Strike Towers Wrestling
STW REVENGE: Bring The Heat

Season 1 Episode 16
With Randy White and John Cartwright
August 16, 2015
American Airlines Arena - Miami, Florida
BBQ's, Booze, & Bikini's Tour




"The Sound of Revenge" by Chamillionaire begins playing as the letters 'S-T-W' flash on your screen. About 20 seconds in Chamillionaire begins rapping and a video montage of Strike Towers Wrestling plays. About 25 seconds later we fade from the video to live inside the New Orleans Arena. Pyro fires off from all over the arena, above the ring, and flames shoot out the ring posts. Cameras pan crowd and we see their signs: "COALITION CREW MEMBER", "CRAZY BIATCH", "SOUTH BEACH", and "BRINGING THE HEAT"!! We go to the commentator's table at ringside with the voices of STW, Randy White and John Cartwright.

Randy White: Welcome to the 16th edition of STW REVENGE!! Tonight is no ordinary episode as tonight has a pay per view feel, but for free!

John Cartwright: A free pay per view on cable TV.....we must be crazy!!

Randy White: Yeah, crazy like a fox. Hey, I wonder how Fox is doing these days.

John Cartwright: I wonder how a lot of the old guys are doing but thats the past and this is the Present.

Randy White: And the Present is special as STW Revenge presents Bring The Heat! Live from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Flo Rida!

John Cartwright: South Beeaaaatch!!!! Tanned hunnies as far as the eye can see and when they pop out of your skull you can see real far.

Randy White: You perv. You seeing that psychiatrist yet?

John Cartwright: Sssssuuurrrrreeeee............

It gets awkwardly silent for a moment before Randy White runs down the card.

Randy White: Lets move right along and give the fans a preview of whats in store for tonights show. The first match of the night is a Falls Count Anywhere Match as for the first time ever Jessica faces her former beau Mr. Amazing!

John Cartwright: Four weeks ago at Southern Scorcher in the Triple Threat Tag Team TLC Match Jessica finally took control of her own life and pushed Mr. Amazing off the top of the ladder when he was about to retrieve the briefcase and win the match. Since then we've heard Jessica make some accusations about how Mr. Amazing treated her while they were together.

Randy White: It'll be interesting to see what Mr. Amazing does in that match. Will he seek vengeance or will lingering feelings keep him from tearing her apart? The next match will be a Three Way 2 Falls Match for the Elite Championship. The champion Josh Konnely defends against not one but two challengers in the forms of Robert Saints and Josh Moriarty.

John Cartwright: I got this feeling that this three way dance is going to steal the show. We saw what the Josh's did in a First Blood. Now were adding Robert Saints to the mix and to win the match, and the Elite Title, you gotta get 2 Falls before your opponents do. If I had to make a prediction I'd say the undefeated Josh Konnely will retain.

Randy White: I would concur with my colleague on that prediction. Finally in the main event its a Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match. STW World Heavyweight Champion Redd will defend and team with 1/2 of the Bloody Cowboys-Jack Jones. They'll face The Coalition team of Robert Garrett and Exterminator and the duo of Big T and Gabriel Ohio.

John Cartwright: This match will settle all scores going into the Lethal Lottery Tournament. And with the weird format of the STW Title being defended in a tag match, the man to get the fall on the second elimination will win the match and be the STW World Heavyweight Champion.

Randy White: I cant wait any longer, John! We need to start this motherfucker off, like right now.

John Cartwright: Lets do it! Time to Bring The Heat!


Falls Count Anywhere Match

We go up to the ring where Mr. Amazing stands across the ring from his former girlfriend Jessica.

Randy White: This match has a lot of emotions involved, wouldn't you say John?

John Cartwright: I would definitely say so. You really have to feel for Jessica.

Randy White: Jessica?!

John Cartwright: Yes, Jessica!

Randy White: How do you figure?

John Cartwright: You heard all the shit he did to her. He gives men everywhere a bad name.

Randy White: I think she's a heartless bitch who makes up stories. But all the words mean nothing in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

The ref calls for the bell. Mr. Amazing makes a B-line for Jessica. Jessica quickly exits the ring and out to the floor. Mr. Amazing steps through the ropes and out to the floor as well. Jessica is facing him and backing away as Mr. Amazing continues to stalk toward her. She backs up against the steel steps and Mr. Amazing takes a downward swing at her but she moves out of the way and all we hear is the loud bang of his fist slamming upon the steel steps.

Randy White: Keep ducking and moving Jessica, if he gets his hands on you your sweet ass is grass.

John Cartwright: Yeah cause its SSSSSSSmokin'!!!!!

Jessica continues backing away from Mr. Amazing and he continues creeping after her. They end up infront of the commentator's table with Jessica's back up against it. Mr. Amazing takes another downward swing and like before Jessica quickly moves out of the way and Mr. Amazing slams his fist down upon the commentator's table making John Cartwright jump back.

Randy White: Don't jump out of your skin, John. A little skittish scaredy cat.

John Cartwright: Shut up!

Jessica backs up until she's up against the guardrail next to the timekeepers area. Mr. Amazing has her cornered. She tries to make a move to the left but he's right there. She tries to make a move to the right but again he's right there. Mr. Amazing takes an aggressive step toward Jessica and she grabs a mic off the little timekeepers table.

Jessica: WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Please stop, I have to tell you something.

Mr. Amazing grabs her hand and has her pinned right up against the guardrail. He looks into her eyes and pulls her hand and the mic to his mouth.

Mr. Amazing: Make'em count, they will be your last.

He moves the mic to her mouth and holds it there. She has a sad and almost apologetic look on her face....almost.

Jessica: I..... I.....

Her facial expression quickly changes to a cocky smirk and she looks Mr. Amazing deep in his eyes.

Jessica: I had an affair 3 months ago.

Mr. Amazing can't believe what he's just heard and it knocks him a couple steps back. We can hear the crowd gasp at Jessica's startling news.

Randy White: You see!!! This girl is no good!!

John Cartwright: He drove her into another mans arms. If he had treated her with more respect maybe none of this would be necessary.

Randy White: Thats a fucking cop out that sluts say so they can live with themselves.

As Mr. Amazing reels from what Jessica just told him she uses the opportunity to grab the ring bell and crack Mr. Amazing in the head with it. He drops to the floor like a ton of bricks.

Randy White: Oh god! She hit him right in the head with the ring bell. He's totally unconscious.

John Cartwright: Jessica created her opportunity and took advantage. Beautiful AND smart.

Jessica covers Mr. Amazing and the ref reluctantly makes the count.

Randy White: Jessica has a cover but its all academic. 1..... 2..... 3..... Jessica gets the "victory".

John Cartwright: Why you gotta say it like that? She won clean and square whether you or anybody likes it.

"Good Girl Gone Bad" by Rihanna plays as Jessica rolls into the ring and celebrate her win. She has a smile on her face as she pumps her fist in the air a couple of times.

Randy White: My only question is who did she cheat on Mr. Amazing with? Was it just some bar room drunk? Was it a wrestler? Who was it and will we ever find out?

John Cartwright: I assume we'll find out when were supposed too. Be patient my friend.

STW REVENGE: Bring The Heat goes to a commercial break for Shane's Smokables marijuana smokeshop.

