Strike Towers Wrestling
Tuesday Night Titans

With Randy White and John Cartwright
Tuesday Night 9:00pm
Live From: Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon

STW Logo flashes on your viewing device before the opening video of Tuesday Night Titans rolls with the theme song. We go inside the Rose Garden to ringside.

RW: Welcome to another episode of Tuesday Night Titans! We are live in Portland, Oregon inside the Rose Garden where the NBA's Trailblazers play! Theres something in the air tonight, John. I can smell it.

JC: Wasn't me!

RW: Not that you knucklehead! Lets go to the ring.

Randy nods his head in amazement at John Cartwright.

Standard Match

JC: Yes I can't wait to see what great things are being rolled out for us tonight.

"Nights in White Satin" by The Moody Blues starts to play, as Andrew Barnes walks out from the back with his head down and hair covering his face.

Robyn Byrne: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 275 pounds and hailing from Detroit, Michigan ... ANDREW BARNES!

Andrew walks down to the ring and slides in. He wipes the hair back and away from his face.

JC: He looks to be rested and able to go.

The arena goes dark and then all of the sudden pyro blasts off through the arena, and Rien Web walks out from behind the curtain to a gigantic pop. He runs down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He hops around the ring and waits for his opponent.

RW : He also looks pretty fresh. Probably from jerkin off the whole time he been absent.

- Suddenly the lights go dark the crowd turning on there smart phones to try to shed some light onto the ring. a Red Triangle illuminates the ring and then the lights cut back on... The Ring is surrounded by 3 men in black hoodies and masks. one member of the trio steps up on the apron Rien and Andrew look at eachother and then look at the men outside the ring. -

JC: they dont look like they are here to say welcome back at all

- One man slides into the ring and clothes lines andrew.. the other hopes to the top rope and and knee strikes rien. the other just walks in and looks down.. he signals the 2 to lift him. as the other 2 lift he smacks the canvas twice and growls at them lifting andrew barns up.. He kicks him in the midsection and sets him up for a power bomb type menuver. He looks around and he lifts him in the air and in one swift motion he lets go and as he falls he catches him by the midsection and spinal slams him to the matt..


JC: That man just broke him in half. i can't believe this... this is uncalled for WHO ARE THESE GUYS

RW:...shouldn't it be obvious. that triangle we saw has been here for weeks and we know who is behing this . This is the orders work. Reno destiny has been speaking of new members all week long and maybe one of these goons is his tag team partner for tonight.

-- the one man looks over and rien and picks him up also. the other man gets a pair of chairs and give it to the other. he knees webb down as the two men handle the chairs ... swinging them at the same time at webbs head crashing into eachother like a sandwich.


RW: This is sick , i mean truley , we havent seen something like this in a long time

-- the Tron cuts on in the arena and it is the face of reno destiny standing a a podium , next to him the speaker for the order Darrel --

My Name is Darrel.. and i am the voice of the new order of strike towers. Dont be afraid because of what you see in the ring, thoese men were sacrafices to the cause, and they were examples. Examples to any man who stands in the orders way. Head these warnings please ... i beg all of you.

Reno Destiny : Respect..........that

JC wow...

Winner: No Contest

Standard Tag Team Match - #1 Contenders to Tag Team Titles

I CANT STOP , Stop , stop , stop , stop, stop ..." the lights lower in the arena and the strobe lights hit the stage. the camera pans the crowd from the opposite side of the ring as fans stand up in front of the camera. the video screen shows 3 lions on it and then right before the beat drops the pyro bangs " I CANT STOP, THIS IS SOMETHING LIKE THE HOLOCAUST.. MILLIONS OF OUR PEOPLE LOST, BOW OUR HEADS AND PRAY TO THE LAWD, WHEN I DIE IMMA FUCKIN BALL " Reno steps out on the rafters in the nosebleeds with his hands out screaming to the fans below him, he looks to his left and then looks to his right as the triangle stand beside him and he starts to walk through the crowd. Walking past the fans as they tap him on his shoulder and try to give him high fives , he makes it to the guard rail and hops over keeping his head to the ground. taking off his hoodie he slides into the ring and looks to climb the turnbuckle. Looking out to the crowd he urges them to get louder raising his hands yelling at them to stand up. He turns around on the turnbuckle and has a seat and waits for his opponents.

