Strike Towers Wrestling

With Randy White and John Cartwright
June 28, 2015
Ericsson Globe - Stockholm, Sweden
Foreign Devils (1st Leg) Tour




Retribution II: Rebellion goes live on pay per view. "Killing In The Name" by Rage Against The Machine plays over a montage video of action from the Craze in the Cage Open Tournament.


We see the Strike Tower of Doom steel cage structure including all four stories of it.


We see the Strike Towers Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship title belt.


We fade inside Stockholm, Sweden's Ericsson Globe. Pyrotechnics start firing off from all around the StrikeTron. Flames shoot up on the staging going from one side to the other and back. Pyro quickly goes off above the ring and it all ends with flames shooting out of the ring posts. The cameras start panning the STW Nation in attendance. Every single person with a working pair of legs is standing and screaming their lungs out. We see some of the signs brought by the Swedish crowd: "SLEEP WITH THE SWEDISH FISHES", "STW R2r", "STRIKE TOWER of DOOM", and "HI WORLD!!" We go ringside to the commentators table with the voices of Strike Towers Wrestling, Randy White and John Cartwright.

Randy White: Greetings and salutations, STW Nation! Welcome to Retribution II: Rebellion! We are coming to you live from Stockholm, Sweden and the Ericsson Globe! After a couple of weeks of wrestling action inside steel cages and Lion's Dens the Craze in the Cage Open Tournament concludes here tonight when Redd and Robert Garrett will have to fight their ways down the massive 4 story Strike Tower of Doom, fighting roster members of STW along the way!

John Cartwright: I don't envy either one of those guys but they have made it this far. So I say fuck it, lets do this thing!

Randy White: Just one quick note before we start off the action. The Robert Saints versus Jason Dumas match has been cancelled and after his participation in the main event Jason Dumas will be taking his leave from Strike Towers Wrestling.

John Cartwright: Well thats sad to hear, Randy. But I'm sure we can find another goody too shoes to fill the spot.

We fade into the ring.


Standard Match

Randy White: First match of the night lets see what we got.

"Friends in Low Places" hits as Jack Jones makes his way down to the ring to mostly cheers. He has on jeans and a black tshirt with a white circle on it.

John Cartwright: I am such a huge fan of the tshirt, wonder where I can get one?

Randy White: You cant, its only available for a specific few.

Green Day hits as Twilight makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction of boos and cheers.

John Cartwright: I cant believe Shadow is actually going to let this match take place.

Randy White: I know right, two integral members of The Wall going at it, I just cant believe it, someone should hang the booker.

The bell sounds as each man stands in the center just looking at each other. They are about to start hitting each other with fists when they stop seconds from each others noses.

John Cartwright: What the?

Twilight and Jack Jones hug and smile as they walk out of the ring as the fans are cheering but the ref is left scratching their heads.

Randy White: New tag team in the making, call them Bloody Cowboys.

We fade to a promo for STW's summer tour entitled BBQ's, Booze, and Bikini's that starts with an Independence Day themed episode of Revenge on Sunday July 5th.



Standard Tag Team Match

We go back live to the jam packed Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. "Beer Song" hits and Emerson Embry walks out, followed by Psycho. They both (all?) toss beers to the crowd as they make their way down the aisle. They enter the ring together and continue to toss beer cans around into the stands. Psycho tosses a can to Randy White at ringside, and the announcer opens the can, allowing the foam to come bursting out like a guyser. White takes a sip as the music fades.

Mister Amazing's music hits and the man called Amazing emerges hand-in-hand with his manager and partner, Jessica. On the stage they pose and taunt to the booing crowd. Mr. Amazing, wearing a towel around his neck, removes the towel and postures and poses some more before draping the towel over his shoulder. Mister Amazing then offers a hooked arm out to Jessica, and she links her arm around his. Arm in arm the pair walks down the aisle. At ringside Mister Amazing takes the towel from his shoulder and wipes off the ringside steps before gesturing for Jessica to proceed.

Jessica walks up the steps and then waits on the ring apron as Mr. Amazing follows behind. Once on the apron, Mr. Amazing sits on the middle rope facing Jessica, and holds the ropes open that she can climb into the ring.

Randy White: What a gentleman.

John Cartwright: I'm not sure if he was being a gentleman or just checking out her backside as she walked up the stairs and then climbed between the ropes.

Randy White: Can't it be both?

Mr. Amazing follows Jessica into the ring. With all four participants in the ring, Mr. Amazing walks up to Emerson and Jessica stands in front of Psycho. Psycho puckers up his lips, eyes closed, as though he thinks Jessica will give him a kiss. Instead, she slaps him across the face. Psycho grins and literally turns the other cheek, pointing to it.

