Strike Towers Wrestling
Tuesday Night Titans

With Randy White and John Cartwright
August 12, 2014
Tuesday Night 9:00pm
Live From: Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana


This edition of Titans begins like the last, with a highlight reel of last weeks show. We see the successful return match for Josh Moriarty against Psycho, Titan attack Josh Moriarty after the match, Emerson dispatch JTC easily, Gabriel Ohio winning the Triad Title from Precious pinning Twilight to do so, Josh Moriarty hitting Gabriel Ohio dead center of his forehead with a hammer causing him to bleed and rushed to the local hospital, and finally in the main event semi-final match of the Lethal Lottery we saw it never started due to Reno Destiny and Mike Zybala brawling; Big T comes out and announces a Gauntlet match for tonight between Reno Destiny, Mike Zybala, TK Money, and Saint Jude for both the crown of Lethal Lottery champion but also the World Heavyweight Title but in a twist also announces Precious as the number one contender for our next pay per view Jailhouse Rock.

The new Tuesday Night Titans theme song-"End Of The Beginning (This Is The End Movie Version)" by Black Sabbath- begins to play as a highlight video featuring the best and brightest of Strike Towers past and present plays. We see guys like The Regulators Mad Dogg, Dave Steel, and Ace, the DeadPac's Shadow, Legion, and Aj Nin Red Rum, The Foundation's Triple X, Eliminator, and Radiant, Systematic 3.0's Fox, I for an I, and Vicious, Hall of Famers like Sean Lane, Damien Sparks, Brandi James, Allisa O'Toole, Nirvana, Havoc, Christian Cage, and Glenn Owen as well as the current roster like Reno Destiny, Saint Jude, Gabriel Ohio, Emerson, Twilight, Television Champion Mike Zybala, Psycho, Triad Champion Precious, and of course The Boss Big T.

We go inside Indianapolis, Indiana's Conseco Fieldhouse, the home of the Indiana Pacers. Pyro shoots off from all over the arena, the ring, the ramp, the stage, and the StrikeTron. Cameras pan the crowd and we see signs such as: "RENO'S FACE, MY ASS", "I WRECK SHIT", "HIT THE HAMMER ON THE HEAD", and "I <3 LUCK". We go to the commentator's table with Randy White and John Cartwright.

RW: Welcome to Tuesday Night Titans! Last week it all broke down in the main event but Big T being the ballsy leader he is handled the situation, making a gauntlet match for tonight to see who will become only the 14th ever Lethal Lottery Champion!

JC: And with that honor comes the vacant STW World Heavyweight Championship......that Reno Destiny will be holding by the end of the night.

RW: I wouldnt be so sure. He's been on a bit of a downward spiral since losing the Television Title. Mike Zybala has Reno's number big time. Plus Saint Jude is no punk bitch and TK Money will fight like a drunk sailor in a bar.

JC: Your point?

RW: My point is this match could be won by anybody and they all have an equal shot to make history. It'll be an instant classic.

JC: It sure will be.....when Reno wins, makes history, and basks in the glory of everybody's praise.

RW: We shall see. Lets go to the ring for some action.

Hardcore Match

Both Psycho and Johnathon Thomas Cross are both already in the ring.

RW: First match of the night.

The bell rings and JTC starts it off with a clothesline then off the ropes hits a lariat on Psycho, he tries a cover but only gets a 1 count. Psycho is up quick and kicks JTC in the gut and hits a monster DDT!

JC: Whoa nelly.

Psycho covers JTC the ref counts 1........2.......3!!!

RW: Well that is all she wrote for JTC. His chances of staying in STW are getting low and lower.

Tuesday Night Titans goes to a commercial break for tampons starring Brandi James.

Winner: PSYCHO via Pinfall

Standard Match

Titans returns from commercial break. Friends in low places hits as Jack Jones starts to make his way out to the ring mostly to cheers.

