Saturday, January 9th, 2016
Madison Square Garden - New York City, New York
Happy Hellidays From Strike-Towers Claus Tour







We go live inside New York City, New York's mecca known as Madison Square Garden where the STW Nation in attendance is cheering and going crazy as pyro fires off. We go to ringside with the voices of Strike Towers Wrestling, Randy White and John Cartwright.

RW: WELCOME TO STW EVERYTHING ENDS!! This is the 15th edition of this pay per view spectacular and tonight promises to be beyond spectacular! What do you think, John?

JC: Randy, I've been looking forward to tonight's event since we left Boston two weeks ago! Can we skip the planned jibber jabber about tonights matches and just get right into it?

RW: I'm being told by the production truck that we can infact skip the discussion. Lets go to the rin----

The lights go out and the StrikeTron lights up. Red old world letters flash across the screen at random with black inky shadows following them almost flowing. A deep resonating sound eerily shakes the floors with a deep bass feel. Eventually the letters form something......

"El Lobo Oscuro"

The deep sound continues to resonate as a handful of live fans go nuts as the crowd slowly gets louder. The letters shift and change and morph. As a voice Echoes out.

Voice: That's what Shadow called me when he was pissed and going on a rant.

The letters continue to shift and morph as they slowly are consumed by the ink that follows them and the arena goes dark. The resonating bass tone fades to the intro of an electric guitar. The STW Nation are on their feet as they recognize the guitar intro from "Plowed" by Sponge. As the song finally revs up the lights come on full as the STW Hall of Famer The Dark Wolf explodes from backstage to a deafening roar of the audience.

RW: Dear God, The Dark Wolf!

JC: I.. I... he retired, he is ...I..but..

RW: Its been over five years since we have seen him.

JC: Five years ago on this event he retired legit as the Champion.

The music fades and while still on the entrance he holds a microphone to his mouth.

Dark Wolf: Video segments, previews, cryptic messages, none of that I think works as well as being here in person.


The Dark Wolf listens to the crowd and with little emotion his eyes narrow and he looks them over.

Dark Wolf: Everything Ends. Five years ago today was my official last match ever. Other than my Hall of Fame Induction, I have never stepped foot back in STW since.

The audience goes quiet and starts to boo a bit at his announcement.

Dark Wolf: I came every time Shadow asked me too. I ran the company with him many times without anyone knowing for many years. When everything settled he summoned me one last time. Then I was gone, it was over. I never returned. But I have been called back by a force beyond you all. Shadow was my friend, and this place was his life, and I, his crusader. To the new Owner and his Holocaust, be careful of what you do, be careful to tread softly, because you tread on someone's dreams. You don’t want the dreams you tread on to turn to nightmares.

The audience cheers again and slowly gets louder as the cheers turn into a chant.

CROWD: ONE MORE MATCH, ONE MORE MATCH, ONE MORE MATCH, ONE MORE MATCH... Dark Wolf: This is a warning. I don't care about titles, I don't care about belts, I don't care about rules.

The Dark Wolf pauses and looks across the still loud crowd who begin to chant "This is Awesome"... but he raises the microphone to his mouth slowly and they die and he speaks softly and deliberately.

Dark Wolf: Tread Softly

The lights go black and the arena goes dark, when they return Wolf is gone.

Jacob Hammerstein -versus- Mr. Amazing -versus-
Robert Saints -versus- Nicholas Banks III
Gauntlet Match

We go to the commentators table.

RW: He came in like a hurricane and disappeared like a fart in the wind.

JC: Oh yeah! But like that fart before it disappears in the wind it leaves a lasting impression and people wondering what shit is next to follow.

RW: 5 years away and now he's home. THIS IS WHAT STW IS ALL ABOUT!

JC: Theres only a couple of people who'll never step foot back in STW. One of them is Shadow and that's ONLY because he's deceased.

RW: He's watching over STW and thats a job that'll last for eternity. But before we get to sad and shed a tear for the man from Wonderland, its time to start the in-ring action.

JC: Finally...seemed like everything was gonna end except the monologue.

We go up to the ring where NB3 and Mr. Amazing are standing. The ref calls for the bell.

RW: Here we go with our opening match and it'll be gauntlet style.

JC: Nicholas Banks III and Mr. Amazing kicking things off.

NB3 and Amazing lock up in the center of the ring. They jockey for position and NB3 pushes Amazing back into a corner. The ref calls for a clean break but NB3 sucker punches Amazing. NB3 chuckles. When Amazing sees NB3 laughing at his expense a rage comes over him. He kicks NB3 in the gut, sets him up, runs out of the corner, and Amazing lays out NB3 with a Perfect 10. Amazing covers...


JC: Mr. Amazing has a pin!

1... 2... 3!

RW: Banks is out of here!

JC: NB3 is G-O-N-E!

As the ref rolls NB3 out of the ring out comes Jacob Hammerstein. He's flexing, he's playing air guitar, and luckily he ain't singing. He SLOWLY makes his way to the ring, flexing the whole damn time. Hammerstein walks up the steps and enters the ring. He goes to the center of the ring and rips his shirt off. He throws his ripped shirt into Amazing's face, kicks him in the gut, pulls him out toward the center of the ring, and drops Amazing with an unprettier.


JC: Hammerstein took advantage with the ol' t-shirt in the face move.

1... 2... 3!

RW: I'm absolutely stunned! Hammerstein, he's actually pinned somebody.

JC: 2016 is gonna be a messed up year if this is any indication.

The fourth and final competitor, Robert Saints, makes his way out to the ring with his wife/manager Kelly not too far behind. Saints charges down to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. Hammerstein tries a clothesline but Saints ducks under it, runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes, leap frogs a bent over Hammerstein, but he stops immediately after the leap frog and he waits. Hammerstein turns around and VIPER CUTTER OUT OF NOWHERE!!


JC: Out of nowhere!

1... 2... 3!

Saints stands up, Kelly enters, the ring, and the ref raises the hand of Robert Saints as his music plays.

RW: "The Viper" Robert Saints, along with his wife/manager Kelly, pick up a big win.

JC: He's deadly dangerous with that Viper Cutter. Hammerstein never saw it coming.

Everything Ends fades to a promo for next month's pay per view event, New Beginnings.

Winner - Robert Saints

Twilight & Jack Jones [Bloody Cowboys] -versus- Emerson Embry [Beer Buddies]
-versus- Joanna Jane & Luna Tarzanna [Jungle Cats]
Triple Threat Tag Team Match
#1 Contendership to Tag Team Titles

We return live inside Madison Square Garden. "Basketcase" by Green Day hits the PA system and Twilight walks out on the stage. As he begins down the ramp "Friends In Low Places" begins instead and Jack Jones strolls out ringing a cowbell.

JC: It's time for some triple threat tag team action to determine new number one contenders for the gold belts!

RW: Twilight and Jack Jones, the team of Bloody Cowboys is pretty new, but I have to think that with all their experience in tag teams they could be a favorite here. These guys were involved with The Wall and Inner Circle, so they should work well together.

"Beer Song" hits even as Twilight and Jack climb into the ring. The Beer Buddies, Emerson and Psycho emerge together and waste no time joining the Bloody Cowboys in the ring.

"Roar" by Katy Perry hits last and Joanna Jane Tarzanna steps out, followed by her little sister Luna. The wild women let out a primitive cry before sprinting down the aisle and diving into the ring.

RW: Now the rules of a triple threat tag team match can be a bit complicated. In this match there will only be two legal competitors in the ring. Those two can tag their own partner, or they can tag a member of the remaining team.

JC: Ideally you would want a member of your team in the ring at all times...

RW: There are some strategic advantages to laying low and letting the other two teams fight, so long as you don't allow someone to be pinned or to tap out.

JC: So it all comes down to how your team wants to play it, be aggressive and try to dominate the ring, or defensive until you can pick the perfect time to strike.

Jack Jones and Psycho are alone in the ring now and the bell sounds.

JC: It appears Psycho is going to start off against Jack Jones with the Tarzannas somewhat surprisingly taking the conservative approach.