John Cartwright: Psycho wants her to slap him- them?- again? Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Jessica obliges Psycho with a southpaw slap across his right cheek. In the meantime, Emerson shoves Mr. Amazing, who shoves him back. Emerson retaliates with a haymaker that staggers Mr. Amazing.

Psycho tackles Jessica to the mat and they roll around on the canvas.

Randy White: Aah! I think Psycho's pulling her hair!

John Cartwright: Is this a cat-fight? Weirdest one I've ever seen!

Mr. Amazing punches Emerson as they begin to exchange blows. The referee holds his arms out at his side, appearing helpless and confused.

John Cartwright: The referee needs to get some order in there, get two of these lunatics out of the ring, before he can officially start this match.

Randy White: Would you want to step between them?

John Cartwright: Good point.

Jessica and Psycho roll under the bottom rope and crash to the floor, still pulling hair and clawing at each other.

Randy White: Well, problem solved, I guess.

The match referee calls for the bell as Mr. Amazing and Emerson continue throwing punches back and forth, going blow for blow. Mr. Amazing puts a stop to the fist fighting with a kick to the gut, followed by a perfect standing dropkick that takes Emerson off his feet.

A second referee runs down the ramp as Psycho and Jessica continue the classic wrassling "catfight." He pulls Jessica off of Psycho as she'd gotten him mounted and was slamming his head repeatedly into the padded floor of the arena. Jessica screams in aggravation, but the referee who pulled her off brings her to one corner and instructs her to take her place on the apron. Seething, Jessica stomps up the ringsteps and grabs the tag rope.

A third referee is now helping Psycho get to his feet and guides "them" to "their" corner.

John Cartwright: It wasn't easy, but at last we've restored sense and reason to this standard tag team match.

Randy White: Hopefully it stays that way. But I don't think this match is fair to Mr. Amazing and Jessica.

John Cartwright: What you talking about, White?

Randy White: They're outnumbered! This is a handicap match!

John Cartwright: Um, Randy, I'm 99.9% sure that Psycho is only one guy, no matter what the voices in his head might say.

Randy White: ...I'm not so sure. STW made like 4-on-2 or 5-on-2 by throwing Mr. Amazing & Jessica in there with Psycho. It's a conspiracy, John! C - O - N - ...SPIRACY!

John Cartwright: I'm start to get the feeling that there's more than one "Psycho" out here.

Randy White: Now you're getting it.

Emerson has regained his feet and Mr. Amazing greets him with a knife edge chop. Emerson fires back with another haymaker and surprises Mr. Amazing with a flurry of rights to the jaw. Emerson backs Amazing to the ropes with punches and then Irish whips him to the other side. Mr. Amazing bounces off the far ropes but puts a stop to Emerson's budding momentum with a running dropkick.

Mr. Amazing grabs hold of Emerson, pulls him to his feet and quickly hits a fisherman suplex cradled into a pinning hold.



Emerson powers out.

Mr. Amazing keeps control of Emerson's head and reaches out, making a tag to Jessica. Jessica comes into the ring and she grabs Emerson. Together Mr. Amazing and Jessica lift Emerson off the mat and deliver a double team gutbuster. The referee directs Mr. Amazing to leave the ring as Jessica celebrates.

Jessica then stomps Emerson and follows with a somersault leg drop. Jessica drags Emerson into position and walks over to the corner. She delivers a split-legged moonsault and connects, staying on top of Emerson for a pin. She hooks the far leg.



Emerson kicks out.

Jessica screams in frustration. She pounds the mat, then stands up and grabs one of Emerson's legs. Jessica begins to set up for a figure four, but when she turns her back Emerson places his free foot on her buttocks and pushes her off. Jessica is thrown through the ropes and crashes hard to the outside. Emerson turns to his stomach and begins a high crawl towards his corner.

Mr. Amazing steps out to check on Jessica and the match referee warns him that he cannot help her get back into the ring. Mr. Amazing holds a hand up to the referee in acknowledgement, cradling Jessica's head with the other hand. He strokes her cheek and pats it, making sure she is at least responsive.




Jessica gets on her hands and knees. She grabs the ring apron.



Jessica uses the ring apron to get her feet under her. Mr. Amazing returns to the corner and grabs the tag rope.


Jessica dives into the ring. At the same time, Emerson makes a final lunge to slap the hand of Psycho for a tag.

John Cartwright: Here comes Psycho!

Randy White: All of him!

Jessica is on her hands and knees. Psycho gets onto his hands and knees as well and charges at her with a headbutt. Jessica falls to her stomach and pushes herself back up, only to be headbutted by Psycho again. Again Jessica rises, and a third time Psycho drops her with a headbutt. Jessica drops to the mat and rolls onto her back. Psycho lifts one leg out to his side and feigns like he's a dog urinating on her. His tongue hangs out and he pants like a dog as Jessica begins freaking out.