RW: The cowboy rides again.

JC: Dont call him cowboy, remember he doesn't much like that these days.

As Jack is getting down to the ring Precious comes running up behind him and nails him with a running double axe handle!

RW: Did we forget the ding ding?

Precious throws Jack into the ring by his hair.

JC: Ohh shes showing her vicious side.

Precious hits Jack with knee to the face then throws him back into the turnbuckle as he slides down. She runs and bronco busters him!

RW: Ride'em cowgirl!

JC: What I wouldn't give for her to do that to me.

RW: Perv! But yeah I wouldn't mind either hahaha!

Precious does a monkey flip putting Jack back in the middle of the ring, Precious climbs the top turnbuckle and goes for a swan dive but Jack lifts up his knees at the last moment nailing her right in the rib cage.

JC: Harold might have to check her later tonight for some broken ribs.

RW: Puhlease if she can handle Harold on top of her every night and he hasn't broken any of her ribs then that should be nothing.

Jack is up and hits his Out to graze and the ref counts 1.........2........3!!!

RW: Tough lose for Precious and a hard fought win for Jack.

Titans goes to a commercial break for Purina Dog Biscuits starring Hall of Famer and first Lethal Lottery Winner Mad Dogg.

Winner: JACK JONES via Pinfall

Standard Match

Tuesday Night Titans on TNT comes back from commercial with Emerson already in the ring.

RW: Welcome back to STW Tuesday Night Titans. Lets go into the second half of our show. As you can see Emerson is already in the ring awaiting Josh Moriarty.

The lights die as ominous acoustic intro of Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel oozes from PA and then red, green, and blue strobe lights flash just as the distorted guitars hit Moriarty walks slowly out from the entrance dressed in a heavy hooded leather trench coat covered in metal studs. He makes his way into the ring and walks slowly up the steps into the ring. Moriarty removes his coat and awaits the bell.

JC: Freakshow.

RW: Don't talk mister bunny ranch.

JC: The match is starting, pay attention Randy.

The ref calls for the bell. Emerson and Moriarty circle in the ring before locking up. They jockey for position.

RW: Size wise these guys are very similar.

JC: And thats where the comparison ends.

Emerson breaks free and scoop slams Moriarty. Moriarty is right back up and kicks Emerson in the gut before scoop slamming him.

RW: Tit for tat.

JC: One good slam deserves another.

Moriarty and Emerson lock up again and Emerson catches Moriarty with an arm drag takedown. Moriarty is up and goes at Emerson only to get hip tossed. Moriarty is up and Emerson lays in a couple punches on Moriarty before whipping him into the ropes. Moriarty comes off the ropes and gets planted on the mat with a spinebuster.

RW: Nice move!

Emerson covers Moriarty, hooking a leg.

RW: 1..... 2..... Moriarty kicks out!

Emerson stomps on Moriarty before driving his elbow into his throat. Emerson tries to put on a figure four but Moriarty shoves him off with his foot in Emerson's ass when he spins around. Emerson almost runs over the ref but stops in time. Moriarty is up and comes behind Emerson for a side Russian leg sweep. Moriarty covers.

RW: 1..... 2.. and Emerson kicks out.

Moriarty is up and brings Emerson up as well. Moriarty wraps his arms around Emerson and hits a belly to belly suplex. Moriarty bounces off the ropes and hits a splash on Emerson. Moriarty hooks a leg but only gets a 2 count.

JC: This is a good back and forth battle.

Moriarty is up and sets Emerson up for a powerbomb. Emerson takes Moriarty's legs out, holds them, and does a flip landing on top of Moriarty for a cover.

RW: 1.... 2.... KICK OUT!!! That was close! Emerson almost rolled up Moriarty like fried bologna for the win.

Moriarty and Emerson are up at the same time but Moriarty tries for a kick but Emerson catches his foot. Moriarty nails Emerson with an enziguiri.

RW: Emerson looks out!!