Psycho holds up both hands as Jack Jones takes a step forward. Jones hesitates, and Psycho runs over and slaps a tag on Twilight.

JC: Ummm... what?

RW: You can't DO that, Psycho.

The referee waves off the tag and tries to explain the concept to Psycho. Psycho runs away again and this time, very gently, tags Joanna Jane Tarzanna.

The elder Tarzanna sister shrugs and climbs into the ring. Psycho takes her place on the apron.

JC: Well, technically he is in the wrong corner, but at least he is on the apron now.

Psycho gives Luna a wave and smiles. Luna backs away slowly.

In the ring, Jack Jones and Joanna Tarzanna lock up. To Jack's surprise, Joanna muscles up and pushes him down to the mat.

JC: Joanna Jane Tarzanna overpowers Jack Jones. Talk about making a statement.

RW: That sure is a lot of J's. But to your point, Joanna just established dominance like a real wild animal.

Jack Jones stands and runs at Joanna and attempts a punch or a clothesline, but Tarzanna ducks. Joanna locks Jack up from behind and hits the tiger suplex. She bridges for the first pin attempt of the match.

JC: Trying to end it early!


Twilight and Emerson both climb into the ring, and Luna tries to intercept.


Joanna Tarzanna breaks her bridge, stopping the count herself. As the referee attempts to clear the ring, Joanna bring Jack to his feet and then hoists him overhead in a military press. She transitions the lift into a spinebuster and backs away to the empty corner. She crouches in the corner, waiting to pounce.

Jack Jones struggles up to hos feet slowly. Joanna charges and hits her "superwoman" punch. Tarzanna tries for the pin.

1... 2...

Emerson and Twilight both dive onto Joanna's back, saving the match for their teams.

RW: Joanna Tarzanna is dominating this match early on, but with two teams to beat instead of one it becomes that much harder to get a three count.

Luna Tarzanna runs into the ring with a roar and levels Twilight with her trademark Spear. They both roll under the bottom rope, where Luna and Twilight begin to brawl on the outside.

Joanna Tarzanna rises to her feet. She grabs hold of both of Jack Jones' ears, and pulls him up onto his feet.

JC: Ouch, she pulled him up by the EARS!

Joanna whirls around 360 degrees and delivers her Raging Slash discus clothesline.

RW: Speaking of OUCH! Nearly decapitated him with that lariat!

Joanna Tarzanna walks over to her corner, where Psycho is offering a high five. She ignores him and climbs to the top rope.

JC: Uh-oh, I think Joanna is looking to end this match with her Jungle Splash off the top.

Joanna gives a wild shriek. As she leaps off the top rope, Psycho gives her a slap on the butt. Tarzanna crashes down on top of Jack Jones with her Jungle Splash and hooks the far leg, trying for the win.

The referee waves off the pin attempt and explains that Psycho actually tagged himself in. Psycho appears confused himself, but he climbs to the top rope as the referee orders Joanna Jane Tarzanna out of the ring.

Psycho imitates Joanna's wild shriek and then dives off the top rope, crushing Jack Jones with a "Jungle Splash" of his own.

JC: What on Earth?!

RW: Psycho just mimicked the Tarzannas with that Jungle Splash! Does this guy even know what team he's on?!

Emerson climbs in the ring to play defense as the referee turns back around to see the pin.

1... 2...

Joanna tries to get back into the ring, but Emerson wraps her up even as she straddles the middle rope, holding her at bay.


JC: Unbelievable! Psycho just stole this match, and he doesn't have a clue! That was...

RW: Psycho?

JC: Well...

Emerson joins Psycho and the two of them begin to celebrate. Joanna Jane Tarzanna, no longer restrained gets into the ring and floors Emerson with a superwoman punch.

Psycho looks at Joanna, who appears ready to lash out again on him, and holds up both hands to say STOP. Psycho raises his right fist... and "punches himself out."

JC: What the?

RW: Haha! Good idea, Psycho. He knocked himself out.

Joanna Jane Tarzanna does not appear amused by Psycho's antics and drags him to his feet by the head and hair. She spins around and lays him out with the Raging Slash. Luna joins her sister in the ring, having just levelled Twilight with a Spear on the floor.

JC: Well, speaking of PSYCHO... Joanna Jane Tarzanna just snapped after that loss and just laid waste to both of the Beer Buddies!

RW: The Tarzannas are the last team standing, but the Beer Buddies have earned themselves the Tag Team title shot.

The Tarzanna's stand tall as Everything Ends cuts to a hype video of the history between Kyle Murphy and Aj Nin Red Rum.

Winners - Emerson Embry & Psycho [Beer Buddies]

Everything Ends returns live to the ringside area. We go to the commentator's table with Randy White and John Cartwright.

RW: Welcome back! We are live here in the mecca known as Madison Square Garden and the STW Nation is at a fever pitch!

JC: The fans have been hyped since long before Everything Ends came on the air. Infact, they were going crazy while lined up outside waiting to get into the Garden.

RW: It was a mob scene when we arrived this afternoon and we're just the commentators. Imagine the reception that a guy like Gunnar Kingsbury got when he arrived.

JC: They probably tried ripping off his shirt or whatever else they could get their hands on.

RW: I can't blame the STW Nation for being excited. With matches like the next one up to look forward too, who could blame them?

JC: Who could blame them, indeed? A 15+ year feud is about to finally end.

RW: XCW's most prestigious originals Kyle Murphy and Aj Nin Red Rum, about to go to war one last time.

The lights dim inside Madison Square Garden and moments later we hear one of Metallica's biggest hits begin playing over the PA system, "Enter Sandman". "The Superior One" "The Standard" Kyle Murphy makes his way out to the ring, giving high fives to fans as he does. Kyle Murphy hops up onto the ring apron, stands up, walks over to a corner, climbs up to the middle turnbuckle, and raises his fists high in the air. Madison Square Garden fills with cheers for the Hall of Famer. Kyle Murphy steps over the top rope and into the ring. Kyle starts to walk across the ring to the opposite corner but thats when he's attacked. The lights comeback on and his music cuts out immediately.


JC: Whose that attacking, Kyle Murphy?

RW: Looks like Mack Davidson and Pistola!

JC: Why are they going after Kyle?

Mack and Pistola are nailing Kyle with all kinds of punches and clubbing blows. Kyle fights them off with punches of his own. Kyle has Mack and Pistola reeling as he connects with boots to their guts. Kyle whips Mack into the nearest corner and then whips Pistola into the same corner. Pistola staggers out of the corner, spins around, and Kyle grabs her up. Kyle takes Pistola over with a t-bone suplex. Kyle is up, he approaches Mack in the corner, and connects with a pair of European uppercuts. Kyle grabs Mack by his left wrist, pulls him out of the corner, and hits a short-arm clothesline. Kyle turns and sees Pistola on her feet. He runs over to her, boots her in the gut, lifts her up across his shoulders, and then drops her with a Blood Eagle.

RW: Blood Eagle from the Hall of Famer! For somebody whose getting attacked he seems to be doing a lot of the attacking, John.

JC: Kyle came in prepped to face his greatest adversary, Mack Davidson and Pistola are certainly not Aj Nin Red Rum.

Kyle kicks Mack in his gut and sets him up. Kyle lifts Mack up and hits his Manhattan Project on him.

RW: Manhattan Project! The power displayed by Kyle Murphy right there was amazing!

JC: "The Superior One" is living up to the name!

The lights go out inside the mecca.

RW: Now what's going on?!

JC: Maybe its Aj Nin Red Rum.

The lights come back on and standing in a corner, not visible to Kyle Murphy, stands "Hells Fury" Exterminator.


JC: The X man is back!

When Kyle turns around, Exterminator comes charging out of the corner, and blasts him with an Xclamation Point that knocks "The Standard" on his ass.

RW: Xclamation Point!! Kyle Murphy just got his jaw jacked!!

JC: He felt Hells Fury and it hit him like a ton of bricks square in the mouth.