Randy White: That's entirely uncalled for!

John Cartwright: What on earth was that?

Jessica rolls out of the ring and stands on the floor, trying to gather her senses.

John Cartwright: Ya' know, Jessica might be the most sane and rational person in this match. And that's saying something!

Psycho gets to his feet and runs to the ropes opposite of where Jessica is standing. Sprinting across the ring, Psycho leaps between the middle and top ropes. Jessica turns around just in time to be hit with the suicide dive.

Randy White: Flying Psycho!

Jessica crashes into the ringside barricade as Psycho wipes her out. Psycho gets to his feet and grabs Jessica by the hair. He rolls her into the ring and climbs to the apron. Psycho walks to the neutral corner and climbs to the top rope. Jessica gets to her feet and Psycho leaps off the top rope, connecting with a high cross body and landing on top of Jessica for the pin.



Jessica kicks out.

Randy White: She kicks out! Say what you will about Jessica, but she's a tough little firecracker!

Psycho stands and now climbs to the second rope. He waits for Jessica to stand up and when she does he flips off the ropes, connecting with a blockbuster.

John Cartwright: Insult to injury right there! Isn't that right out Mr. Amazing's playbook?

Psycho stands and tags in Emerson. Emerson signals for the end as he waits on Jessica.

Mr. Amazing rushes into the ring to help, but Emerson greets him with a boot to the gut, followed by a stunner.

Randy White: Hey! No fair!

John Cartwright: What are you on about now? Mr. Amazing ran in there illegally.

Jessica stumbles to her feet and Emerson pounces. He scoops her up and then lowers her into an inverted facelock; he falls backwards and hits an inverted DDT.

John Cartwright: There it is! Emerson's going to finish it! That has to be it!

Emerson covers Jessica.




Randy White: Damn it!

John Cartwright: Emerson and Psycho are victorious! What a dominant performance that was! I'm not sure Emerson and Psycho were willing partners or not, but they certainly rose to the occasion and made fairly short work of Mister Amazing and Jessica!

Randy White: Well of course Jessica got beat when she had four guys to fight!

John Cartwright: Are you back on that again, Randy? Psycho is not ACTUALLY three people. That Me, Myself, and I stuff is just... well, I don't know what it is, but the man is delusional.

We fade to a promo for the NFL and its return in about 11 weeks with the season opener on Thursday Night Football between the defending SuperBowl Champion New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Winners via Pinfall: EMERSON EMBRY & PSYCHO


Strike Tower of Doom Match
Craze in the Cage Open Tournament Finals
STW World Heavyweight Championship

Retribution II: Rebellion returns live inside the Ericsson Globe. We go to ringside to the commentators table with Randy White and John Cartwright.

Randy White: We are back! Tonight has been all kinds of crazy. We saw a friendship spark up between Twilight and Jack Jones. We saw a great tag team match. And now its time for the main event.

John Cartwright: Craze in the Cage Open Tournament Finals inside the Strike Tower of Doom structure for the vacant STW World Heavyweight Championship!

Randy White: I'm ready, lets go to Robyn in the ring for introductions.

The scene fades up to the ring where a dolled up Robyn Byrne stands with a mic in her hand.

Robyn Byrne: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fans of all ages....... Its time for the main event of Retribution II: Rebellion!!!!

The fans roar with anticipation and then "Bosses' Life" by Snoop Dogg begins playing over the Ericsson Globe's PA system. Director of Operations "The Boss" Big T makes his way out onto the stage with the STW World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder. He pauses at the top of the ramp before walking down.

Robyn Byrne: First off we introduce the STW management team that will present the winner with STW World Heavyweight Championship... Coming down to the ring now is the Director of Operations "The Boss" BIIIIIIIIGGGGGG TEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Big T walks up the steel steps, onto the apron, and steps through the ropes to enter the ring. Big T walks across the ring, steps up on the middle ropes, and holds up the STW World Title high above his head. Big T steps off the ropes and stands in the center of the ring next to Robyn Byrne. His music cuts out and then "Larger Than Life" by the Backstreet Boys hits and Commissioner Cassandra Caldwell appears on the stage. She is booed by the fans and whistled at by the horny men. She struts her stuff down the ramp.

Robyn Byrne: The other half of STW management, the Commissioner, CAAAAAAASSANDRAAAAAAAA CALDWELLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

Cassandra walks up the steel steps and enters the ring under the middle rope. She struts up to the ropes facing the main camera and then holds up her hands. The fans again boo and she just laughs them off. Her music fades out as she turns to face Big T. She doesn't say anything to him, nor him to her, but clearly they depise each other.

