Strike Towers Wrestling
Tuesday Night Titans

With Randy White and John Cartwright
May 13, 2014
Tuesday Night 9:00pm
Live From: MetraPark Arena in Billings, Montana

The STW logo flashes across your television screens as Titans goes live on TNT. The Tuesday Night Titans theme music plays as images from Strike Towers past are shown that includes Hall of Famers and Legends alike. We go inside the MetraPark Arena from Billings, Montana. We see all the fans cheering and holding up signs. We go to ringside with Randy White and John Cartwright.

RW: Welcome to Tuesday Night Titans on TNT!! We're live in Billings, Montana!

JC: Were so far north I can smell the maple leafs in Canada.

RW: Roll Harold and Big T a fatty with one of them maple leafs.

Randy and John giggle and chuckle as we go to the ring.

Precious vs. TK Money
Standard Match

As im good at being badd plays Precious comes out with Sweetheart and Harold and she goes to the ring and she puts on leg on the ring then the other doing the splits and then slides under the tope rope as Sweetheart slowly gets in the ring and Harold watches Precious from behind..

RW: God I hate Harold.

JC: Did you join the I hate Harold fan club yet?

RW: Yes I did hah!

T.K. walks to the ring loosening his wrists and stretching his neck. Meanwhile on the StrikeTron images of him in his matches are showing and watermarked in them are his accomplishments shown at the tempo of the notes, during the sustained notes the words "SFT Hero" become static for the length of the note.

JC: Here we go.

The bell rings and TK starts the match with a running forearm then a standing side kick. He grabs Precious and hits a beautiful Evenflow DDT that TK now calls his Impact DDT! TK with the cover as the ref counts 1………….2…………..kickout by Precious!

Harold cheering her on.

TK goes for a midsection headbutt but Precious puts a knee in front.

RW: Sneaky TK thinking he could get his face in there, nuh uh, no way Jose! Hah!

Precious now gets up and slingshots herself across the ropes and hits TK with a shining wizard kick.

Precious tries a cover but gets a 1 count only. Precious gets up and TK hits her in the face with his boot! TK now with a quick snapmare followed by a dropkick to the face! TK now smelling blood in the water bounces off the ropes with a springboard Moonsault!

RW: Beautifully done.

TK with the cover the ref counts 1…………2…………kickout!

JC: I thought for sure it was done right there.

TK cant believe his eyes either.

RW: That philly has got some strength in her.

Harold is being the best chubby cheerleader he can be.

Precious sweeps the legs and runs up into the turnbuckle as TK is getting up she nails him with her Precious Dog! Precious covers

RW: Oh my!

The ref counts 1..2...3! TK kicks out a millisecond too late and is arguing with the ref about the fast count.

JC: That was a lil fast in my opinion.

Harold gets in the ring kisses Precious and they high tail it out of the ring.

Winner: Precious via Pinfall

We go backstage to see Big T in a very expensive looking suit walking down a hallway. He comes to a locker room door and the name of the Television Champion Reno Destiny is upon it. He walks right into Reno's locker room without knocking. Reno is sitting on a couch with the TV Title laying next to him. He stands up when he sees Big T enter. They go face to face.

Big T: I bet you think you're real smart, huh Reno?

Reno smirks as he responds.

Reno Destiny: Well....yeah. Did you really think after getting a World Title shot I'm going to let myself get hurt in a handicap match? It's called strategy and you know damn well if you were in my boots you'd do the same damn thing.

Big T: I'm not in your boots Reno and I don't like being taken advantage of. I tried to be fair to you and thats how you repay me. Well Reno every action has a reaction and my reaction you dumb shit is this...

Big T walks over to the couch and picks up the Television Title. Reno grabs it out of Big T's hands.

Reno Destiny: Don't touch my property Tony.

Big T: Last I looked thats the STW Television Title not the Reno's A Dink Title. And since I'm the boss and i'm in charge I get to do what I want. So your choice is TV Title orrrrrrrr, not and, or World Title match against Emerson later tonight.

Reno Destiny: You can't do that!

Big T: I just did.

Big T returns the cocky smirk Reno gave him a moment ago.

Big T: So whats it gonna be?

Reno is fuming but reluctantly decides to hand over the TV Title in favor for the World Title match.

Big T: Wise choice Reno, cant blame you taking the title shot. How many chances can one get at being the man, I myself have gotten very few opportunities. Better make the best of it, might not get another one anytime soon.

Reno goes from raging anger to laughter. Big T remains confident as Reno laughs.

Big T: Feeling real confident, aren't you Reno? Confidence is good. You know what they say, he who laughs last laughs loudest.

Reno Destiny: They do say it and I got confidence coming out of my johnson. I'll be YOUR World Champ after tonight.

Big T: I wouldn't be so sure. You know I'm a Jesus and Jesus hears all and importantly sees all. Like last weeks Titans when you.......and your friend jumped Glenn Owen. So guess what, for you to become World Heavyweight Champion you're going to do it inside of a steel cage.

Reno Destiny looks pissed off as he stares daggers at Big T.