Exterminator stands over Kyle Murphy and raises his hands over his head in the form of an X. Just then a loud wolf's howl is heard throughout the Garden. Exterminator glares at the entrance way and not a moment later Dark Wolf charges down to the ring.


JC: Here comes another Hall of Famer!

Dark Wolf slides into the ring and he and X start throwing big time punches but eventually X takes control. X whips Dark Wolf across the ring, he bounces off the ropes, flies through the air, and connects with a forearm smash to the head of X. Dark Wolf is up. X is up. X takes a wild swing at Dark Wolf but he ducks and then kicks X in the gut. X doubles over, Dark Wolf sets him up, lifts him up, and drops him on his head with a piledriver.

RW: Oooooooh! Exterminator got dropped on his head!

JC: Damn! Right on the top of his skull!

Dark Wolf is up and checks on Kyle Murphy. In doing so he doesn't see yet another man, or should I say "Manster", enter the ring. He stands up in a corner and stalks Dark Wolf.

RW: OH MY GOD!! Its "The Manster" Mason Randal!!

JC: The once hired gun of Reno Destiny and member of The Order along with Reno, Big T, and Gabriel Ohio.

RW: He's eyeing Dark Wolf while TDW is checking on Murphy and he's got nothing but bad intentions on his mind.

The fans are screaming for TDW to watch out for Mason but when he stands up and turns around Mason grabs TDW with both hands around his throat and lifts him up off the ground.

JC: Oh shit!

RW: "The Manster" has Dark Wolf by his neck and in the air! Good lord!

Before Mason can do anything he gets kicked in the knees by Kyle Murphy whose still on his back on the mat. After another kick to the knees Mason Randal releases his grip of Dark Wolf's neck.

RW: Murphy isn't giving Randal the chance to flatten TDW.

JC: Best way to bring down a big man is by cutting him out at the knees.

Kyle uses both feet for a third time to kick Randal in his knee caps and he drops down to one knee. Kyle stands up, so does TDW, and they both grab up Mason by his head and drop him with a double DDT.

RW: Mason Randal got double DDT'd by the two Hall of Famers!

Kyle Murphy and Dark Wolf are both standing tall surveying the ring. Exterminator and Mason Randal are down on the mat but moving around. Kyle and TDW stand side by side as Mason and X slowly get up.

RW: Looks like the Hall of Famers are about to end this impromptu shindig.

Exterminator is up first. Dark Wolf waits and when X turns around his jaw gets jacked by TDW's version of the superkick-Lights Out! X staggers into the awaiting Kyle Murphy who grabs him up, lifts him up, and hits a Dark Pool.


JC: I think Mason Randal is about to share Exterminator's fate.

Mason Randal is on his feet. He turns around and he too receives a Lights Out superkick from Dark Wolf. Mason staggers about, gets a boot in the gut from Kyle, Kyle grabs him up, lifts him up, and drops him with a Dark Pool.


JC: And now, rightfull so, they stand talk in the middle of the ring!

Now that the "trash" has been taken out the two Hall of Famers stand alone in the middle of the ring. They stare each other down and exchange simple nods that are anything but simple in meaning. Everything Ends fades to a promo for HectDogg Industries! If you don't know about HectDogg Industries its the company that's bark is just as bad as its bite!

Gunnar is standing in the middle of the ring as we return from break. In his arms is the STW Uncensored Championship. As he's standing there, a little worse for wear, Nirvana's theme music hits. Out comes the STW Owner dressed in a nice suit and mask. In his hand is a microphone. He pauses mid ramp to begin speaking.

Nirvana: Congrats. You won a belt back in a match that didn't happen.

The fans boo.

Nirvana: Jake Norton quit like the bitch he is. I refuse to let you go without defending that belt, Gunnar!

Gunnar makes a bring it hand gesture towards Nirvana.

Nirvana: But not against me. Against the number one contender for that belt! Next week, you will face Mya Denton and you will be defending that belt!

Nirvana's music hits and the Owner heads back up the ramp and to the backstage.

RW: What a main event for Revenge!

JC: This first of many episodes in our new home in Dallas now has a BIG main event and it'll be for the Uncensored Championship.

RW: Mya Denton could be STW World Heavyweight Champion by the time we stroll into Dallas. A lot of gold in the future for Nirvana's personal sexpot.

We fade off to a hype video for our next match to crown an Elite Champion.

Jax Magnum -versus- Cory Chevelle -versus-
Redd THUNDER -versus- El Tigre de Jengibre
Four-Way Elimination Match
STW Elite Championship

A promo video is shown of the four combatants that will vie for the Elite Championship. As clips of Redd Thunder, Cory Chevelle, El Tigre Jengibre, and Jax Magnum are shown, these words appear on the screen:




The scene fades to black, then fade in to the ring where all four men have already been introduced.

RW: Elite Title match next, Johnny. A four way elimination match.

JC: I know something you don't know.

RW: What is it?

JC: While you were at the little boys room between matches, an STW official came up and told me that, per Big T, this match is gonna be fought scramble style with all four guys in there at once. And they're gonna do the split-screen thing, too.

RW: And it looks like it's time to crown a new Elite Champion. Let's go up to the ring.

The bell rings to start the match. As Magnum and El Tigre pair off, Chevelle and Thunder meet in the center of the ring and begin unloading on each other with violent intent. The two warriors exchange forearm smashes, but then drop any pretense and begin dropping bombs. Lefts and rights from both men have the crowd going crazy. Thunder gets the upper hand, rocking Chevy with punches. Redd hits the ropes and comes off with a clothesline that staggers the Silverback, but doesn't drop him. Thunder repeats the move, but Chevelle still stands. Undaunted, Redd hits the ropes and comes back with a running big boot. The kick sends Chevy into the ropes, but the Hellbilly rebounds and crushes Thunder with the Blood lust spear. The crowd's goes wild as Chevelle makes the cover.

1... 2... 3!!!

Elimination - Redd THUNDER


JC: Redd Thunder, to quote one of the great movies of our time...' YOU GOT KNOCKED DAFUQ OUT, MAN!'

Robyn Bryne: Redd Thunder has been eliminated.

While Chevelle dispatches Thunder, Magnum backs Tigre into the corner and begins chopping away at his chest. El Tigre reverses positions and begins lighting up The Irish Superman's chest with chops of his own. Jengibre whips Magnum into the opposite corner and follows him in with a running dropkick. Magnum collapses to the mat and rolls out of the ring to the floor. El Tigre hits the opposite side ropes and flies between the middle and the top ropes on to the Irish Superman.

RW: Suicide dive from El Tigre!

JC: Jax Magnum is down and Tigre has shifted his attention to the Silverback.

El Tigre uses his speed and agility to strike and evade the much bigger Chevelle. The strategy works until Cory catches El Tigre and simply flings him into the corner. Chevelle begins to pound El Tigre with hard left hands. Jengibre can't escape the onslaught, and can only try to weather the storm.

Jax Magnum is El Tigre's saving grace as he hits Chevelle with a belly to back suplex. Chevelle is stunned, but works to get to his feet. Magnum hits a high knee lift which drops Cory to a knee. El Tigre comes in with a running kick that knocks Cory to the mat, but Chevelle again pushes himself up. The Olympic gold medalist barely gets to his feet before Magnum clips him from behind. Chevelle falls forward, right into an El Tigre drop kick to the face. Chevelle is down in the center of the ring.

Magnaminty grey leather boots to Chevelle. The two men come together for a quick discussion on what to do next suddenly the two men run to the opposite sides of the ring, hitting the ropes. Off the rebound, Magnum hits of running leg drop while El Tigre lands a running senton. Both men are up quickly, and repeat the double team, this time with Magnum hitting the senton and El Tigre dropping the leg.

El Tigre goes for the cover.

1... 2...

Jax pulls El Tigre off Chevelle. He then goes for the cover himself.

1... 2...

El Tigre pulls Jax off. Now the two men are nose to nose.

JC: Well that partnership ended quickly.

RW: Maybe not.