Winner via Pinfall: JESSICA

Vs. Vs.

Three Way 2 Falls Match - Elite Championship

STW REVENGE: Bring The Heat returns from break.

Randy White: Welcome back to the STW Revenge special, Bring The Heat! We are coming to you from beautiful sunny Miami, Florida's American Airlines Arena. So far we've seen Jessica defeat Mr. Amazing after telling him she cheated on him about 3 months ago. Then we saw Josh Konnely barely be able to retain the Elite Title against Robert Saints and Josh Moriarty.

John Cartwright: Man I told you that match was gonna steal the show and it definitely has...up til this point.

Randy White: Up til this point indeed because it is main event time here on South Beach.

"Line in the Sand" by Motorhead plays over the arena as Robert Saints and his wife/manager Kelly Saints make their way out to the ring. Robert and Kelly slowly make their way down the entrance ramp. Robert climbs the steel steps and steps into the ring while Kelly stands on the ring apron and does her trademark split before entering the ring as Robert waits for his opponent. Kelly then exits the ring and waits in her husband's corner.

The lights die as the ominous acoustic intro of "At the Left Hand Ov God" oozes from the PA. Red, green, and blue strobe lights flash just as the distorted guitars hit Moriarty runs out from the entrance. He makes his way into the ring sliding under the bottom rope and jumping to his feet. He screams to the crowd and waits for his match to start.

"Circus For A Psycho" by Skillet hits, announcing the arrival of the Elite Champion. Josh Konnely walks backwards out to the stage and crouched slightly. He turns around and drops to one knee, throwing his arms out at his sides. As he does this, a huge puff of white smoke engulfs him.

Randy White: Ah! He disappeared!

Konnely crawls out of the smoke cloud as it begins to clear, his head raised to eye his two opponents. He rises to his feet and removes the Elite Championship belt from around his waist, resting it on his shoulder instead. The champion walks up the ring steps onto the apron, where he wipes off the soles of his boots before climbing in.

John Cartwright: I think the champ's number is up tonight. He's by far the smallest of these three men. He's pulled some miracles before, but I believe the magic's going to run out. This match stacks the odds against him.

Randy White: There is more to this business than just size, John, you should know that. You are right about one thing, though. He's got two mountains to climb tonight in Saints and Moriarty. These guys are vicious, and they're gunning for that gold.

Josh Konnely hands the belt over to the referee, who displays it for the crowd.

Robyn Byrne: The following TRIPLE THREAT MATCH is scheduled for TWO FALLS and it is for the ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP!

Robyn Byrne: The first person to win not one but TWO decisions will be the winner and the Elite Champion. Introducing the challengers... first, from SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA... weighing in at 245 pounds... THE VIPER... ROBERT... SAINTS!

Robyn Byrne: And from Parts Unknown, weighing 245 pounds... JOSH MORIARTY!

Randy White: Robert Saints has a three inch height advantage on Moriarty, but the two both weigh in at 245.

John Cartwright: Moriarty's not as long and lean, maybe a slight size and power edge over The Viper.

Robyn Byrne: AND THEIR OPPONENT... weighing in at 180 pounds... from BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT... he is the CURRENT Elite Champion... jOSH KONNELYYYYYYY!

Randy White: KONNELYYYYY!!!!!

John Cartwright: What was that?

Randy White: I'm really not sure.

John Cartwright: Okay. Well, as we mentioned, Josh Konnely outweighed by each of his opponents by 65 pounds. Moriarty is six inches taller than the champion, Saints nine inches. But you still believe the champ has a shot in this one?

With the official introductions completed, the bell sounds.

Randy White: Josh Konnely is the smallest guy in there, yes, but he's also the oldest. He's got the experience. He's smart. He's a striker and a brawler with cunning and resourcelfulness. Bottom line, he knows what he's doing in that ring and what it takes to topple even the largest of foes. Yeah, I'd never count out the undefeated Elite Champion.

Josh Moriarty immediately attacks the painted champion, striking at Konnely with a flurry of punches and kicks. Moriarty forces Konnely back into the corner as Robert Saints looks on. As Moriarty starts to stomp a mudhole in Konnely, Saints grabs Moriarty by the head and hits his patented inverted headlock backbreaker. Robert attempts to cover Moriarty to try and steal a fall, but Moriarty kicks out before the ref can even begin to count.

John Cartwright: Nice try, Viper, but there's really no way that was going to work.

Robert Saints stays on the offensive, locking Josh Moriarty in a chinlock before he can get to his feet. The Viper drags Moriarty up to his feet, maintaining the headlock, then shoves him through the ropes onto the ring apron. Saints quickly pulls Moriarty back over the middle rope.

Randy White: This would be a bad start to the night for Josh Moriarty!

Josh Konnely stands up and gestures for Robert Saints to stop. Robert gives him a confused look, but Josh points to himself.

John Cartwright: What's this?!

Randy White: I think Konnely wants in on this!

Garrett shrugs, wrenching the neck of Moriary and tilts his head, inviting Konnely to grab the other side. Konnely comes around Garrett and grabs a facelock on Moriarty as well. Together The Viper and The Butcher hang Josh Moriarty off the bottom rope and with a nod from Saints they deliver a double elevated DDT to Moriarty, who's been a thorn in both men's sides.

John Cartwright: Ouch! I suppose Moriarty had that coming!

Josh Moriarty rolls toward the ropes as Robert Saints turns on Josh Konnely with a European uppercut that staggers the champ. Konnely comes back at Saints with a European uppercut of his own and the two begin to exchange the blows uppercut-for-uppercut.

Randy White: This has got to hurt! I wouldn't want to be in that ring right now, that's for sure!

Robert Saints delivers a stiff European uppercut that staggers Josh Konnely into the ropes. Konnely falls back against the middle rope, bounces off and catches Robert by surprise with the pendulum lariat.

Randy White: Konnely with that rebound lariat he's perfected! That's the kind of thing that gives him a chance in any and every type of match, John!

John Cartwright: Josh certainly delivers some stiff blows. I wouldn't want to get in a match with him. All i'm saying is I believe Saints and Moriarty are bigger and badder, and they're hungrier. Konnely has something they want.

Josh Konnely returns his attention to Josh Moriarty, who is recovering on the ring apron. Konnely steps through the ropes and punches the kneeling Moriarty in the head. Konnely again applies a front facelock on his most bitter rival, and he brutalizes Moriarty with a DDT onto the ring apron.

John Cartwright: Oh God! There is steel ring support under that canvas, and Josh Moriarty just had his head driven into it!

Randy White: Aggression and resourcefulness, John.

Josh Konnely re-enters the ring, where Robert Saints promptly grabs him in a gutwrench. Saints lifts Konnely onto his shoulder and quickly drops down with a Canadian neckbreaker.

John Cartwright: But Josh gets caught!

Robert Saints puts the boots to the champion with his signature Garvin Stomp. Konnely staggers to his feet and The Viper puts him down with a dropkick. Robert crosses to one corner and climbs to the top rope.

Randy White: This is uncharacteristic for Saints! Are we going to see a rare flying Viper?!

At ringside Kelly Saints yells for husband to get down from there as the referee begins his five count. Josh Konnely gets back to his feet and Robert Saints jumps off the top rope. What he was attempting is anyone's guess, but Josh Konnely catches him with an inverted lungblower instead.

