after Reno!!

Reno heads up the ramp but Big T catches up to him!! Big T grabs Reno by the hair and smashes Reno's forehead into the steel barricade that runs all the way down each side of the ramp!

Reno's forehead is now bleeding!!


Cassandra is now running up the ramp to Reno!! She tries to get to Reno, but Big T won't let her!! He is standing in front of her, not letting her get to Reno!!

John Cartwright: Big T won't let Cassandra get to Reno!

Cassandra starts to shout at Big T!

Cassandra Caldwell: GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!

Big T starts to grin at Cassandra, enjoying the fact that she is now getting royally pissed off.

However, with Big T being distracted by Cassandra, Reno takes full advantage of this and lunges at Big T from behind him and takes Big T down!!

Both men are now down on the ramp and Cassandra backs away from them, but remains looking on.

Reno gets Big T up and brings him back to the side of the ring and throws him back in under the bottom rope. Reno then enters the ring the same way. Reno uses his forearm to wipe away the blood that is seeping down from his forehead.

Reno takes the strap and starts to whip Big T with it!! Reno starts to shout at Big T!!


Big T gets to the ropes and starts to get himself up. Reno is coming at him! Big T is now on his feet, turns around and hits Reno with a standing dropkick outta nowhere!!

Reno falls to the mat!

Big T goes on the attack to Reno!! He takes the boots to Reno's forehead viciously!! Big T then grabs the leather strap and starts whipping Reno with it repeatedly!!

Reno is now screaming in agony!!

Randy White: Reno is in big trouble here!

John Cartwright: Reno looks absolutely exhausted and I don't know how much more he can take.

Reno does indeed look exhausted, and with the loss of blood from his forehead that he has endured, it has now very much weakened the young man. Not to mention the torturous lashes of the leather strap he has suffered throughout the match.

Big T is now standing beside Reno as Reno doesn't appear to even know where he is at this point. Big T gets Reno up slowly to his feet and drags him over to one corner of the ring and Big T touches the top turnbuckle....

Big T then pulls on the strap and forces Reno to the second corner and Big T touches the top turnbuckle....

Big T then pulls on the strap again, dragging Reno along to the third corner of the ring and Big T touches the top turnbuckle....

Finally Big T drags Reno to the fourth corner of the ring and Big T touches the top turnbuckle!! Big T has won the match!!

The bell rings!!

Randy White: Big T has prevailed!! He's touched all four corners of the ring and has won the match!!

John Cartwright: This was one hell of a brutal match by far!

Cassandra quickly goes up the steps and gets into the ring without any hesitation to get to Reno. She goes right over to him to be with him.

The referee raises Big T's arm in victory!

Robyn Byrne: Here is your winner……BIG TTTTT!!!!!!

Three of STW medics come down to the ring to assist Reno who is still bleeding from the head, and has multiple lash marks all over his back that look painful as ever. Some of the lashes are so deep that they are bleeding.

The referee unfastens the strap from both Big T's wrist and Reno's wrist.

Cassandra, who is right down with Reno on the mat as the medics are helping him, looks up at Big T who is looking back at her. She gives Big T an angry look as if she hates him, then turns her full attention back to Reno.

Big T's music hits the arena speakers and Big T climbs out of the ring and heads up the ramp.

Winner: BIG T


Randy White: The Boss has done it!! Big T has beaten Reno Destiny!!!

John Cartwright: They both are gonna have loads of welts on their bodies!

Randy White: You can see them forming as we speak! It was a vicious strap match that I'm sure neither man will ever forget!

Big T can barely stand at the top of the ramp and sits his ass down before he collapses.

Randy White: The fact that Big T has to sit down shows the roll this match has taken. ............Well its been another great pay per view event from Strike Towers Wrestling. Join us next week for Revenge. I'm Randy White...

John Cartwright: .....and I'm John Cartwright...

Randy White: Good Night, Good Fight!

Justice For None fades to a highlight reel of the nights events and fades off the air.

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