Big T: Every action has a reaction. I told you I dont like being taken advantage of.

With the TV Title over his shoulder Big T exits Reno Destiny's locker room. But he pokes his head back in and lets out a roaring laugh before leaving.

Gabriel Ohio vs. Glenn Owen
Standard Match

Thin Lizzy starts to play as Glenn is making his way out to the ring he doesn’t get far as Gabriel Ohio attacks him from behind with a double axe handle and he keeps hacking away all the way to the ring. Gabriel throws Glenn in and the bell sounds off.

RW: interesting way to start the match.

Ohio now with a Death Valley Driver followed by a Mississippi Slam he goes for the cover on Glenn and the ref counts 1....2......kickout!

JC: Talk about upset of the century had that happened.

Ohio now with a Texas Two step as he shuffles his feet and hits a bionic elbow.

RW: Am I the only one seeing the trend here?

Ohio locks in an Indian Deathlock as they struggle. Glenn lets himself fall hard as Ohio loses his grip. Glenn now with a little breakdancing move as he is up quick and with a backflip kick right in the chin of Ohio. Glenn now with a superkick as Ohio is getting up!

JC: that might be it!

Glenn covers as the ref counts 1………2……….kickout!

RW: Close but no go.

Glenn and Gabriel both stand up and they run at each other as they clothesline each other at the same time, Gabriel rolls into a corner as Glenn is on the mat also almost halfway out cold.

JC: Wow!

RW: What the hell is this!

Reno Runs from behind the commentators form the crowd and slides in the ring and from nothing ... Hits the colision course on Glenn Owen.

JC: What in the hell is this? Reno.. Helping Gabriel Ohio??

Gabriel stands up and looks at Reno and they both give each other a nod and they proceed to beat down on Glenn. The ref calls for the bell disqualifying Gabriel Ohio.

Winner: Glenn Owen via DQ

JC: Tell me this is not happening... Gabriel??? in the Order???

RW: This is not right Reno has been on glen owen for a while now and it looks like he has brought Gabriel into his fold.

Reno Looks at Glenn on the ground after repeated stomps. he stares down and then tell Gabriel to get a couple of chairs.

JC: Oh no.. This is not looking good for Glenn we need our damn security out here NOW!!

Gabriel hands him a chair and sits Glenn up. after grabbing the chair himself he picks up the chair and begins to gather up his swing but glen pushes them both out the way and cloths lines Gabriel but before he can turn around Reno Smacks him in the head with the chair.

RW: Oh My Gaddd

Glenn lays there motionless and reno is going crazy in the ring swinging his chair screaming as he is amped up from hitting glenn with the chair. he throws the chair down and then picks him up for the Respected...and spikes him down.

JC: Reno has a serious axe to grind with Glenn I see and he wont rest till he gets what he wants.

RW: Lets hope he is ready for his championship match tonight.

He stands over and raises gabriels hand as his music hits.. screaming Welcome to the Order!

Xavier Ayers vs. Twilight
Standard Match

Both Ayers and Twilight are already in the ring. The bell rings.

RW: Who is your bet to win tonight?

JC: Whoever has their arm raised at the end of the match hahaha.

RW: Smartass

JC: My ass is a lot of things but smart is not one of them.

Twilight begins the match with a forearm followed by a clothesline! Twilight doesn’t stop the offense hitting a knee to the head. Twilight picks up Ayers and does a Vertabreaker! Twilight covers Ayers and the ref slowly counts 1…..2……..3!!!

RW: Well that match was a bit of a letdown.

JC: You think?

RW: Good win for Twilight though.

JC: Duh haha

Winner: Twilight via Pinfall

Reno Destiny vs. Emerson (c)
Steel Cage Match

The steel cage comes down on both Reno Destiny and Emerson Embry. Emerson looks around and doesn’t like the looks of this.

RW: If I were Emerson I wouldn’t be too happy about this either.

JC: Well he is the world champ and he should have some say so on these things.

Reno is just smiling.

RW: And Reno is loving it.

The ref gives each the rules and the bell rings. Emerson with a high flying knee to start it off and catches Reno right in the face. Emerson with a quick cover 1……….2……….kickout!

RW: Reno is not losing that fast.

Emerson picks up Reno by the hair and throws him face first into the cage, and then rakes his face across the steel cage busting him wide open!

JC: Whoa Emerson showsing some viciousness with that.

RW: I like that a lot, good for Emerson!

Reno is hurt and Emerson continues the assault. Emerson grabs up Reno while he's on the mat and starts laying in punches to the open cut.

RW: Emerson has come NOT to play.

JC: Reno questioned his being handed the title by Van Dam, I think Emerson just wants to make it clear he's the real McCoy.

Emerson picks up Reno off the mat. Emerson whips Reno across the ring into the turnbuckles. Emerson charges at Reno but Reno gets a boot up causing Emerson to stagger backwards. Emerson charges again into the corner and this time Reno moves out of the way. Emerson crashes chest first into the top turnbuckle. He moves backward and is snatched up by Reno for a german suplex.