John Cartwright: Double knees to the chest! He caught him in mid-air with that one!

With both men down in the ring, Josh Moriarty slides back and sees an opportunity. He quickly covers Robert Saints.



The Viper kicks out powerfully.

Randy White: Moriarty almost stole the first fall.

John Cartwright: Now, apparently this match can continue up to a maximum of four falls. This partially negates the champion's disadvantage for triple threats, because if he loses one fall or even one to each opponent- whether he's pinned or not- the match won't end. It will only end when one of these guys wins a second fall.

Randy White: That's the way I understand it.

Josh Konnely rises to his feet and kicks Josh Moriarty in the ribs. The larger Josh still hasn't exactly stood up since being DDT'd first off the second rope and then onto the ring apron. The Elite Champion looks intent on keeping it that way, as he follows the punt to the ribs with a standing double foot stomp.

John Cartwright: I'm starting to think Josh Moriarty should have stayed at home- wherever that is. He's getting decimated, and this match has barely gotten started!

Randy White: He hasn't been given a chance to defend himself, let alone get any offense going, that's for sure.

Josh Konnely grabs Josh Moriarty by the head and appears to be setting him up for the Luz Sagrada headlock driver when suddenly Robert Saints springs to his feet, charges, and hits the Elite Champion with the Devil's Kick!

John Cartwright: Pump kick!

Randy White: Saints calls that the Devil's Kick!

Both Konnely and Moriarty fall to the mat, and Robert Saints quickly pins the Elite Champion, hooking both legs.



3! Kick out!

John Cartwright: He got him! No? YES!

Randy White: The referee says yes!

John Cartwright: The Viper slithers in from out of the grass and captures the first fall!

Randy White: Also noteworthy is that the reigning Elite Champion has just been pinned for the first time in 2015! We haven't seen Konnely lose even a fall since his return! It's been YEARS since he was pinned!

The referee raises Robert Saints' hand just as emphasis. Josh Konnely pounds the mat in frustration, realizing he got caught off-guard with that Devil's Kick for the three count.

Winner of 1st Fall via Pinfall: ROBERT SAINTS
Reset: SAINTS - 1

Randy White: Now the Elite Championship is in serious jeopardy for the champion! He's still got to win two falls, AND he must make sure Robert Saints does not win one.

John Cartwright: I told you the odds weren't in his favor. Now you see my point?

Josh Moriarty slowly gets to his feet. Robert Saints kicks Moriarty in the gut and delivers the Straight To Hell. Saints shoots the half, but Josh Konnely dives onto Robert's back before he can initiate a pin.

Randy White: Robert Saints thought he'd secure that second fall in a hurry, but Josh Konnely was wise to it! Not so fast!

Josh Konnely shoves The Viper onto his back and grabs him around the throat with a straight choke.

John Cartwright: Hand wrapped around a throat in a choke hold! That's not legal...

Randy White: But it is in this triple threat match, John, and Konnely knows it.

Josh Konnely drags Robert Saints to his feet without releasing the choke. Konnely then sweeps Saints' near leg, hitting an STO.

Randy White: The chokehold STO by Konnely, another favorite.

Josh Konnely rises to his feet and turns his attention to Josh Moriarty. He pulls Moriarty into a standing headscissors and applies a double underhook. Konnely lifts Moriarty, turns, and drops him on his face with Moriarty's own Devolver.

John Cartwright: The Devolver! Konnely adds insult to injury by dropping Moriarty with his OWN finisher!

Robert Saints climbs to his feet and takes a swing at Josh Konnely as he gets to his feet. Konnely ducks Saints' blow this time, hooks the arm, and hits the Claiomh Solais.

Randy White: Lifting underhook DDT! Now it's Saints that gets caught!

Konnely turns Saints onto his back.




John Cartwright: Konnely got him!

Randy White: Josh gets his fall back!

Josh Konnely climbs to his feet and the referee raises his hand.

Winner of 2nd Fall via Pinfall: JOSH KONNELY
Reset: SAINTS - 1

John Cartwright: I don't like Josh Moriarty's chances, Randy. No falls won, and if Konnely or Saints score one more they win the match and the title.

Randy White: On the other hand, Josh Konnely just improved his odds a little bit. Tied 1-1, if you want to keep score. If he can win one more fall he'll retain the title. And right at this moment he's the last man standing.

Josh Konnely realizes this as well and quickly grabs Josh Moriarty. Konnely hooks Moriarty in the arm triangle choke he's named LIGHTBRINGER.

Randy White: And there's the Lightbringer! Josh Konnely's going to finish it with two quick decisions in a row!

John Cartwright: Rather ironic name, Lightbringer. Josh Moriarty's lights are about to go OUT.

Josh Moriarty's legs thrash out and stomp the mat as he struggles just to catch a breath in the arm triangle. Robert Saints begins to recover from the Claiomh Solais, grabbing the ring ropes and pulling himself up to a knee. Kelly Saints rushes over to that side and screams for her husband to turn around, look behind him.

Kelly Saints: Look! Look!

Robert Saints does look and realizes what his wife already realized: Josh Moriarty is getting the life choked out of him, and if Josh Konnely gets the submission the match is over. Robert Saints springs to his feet with new life and dives onto the champion, forcing him to break the hold.

Robert Saints grabs Josh Konnely and tosses him through the ropes to the ring apron. Josh Moriarty climbs to his feet and charges at Saints, but The Viper sends him to the apron as well with a back body drop counter.The Viper grabs both Joshes in front facelocks and pulls them through the ropes. Saints falls back, dropping Konnely and Moriarty on their heads with his venomous hangman's DDT.

John Cartwright: A double dose of that elevated DDT! The Viper takes control! He's going to do it! We're going to have a new Elite Champion!

Sensing this as well, Robert Saints slithers to the corner on his belly and begins to pound the mat, preparing to hit the Viper Cutter on whichever Josh is unfortunate enough to get up first. That happens to be Konnely, and Saints does go for the Viper Cutter. Remarkably, Josh Konnely manages to grab Roberts free arm and his head, catching The Viper in the crossface chickenwing.

John Cartwright: Are you kidding me?! The Viper went for that Viper Cutter, and instead he gets caught in the crossface chickenwing of Konnely?! What a counter!

Randy White: The Peacemaker is locked in! That will kill The Viper's buzz!

Josh Moriarty stumbles to his feet and now it is his turn to realize the danger of defeat. He runs forward and hits Robert Saints with the Clothesline From Hell, knocking both Saints and Konnely down. Konnely manages to keep the hold on, but Moriarty rises and kicks him in the head.

Konnely releases the hold at last and when he stands up Moriarty gives him a Clothesline From Hell also.

John Cartwright: Clotheslines for everybody!

Robert Saints climbs to his feet as Josh Moriarty does the same. Moriarty turns to Saints and walks right in to the SAINTS ROW!

Randy White: Saints Row! The superkick from Saints connects!

All three men are down now and the referee looks unsure what to do. The crowd begins to cheer in appreciation and anticipation. After several seconds, Robert Saints performs a kip-up. Josh Konnely sits up and rises to a knee. Saints looks to hit the Saints Row again, but Konnely ducks underneath. When Saints turns around, Konnely explodes out of the corner with a running single leg dropkick.