Magnum and Tigre decide to try the double team move one more time. As they come off the ropes, both men hit Yakuza kicks on the other.

JC: Those two had the same screw each other over. HA! I LOVE IT!

Chevelle pops up and looks over at his two downed opponents. A sadistic smile crosses his face.

RW: This isn't good for Magnum or Jengibre.

The Silverback grabs El Tigre and begins head-butting him, holding him up by grasping the sides of his mask. After being satisfied with the head butts, Chevelle wraps his hands around El Tigre's neck and sends him over with an overhead choke toss suplex.

Magnum grabs Chevelle from behind to attempt another belly to back suplex, but eats an elbow, then another, then a third. Chevelle goes for a spinning back hand, but Magnum ducks, grabbing Chevy and taking him over with a belly to belly suplex.

As Jax gets to his feet, El Tigre runs to the near corner, jumps to, then off the middle turnbuckle, and hits a tornado DDT on him. As Magnum falls over, Tigre keeps hold of his head, rolls over, and picks Jax up for a vertical suplex. As soon as they hits the mat, El Tigre spins over and pulls Magnum up for a second, then third vertical suplex. He hops up and runs over to the corner, quickly climbing to the top rope.

RW: El Tigre working with a sense of urgency.

JC: Yeah, he better. There's a Silverback that ain't gonna stay down forever.

El Tigre launches himself off the top rope and hits a frog splash on Chevelle. Tigre rolls off, holding his ribs. He realizes the stakes and quickly makes the cover, hooking the near leg.


Jax pulls himself up with the assistance of the top rope. He slumps in the corner as the ref counts..

2... 3!!!

Tigre gets to his feet, not realizing Chevelle's far foot had been on the ropes. As the referee explains that the fall has been nullified, Magnum nearly takes Tigre's head off with a superkick.


1... 2... 3!!!

Elimination - El Tigre de Jengibre

Robyn Byrne: El Tigre de Jengibre has been eliminated.

Magnum walks over to Chevelle and pulls him up. As soon as Chevelle gets to his feet, he surprises Magnum by picking him up and hitting a devastating C2.


1... 2... 3!!!

Elimination - Jax Magnum

Robyn Byrne: Jax Magnum has been eliminated. Your winner and NEW STW Elite Champion: Cory Chevelle!

RW: Who's gonna be able to take the Elite Title from this monster?

JC: I can't think of anybody. But I'm sure plenty will try.

Everything Ends fades to a hype video for the Triple Threat Steel Cage Match between Big T, Reno Destiny, and Nirvana.

Winner - Cory Chevelle

Big T -versus- Reno Destiny -versus- Nirvana
Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

We return live inside NYC's mecca. The beginning to "Bosses' Life" by Snoop Dogg begins to play as instantly the entire arena begins clapping along to the rhythm as slowly the lights dim and a single spotlight hits the entrance and a figure comes out with a microphone in hand and as he raises his head the audience see's Snoop Dogg and the roof is blown as Snoop begins to sing. The audience really gets into it as a series of hot women in business suits come out arm in arm with Big T right in the mix of them. Snoop Dogg doesn't miss a beat as they high five and Big T separates from the girls and heads to the ring.

Once in the ring Big T smirks to the audience and says some inaudible words to the ringside area as Snoop Doggs finishes up. And the fans get loud n appreciation when all the lights go black.

The Strike Tron lights up as old film plays ratty and tattered with spots and a voice of bad acting overlay much like the horror movies of the 70s kicks in. "When you bite off more than you can chew, when things are over whelming, there is one man who is to blame, one man who will make your day a living Nightmare." The grindhouse opening starts as the it shows an abandoned railroad, with rusted out rail cars and the sound noise of a sledgehammer hitting steel as the scene cuts to that, that repetitive sound, as it marries up with "Chick Habit" by April March as it continues to show scene of decreped old ruins and abandoned locations throughout the world and smoke fills the entrance as Slowly from the smoke moving forward you see Nirvana in classic Nirvana wrestling attire. He stops at the top of the ramp and just stares intently at Big T and after almost too long he begins to move towards the ring as Big T slides out of the ring and the music cuts suddenly as the two men collide outside the ring and begin to trade blows in a flurry.

RW: The fans are about to see two legends go at it.

JC: Don't forget about Reno!

RW: Where is Reno?

JC: Who cares?

RW: I Care.

Big T and Nirvana continue to trade blows as Reno comes out pissed off and tosses some new jacket and outfit into the audience and collides with both Nirvana and Big T knocking them both down. Reno stands over Big T and just starts railing on him with repeated fists over and over and over.

RW: I wonder, it almost seems like Reno was supposed to have a special entrance as well.

JC: Well, Randy it looks like Big T and Nirvana decided to jump the gun. Maybe that was a bad Idea because it gives Reno a bit more fuel to his fire.

Reno stands up over Big T and starts yelling at him when Nirvana grabs Reno from behind by the hair and punches him right in the throat and Rena drops to the ground coughing Nirvana just stands over him looking down and shakes his head as Big T gets to his feet. Nirvana doesn't even look at Big T who grabs Reno and Nirvana then also grabs Reno and they both catapult Reno into the ring post then sove him into the ring. They both slowly turn to each other and look each other in the eyes. The audience noise slowly starts to build as you can feel the intensity between the two. They both turn and slide into the ring as the bell rings.

JC: This match has officially begun, there comes the steel cage.

RW: What a way to start it out holy cow, and Reno is out.

Big T in the middle of the ring and Nirvana slowly circling. They go to lock up and Nirvana ducks grabbing the arm into a hammerlock and Big T instinctively goes for an elbow bit isn't there and reaches for a leg and again Nirvana isn't there. Nirvana grabs Big T's hair and pulls into a headlock. Big T reverses pulling his head back and grabbing Nirvana into his own hammerlock. The audience cheers and Big T grabs Nirvana by the hair and pulls into a headlock himself.

RW: Pulling of the hair the ref warns them, but that means nothing in this match.

JC: That's right hair pulling is legal, there are no disqualifications since it is a triple threat match.

Nirvana tries to reverse the same way as Big T but Big T not going for it. Nirvana tries to shoot Big T off the ropes but Big T holds a few steps and comes to a stop in the middle of the ring not letting go. Nirvana then shoves Big T into the corner but big T instead of going into the turnbuckle hard uses his legs to go up the turnbuckle and spins into the ring with a big headlock takedown.

RW: Big T in control and Nirvana can't get him to let go of the hold.

JC: Big T needs to be more sportsman like and let Nirvana get some breathing room. Everyone talks about how Big T is such a good guy.

RW: He is in a MATCH, John. What are you talking about? Back to their feet.

Nirvana tries to once again to escape the headlock by shoving Big T into the ropes and once again Big T climbs with his feet and another headlock takedown. Nirvana and Big T back up more quickly and Nirvana again pushing Big T to the turnbuckle and again with a headlock takedown. Nirvana smacks the mat as the fans cheer. Nirvana slowly to his feet Big T still holding on like a bulldog. Nirvana then tries again to push him into the turnbuckle and Big T already aware of what to do easily again climbs the turnbuckle for the headlock takedown and Nirvana just holds onto Big T in mid-air and drops Big T on the back of his head. Nirvana for the cover...

1... 2... Kickout!

Nirvana smiles grinning and uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Nirvana stomps on Big T's head and then stomps again.

RW: The interesting part here is that these two men have the power to out-do each other in the office constantly, so in essence the ref today has all of the power.

JC: Nirvana owns the company, there is no way Big T can out do him. The proof is in the pudding, Nirvana has too much experience. Nirvana realized he couldn't outgrapple Big T with headlock trades, but he could easily outsmart him.

Nirvana begins to choke Big T in the ring. The ref yells at Nirvana. Nirvana laughs at the ref and then lets go and on his knees moves forward to argue with the ref.

RW: Look at Nirvana, he is using his Leg to continue to choke Big T while he still argues with the ref.

JC: Well Nirvana has every right to argue with the ref, It is still a triple threat cage match, there is no DQ in a cage match, or a triple threat match.