Reno takes the mic “Tonight I was going to reveal my tag team partner but circumstances beyond his control he could not make it here tonight. So I will face both Redd and Jude alone tonight.

The Ballad hits as Jude and Redd come out. Jude with a mic in hand.

Jude: We don’t do such petty things. My brother Redd has agreed to go on tonight on his own.

RW: Wow ok, Redd vs. Reno one on one tonight.

Redd gets in the ring and the ref gives them the rules. They both nod as the bell rings and they are off.

Reno with a forearm to the face of Redd then an elbow to the head then a headbutt! Redd hits the mat hard.

All of a sudden some music hits

RW: What the heck now?!

A female voice says “The Head Bytch In Charge is back” and Precious comes strolling out looking hotter than hell.

Reno and Redd stop the match and both just stare at her.

RW: Talking about a show stopper.

JC: Yowza

Precious waves with her fingers towards RW and JC who both just smile like dorks.

She waves at Reno and Redd who both have the same stupid smiles on their faces, as soon as she goes back stage the trance is over and they go back to killing each other.

Reno out of nowhere hitshis Respected and quickly covers 1………….2…………3!!!!

RW: Reno wins! Reno wins!

JC: Hopefully our main event is as good.

Winner: RENO DESTINY via Pinfall

Triple Threat Match - #1 Contender to TV Title

All three are already in the ring as the bell sounds.

RW: here we go.

Psycho starts it off with a double clothesline on both Jack and Mike. Psycho runs across and rolls with a tequila sunrise just as Jack was getting up.

JC: Quick start by Psycho he keeps improving every week. He may just have a bright future in STW.

Psycho climbs up the turnbuckle and appears to be going all Jimmy Snuka on Jack, Psycho flies but out of nowhere Mike catches him in mid air with a missle drop kick!

RW: Holy crap, Psycho just had a major mid air collision and that don’t look right at all, Psycho is in real pain as he just rolled out of the ring.

EMTs rush to Psycho and start working on him as Mike now focuses on Jack Jones.

Zybala now tries an elbow drop but Jack rolls out of the way and flip kicks Mike in the face. Jack monkey flips him into the middle of the ring and then does a drop toe hold on his neck. Jack goes for the cover as the ref counts 1…………2…………..kickout!

RW: Close but not good enough.

Jack goes for a Hurricana but Mike catches him in the air and switches his own momentum into a spinebuster that shakes the ring!

JC: Now that was monster!

Mike covers Jack as we hear 1……….2………….kickout!

RW: Man how did Jack kick out of that? Impressive!

Mike cant believe it either he stands up and stands Jack and finally hits his Mind Eraser as the crowd cheer and everyone counts 1…………2………3!!!

JC: Mike Zybala takes the match and is the new #1 contender to the Television Title.

Winner: MIKE Z via Pinfall

Standard Match

JC: Ok here comes our next match of the night.

The arena lights dim to black. Soon, the stage fills up with greyish smoke as "The Phoenix" Performed By "Fall Out Boy" begins playing throughout the pa system in the arena. The fans in the audience all rise too the feet watch the entrance area as the titan tron lights up with the words "The Rising Phoenix" then below those words their is "One Dream" then from the back, Xavier Ayers walks out wearing his black leather jacket covering his STW Television Championship. Xavier pull's his jacket open to show the crowd his title as he poses at the top of the stage as the arena abrupt in cheers. Xavier Ayers then removes his jacket and runs towards the ring and slides through the bottom rope on his backside then jumping up tosses his right up showing the crowd his appreciation for being there for him. Xavier taunts the fans by pointing to his title a few more times as the lights fade back too normal and the pa system cuts his music.