John Cartwright: Flying boot to the face!

Randy White: Josh Konnely turns the tables on Robert Saints, and now he's in the driver's seat!

Robert Saints rolls to the ropes, hooking the middle and bottom ropes in his arms, knowing he cannot be pinned that way.

John Cartwright: Robert Saints looks out of it, but he's got enough sense to get to the ropes where Konnely can't pin him or make him submit.

Randy White: It may not matter, though. Saints doesn't have to be pinned. Not necessarily.

Josh Moriarty climbs to his feet and Josh Konnely grabs his arm, locking in an arm trap crossface.

John Cartwright: No way! Talk about insult to injury! Konnely's stolen Moriarty's other finisher now!

Randy White: The Ear To Ear is locked in! Josh Moriarty's caught in the middle of the ring!

Josh Konnely wrenches at Josh Moriarty, tearing at his neck and shoulder. After a few seconds Josh releases the arm, but repositions it into an omoplata crossface.

Randy White: Oh! The omoplata crossface, made famous by Judo Gene LeBell! This is VINTAGE KONNELY!

John Cartwright: He used to use this hold years ago during his first run in what was then SFT, you're right. I think he called it the Consuming Fire or something.

Kelly Saints begins to freak out, yelling at her husband to get up. Robert hears Kelly's pleas and uses the ropes to pull himself up to a knee, then onto his feet. Saints turns around just in time to see Moriarty raise his untrapped arm... and tap out furiously.

Randy White: My God, he's done it again! Lightning strikes again! Josh Konnely wins for the tenth time in as many matches, and retains the Elite Championship!

John Cartwright: Unbelievable! Inconceivable! Amazing! I'll give the devil his due, Josh Konnely pulled another remarkable victory from the jaws of defeat here tonight. Robert Saints took the first fall, looked poised several times to win a second for the title, but Josh Konnely rose to the challenge once again.

Winner of 3rd Fall via Submission: JOSH KONNELY
Final Reset: KONNELY - 2

The bell sounds and "Circus For A Psycho" by Skillet hits the loudspeakers again as the crowd cheers. Josh Konnely releases the omoplata crossface at last and climbs to his feet, while the referee retrieves the title belt. The referee presents the Elite Championship back to the still unbeaten champion as Robert Saints stands and watches them.

John Cartwright: Bad break for Robert Saints, he was just about to break up that submission hold also, but just a split second too late. He looks angry.

Randy White: I can't blame him for being upset, this was a great opportunity and he nearly had the title won two or three times.

Josh Konnely places the Elite Championship belt on his shoulder and offers a handshake to Robert Saints. The Viper looks at Konnely as if to say "are you joking?" Disappointment and frustration showing in his body language, Saints hesitantly grabs Konnely's hand. Saints releases the handshake and steps away from the champ, sideways.

Randy White: Classy gesture by Josh Konnely offering the handshake, and perhaps classier still by Robert Saints to accept-

Robert Saints suddenly throws another superkick. Josh Konnely somehow senses it and sidesteps at the last second. The Saints Row knocks out Josh Moriarty instead, as Moriarty had climbed to his feet and was about to attack Konnely from behind.

Randy White: OH! I thought it was The Viper going for a cheap shot, but actually it was Moriarty going after Konnely! Saints saved him!

John Cartwright: Are you sure? Maybe frustration and fury got the better of Robert and he wanted to kick Konnely's head off. Maybe the champ got lucky and the wrong Josh took the bullet!

Robert Saints drops to his back on the canvas and rolls out of the ring. Kelly Saints rushes over to her husband, throwing her arms around his waist. Robert walks backwards up onto the ramp and watches as Josh Konnely resumes his victory celebration. Robert Saints holds up a finger and says "one day."

Randy White: One day, says Robert Saints. One day he'll be the one leaving with the gold.

John Cartwright: I don't doubt that, Randy.

STW REVENGE: Bring The Heat special goes to a commercial break for the WWE SummerSlam, live on pay per view THIS SUNDAY! And you can get it on the WWE Network for only (say it with me now) Nine Ninety-Nine!! The event will be 4 hours for the first time ever and features several matches including the rematch "too big for Wrestlemania (smh)" The Undertaker versus the man who ended his Wrestlemania Streak The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar.

Winner and STILL Elite Champion: JOSH KONNELY



Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match
STW World Heavyweight Championship

STW REVENGE: Bring The Heat returns from break with Robyn Byrne and a ref inside the ring.

Randy White: Welcome back fans! If you're just joining us tonight STW brought the heat...BIG TIME!

John Cartwright: Gotta thank the city of Miami for hosting this shindig here. Its a beautiful area. Might have to move here when I retire.

Randy White: Livin' La Vida Tony Montana.

"Born To Rise" by Redlight King hits and Cassandra Caldwell walks out on the stage, flanked by The Coalition's Robert Garrett and Exterminator. All three raise their arms in an X and pyrotechnic rockets shoot up from either side of the stage, forming an X as well. The Commissioner leads her Coalition to the ring and all three climb inside. In the ring they again from X's with their arms as the crowd boos.

"Hellraiser" by Black Sabbath interrupts The Coalition's entrance. The Director of Operations Big T emerges with Gabriel Ohio at his side. T and Gabriel walk down the ramp, staring a hole through The Coalition members. The crowd cheers the D.O.O and his chosen one as they pause at ringside, not taking their eyes off of Garrett and X. Cassandra Caldwell scowls, an expression of disgust on her face. Gabriel Ohio circles to the far side of the ring. T and Ohio walk up the two sets of ring steps, closing in The Coalition.

Gabriel Ohio's music cuts out and "The Ballad" by Testament takes its place. Cowboy Jack Jones is first through the curtain. The STW World Heavyweight Champion Redd follows behind, the belt fastened around his waist.

Randy White: And at last the World Heavyweight Champion has arrived.

John Cartwright: That can mean only one thing: it's time for the main event! The STW World Heavyweight Championship is on the line!

Randy White: On the line, and in serious jeopardy. Redd must win one or both falls in this elimination tag match to leave with the title. Even his own partner Jack Jones could win the title, or he could be pinned and lose the championship for Redd in the process.

John Cartwright: I'm not sure the odds have ever been against a World Champion moreso than they are here tonight.

Jack Jones and Redd follow Big T's lead. Jack Jones circles the ring to the far side. Redd and Jack step up onto the apron in the remaining two corners, circling The Coalition.

John Cartwright: Well this isn't quite right...

Robyn Byrne: Ladies and gentlemen, the following TAG TEAM ELIMINATION MATCH is our MAIN EVENT of the EVENING and it is for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

Robyn Byrne: Introducing first, accompanied by Cassandra Caldwell... at a combined weight of 510 pounds... THE NATURAL ONE... ROBERT GARRETT! And HELL'S FURY... EXTERMINATOR! THE COALITION!

The crowd boos as Commissioner Cassandra Caldwell and her Coalition scream at them to shut up.

Robyn Byrne: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 486 pounds... the team of THE REAPER... GABRIEL OHIO... and the Director of Operations, THE ICON... BIG T!