Nirvana to clambers to his feet and grabs Big T by the hair and shoves him into the corner turnbuckle and begins to kick him in the gut over and over and over and over and then begins to choke him with his foot. From behind Reno grabs Nirvana and rolls him up with a school boy.

1... 2... Kickout!

Reno drops an elbow on Nirvana before Nirvana can get to his feet, then up and another elbow drop, to his feet and makes a rude gesture to Nirvana and drops a fist right to Nirvanas face. The cover......

1... 2... Thr... Kickout!

Reno to his feet turns to Big T only to get a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle from Big T. Big T to his feet holds his throat then Reno to his feet charges Big T, Big T gabs Reno and Scoops him up and Slams him on top of Nirvana. Big T begins to climb the cage but Nirvana grabs his foot and jerks him down and a Big T drops hard and strattles the top rope as Nirvana kicks the rope hard. Reno from behind grabs Nirvana for a school boy.

1... 2... Th..

Big T interrupts the count. He then grabs Reno and tosses him headfirst into the steel cage. Then again face first into the steel cage then as Reno slowly begins to get to his feet Game Over to the face of Reno, Big T turns around to come nose to nose with Nirvana who slaps Big T across the face. Big T takes it and stares at Nirvana whom slaps him again. Big T goes to grab Nirvana but Nirvana backs into the corner and Big T with the chase, Nirvana grabs Big T by the tights and pulls him face first into the turnbuckle. Then Nirvana grabs him and shoves Big T's face into it again and again. Then picks him up and reverse atomic drop right into the groin again.

RW: Well, I guess testing the lack of rules in this match.

JC: There are rules Randy, just none that say anything about low blows.

Nirvana with a short arm chokeslam and a cover.

1... 2...

Reno with a falling head-butt from the Second turnbuckle to Nirvana who is covering Big T. Reno picks up Nirvana.. Nirvana pokes a finger into the eyes of Reno who stumbles back. Then a knife edge chop, and another, then Nirvana grabs Reno for a big body slam but Reno with the momentum drops behind Nirvana and holds on for a reverse DDT, but Nirvana just lifts and powers out and lifts Reno up onto his shoulders and then running Powerslam. Big T goes for the Game Over superkick to Nirvana who grabs his foot and kicks Big T in the crotch and Big T crumbles. Nirvana grabs Reno and tosses him into the corner turnbuckle and comes in with a massive running clothesline. Nirvana then shoves him up onto the top turnbuckle and goes up and signals the end. Nirvana from the second rope lifts Reno up in suplex fashion. Then drops him with a huge Second Rope Brain Buster.

JC: It is over Randy, Nirvana with the Nervous Wreck. Nirvana with a cover..

1.... 2....

Big T with a pair of double fists to the back of Nirvana. Nirvana slowly tries to get to his feet and gets another double axe handle drop to his back. Nirvana to his knees again as Big T grabs him and tosses him over the top rope face first into the steel cage then nails him with Game Over. Reno half unconscious tries getting to his feet and Big T without even looking hits Game Over on Reno. And covers.

1...... Nirvana to his feet...

2......Nirvana climbs through the ropes...

3..... The ref calls for the bell just before Nirvana can break it up.


"Bosses' Life" hits and the steel cage begins to raise up above the ring.

JC: He sent Nirvana into the steel cage like a lawn dart and then a Game Over that squashed Nirvana's skull against the cage. Then he jacked Reno Destiny's jaw like the Kansas City Chiefs have jacked up the Houston Texans in this weekend’s first wildcard game.

RW: The Texans got an ass fucking from the Chiefs and tonight, inside the steel cage, Big T gave Nirvana and Reno Destiny an ass beating.

JC: Of a lifetime. Neither man will forget this match. I doubt Big T will either.

Big T can barely stand up but he does with help from the ref and he ring ropes. The ref then raises Big T's arm in victory. The fans cheer for their beloved hero as Everything Ends fades to a hype video for the King/Queen of the Mountain STW World Heavyweight Championship Main Event Match.

Winner - Big T

Mya Denton -versus- Anna Mathews -versus-
Terryl Fexxfield -versus- Josh Konnely -versus- Genocide (c)
King/Queen of the Mountain Match
STW World Heavyweight Championship

Everything Ends returns from the promo break and the ring is already filled with all five combatants involved in this King/Queen of the Mountain Match for the STW World Heavyweight Championship as well as two refs-one to hold the title out on the floor and the other for inside the ring to call the pinfalls and submissions.

RW: During the promotional break the champion and the contenders all came out to the ring.

JC: I guess they're very anxious to begin this big main event match.

RW: And big it is! A King/Queen of the Mountain Match for the STW World Heavyweight Championship!

JC: It doesn't get any better than this, Randy!

The penalty box is set, the ref in the ring calls for the bell, and here we go with this falls count anywhere reverse ladder match known as King/Queen of the Mountain!! Genocide, Konnely, Terryl, Anna, and Mya are all in different corners or areas of the ring. The other ref exits the ring and he has the STW World Heavyweight Championship in his hands for when somebody retrieves it after getting a fall and tries to hang the title up on the hook dangling above the ring.

RW: Let's get it on!

JC: So one ref is in the ring and the other is out on the floor. The one on the floor holds the STW Title and a wrestler can only retrieve the belt from him once he gains a pin or submission.

RW: Correct.

JC: Then they gotta climb a ladder, with the title in hand, and hang it up on that big dangling hook to be STW Champion.

RW: Correct again, John.

JC: This is gonna be an instant classic.

Konnely is the first to make a move and its at Genocide. Konnely nails Genocide with a couple punches and a kick to the gut. Konnely grabs a doubled over Genocide, shoves him through the ropes, and out to the floor.

RW: Hallowed Ground...Buried Alive. November Reign...Elevation X. And now Everything Ends in a King/Queen of the Mountain.

JC: Josh Konnely and Genocide have been kicking the hell out of each other for about two months now, why would we expect anything different tonight here in Madison Square Garden?

Konnely also goes out to the floor where he connects with a combo of punches and knife edge chops on Genocide. Konnely grabs Genocide and Irish whips him into the guardrail. Genocide hits back first and kinda hangs against the guardrail. Konnely walks over to Genocide, lifts him up, and drops him chest first onto the guardrail.

RW: Genocide dropped across the guardrail by Konnely.

JC: That'll knock some wind out of you.

Genocide drops down to the floor and Konnely mounts him for some punches.

RW: Konnely laying in shots on Genocide.

JC: Two big losses against Genocide for Josh has obviously gotten to him.

Back in the ring it looks as if the ladies-Anna and Mya-have decided to work together against Terryl. They trap him in a corner and when he tries to split between them he is pummeled down to the mat. Anna and Mya drop forearm smash after forearm smash on the back of Terryl.

RW: Terryl Fexxfield getting double teamed by the two ladies in this match.

JC: Girls club bullshit. This alliance won't last long.

After wearing Terryl out Anna and Mya bring him up on his feet to really do some damage. They irish whip him across the ring and he smashes into the corner turnbuckles. Anna is the first to come charging in with an avalanche splash. Mya comes flying in right behind Anna with another avalanche splash.

RW: Back to back splashes in the corner for Terryl.

JC: The one time a man doesn't want boobs coming at him at 50mph.

Terryl staggers out of the corner, Anna and Mya grab him, and whip him into the ropes. Terryl bounces off the ropes and he gets double back body dropped by the ladies. Terryl clenches at his back while he's on the mat. Mya runs over and covers Terryl.

RW: Big air on the double back body drop!

JC: Mya Denton sneaking in for a pin attempt.

1... 2...

Anna grabs Mya's foot and drags her off of Terryl. Mya stands up and looks at Anna. Anna then drops down on Terryl for a cover.

RW: Anna pulled Mya off of Terryl!

JC: Now Anna's covering Fexxfield!

1... 2...

Mya returns the favor and drags Anna off of Terryl by her foot. Anna is up on her feet and the queens of the ring go nose to nose.

RW: Now Mya just pulled Anna off of Terryl!