RW: Our former TV champ looks ready to go.

The Boys are back in town by Thin Lizzy hits as the Immortal one Glenn Owen steps from behind the curtain and makes his way to the ring to a huge roar from the crowd.

JC: I still cant get over the fact that he is actually here again.

RW: Join the club.

JC: You feel the same way huh?

RW: Yes but you should definitely join the fan club. is fan club dedicated to all things Owen.

JC: cool!

They stand toe to toe as the bell rings and Glenn with a flying knee to the face of Ayers.

RW: Ouch!

Glenn with his Chubb Clutch then picks Ayers up and hits his spinning DDT!

JC: I that its over.

Glenn rolls over Ayers as the ref counts 1………2………..3!!!

RW: Glenn wins!

Owen gets up and just smiles at someone in the crowd and just walks away.

Winner: GLENN OWEN via Pinfall

Standard Match - STW World Heavyweight Title

Emerson comes first to the ring followed by DVD. The bell rings, and DVD just hands over the title to Emerson and walks away.

RW: Well I guess its true, age before beauty.

JC: We have a new world champion with Emerson Embry.

RW: That’s it for tonight folks join us next week.

JC: Till then goodnight and god bless.

Winner: EMERSON via Forfeit

DVD walks up the ramp and gives one last final sendoff before walking backstage. Emersons music plays as he half heartedly celebrates.

RW: Always a class act is Dave Van Dam.

JC: Been one of my favs for a decade and a half. But he's old news and the new news is the new champion Emerson.

RW: Very true. We can only imagine whats in store for our new world champ.

Emersons music cuts out and the Rose Garden goes pitch black except the StrikeTron and on that we see two dollar pieces spinning on a table. They slow down and eventually come to a halt. On them is the face of SFT Hall of Famer and former World Champion BIG T!

RW: He's come home!

JC: Thank god!!!

Big T walks out from behind the curtain wearing a very expensive looking suit and jacket. He walks nonchalantly to the center of the staging as the Portland crown erupts.

RW: Gotta wonder why he's back.

JC: To do what he always does... Stir up shit!!

Big T reaches into his jacket and pulls out a mic. He lifts it to his lips and speaks.

Big T: Sup?

The crowd erupts again and Big T smirks and smiles.

Big T: Im feeling the love here in Portland!!!! Wheres all my blazers at?!

The home crowd goes nuts over the mention of there Trailblazers by The Legend.

Big T: Clips going down baby!!

The crowd cheers some more as Big T laughs and smiles.

RW: He's certainly enjoying himself.

JC: Always has, always will!

The crowd dies down and Big T gets to business.

Big T: Over the years, like many legends, ive come and gone. Sometimes Id stay for a couple months and other times id hang around for a year. But no matter what I always came out here and gave my all. Nothing will change this time around.

RW: Good to hear.

Big T: And as your boss I promise to do a better job than my brother Anthony Jesus.

JC: Did he say boss??

Big T: First of all people keep asking about a pay per view. In 4 weeks Tuesday May 27th will be our next pay per view event. And at that show were going to have ourselves a Clash of the Champions Main Event Fatal Four Way Elimination Match. The only way to get into that match is by holding a championship. The Tag Champions, TV Champion, nd World Champion will all enter. The last man standing will be the World Champion. But luckily for those title holders they will still leave a champion. The first and second eliminations will be the Tag Team champions and the final elimination will be the TV Champion. But just saw all the champions know you'll be competing in title defenses that same night before the Clash of the Champions Match. Double Duty. Its going to be a great pay per view and even better month leading up to it. See you all next week.

"Boss' Life" by Snoop Dogg plays as Big T walks backstage.

RW: Big T is back and in charge! Are we in trouble?

JC: We couldnt be any worse off.

RW: Good Point. See you all next Tuesday!

Fade to black...

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