Big T signals for the crowd to get loud, and they cheer for The Boss as Gabriel Ohio stands in silent focus in the opposite corner.

Robyn Byrne: And finally, at a combined weight of 420 pounds... THE COWBOY... JACK JONES and his partner, the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... THE FORGOTTEN ONE... REDD!

The crowd shows their support for The Champion and The Cowboy, both of whom stand on the ring apron silently glaring at The Coalition.

Big T gives a signal and all four men climb into the ring at once. Robert Garrett and Exterminator cleverly slither out of the ring, leaving Cassandra Caldwell face to face with Big T. The crowd cheers in anticipation, but Big T walks over to the ropes instead. He places he boot on the middle rope, pushing it down, and pulls the top rope up, silently welcoming Cassandra to leave. The Commissioner does not take her eyes off the Director of Operations as she accepts the gesture and climbs out of the ring.

John Cartwright: Oh man, I thought these guys had The Coalition caught in a trap! The Coalition could have been destroyed before the match even got under way!

Randy White: Scary moment for Cassandra Caldwell as well, when her Coalition ran to the hills and abandoned her.

The referee now instructs the four men in the ring that one from each team must go out to one corner as in a normal tag team match. The World Champion steps out first, and then the Director of Operations does the same.

The referee then talks to Cassandra Caldwell, and the Commissioner sends her team to a third corner, where they both step onto the apron.

Randy White: Alright, well finally the table is set, I guess we can get this show on the road at long last!

John Cartwright: Apparently the way this is going to work is that only two men will be in the ring at a time. Those two can tag in their own partner or either member of the third team at any time.

Gabriel Ohio and Jack Jones meet in the center of the ring and The Cowboy offers out a handshake. Gabriel shrugs and shakes Jack's hand as the bell sounds. Ohio then points at Jack and then at The Coaliton.

John Cartwright: Nice respectful handshake to start the match, but what's this now?

Randy White: It looks like Gabriel's saying he wants The Coalition.

Now it is Jack Jones that shrugs, and he walks over and slaps the chest of Exterminator. X looks annoyed, but the referee tells him that counts as a tag, so he has to come in. Hell's Fury climbs in as Jack Jones joins Redd in the Champion's corner. Gabriel and Exterminator tie-up.

Randy White: Well here we go, I guess after all that it's going to be Gabriel Ohio and Exterminator starting the match off!

Gabriel twists Exterminator into a headlock. X quickly goes behind Ohio into a rear waistlock. Gabriel snapmares X down to the mat with a counter of his own, and slaps on a rear chinlock.

John Cartwright: Ah! Ohio's choking the life out of him! That's a choke, ref!

Randy White: I'm not sure there are disqualifications even if it is, John.

Ohio shoves Exterminator down to the mat on his side with Gabriel laying on his belly, using his powerful arms to punish X's neck.

Exterminator reaches out a hand and grabs the bottom rope.

Ref: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! Come on, break the hold!

The referee pulls at Gabriel's massive arm, trying to pry it from around Exterminator's throat. Ohio plays nice and releases the hold, backing away from X. Hell's Fury uses the ropes to help pull himself to his feet. X surprises Gabriel by running at him and drops the former champ with a jumping clothesline.

John Cartwright: Gabriel with the clean break, and Exterminator explodes with a jumping clothesline!

Exterminator grabs Gabriel Ohio around the waist again as Ohio climbs to his feet. X snaps off a German suplex, which he holds for a bridging pin.



Gabriel powers out.

Randy White: Right now this situation benefits Redd. The longer he and Jack Jones can stay on the ring apron, the less chance they get eliminated and lose the World Heavyweight Championship. If The Coalition eliminates The Boss' E-Street Band, or visa versa, that actually improves the Champion's odds of retaining.

Gabriel Ohio pushes up to his feet only to be met with a body slam from Exterminator. X suddenly lunges out and slaps Redd on the bicep, tagging in the World Heavyweight Champion.

John Cartwright: I think X heard you, Randy! Right on cue he makes the tag and forces the champion to get right into the fight!

Gabriel Ohio gets to his feet as Redd climbs through the ropes into the ring. Redd ties up with Ohio, but Gabriel shows off his superior size and power by shoving Redd to the mat. Gabriel gestures to his ripped torso and then flexes his biceps. Redd applauds, half mockingly and half sincerely.

Randy White: Gabriel Ohio is definitely an impressive specimen, no doubt about it.

Gabriel whips Redd to the corner where Big T is standing. Ohio follows him in with a running European uppercut in the corner. Gabriel tags in T as Redd falls to the mat. T climbs in the ring and Ohio puts him in a front facelock.

John Cartwright: Ha! Ohio's betrayed The Boss already!

Gabriel Ohio picks up Big T as if for a vertical suplex, but drops The Icon down otno Redd instead.

Randy White: You're wrong again, John! Nice teamwork! The 275-pound Big T slammed down onto Redd with an assisted splash.

Big T remains laying across Redd, trying to eliminate the World Champion.



Redd drops his foot across the bottom rope.

John Cartwright: Not that easy! Redd shows his ring sense to escape the pin the easy way.

Big T tags Gabriel Ohio back in. T holds Redd's ankles down on the mat as Ohio climbs to the top rope. Gabriel leaps off the top rope and crashes down on Redd with a double foot stomp. Redd staggers to his feet and Gabriel picks the champ up for a verical suplex. Ohio holds Redd upside down overhead. He does a squat. After five more squats, Gabriel Ohio falls back and completes the vertical suplex.

Randy White: Unbelievable power by Gabriel Ohio!

Gabriel Ohio covers Redd.


Garrett and Exterminator climb into the ring.


The Coaliton members stomp on Gabriel Ohio simultaneously, breaking up the pin.

John Cartwright: Here comes The Coalition!

Randy White: Yeah, but I think your boys forgot the rules, John! If Redd is pinned it eliminates the Champ's team and guarantees a new World Heavyweight Champion. Gabriel Ohio is only one obstacle.

Garrett and X proceed to put the boots to Gabriel.

Ref: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! Enough, get out of the ring!

Redd uses this opportunity to make the tag to Jack Jones. The Cowboy hops down off the apron instead and reaches under the ring, grabbing his signature cowbell. Jones slides into the ring and strike Exterminator in the back of the head with the cowbell. Garrett takes a single step towards Jones before getting nailed between the eyes with the cowbell himself.

John Cartwright: Hey!

Randy White: Well you know what they say about payback, John! The Coalition assaulted Jack Jones last week before the scheduled Garrett-Jones match could even start. Cowbell to the dome piece definitely sends a message back! Loud and clear!

Jack tosses the cowbell out of the ring and turns his attention to the legal man, Gabriel Ohio. Jones walks into a double leg takedown from Gabriel, who traps the Cowboy's legs under his arms. Ohio hoists Jones up and takes him for a ride with the giant swing.

Randy White: We're going Swinging!

John Cartwright: Around and around he goes!

Crowd: 6! 7! 8! 9! 10! 11!

John Cartwright: Damn, I hate this move! I'm nauseous! I'm nauseous! I'm nauseous!

Randy White: I think you mean NAUS-... no wait, you're right. You definitely GIVE me nausea.

Crowd: 17! 18! 19! 20! 21!