Randy White: So much tension in the ring between Big T and Cassandra I'm surprised Robyn isn't choking.

John Cartwright: Theres a game of tug of war going on for power between these two. We'll see where majority of power lies after tonight.

Robyn Byrne: Now the rules of this Strike Tower of Doom match. The participants will start on the top level and will fight their way down. The only ways to move on to the next level is via getting a pin or submission on your opponent or one of the 2 members of the STW roster assigned to that level. First man to make it through all four levels and into the ring will become the new STW World Champion!!

"By Testament" by The Ballad plays as the lights dim. Redd walks out with his head lowered. Fans give a mixed reaction. He walks down the ramp about halfway before stepping off the side to the concrete floor. He takes a couple steps and slowly raises his head up looking at the entire Strike Tower of Doom structure.

Robyn Byrne: First, from Greenville, South Carolina weighing in at 220lbs..... This. Is. RRRRRRRREEEDDDDDD!!

Redd then walks over to some movable stairs next to the Strike Tower of Doom and climbs all the way to the top. His music fades out and lights come back on all the way.

Randy White: Well Redd seems to be in awe of the Strike Tower of Doom structure.

John Cartwright: Aren't you?!

Randy White: Most definitely! Its a very impressive cage.

John Cartwright: Steel cages stacked like a rappers money.

The big screen lights up with a picture of Robert Garrett with a smirk on his face, with fancy text under it stating "The Natural" before his theme cuts in and the speakers start to blare the start of the song.


As the music cuts in Robert steps out and nods his head to the music. The crowd starts their boos showing an obvious dislike for the superstar. He puts his arms up and slicks back his hair while looking around at the crowd. The Natural One grabs his wrist adjusting the tape and it before taking the walk to the ring.

So what you know about sacrifice when the lights go out?
The price to pay when you're digging down
The skin of your teeth and the blade in your back
What you know about hope?
What you know about that?

Rob walks down the ramp ignoring the few fans asking for high-fives but stopping at any person he sees with their camera out, posing for them. Once he gets to the ring he slides in before getting up on one knee. Observing the crowd, he throws his arms into the air making the golden fireworks sprinkle from above the ring showering him. The Natural One then stands up while taking in the boos of all the people observing him before going over to Big T and looking at the STW Championship. He gives it a rub before exiting the ring and heading over to Strike Tower of Doom structure. He also glances up and down the entire thing before heading up the stairs to join Redd on top.

Robyn Byrne: His opponent, from Columbus, Ohio and weighing in at 235lbs.... He is "The Natural", RRRRRRROBERT GARRRRRRRRRRRRREEETTTTTTT!!!

Randy White: Robert Garrett is a big surprise making it to the finals of the Craze in the Cage Tournament.

John Cartwright: I didn't think he'd get by Emerson in the first round. And I CERTAINLY didn't believe he had even the slightest chance to get by Exterminator in the semi-finals. But here he is and looks ready to become the man.

Randy White: To be the man you gotta beat all the men and survive one huge steel structure.

Some generic music plays as members of the STW roster make their way out from backstage. First two out are Jason Dumas and he is followed by Robert Saints. They walk over to the Strike Tower of Doom and enter the bottom level and begin climbing up to the top level. The next set of wrestlers out are Twilight and Jack Jones. They follow the same path as Dumas and Saints and head up to the 2nd from top level. Next out is Emerson Embry and Psycho. They follow in suit and head up to the second level of the structure. The final set of wrestlers are Mr. Amazing and Exterminator. They also walk over to the Strike Tower of Doom and enter the bottom and final level. The door is shut and latched.

Randy White: Level 1 has Jason Dumas and Robert Saints.

John Cartwright: Level 2 has Twilight and Jack Jones.

Randy White: Level 3 has Emerson Embry and Psycho.

John Cartwright: And the final level has Mr. Amazing and Exterminator.

Randy White: Damn near the entire roster involved in this match. For those wondering where Josh Konnely and Saint Jude are, have no fear as the #1 contender to the Elite Title and the Elite Champion will be back next week on Revenge from the Capitol of USA, Washington, D.C.

John Cartwright: BBQs, Booze, and Bikinis Tour begins!!

Randy White: Itll be great to return home to the states for the summer.

A ref on top of the cell with Redd and Robert Garrett opens two hatches. The ref then checks with Robert and Redd if they are ready and they both nod yes. The ref calls for the bell and it sounds. Redd and Garrett drop down into the first level or level 1. As soon as they do the battle begins with Jason Dumas and Robert Saints.

Randy White: Let the fun begin!