JC: Two of the baddest ass bitches in all of wrestling are nose to nose!

Konnely is driving his knee into the chest and ribs of Genocide out on the floor. The ladies start jawing at each other. Bad words and insults are exchanged and its none of that 'your lipstick is an ugly shade' or 'what curtains did your dress get made from?' Nope its some serious words and them words get heated. Anna slaps Mya across her face. Mya comes right back and smacks Anna across her face. Anna with another slap. Mya with another smack. Slap! Smack! Slap! Smack! SLAP! SMACK!

RW: The skin is flying, John!

JC: What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!!

The hands are flying and faces are turning beet red. Anna finally puts Mya down with a double leg takedown. The ladies roll around on the mat exchanging shots. Terryl is up.


JC: But here comes T-Fex!

Terryl grabs both ladies by their hair and pulls them apart as he brings them up on their feet. They scratch his eyes out for stopping them from fucking each other up. Terryl staggers blindly against the ropes and thats Anna and Mya's que to double clothesline him over the top rope and out to the floor.

RW: Terryl pulled the girls apart and got clotheslined out to the floor for his trouble.

JC: That's why you always let chics fight it out. Trying to break them up will only get you beat on like Terryl or the cops come and the females blame it all on a brother.

Once the girls realize they are alone in the ring they immediately lock up. They switch positions up against the ropes and do so almost halfway around the ring. They finally stop inbetween corners and Anna Irish whips Mya across the ring. Mya bounces off the ropes, runs back toward Anna, and Anna catches her with a boot to the gut.

RW: Anna catches Mya with a kick in the abdomen.

JC: Caught her in the belly button.

Mya doubles over so Anna grabs her up, turns her around, and hits a swinging inverted DDT. Anna is up on her feet quickly and follows up with a standing moonsault.

RW: Swinging inverted DDT followed by a moonsault.

Anna has Mya's leg hooked for a pin. The ref drops to the mat to make the count.

JC: Mathews with a pin attempt on Denton!

1... 2... KICK OUT!

RW: Mya Denton kicks out at 2 and a half!

JC: That was close, Randy!

Anna is up and she puts a couple boots to Mya before dropping an elbow on her chest. Anna is on her feet, runs and bounces off the ropes, and hits a flipping seated senton on Mya. Anna turns over and covers Mya, hooking a leg in the process. The ref drops down to make the count.

RW: Flipping senton splash!

JC: Anna with another pin attempt!

1... 2...

Terryl is back in the ring and he stops the pin attempt.

RW: Fexxfield breaks up the Pinfall attempt by Anna!

Terryl brings Anna up to her feet, wraps his arms around her waist, and hits a release overhead belly to belly suplex.

RW: Release overhead belly to belly!

Terryl's up quick and pulls Mya off the mat. Terryl again hits a release overhead belly to belly suplex.

RW: Another release overhead suplex!

JC: T-Fex tossing the ladies around like ragdolls.

Out on the floor Konnely has Genocide up but quickly puts him down with a suplex. Konnely approaches the ring but Terryl catches him with a baseball slide that sends Konnely flying backwards into the guardrail.

RW: Fexxfield caught Konnely with a baseball slide when he got to close to the ring.

JC: Good move but with falls count anywhere keeping anybody out of the ring is moot.

Terryl is on his feet and walks over to Anna whose getting up. Terryl grabs up Anna, whips her into the nearest ropes, and upon her return he lifts and drops her with a pancake. Mya comes over and strikes Terryl. Mya tries to whip him into a corner but he reverses and sends her into the turnbuckles. Terryl charges at Mya but she hits a seated dropkick to Terryl's knees. Terryl falls forward and his head smashes into the top turnbuckle and after what happened on Revenge the ref quickly checks on him after Terryl falls to the mat.

RW: On the last episode of Revenge, nearly two weeks ago, Terryl Fexxfield decided to try and deep throat the ring post.

JC: He should let the hookers and hoes of the world handle that and stick to wrestling.

RW: Right! But meanwhile the ref is checking to make sure he doesn't have a concussion and it looks like he's okay to continue.

As the ref was checking on Terryl, Mya went after Anna. Mya nailed Anna right in the face with a spinning heel kick as she was standing up and now she's perched on the top rope. Mya waits as Anna slowly stands up.

RW: Anna is slowly getting on her feet.

JC: Mya is up top waiting for her to stand up.

Once Anna is on her feet Mya leaps from the top and wipes her out with a missile dropkick. Anna goes flying and rolls all the way out of the ring.

RW: Mya missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle!

JC: She sent Anna straight out of the ring and out to the floor.

As Mya leans out between the ropes and tells Anna about being thee premiere female athlete in STW, her Holocaust stablemate and STW World Heavyweight Champion Genocide has slid into the ring. Mya turns around and the two Holocaust members are standing across from each other.

RW: Oooooohhhhhh, this oughta be interesting!

JC: Battle of the Holocaust! Are we gonna see it?!

Before anything can happen between Genocide and Mya, Konnely rushes into the ring. Konnely strikes Genocide, then Mya, then back to Genocide, and then back to Mya. Konnely with a boot to the gut of Genocide. Konnely with a boot to the gut of Mya. Konnely grabs them both by the head and WHAM!

RW: Double noggin knocker!

JC: Can we call that an unofficial Holocaust meeting of the minds?

RW: Yes...yes we can.

JC: Sweeeeet.

Konnely whips Mya into the nearest corner. He then follows up by whipping Genocide into the same corner. Mya and Genocide are face to face in the corner and as close as Mya and her Papa Nirvy get on them cold nights. Konnely charges into the corner and does a walk up dropkick backflip off Genocide's back, squishing Mya against the turnbuckles.

RW: Amazing move by Josh Konnely!

JC: Yeah it was, Randy! He walked up Genocide's back and hit a dropkick!

Genocide staggers backward out of the corner, Konnely grabs him, and rolls him up in a schoolboy. The ref drops to the mat to make the count.

1... 2... KICKOUT

Genocide kicks out just before the three. Konnely stays on the offense but turns his attention to Mya. He runs at her in the corner and plants both knees into her chest.

RW: Double knees to the chest of Mya!

JC: Josh Konnely's version of a mammogram!

Mya falls to the mat, Konnely turns her over onto her back, covers and hooks a leg. The ref drops down to make the count.

1... 2...

Genocide saves Mya from a trip to the penalty box!

RW: Genocide just stopped his Holocaust stablemate from getting pinned and going into the penalty box.

JC: Or maybe he just wants to make sure nobody becomes eligible to win his title.

Genocide nails Konnely with a couple shots and then pulls him up to his feet. Konnely pops straight up and strikes Genocide in the jaw with a punch, stunning the champion. Konnely boots Genocide in the gut, the champ doubles over, and Konnely grabs him up and hooks an arm. Konnely takes Genocide over and down to the mat with a Claiomh Solais. Konnely quickly covers Genocide, hooking both legs! The ref drops to make the count.

RW: OH!! A single arm underhook brainbuster!

JC: Konnely has Genocide pinned!

1... 2... 3!

RW: KONNELY! Josh Konnely just got a Pinfall on the man who took the World Heavyweight and Elite Championships from him back at Hallowed Ground, Genocide!


JC: Finally some payback for Josh Konnely but he hasn't won the title just the right to retrieve the belt, climb a ladder, and place it on the hook to become STW Champion once again.

RW: Correct, John! Josh Konnely has made himself eligible, as Robyn told us, to do the tasks you just said to become STW Champion.

JC: And Genocide now has to spend two minutes in the penalty box...

RW: Correct again, John! You're on fire tonight!

As Genocide is escorted to the penalty box by the ref, we see Terryl is okay and on his feet. He runs up behind Konnely and takes him down with a bulldog.

RW: Bulldog by Fexxfield!

Terryl is up and Konnely gets on his feet. Terryl connects with some punches on Konnely before whipping him into the ropes. Konnely bounces off the ropes and upon his return Terryl lifts him up and puts him down on the mat with a sitout spinebuster bomb. Terryl has a cover and the ref drops to make the count.