Redd starts to climb into the ring to save his partner, but Big T quickly comes around the ring on the floor and wraps his arms around the champion's leg, keeping him from leaving the apron.

Crowd: 25! 26! 27!

Redd steps through the ropes back to the apron and attempts to kick Big T off. T pulls on the trapped leg, yanking Redd off the ring apron. Big T climbs onto the apron in Redd's own corner, making sure no rescue interrupts the Ohio swing.

Crowd: 31! 32! 33! 34!

Redd stands back up, but Big T kicks him in the face from the ring apron.

Crowd: 40! 41! 42! 43! 44!

Gabriel Ohio begins to show signs of slowing down as he completes the 45th rotation of the giant swing. Jack Jones crosses his arms across his chest, hugging his shoulders.

Crowd: 46! 47! 48! 49! 50!

Gabriel releases Jack half way around, tossing him to the mat. Ohio falls to a knee, dizzy and winded.

Randy White: That is insane! John, are you feeling all right? Do you need a brown bag?

John Cartwright: I... I think I'll be alright. It's like the sun, I just can't look directly at it.

Big T returns to his corner as Gabriel Ohio climbs to his feet. Gabriel staggers to his team's corner and tags in T. Big T enters the ring and Jack Jones attempts a lariat, but misses wildly.

John Cartwright: Haha! Jack was too dizzy to connect!

Jones falls against the ropes, wobbly on his feet. Big T hooks Jack's left leg and takes him off his feet with a saito suplex.

Randy White: Leg-hook saito suplex by Big T.

John Cartwright: Did some homework after Konnely schooled us last week, Randy?

Big T stands, waving his arms in an effort to get the crowd behind him. T heads to the one neutral corner and climbs to the top rope, facing out of the ring.

John Cartwright: Going high risk here! This could be a mistake!

Jack Jones climbs to his feet, still unsteady. Big T dives off the top rope with a moonsault. The referee drops down to count a pin on Jones, but The Cowboy rolls through and uses The Icon's own momentum to pin him instead.



Big T kicks out.

Randy White: Almost had him! The Boss almost got caught!

John Cartwright: And almost cost his team the title shot, too.

Big T stands up and Jack Jones displays impressive strength to lift The Legend onto his shoulder. Jones runs towards the corner, driving T's back into the turnbuckles, then turning around and slamming him to the mat with an Oklahoma slam. Again the referee drops down to count a pin, but Jack doesn't go for one. Instead, he stands up and climbs to the top rope. Exterminator reaches up and slaps The Cowboy's cowboy boot as he dives off and hits Big T with the Out To Graze diving elbow. Jack now tries to pin, but the referee stops him.

John Cartwright: Exterminator tagged himself in, and Jack Jones did not realize it!

Randy White: Jack had temporarily dispatched The Coalition with that cowbell, but Hell's Fury has returned!

The referee forces Jack Jones to join Redd in his team's corner. Exterminator stands on the ring apron and leaps to the top rope. X dives onto T with the Xtermination Splash, staying on top for a pin.



Gabriel runs in and strikes Exterminator with a big boot to the face, breaking up the cover. Robert Garrett rushes in and takes out Gabriel Ohio with the Arcane Arrow.

Randy White: The Coalition is flying around the ring! Where did these guys come from?!

John Cartwright: They were knocked out on the floor for awhile, Randy, but that actually worked well for them. They could not be eliminated, and they let the other four guys beat on each other.

Randy White: Perhaps they were just playing possum, biding their time until they could strike.

Gabriel Ohio rolls out of the ring. Redd rushes in now and tosses Robert Garrett out to the floor. Redd turns to return to his corner but walks into a Superman Punch from Exterminator.

John Cartwright: Xclamation Point!

X pumps his fist down several times, gloating over the fallen STW Champion. Big T gets to a knee and sees his opening. He rolls up Exterminator from behind.



Exterminator powers out.

Randy White: The presence of Redd distracted Exterminator just for a second and almost got The Coalition eliminated!

John Cartwright: All in all, the referee has done a surprisingly good job of keeping order in that ring. Things got a little chaotic for a second, but these teams cleared the ring of illegal entrants.

Exterminator stands and looks at Big T, who is on his feet with the help of the ring ropes. X decides he doesn't want to fight T in a straight up one-on-one, so he tags Jack Jones again instead.

Randy White: Look at that, Exterminator couldn't attack Big T 2-on-1 or assault him while he was down, so he tags out to Jack Jones instead.

John Cartwright: What? It's smart strategy under these rules, Randy. As we've said numerous times, your team can't be eliminated if you're not in the ring. Let one of the opponent teams eliminate the other, then seize the day.

Jack Jones enters the ring and ties up with Big T. The 275-pound Icon easily shoves the 200-pound Cowboy to the canvas. Jack Jones rises to his feet again and surprises Big T with a clothesline. The Cowboy quickly climbs to the top rope again as Big T climbs to his feet. Jack Jones dives off and goes for the Night Sky. The Icon sidesteps The Cowboy's missile dropkick, causing him to crash to the mat.

Gabriel Ohio returns to the apron and Big T tags him in. Jack Jones stumbles to his feet and Gabriel Ohio is on him immediately, grabbing a double underhook. Ohio tosses Jones overhead and into the turnbuckles.

Randy White: That's the Anarchy!

John Cartwright: The Cowboy is in a world of trouble! He needs to get a tag, but his partner's been felled by the Xclamation Point! Only X and Garrett are available to tag!

Gabriel Ohio tags Big T right back in and T enters. T begins to stomp his foot and the crowd cheers, knowing what comes next.

Randy White: It could be Game Over, John!

Redd is kneeling on the floor in his team's corner, and uses the ring skirt and ropes to pull himself onto the apron where he could be tagged.

Jack Jones climbs to his feet and Big T hits the superkick he calls "Game Over." The Cowboy goes stiff and before he can fall Gabriel Ohio follows up with the Running Big Boot!

Randy White: Game Over! The End! A perfect combination of kicks!

John Cartwright: Thanks for coming, Jack!

Big T dives into a cover as Gabriel Ohio returns to the apron.




John Cartwright: Big T gets the first fall of the match!

Randy White: Holy c-... That also means that we are guaranteed a new World Heavyweight Champion! Jack Jones has been pinned, and Redd is eliminated! The champion is out of here!

Robyn Byrne: Ladies and gentlemen, JACK JONES and REDD have been ELIMINATED!

Winner of 1st Fall via Pinfall: BIG T
1st Team Eliminated: JACK JONES & REDD

Randy White: That's what I just said, damn it! I can't believe it! The champion's been dethroned, and he wasn't even pinned!

John Cartwright: Sorry, champ! You got screwed!

Still kneeling on the ring apron, Redd's eyes bug out as he realizes what's just happened. He stands up, energized and reawakened by the realization that he just lost his championship. Redd climbs into the ring and rushes at Big T, who's just climbed to his feet. Big T holds his hands up, signalling Redd to stop. The Boss offers his hand to Redd.

John Cartwright: Does Big T really think Redd will just shake his hand after The Boss just ended his championship reign?

Redd looks overwhelmed with feelings of sadness and rage, but begrudgingly shakes Big T's had.

Randy White: Well, there you have it...