Redd hits Dumas with a punch. Garrett hits Saints with a punch. Dumas and Saints return the punches. Redd and Garrett then punch back. Dumas punches Redd but Saints punch is blocked by Garrett. Garrett punches Saints a couple times as a punch by Redd is blocked by Dumas. Garrett whips Saints into the side of the cage back first and when he bounces off Garrett clotheslines him down. Dumas catches Redd with a couple punches and tries to whip him into the cage but Redd reverses and sends Dumas into the steel. Dumas bounces off the cage and Redd whips him into the opposite side of the cage. Garrett has Saints by the legs and does a slingshot sending him head first into the ceiling of level 1.

Randy White: Robert Garrett slingshotting Robert Saints into the ceiling of level 1.

John Cartwright: That was a good move to use in that small space.

Randy White: Redd has Jason Dumas bouncing off the walls of the Strike a Tower of Doom.

John Cartwright: Atleast Dumas knows how a basketball feels. Or a slut on the wrong side of a train.

Randy White: You know its real good that were not some chump ass company trying to push "family entertainment" because the shit you say would end all that with a quickness.

John Cartwright: Fuck the censors and fuck the FCC.

Redd sends Dumas into the side again and then does a Russian leg sweep. Garrett picks up Saints, boots him in the gut, hooks both his arms, and hits the True Beauty. Garrett rolls Saints over onto his back and covers him.

John Cartwright: True Beauty!

Randy White: Robert Garrett has a cover! 1.... 2.... 3! Robert Garrett gets to move down to the next level!

The ref in the next level down unlatches the trap door for Garrett to drop down into level 2. Once Garrett does the ref closes up the trap door. Twilight and Jack Jones don't hesitate to jump all over Garrett. Redd has Dumas setup for a powerbomb and hits it. Redd covers Dumas.

Randy White: Redd with a powerbomb and a cover! 1.... 2.... 3.... Redd gets to move on to level 2.

John Cartwright: Maybe his presence will save Garrett from a double team ass kicking he's receiving from Team Jacklight.

The ref unlatches the trap door and Redd jumps down to level 2. The ref in level 1 ushers Jason Dumas and Robert Saints up through the trap door and out of the Strike Tower of Doom. Redd pulls Jack Jones off of Robert Garrett and hits him with a couple of rights before body slamming him. Twilight turns his attention to Redd. Twilight puts his shoulder into Redd's stomach and drives him back against the wall of the cage. Redd hits Twilight on the back with some forearm smashes but Twilight takes Redd down.

John Cartwright: Nice take down by Twilight!

Randy White: Twilight has Redd pinned down with his head up against the wall of the cage.

John Cartwright: A little mixed martial arts action here in Strike Towers Wrestling.

Twilight drives his elbow into ribcage of Redd a handful of times. Redd grabs the cage and tries to drag himself out from under Twilight and he doesn't but he does manage to get his head off the wall of the cage. Jack Jones comes over and starts stomping away on Redd as Twilight stands up. Twilight joins Jack in stomping the hell out of Redd and thats when Robert Garrett rejoins the frey. Garrett pulls Twilight by his hair and hits a back breaker. Garrett then spins Jack around and looks to kick him but Jack grabs his foot. Garrett then connects to the back of Jack's head with an enziguri.

Randy White: Robert Garrett is rollin' and has Team Jacklight down.

John Cartwright: That enziguri may have caused a concussion to Jack Jones.

Twilight and Jack are down as Redd slowly makes his way up on his feet. Garrett shuffles over and hits Redd with a superkick. Garrett covers Redd, hooking a leg.

John Cartwright: Superkick!!

Randy White: RG with the hook of a leg and the lateral press on Redd! 1.... 2.... 3!!! Garrett pinned Redd to move onto level 3!

John Cartwright: Holy hell! No matter the outcome of this match Robert Garrett can atleast say he pinned Redd for a 3 count.

The ref of level 3 unlatches the trap door but Robert Garrett doesn't jump down to the awaiting Emerson Embry and Psycho. Twilight is getting up and when he does Garrett hits him with a bicycle kick to the face. Garrett then drags Redd over on top of Twilight.

Randy White: What the hell is Robert Garrett doing? First a bicycle kick to Twilight and now putting Redd on him for a cover. 1.... 2.... 3! Now Redd can move onto level 3.

John Cartwright: I know what he's thinking.

Randy White: Fill me in!

Garrett drags Redd to the trap door as the ref ushers Twilight and Jack Jones up through the trap door and out of the Strike Towers of Doom.

John Cartwright: When he entered level 2 he was jumped by both wrestlers. Now he can send Redd down first to catch that double team beating.

Randy White: I guess that makes sense. Good strategy by the young buck.

Garrett pushes Redd through the trap door and he falls down at the feet of Emerson Embry and Psycho. They pick Redd up and then Emerson and Psycho lift him up and slam his body against the ceiling of the cage of level 3.