RW: Em might need a visit to Dr. Alan Harper for a chiropractic adjustment for his neck.

JC: I don't think he'll be putting ears to thighs anytime soon.

Reno climbs up to the top rope. He grasps the steel cage waiting for Emerson to get up. Emerson pulls himself to his feet but thats when Reno flies through the air nailing Emerson with a knee to the head.

JC: Air Reno!

RW: Looks like Reno's going to climb.

JC: Blood coming down his face.

Reno climbs up the ropes using the cage to keep his balance. As Reno reaches the top rope Emerson starts getting to his feet. Reno starts bouncing on the top rope but before he can jump up to the top of the cage Emerson grabs his foot. Reno kicks Emerson away and quickly launches himself up to the top of the steel cage.

RW: Agile.

JC: Nimble.

Reno swings his leg over so he's straddling the cage. Emerson is quickly climbing the ropes and once to the top rope he grabs Reno's leg. When Reno reaches down trying to grab Emerson he gets decked with a punch by the World Champ. Emerson grabs Reno's ankle and locks on the One Swift Motion.

RW: Emerson has Reno in his own hold!

JC: He's cranking that ankle.

Emerson releases the hold and similar to Reno a moment ago he launches himself up to the top of the steel cage.

JC: The former TV Champion and current World Champ are perched on top of this steel cage.

RW: All we can hope is they don't fall off. Its a long way down.

Reno is in some pain from the ankle lock and since his focus isnt on Emerson he swings his leg over and starts to climb down the cage. Reno notices this and grabs Emerson in a front face lock.

RW: Emerson's lower body is dangling in the wind. If not for Reno he'd be falling several feet to the floor below.

JC: And retain his championship. Might be crippled but he'd still be champ.

Reno pulls Emerson back up a little bit. Emerson grabs the cage so he doesnt fall like Wile E. Coyote. Reno Destiny swings his leg over and begins his descent down the steel cage. Emerson punches Reno. Emerson punches Reno again. Emerson climbs down a bit more to about the half way point before Reno punches him a couple times. Reno climbs down some and both are at the half way point.

RW: Either guy could win!

Emerson punches Reno. Reno punches Emerson. Emerson punches Reno again. But Reno answers right back. Reno with another punch. And another punch. Reno climbs down a bit more but not far enough as Emerson pokes him in the eye stopping him from going any further. Emerson climbs down only to get poked in the eye by Reno Destiny.

JC: Oh great! Now we got two half blind wrestlers hanging on the side of a steel cage.

Reno grabs Emerson by the back of the head and tries ramming his head into the cold steel cage but Emerson blocks.


Emerson catches Reno in the ribs. Reno holds his side. Emerson grabs Reno and slams his head, open cut first, into the cage. Reno is dangling off the cage by a couple fingers. Emerson tries to climb down but as he does Reno looses grip and falls to the floor.



JC: That last face smash to the cage sent Reno off the cage and as he lays on the ground all bloody right now, he is the World Heavyweight Champion.

Emerson climbs down to the floor. He staggers backward against the guardrail and it looks to be the only thing keeping him upright.

Winner: Reno Destiny via Escape

Medical staff and referees come out to attend to both wrestlers.

RW: These guys had quite the battle. Great entertainment! If this match is any indication of what Madness & Mayhem is going to be like we might wanna get more insurance. Health and Life.

JC: You ain't joking brother.

A ref grabs the World Title and drapes it over Reno's lap as the medics try to stop the bleeding. Reno doesn't see the title but he feels it and you can see him try to crack a smile but he's in alot of pain. As the camera focuses on the face of Reno Destiny the scene cuts to a monitor backstage. As the camera zooms out we see its the office of The Boss Big T. He's been watching the match and he sees the smile on Reno Destiny's face.

Big T: Gots to be the luckiest son bitch in the history of the Towers. Ok Reno, enjoy the spoils. You will defend that title at Madness & Mayhem. And to figure out who you'll face we're gonna have a triple threat next week in potato country. Saint Jude. Glenn Owen. And after the valiant defense tonight I gotta put Emerson in there. He earned it. But you know what Reno I dislike you so much that before you defend the World Title at M&M...Hey my old partner from XCW days, wonder how that bastards're going to cash in your #1 contendership to the Tag Titles. You and Gabriel Ohio will face Mike Z and whomever he finds to be his partner for the Tag Titles. But thats the PPV, still got Boise next week for Titans. And im gonna give you and your pal Gabe a chance to fine tune your team continuity. Against multiple time Tag Team champions Twilight and TK Money, better known as Blood Money. And Reno, if you and Gabriel can't defeat Blood Money by pinfall or submission they'll be joining that Tag Title match at Madness & Mayhem.

Big T stares into hard into the camera and talks directly to Reno Destiny.

Big T: Nobody takes advantage of my good nature. I'm going to do everything I can to make you lose that title. I WILL!... Laugh last.

With an evil look in his eyes and the hatred he now has for Reno Destiny we can almost see Big T's heart.......

....Fade to black...

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