Big T turns away like he is going to tag Gabriel Ohio back in. Redd suddenly snaps and grabs T in an inverted facelock. Redd lifts Big T, bounces his feet off the top rope, and delivers The Darkness to The Boss.

The referee grabs Redd and guides him to the ropes, telling him he has to leave. Redd reluctantly falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring. The crowd cheers as Redd backs up the ramp, looking disappointed. Robert Garrett rushes into the ring and pins Big T.



Big T thrusts and twists his whole body to kicks out.

Randy White: Robert Garrett almost stole the win and the title after The Darkness claimed Big T!

John Cartwright: Well, you can't grieve forever, Randy! It's down to The Coalition versus Team Tony, and Redd's outrage left Big T vulnerable!

The referee instructs Robert Garrett to let Big T get to his feet to let the match re-set fairly. The Natural One looks annoyed and points to Cassandra Caldwell like "she's your boss, too." Garrett unhappily obliges, and Big T gets up slowly.

John Cartwright: Well, let's just gather ourselves here. Jack and Redd have been eliminated, so we're down to a regular two-on-two tag team match. Whoever can score the next pinfall or submission will not only win the match, but become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Randy White: Big T and Gabriel Ohio versus The Coalition's Robert Garrett and Exterminator. I have to say, as much as I can't stand The Coalition and as much as you may hate Big T, John... any one of these four men would make a fine STW World Heavyweight Champion.

John Cartwright: Gabriel Ohio won that belt late last year and only relinquished it after a brutal Hell in a Cell match that ended in a draw but seriously damaged both men. He never lost that title like Redd just did. You're right, I do hate Big T, but The Reaper is the real deal. He absolutely deserves that title if he can win it back here tonight.

Robert Garrett steps towards Big T, who immediately tries for another Game Over. The Natural One catches The Icon's foot, but The Legend comes up with a counter of his own and hits an enziguiri.

Randy White: Robert Garrett and Big T actually have a lot in common if you look at the way they fight, and that sequence was a good example of that. Garrett uses a superkick, so he knew it was coming and how to counter it. Big T came right back with an enziguiri, which Robert Garrett has also been known to use.

John Cartwright: Garrett and X both have quite a lot in common with Big T, for two guys hellbent on destroying him. Similar styles. X and T are even the same size, the biggest two guys in this match at 6'4, 275. Although Exterminator flies around the ring like a cruiserweight, which Big T does not do as much.

Garrett climbs back to his feet and Big T hits him with the P.I.M.P Hand.

John Cartwright: Oh no! Not the Pimp Hand!

Randy White: That's P-I-M-P Hand to you, John!

Robert Garrett rolls away, preventing Big T from immediately covering. The Icon instead makes a tag to Gabriel Ohio. Garrett pulls himself up in the corner, where Gabriel catches him with a European uppercut. Gabriel whips Garrett to the ropes, where Exterminator uses the opportunity to make a blind tag. Ohio tosses Garrett up and hits another European uppercut.

Randy White: Ouch! Gabriel throwing those killer uppercuts with precision!

John Cartwright: But Exterminator made the tag, he's the legal man!

Exterminator has perched himself on the top rope, drawing the attention of Gabriel Ohio. Ohio takes a step toward Exterminator, who dives off the top rope with a missile dropkick, knocking Gabriel down. Exterminator tries to pin him quickly before he can rest and recover.



Ohio instinctively kicks out.

Exterminator returns to the ring apron as Robert Garrett rolls out of the ring. X jumps to the top rope and tries to hit an X-Termination Splash for the second time in the match. Out of nowhere Gabriel Ohio hops up and catches Exterminator in mid-dive with a jumping cutter.

Randy White: Martyrdom! Exterminator's just been Martyred for The Coalition cause!

John Cartwright: Gabriel Ohio looked finished! The Martyrdom came straight outta nowhere!

Gabriel Ohio stands and makes a dive for his corner, tagging in Big T again.

Randy White: Big T and Gabriel wisely using frequent tags to assure that they don't take too much punishment or stay in the ring too long.

John Cartwright: Perfect tag team wrestling strategy.

Exterminator gets to his knees and Big T slaps on a front facelock. T drags X to his feet, perhaps looking for the Change The Game. X slips out and counters into an armbreaker or single-arm DDT reversal.

John Cartwright: Beautifully executed reversal.

Exterminator whips Big T to The Coalition corner. X backs to the corner diagonally opposite, leans against the turnbuckles and then runs at T, crashing into him with a jumping corner body splash.

Randy White: Exterminator with an "X Splash," if you will.

John Cartwright: Called a Stinger Splash, but I don't really know why.

Exterminator tags in Robert Garrett, keeping the pressure on Big T. Robert Garrett climbs into the ring confidently and grabs T in a double underhook. Garrett snaps off the butterfly DDT that he calls "True Beauty."

Randy White: Like him or not, Robert Garrett's True Beauty is aptly named. It's truly a thing of beauty!

Garrett arrogantly covers Big T, shoving The Boss's cheek into the canvas.



Big T rolls a shoulder up.

John Cartwright: Damn it! Two and nine-tenths! Big T is a tough sumbitch, I'll give him that!

Robert Garrett stalks Big T and gestures around his waist, sensing the World Heavyweight Championship is within his reach. Big T gets up slowly and Robert Garrett runs at him, perhaps thinking about another Arcane Arrow spear. Big T instead catches Garrett with an inverted atomic drop, followed by a right hand to knock The Star down. Robert stands and walks into another inverted atomic drop, this time followed up with a clothesline. Big T dives towards his corner after hitting the clothesline, and The Icon makes the tag to Gabriel Ohio.

Randy White: Much needed tag after Big T fell victim to the True Beauty. He'll get a rest as Ohio comes back in.

The Reaper enters and kicks Robert Garrett in the gut. Gabriel delivers a double powerbomb, followed by a double foot stomp, then falls into a cover.



Exterminator breaks up the pin, perhaps saving his team from defeat.

Gabriel Ohio stands up and grabs Exterminator, taking matters into his own hands and tossing him out to the floor. When Ohio turns around, Garrett hits him with the Arcane Arrow spear for the second time in the match. The Natural One stands up and signals for the end, looking to put Gabriel away.

Gabriel Ohio rises to his feet, clutching his abdomen. Robert Garrett manuevers into position behind him and lifts him as if going for a back suplex. The Star flips The Reaper over and drops him into a cutter, connecting with the Natural Selection.

John Cartwright: Natural Selection by Robert Garrett! That's going to do it! The Coalition wins!

Big T rushes into the ring to help his partner out, but Robert Garrett ducks out of the way of a Game Over. Exterminator slides back into the ring and drops Big T with an Xclamation Point for his troubles.

John Cartwright: There goes The Boss! See ya'!

Robert Garrett sees the opening and dives on top of Gabriel Ohio for another cover.



Gabriel Ohio kicks out!

Randy White: Amazing! The Reaper somehow has enough fight and strength left to kick out.

Garrett presses Ohio onto his back again and hooks the leg, trying again to get the win.



Again Ohio gets the shoulder up!

Randy White: How on Earth is he doing this?!

John Cartwright: It's superhuman!

Robert Garrett lifts Gabriel Ohio up onto his knees and applies a guillotine choke, getting the legs around his torso and falling back to the canvas.