Randy White: Emerson and Psycho just slammed Redd UP against the ceiling of the cage! Good lord! And all the while Robert Garrett is still on level 2 watching.

John Cartwright: His strategy is working very well thus far. Redd is getting messed up and Robert Garrett is nice and safe.

Randy White: Hold the phone, John. Looks like Emerson and Psycho are going up after him. He'll have nowhere to run.

Emerson gives 10 fingers to boost Psycho up through the trap door to level 2. Psycho stands up and rushes at Robert Garrett. Garrett catches Psycho with a boot to the gut. Garrett then hits a suplex on Psycho as Emerson is trying to pull himself up to level 2. Garrett is up and sees Emerson half through the trap door. Garrett runs over and drops an elbow on Emerson's upper back and shoulder blades.

Randy White: Emerson's legs are dangling.

John Cartwright: I know, isn't that shit funny?!

Randy White: Not really but yeah.

John Cartwright: Its ok to admit it, Randy. Go 'head, say its funny.

Randy White: Its funny.

John Cartwright: Now chuckle and continue on.

Randy White chuckles as Garrett picks Psycho up. Garrett sets Psycho's head between his legs and then lifts him up onto his shoulders and down his back holding him up in a crucifix. Garrett goes for the crucifix powerbomb but Psycho grabs ahold of the ceiling with Kung Fu grip. Garrett tries to pull Psycho down for the powerbomb but can't so he lets him go. Psycho drops down and spins around to face Garrett. Psycho hits Garrett with a couple of shots and a knee to the gut. Psycho grabs Garrett by the head and looks for a DDT but Garrett blocks and pushes Psycho away. Garrett charges at Psycho and hits him with an Arcane Arrow.

Randy White: Robert Garrett wipes out Psycho with the Arcane Arrow!

John Cartwright: Can he pin him on a different level?

Randy White: I don't believe so.

Redd is up and goes under Emerson and between his legs. Redd pulls Emerson down and then falls back with an electric chair drop. Redd stands up and pulls Emerson up. Redd grabs Emerson by the head and hits an inverted DDT.

Randy White: INVERTED DDT FROM REDD! Here's the pin attempt... 1.... 2.... 3... Redd can move on to level 4!

John Cartwright: Garrett can't believe it! He takes out Psycho but he's on the wrong level. Then Redd hits an inverted DDT on Emerson and is now eligible to move on to the final level of the Strike Tower of Doom.

Randy White: A bit of bad luck for young buck.

The ref of level 4 unlatches the trap door for Redd to come down. But instead Exterminator jumps up and climbs into level 3.

Randy White: Whoa! What's Exterminator doing?

John Cartwright: He's not waiting for Redd to come to him. He's bringing the fight to him.

Exterminator is up and Redd meets him. Redd throws a right hand but Exterminator blocks and returns with a right hand of his own. Exterminator hits Redd again and again. Exterminator boots Redd in the gut, grabs his head and arm, and hits a swinging neckbreaker.

Randy White: OOOOOOHHH! A neckbreaker is bad enough but inside an all steel cage can more than double the effect of the maneuver.

John Cartwright: Nothing like having your neck and back of the head dropped on some metal.

Exterminator drags Redd over to the trap door and feeds him through legs first. Mr. Amazing stands underneath Redd's legs and when Exterminator pushes Redd all the way in Redd falls down onto Mr. Amazing's shoulders. Mr. Amazing backs up, then runs with Redd, and drops him with a Perfect 10.

John Cartwright: Oh damn!

Randy White: Mr. Amazing delivers a Perfect 10 on Redd onto the concrete floor! Holy hell!

John Cartwright: Is he dead?

Randy White: I don't think so but I have a feeling he saw the light and St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

Exterminator grabs up Emerson and whips him into the wall of the Strike Tower of Doom. Exterminator crouches down and when Emerson bounces off the wall Exterminator pops up, runs at him, and nails him in the mouth with an Xclamation Point.

Randy White: Xclamation Point from Exterminator on Emerson Embry!

John Cartwright: My favorite punctuation!

Randy White: Why is Exterminator attacking Emerson? Thats not his job inside the Strike Tower of Doom.

John Cartwright: Hells Fury does what he wants when he wants.

Exterminator then jumps down the trap door back into level 4. On level 2 Psycho is slowly getting up and when he does Robert Garrett hits a superkick knocking Psycho out. Garrett then hops down to level 3. Garrett immediately covers Emerson.

Randy White: Robert Garrett picking the scraps left behind by Exterminator. This is academic. 1.... 2.... and 3.... Robert Garrett can now move onto the final level.

John Cartwright: The Natural moves one step closer to the STW World Title.