1... 2... KICKOUT!

RW: TERRYL..NOOOO! Josh Konnely kicked out at 2 and 7/8!

JC: He barely got his shoulder up but after that sick spinebuster powerbomb I'm not surprised!

An unbelievable kickout from Konnely and Terryl can't believe it. As Terryl stands up and looks at the ref, he claps his hands together three times indicating it should've been a three count. While Terryl is busy arguing with the ref about the count, Anna sneaks into the ring. Anna goes up behind Terryl, spins him around, and starts connecting with some Muay Thai strikes to Terryl's head, chest, and abdomen areas. Anna runs and bounces off the ropes but Terryl clotheslines her. Terryl gets no rest as Mya comes at him and connects with a roundhouse kick.

RW: Roundhouse kick from Mya!

JC: Check out Anna!

Terryl staggers around in a small circle and ends up close enough for Anna to catch him with a kip up hurricanrana.

RW: What a unique move from Anna Mathews!

JC: Kip up into a hurricanrana, thats innovation at its finest.

As Anna is on one knee trying to stand up Mya charges at her and connects with a Demented to the jaw of Anna. Mya quickly covers Anna. The ref drops down to the mat to make the count.

RW: DEMENTED! DENTON! She's got a cover!

JC: I think Denton has Mathews here!

1... 2... 3!

RW: MYA! Wow! Mya pins Anna!


JC: Denton caught Mathews flush under the chin with that Demented! Demented, Denton, Damn!

Anna is rolled out to the apron of the ring by the ref. Mya goes out to the floor and grabs a ladder. She slides it in the ring under the bottom rope and follows in behind it.

RW: Mya Denton is introducing a ladder into this match for the first time.

JC: Only Mya Denton and Josh Konnely can win this match at this point in time.

Mya stands up and picks up the ladder. Mya brings the ladder to the center of the ring and sets it up under the dangling hook. Mya looks around the ring for the ref with the STW Title. She spots him and heads over toward him. When she reaches the ropes she gets hit from behind by Terryl. Terryl sets up Mya for a belly to back suplex but Mya reverses by back flipping and landing on her feet behind Terryl. Mya kicks Terryl in his right knee and he drops down on it. The ref escorts Anna into the penalty box where she joins an awaiting Genocide. With Terryl down on one knee Mya grabs his head and goes for a sliced bread #2 but Terryl reverses, throwing Mya off of him and down to the mat.

RW: Reversals and counters.

JC: Is that anything like Shoots and Ladders?

RW: No.

JC: How bout shits and bladders?

RW: Definitely not.

As Mya is getting up Terryl grabs her up and sets her head in between his legs. Terryl lifts Mya up and drops her with a jackknife powerbomb. Terryl covers Mya, hooking a leg. The ref is back in the ring and drops to the mat to make the count.

RW: Fexxfield with a powerbomb and now the pin attempt on Mya...

1... 2... 3!


RW: TERRYL! T-Fex has pinned Mya Denton!

JC: And with three of the five combatants now in the penalty box, he has a great opportunity to win it here!

In the penalty box Genocide has Anna down and is hitting her with kicks and punches. Terryl looks for the ref with the STW Title and walks over toward him. Terryl reaches between the ropes and the ref hands him the belt. Terryl moves to the ladder and begins to climb. Konnely comes over and jerks Terryl off the ladder. Konnely grabs Terryl's head and smashes it into the ladder causing him to drop the belt.

RW: Josh stopped Terryl right in his tracks.

JC: And then smashed his face into the ladder.

Meanwhile the ref, after rolling Mya to the ring apron, escorts her into the penalty box. As Mya is put into the penalty box its time for Genocide to exit.

RW: Here comes Genocide, freshly sprung from the penalty box.

Genocide enters the ring and immediately goes after Konnely. Genocide with some punches on Konnely. Genocide then catches Terryl with a punch. Now he goes back and forth between the two. Genocide then runs toward the ropes, bounces off the ropes, and hits a double dropkick on Terryl and Konnely.

RW: Double dropkick from the current champion.

JC: Keyword is current.

Genocide goes out on the ring apron and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. He waits as Terryl and Konnely stand up. Once Terryl and Konnely are standing next to each other Genocide flies off the top rope with a flying elbow body attack that takes them both down. Genocide is going crazy in the ring with excitement.

RW: Genocide is nuts!

JC: That boy is fucking crazy, yo!!

Konnely is the first to get up with help from the ropes. Genocide clotheslines him over the top rope but Konnely lands on the ring apron. Genocide turns at Terryl, charges, and clotheslines him down to the mat. Konnely is standing up, Genocide charges across the ring at him, and sends him flying down to the floor with a dropkick.

RW: Genocide sends Konnely out to the floor with a running dropkick.

JC: Genocide is in control right now.

In the penalty box Anna and Mya have their hands around the other's throat. Back in the ring, Genocide has Terryl setup for a suplex. Genocide lifts Terryl up but instead of dropping him on his back he drops Terryl with a brainbuster. Out on the floor Konnely is getting up. Genocide sees him, runs across the ring, and jumps over the top rope with a suicide dive wiping out Konnely.


JC: Surprised Genocide didn't take himself out right along with Konnely!

Just then Anna's penalty box time expires and the ref lets her out after ordering Mya to back off. Anna comes out of the penalty box like a bitch on a mission. She nails Genocide with some Muay Thai strikes. Anna connects with some kicks to the right leg of Genocide and he eventually ends up down on his knees. Anna walks in a big circle, gaining a little speed, and connects with a bakatare sliding kick to Genocide. Anna jumps up on the ring apron as Konnely is getting up. Anna runs along the ring apron, does a somersault flip off, and onto Konnely. Anna jumps back up on the apron, Genocide is up and standing next to Konnely, and as Anna hits a moonsault onto Konnely she hits a dropkick on Genocide.


JC: A combo backflip dropkick with a moonsault finish! What a freaking innovator is Anna Mathews!

Anna hooks Konnely's leg and the ref out on the floor comes over to make the count.

1... 2... 3!


RW: Konnely is going into the box.

JC: For the first time in a long time.

RW: What?!

JC: Nothing.

Just a quick reset: Josh Konnely, Mya Denton, Terryl Fexxfield, and Anna Mathews are eligible to win the match. However, Mya and Konnely are in the penalty box. Anna is on her feet. She grabs Genocide, rams him into the penalty box, and he falls to the floor. Anna then picks up a ladder and slides it into the ring under the bottom rope. She too slides into the ring. Anna stands up and picks the ladder up off the mat. Terryl is getting up, how unfortunate for him as Anna lines him up with the ladder and when he gets on his feet she charges at him and blasts Terryl right in the head.

RW: OOOHHHH!! Steel ladder to the head!!

JC: Ive always said if you wanna climb the ladder of success you gotta give a little head but nowhere did I say you should take a ladder to the dome piece.

Anna sets the ladder up in the center of the ring next to the first ladder. She picks up the STW Title off the mat and begins to climb the ladder. She's a little beyond halfway up when Mya is released from the penalty box. Mya rushes into the ring as quickly as possible and scurries up the opposite side of the ladder. Anna and Mya meet around the top of the ladder. Mya catches Anna with a shot. Mya connects with two more shots and Anna finally drops the belt all the way down to the mat. Mya reaches over the top of the ladder, grabs up Anna, and sets her up for a suplex.

RW: Oh boy! If Mya hits this Anna's night-and her chances of winning the STW Championship-might be over.

Anna blocks the suplex attempt and hits Mya with a punch to the ribs. Genocide enters the ring, picks up the STW Title, and starts to climb up the first ladder. Anna punches him but it only slows him down a moment. Genocide jabs his thumb in Anna's eye and then rests the belt on the top rung of the ladder. Genocide and Anna exchange punches. Mya climbs up a couple more rungs on her side of the ladder she shares currently with Anna. Anna hits Genocide with a throat thrust. Mya grabs Anna's head and slams it off the top rung of their ladder. Mya turns around on the ladder and grabs Anna by the head.