John Cartwright: The Star locks in the Star Power! There's no way even The Reaper survives THIS! There's no escape!

It appears as though Gabriel Ohio may well be finished as the referee raises The Reaper's arm. It falls limply back to his side..

Ref: 1!

Again the referee raises Gabriel's arm, and again it falls without resistance.

Ref: 2!

The referee lifts Gabriel Ohio's arm for what would be the final time, but this time the arm only drops half way before The Reaper shoots it back up to the sky.

Randy White: Gabriel stays in the fight!

John Cartwright: But for how much longer? Surely he cannot withstand this hold for very long.

Gabriel Ohio plants his feet under him and lifts Robert Garrett off the mat. Gabriel then tosses Garrett up high with a pop-up, once again connecting with a European uppercut. Gabriel runs at X, who was playing guard dog and cheerleader at the same time, and hits him with The End!

Randy White: I think that's The End of Hell's Fury for tonight!

John Cartwright: And then there were two!

Gabriel Ohio collapses to the mat, having exhausted perhaps his final burst of energy. Robert Garrett rises slowly to his fight, clutching his chest and trying to catch his breath. Gabriel gets to a knee, and Garrett runs at him once again. Ohio catches him with a spinning side slam breaker, and looks to deliver the swinging complete shot that makes up his SOUL REAPER finisher.

Randy White: Gabriel's got him set up for that reverse STO!

Robert Garrett slips out and moves behind Gabriel Ohio. Garrett again lifts Gabriel up and drops him with the NATURAL SELECTION!

John Cartwright: Naturally MASTERFUL counter by The Natural One! A second Natural Selection, and Gabriel Ohio is surely finished this time!

Garrett turns over into a cover.



Ohio kicks out AGAIN!

John Cartwright: WHAT?!

Randy White: There is NO WAY!

Robert Garrett questions the referee in stunned disbelief. He pounds the mat in frustration before climbing to his feet and setting up in the corner. Gabriel Ohio rolls to his stomach, but doesn't move otherwise. The crowd is going nuts as Robert Garrett as Gabriel with malicious intent.

John Cartwright: What is it going to take? What is it going to take to keep Gabriel down?

Gabriel places his palms on the mat and pushes his torso off the mat, then brings his knees in so that he's on all fours almost like a Greco Roman or Freestyle wrestler assuming the bottom position.

Robert Garrett pulls himself upright and runs at Gabriel Ohio, connecting with a Punt kick right to the head.

Randy White: Oh Good God! Wicked boot to the head!

Immediately the referee begins to wave his arms and he signals for the bell.

John Cartwright: What?! What is that? Nobody else was pinned, nobody tapped out. Is that it?

Cassandra Caldwell begins to jump up and down at ringside, bouncing with delight.

The referee grabs Robert Garrett's wrist and raises his arm, and Robert raises the other arm as well. "Born To Rise" by Redlight King hits as Robert Garrett celebrates. John Cartwright: Yes! YES! The Coalition has done it! The Coalition has WON! Robert Garrett is the NEW CHAMP!

Robyn Byrne: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has determined that he cannot allow Gabriel Ohio to continue. Therefore, the winners of this match... Robert Garrett... and Exterminator... THE COALITION! And the NEW STW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... "THE NATURAL ONE"... ROBERT GARRETT!

Randy White: My God. I cannot believe this. I think the referee made the right call stopping the assault on a defenseless Gabriel Ohio, but quite frankly this SUCKS! This is one of the darkest days in STW history! Cassandra Caldwell's hand-picked champion has done it! Robert Garrett has become the new STW World Heavyweight Champion!

Exterminator rushes into the ring as if he and Garrett have just won the Super Bowl, as the referee hands the STW Championship belt over to The Star. Cassandra Caldwell joins her men in the ring and gives Robert Garrett a big hug. Confetti reigns down from the rafters, and the stunned crowd begins to boo.

Soon beer cups and bags of popcorn are being thrown from the stands as arena security attempts to control the enraged mob.

Suddenly "Enter Sandman" by Metallica hits the loudspeakers. Garrett looks to the stage, confusion on his face. Exterminator looks furious and concerned as Cassandra Caldwell just yells frantically, annoyed that her moment was interrupted.

The camera pans up to the stage area, but no one emerges. The cheers of the crowd fade as nothing appears to happen. "Enter Sandman" soon cuts off and "Born To Rise" begins again. The Coalition regroups and continues to celebrate.

Winner of 2nd Fall via Pinfall: ROBERT GARRETT
2nd Team Eliminated: BIG T & GABRIEL OHIO


The Coalition continues their celebration but it comes to a screeching halt when...


The guitar rips through the speakers and the arena gets dark as "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack plays. Reno Destiny walks through the curtain and stares out to the crowd pointing and talking, raising his hands for them to stand up on their feet. He walks down the ramp with his arms out and eyes to the ring. He walks up the steps and looks towards the audience and climbs the turnbuckle raising his hands and camera flashes flood the arena. He gets down and enters the ring. The music fades out as Reno Destiny stands across the ring from the successful Coalition.

Randy White: What's going to happen here?

John Cartwright: What do you mean? He's come out to congratulate The Coalition and join in on the celebration.

Randy White: I don't know, John. I'm not seeing a whole lot of congratulating and celebrating going on right now.

John Cartwright: Reno and Robert Garrett don't know each other, thats all. You don't go showing love to another man you don't know. They'll feel each other out and become best buddies.

Slowly Reno Destiny and the new STW Champion Robert Garrett meet in the center of the the ring. They stare down each other in the eyes. Commissioner Cassandra Caldwell enters the scene trying to make sure everything and everybody is cool. Reno Destiny turns to Triple C and shoots her a quick smile. Then out of nowhere Reno nearly takes Garrett's head off with a Shut Down clothesline.

Randy White: OOOOOHHHHH!!!

John Cartwright: What the hell he'd just do?!?!

Randy White: He took the champs head off!!!

The crowd is shocked but they aren't the only ones as both Triple C and Exterminator both can't believe what they've just saw. Triple C looks at Reno.

Cassandra Caldwell: What are you doing, Reno?

Reno begins stalking toward her and that draws Exterminator closer to him. Reno turns toward Exterminator and catches him with a stiff kick to the gut. Reno runs and bounces off the ropes and wipes out Exterminator with A Collision Course.

Randy White: Reno Destiny has put The Coalition Team down!!!

John Cartwright: I don't understand what he's thinking. These are Cassandra's guys. I'm confused.

"I Stand Alone" hits again and Reno Destiny climbs up on the middle rope and raises his fists in the air. The American Airlines Arena fills with cheers and applause for him.

Randy White: Well, well. It looks like Reno and Cassandra are no longer living in a happy home.

John Cartwright: This is just a case of misunderstanding. They'll work it out and everything will be A-ok. You'll see.

Randy White: Well maybe we'll find out sometime between now and the Lethal Lottery XV pay per view....thats in just two short weeks live from Charlotte, North Carolina's Time Warner Cable Arena. For John Cartwright, I am Randy White, Good Night, Good Fight.

STW REVENGE: Bring The Heat slowly fades out with Reno Destiny at the top of the ramp and Cassandra Caldwell in the ring looking up at him still with a bewildered look on her face.

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