Garrett looks down at the bottom level with Mr. Amazing and Exterminator looking up at him. Exterminator turns his attention to Redd stomping away on his entire body. Garrett sits on the edge of the trap door. Garrett grabs the side of the trap door and drops down. Mr. Amazing tries to grab Garrett's legs but Garrett kicks Mr. Amazing in the head. Garrett kicks Mr. Amazing in the head again and then drops down into the final level. All of a sudden the trap door slams shut on its own.

Randy White: Nowhere to go for Redd and Robert Garrett now.

John Cartwright: We're down to the nitty gritty. Who will become the STW Champion? The anticipation is killing me.

Garrett catches Amazing with a pair of right hands. Garrett kicks Amazing in the gut, wraps his arms around Amazing's waist, and tries for a side belly to belly but Amazing blocks and claps his arms around Garrett's head. Garrett releases his grip and Amazing shuffles behind Garrett. Amazing wraps his arms around Garrett's waist. Amazing goes for a German suplex but Exterminator hits him from behind causing him to release his grip on Garrett. Amazing turns around and yells at Exterminator.

Randy White: The X man once again doing stuff he wasn't instructed to do. I don't think he understands the rules of this match.

John Cartwright: *in Scottish accent* Willie understands ya, Willie don't care.

Amazing shoves Exterminator who retaliates with a stiff uppercut jacking his jaw. Amazing staggers around right into the clutches of Garrett who locks on the Star Power on Amazing. Garrett wraps his legs around Mr. Amazing's waist. Redd is up and sneaks up behind Exterminator.

Randy White: Redd is up!

John Cartwright: Look out, X! Behind you!

Redd grabs Exterminator by the shoulder and spins him around. Redd connects with lefts and rights. Redd boots Exterminator in the gut and whips him into the steel cage wall. Exterminator bounces off the wall and staggers back toward Redd who grabs Exterminator and whips him right into Robert Garrett and Mr. Amazing. The collision causes Garrett to release the Star Power hold on Amazing. Amazing drops down to the floor trying to catch his breath. Redd grabs Exterminator from behind and runs him into Garrett, squishing Garrett between Exterminator and the cage wall. Redd then rolls up Exterminator with a schoolboy.

Randy White: Redd with a rollup! 1.... 2.... 3!! REDD!! REDD!!!

John Cartwright: PINK!! PINK!!

Randy White: Redd can now leave the Strike Tower of Doom and head for the ring where Big T and Cassandra Caldwell are waiting to hand the championship to the winner.

Redd stands up and the ref outside unlocks the door. As Redd is about to walk out the door he is grabbed from behind by Garrett. Redd turns around and clocks Garrett with a right hand. Exterminator is up and he throws a punch at Redd but its blocked. Redd hits Exterminator. Garrett comes back with a punch but Redd blocks it and punches Garrett. Exterminator again tries a punch but Redd blocks it and catches Exterminator with a kick to the knee. Exterminator drops down to one knee. Redd grabs Exterminator and runs him into the wall of the cage. Exterminator goes down as Garrett spins Redd around. Garrett grabs Redd by the head and tries to slam him into the steel door frame but Redd blocks putting his hands up against the cold metal. Garrett tries his all his might but he can't budge Redd. Redd hits Garrett in the gut with a back hand shot. Redd grabs Garrett by the hair and slams him into the door frame head first. Garrett falls down to the concrete floor like a sack of shit. Redd exits the Strike Tower of Doom stepping over Robert Garrett's body.

Randy White: Everybody is down. All Redd has to do is make it inside the ring and he'll become the new STW Champion.

John Cartwright: He still has to get down the aisle way and into the ring. And its been a grueling battle.

Redd walks slowly over to the ramp. He walks between the ramp and the guardrail. Fans are slapping his back as he slowly makes his way by them. Redd makes it out to the bottom of the ramp. He looks into the ring at Big T and Cassandra Caldwell. As Redd starts approaching the ring Exterminator jumps up on the ramp. Exterminator is up and charges down the ramp.

John Cartwright: Here comes Exterminator to stop Redd!

Randy White: Hurry up, Redd! Get in the ring!

Exterminator is flying down the ramp. Redd reaches the ring and reaches up to grab the middle rope to pull himself up on the apron. Redd sees Exterminator out of the corner of his eye but its too late as he's hit directly in the jaw with an Xclamation Point but Redd ends up falling onto the apron and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. A ref calls for the bell and "By Testament" hits.

Randy White: REDD!! Redd got knocked out but rolled inside the ring nonetheless and is now the STW World Heavyweight Champion!!!!

John Cartwright: I thought Exterminator had him but the moment sent Redd into the ring! I can't believe it!