RW: What... What is Mya thinking here, John?!

JC: Not quite sure but whatever she does it's gonna be bad news for Ms. Mathews.

Anna tries to block Mya but after a shot to the ribs from Genocide theres nothing she can do to stop what's about to happen. Mya does a back flip and she and Anna fly through the air and crash to the mat.

RW: Sliced Bread #2 from off the top of the ladder!!

JC: Good lord, baby Jesus!

RW: Mya Denton may have sacrificed herself to take out Anna Mathews.

Terryl is up and he climbs up the otherside of the ladder Genocide is on. Genocide catches him with some punches on his way up but it only stops him momentarily. Genocide sits on the top rung of the ladder that the ladies were on and wraps his legs around Terryl's head and neck.

RW: Is everybody in The Holocaust out of their fucking minds?!

JC: Apparently so, Randy!

Genocide goes for a hurricanrana but Terryl blocks and then jumps off the ladder with Genocide and Terryl drops Genocide with a sitout powerbomb.

RW: Holy!

JC: Shit!

RW: Genocide goes for a hurricanrana off the top of the ladder but Terryl Fexxfield blocked, jumped off the ladder with Genocide in his hands, and hit a back breaking sitout powerbomb!

Madison Square Garden fills with the chant of "this is awesome, this is awesome!"

JC: I gotta agree with STW Nation, this IS awesome!

Everybody is down in the ring and Konnely is in the penalty box but his time is up and he's released.

RW: Josh Konnely might be the luckiest son bitch.

JC: Life is all about timing.

Konnely exits the penalty box and he picks up a chair before sliding into the ring. Konnely stands up, with the chair in his hands, and he waits as Mya is getting up. Mya stands up and when she turns around Konnely rams the chair into her stomach. Konnely then raises the chair high in the air and blasts Mya right in the back. Mya goes flying through the ropes and lands out on the floor in a heap.

RW: Josh Konnely may have just eliminated Mya Denton from this match up!

JC: "May have"......Nirvana's little sexpot took a spine shattering chair shot from Josh Konnely...she's allllll done.

Konnely throws the chair down and begins to climb the ladder that the STW Title is not sitting on the top rung of. Slowly Konnely climbs up the ladder because he doesn't have Santa's magic that he uses to go up chimneys plus he's been through a helluva match.

RW: Go, Josh, Go! It's all yours!

Konnely is about 2/3 of the way up the ladder when Terryl starts climbing up the opposite side of the ladder the STW Title is sitting upon.

JC: Here comes Fexxfield now.

Konnely makes it to the top of the ladder and goes to grab the STW Title off the top rung of the ladder Terryl is on. Terryl reaches up and catches Konnely in the ribs with a punch.

RW: Konnely went for the belt but Terryl stopped him quick with a punch to the ribs.

Terryl climbs up another rung and he catches Konnely with a shot to the jaw. Terryl climbs up another two rungs and is now level with Konnely. Terryl connects with another shot to Konnely's jaw. Terryl picks up the STW Title an inch off the top rung but drops it back where it was when Konnely catches him with a kick to his side.

RW: Perfectly placed kick from Konnely to block Terryl from trying to win this match.

Konnely follows up with forearm smashes to the head of Terryl. Terryl is stunned. Konnely climbs up and sits on the top rung of the ladder he's on. He grabs Terryl's arm and with his legs locks in his Lightbringer.



RW: If Terryl gets choked out and falls unconscious Josh Konnely will once again be your STW Champion.

Terryl is trying to get out of the Lightbringer but he can't get out of it. Konnely has it synched in deep, real deep, and Terryl is starting to fade. All of a sudden Terryl gets one last rush of adrenaline. He grabs the STW Title with his free hand and raises it up toward the hook.

RW: While in the Lightbringer Terryl Fexxfield is trying to win this match!!

Konnely tightens the Lightbringer and we see Terryl's eyes roll into the back of his head.

JC: T-Fex is out like a fucking light!

Terryl goes limp and falls down to the mat........BUT NOT BEFORE POSITIONING THE STW CHAMPIONSHIP ON THE HOOK! The refs both call for the bell and Terryl's music plays.


JC: And he did it in the middle of passing out unconscious to Josh Konnely's Lightbringer while on the top of the ladders!

RW: Good lord, John! I can't believe he was able to hang the belt as he fell all the way down to the ring below.

Robyn Byrne: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner...... AND THE NEWWWW Strike Towers Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion... TERRYLLLLL FEXXFIELLLLLD!

Winner - Terryl Fexxfield

With that announcement, Josh Konnely climbs down the ladder with a look of distraught and disbelief on his face. EMT's and other medical personnel begin checking on the other participants of this main event match including our new World Champion.

RW: Career's have been shortened in this match.

JC: I bet we won't see one of them after tonight.

"Bosses' Life" by Snoop Dogg fills Madison Square Garden. The fans go absolutely apeshit crazy and a moment later we see "The Boss" Big T walk out, gingerly, with the Shadow's Gift briefcase in his hand. He heads down to the ring.


JC: Terryl Fexxfield is in a bad way, Randy! A real bad way!

RW: Bad way?! He's fucking unconscious, John!!

JC: Looks like we're about to have ourselves a brand new World Heavyweight Champion after crowning a new World Heavyweight Champion.

Big T walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. As he does enter the ring a cringe of pain comes across his face from the triple threat steel cage match. Referees and other officials are quick to step between he and the new champion Terryl Fexxfield. Big T looks past them all. First he looks at the still unconscious Terryl down on the mat, then up at the STW Championship hanging above the ring, and finally over at Robyn Byrne. He calls for her presence in the ring.

RW: Why does he want Robyn Byrne?

JC: Who doesn't want Robyn Byrne? Even gay guys and straight women want her.

Robyn enters the ring and approaches Big T with a worried look on her face. You can see him tell her to "calm down" and ask her if she'll hold up the mic for him because he's in "too much pain from the cage match." Robyn seems to relax some as she holds up the mic to Big T's mouth. You can overhear officials telling Big T to "back off" and to "leave the ring."

Big T: Hey, listen guys... Gimme some credit here. I said I was gonna wait until the time was right. I said I was gonna wait until the opportunity was perfect. He's unconscious. He's taking a nap. Get him a pillow and blankey. Maybe do him a favor and climb up the ladder and retrieve his championship. I don't think he's in any shape to get it himself. And if he isn't in any shape to climb a ladder and retrieve the STW World Heavyweight Championship, he's in no shape to defend it against me here tonight in Madison Square Garden.

RW: Sounds to me like "The Boss" isn't going to cash in Shadow's Gift.

JC: Then what the hell is he doing out here?

Big T: This is neither the right time or place to cash in Shadow's Gift. This IS however the perfect opportunity to inform the STW Nation of when the right time and place will be. The right place will be Dallas, Texas in STW's brand spanking new state of the art arena-the LoneStar State Civic Center-and the right time will be our first pay per view in STW's new home, that being the next installment in the chronology known as New Beginnings. When T-Fex wakes up, somebody let him know his first title defense will be against an icon, a legend, and a Hall of Famer known to the world over as "The Boss" Big T. Thank you, Robyn!

With that Big T sets the Shadow's Gift briefcase on the mat next to Terryl Fexxfield and exits the ring.

RW: There you have it, John! At New Beginnings Terryl Fexxfield will defend the STW World Heavyweight Championship against the holder of Shadow's Gift, the cashing in Big T!

JC: Well that match should be very entertaining and after the performances that both Big T and T-Fex put on tonight I can't call who'll win at New Beginnings.

RW: What a night we've had tonight! We've closed out 2015 and have started 2016 with a bang! Let's hope this keeps going as we move forward into the year ahead. For John Cartwright, I'm Randy White... Thanks for joining us at Madison Square Garden for the 15th annual EVERYTHING ENDS!

JC: See you in Dallas!

Big T is up the aisle way and he stops under the StrikeTron. He makes the title motion with his hands around his waist as Everything Ends fades off the air.