Winner: REDD


Redd is down on the mat as his music is playing. Exterminator looks on in disbelief with his hands on his head. The ref is checking on Redd. Big T approaches the situation and gets down on one knee next to the ref to find out how Redd is doing. Robert Garrett gingerly walks onto the scene with a look of disappointment on his face.

Randy White: Here comes Robert Garrett who came up just a little short tonight and his face is full of disappointment.

John Cartwright: That young man has nothing to be disappointed about. He showed the world tonight that not only is he a physically gifted athlete but he's smart as a whip.

Randy White: I'm sure he'll get a shot at the strap again real soon. But I wanna know why Exterminator went rogue during this match; going up a level to attack Redd and attacking Mr. Amazing. Hell's Fury has some explaining to do in my eyes.

John Cartwright: Good luck getting that explanation, Randy!

The ref and Big T check on Redd. Cassandra Caldwell comes up behind Big T and snatches the STW World Heavyweight Championship off the mat. Big T stands up and faces Cassandra.

Randy White: What's the Commissioner doing with the STW Title?

John Cartwright: Maybe she's holding onto it until Redd can get up and properly accept his new crown.

Big T asks Cassandra "What are you doing?" Cassandra just smiles at Big T. He tells her to hand over the title but she just starts laughing.

Randy White: Is this bitch fucking crazy or what?

John Cartwright: Its quite possible.

Cassandra's laugh slowly comes to a stop and she's no longer smiling. Behind Big T, Exterminator and Robert Garrett slide in the ring.

Randy White: Uh oh! Look out behind you, Big T!

John Cartwright: She's not crazy, she's a conniver and conspirator. Big T is in a bad way and he doesn't even know it yet.

John Cartwright lets out a sarcastic "HA!" Cassandra points behind Big T and turns around to find Exterminator and Robert Garrett staring at him. Before Big T can do anything both guys attack him. Exterminator and Garrett pummel Big T with shots but he tries fighting back but the 2 on 1 advantage is too much for him.

Randy White: Come on, Big T! Fight, Boss, Fight!

Randy White's words mean nothing as Garrett and Exterminator continue to beat down on Big T. They take turns stomping him before picking him up off the mat. Garrett whips Big T into the corner, Exterminator runs across the ring, and gets some air hitting a stinger splash. Exterminator runs back to where he started and again charges across the ring and hits another stinger splash. Big T stumbles out of the corner and Garrett grabs him by the head. Garrett lifts up Big T by the waist of his pants and drops him with the Natural Selection.

Randy White: Natural Selection on The Boss Big T! This was a plan by Cassandra Caldwell and its been executed to perfection. Damn her!

Big T is down on the mat with Robert Garrett and Exterminator standing over him. Cassandra walks up between them and motions for them to go out of the ring. They do as they're told and exit the ring. They go over to the time keepers table and Garrett shoves the time keeper off of his chair. Robyn Byrne stands up so Exterminator can grab her chair.

John Cartwright: Steel chairs time!

Randy White: They've already beaten Big T down, why isn't that enough?

John Cartwright: Because Commissioner Cassandra Caldwell says otherwise.

Garrett and Exterminator slide into the ring with the chairs. They stand up and raise the chairs in the air. The lights inside the Ericsson Globe go out leaving the arena pitch black.

Randy White: What happen to the lights?!

John Cartwright: Dumb Swede's!

A couple moments later the Ericsson Globe is fully relit.

Randy White: There we g---- HOLY SHIT!!! LOOK WHOSE IN THE RING!!!!

Cassandra Caldwell, Robert Garrett, and Exterminator are all staring at........ GABRIEL OHIO!!!! And he is standing over the motionless body of Big T.

John Cartwright: OH SNAP!! GABRIEL OHIO IS BACK!!!!!

Randy White: And watching the back of Big T!

Cassandra calls Garrett and Exterminator back and all three leave the ring. As they go up the ramp Gabriel Ohio doesn't take his eyes off them.

Randy White: Well what a turn of events here at Retribution II: Rebellion! Redd is the new STW World Heavyweight Champion despite a well laid plan by Cassandra Caldwell, Robert Garrett, and Exterminator! Then the beat down of Big T comes to a screeching halt when Gabriel Ohio appears!

John Cartwright: What a main event!! What a show!! I cant wait until next week's Revenge!

Randy White: Strike Towers Wrestling returns to the United States of America and Washington, D.C.'s Verizon Center to begin our summer tour, BBQ's, Booze, and Bikinis and celebrate our Independence Day! For John Cartwright, I'm Randy White, Good Night, Good Fight.

Retribution II: Rebellion slowly fades off the air with the scene being focused on Gabriel Ohio, the fallen Big T, and the new the alliance of Triple C, Robert Garrett, and Exterminator. Catch us next month on pay per view for Southern Scorcher IV.

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