JC: Motel 6 will leave the light on for ya.

Moriarty rolls Emerson over, covers, and hooks a leg.

RW: 1...... 2....... and 3. And Moriarty picks up the win.

JC: He connected flush to the back of Emerson's head with that enziguiri and it was nighty night for dear old Super Emerson.

Moriarty stands up with a sick smirk on his face as Titans goes to a commercial for Oscar Mayer Bologna starring Emerson.

Winner: JOSH MORIARTY via Pinfall

Gauntlet Match - 2014 Lethal Lottery Winner
World Heavyweight Title

Tuesday Night Titans on TNT returns from commercial break with Mike Zybala and TK Money in the ring.

RW: Welcome back to Titans!

JC: Its main event time!

RW: That is correct, John. Its a gauntlet match where the winner will be declared not only the 2014 Lethal Lottery Grand Champion but will become the new STW World Heavyweight Champion! Prediction John?

JC: I'm going to say TK wins it all.

RW: Really?

JC: HELL NO, FOOL!!!! Its only one mans destiny to become World Champion and that is Reno Destiny. Tonight I predict he takes his rightful place as the face of the company.

RW: Well he's not one of the first two in the ring so he has the odds in his favor.

JC: When destiny is on your side the odds are ever in your favor.

The ref calls for the bell. Mike and TK lock up in the center of the ring. They vie for position but neither can gain it so they shove each other way. They circle each other in the ring and go to lock up again but TK catches Mike in the gut with a kick. TK grabs Mike and whips him into the ropes. Mike bounces off the ropes and leap frogs TK when he bends over. Instead of Mike continuing to run and bounce off the ropes he stops dead in his tracks after leap frogging TK and when TK stands straight up and turns around his chin feels the boot of the Television Champion.

RW: Superkick!!

Mike covers TK and hooks a leg.

RW: 1..... 2..... 3!! TK Money has been eliminated!

JC: Bye Bye, TK!

A second ref outside the ring helps the other ref pull TK out of the ring as Saint Jude comes running down to the ring.

RW: Well since Jude is out here that means your guy Reno will be last out.

JC: Fate and Destiny.

Jude slides in the ring and Mike pounces on him before he can stand up. Jude fights to get up as Mike continues nailing him with kicks and forearms to the back. Jude finally gets up and when Mike throws a punch that Jude blocks and he connects with a punch of his own. Mike tries another punch that once again gets blocked by Jude. Jude with a set of 3 punches pushing Mike against the ropes. Jude whips Mike across the ring, he bounces off the ropes, and gets back body dropped. Mike gets right back up and Jude boots him in the gut and hits a suplex. Jude covers.

RW: 1..... 2... and a kick out by Z!

Jude gets up and brings Mike to his feet. Jude lifts up Mike and body slams him down to the mat. Jude drops an elbow on the chest of Mike and covers him again.

RW: 1..... 2.... and close one but Mike still kicked out.

JC: For the record I can also count to 3. Just sayin'.

Jude gets up to his feet and drops a leg across the upper chest and throat area of Mike. Jude gets up and sits Mike up on the mat before grabbing him by the wrists, pulling his arms behind him, and sticking his knee into Mike's upper back and shoulder blades.

JC: I dont know if Z takes yoga or not but Jude is giving him a free taste of what they all do on them little mats.

Jude wrenches back on Mike's arms and Mike winces in pain. Mike begins to move and gets to one knee forcing Jude to stand up so he can maintain control of Mike's arms. Mike stands up on both feet trying to get out of the hold by Jude. Mike tries to pull his arms forward but only gets so far before Jude pulls them right back.

RW: Jude isnt gonna let...

Before Randy can finish his sentence Mike does a double footed donkey kick to separate himself from Jude.

RW: Nevermind that thought.

Mike gets up gingerly holding his shoulder. Jude runs at Mike with a clothesline but Mike ducks his head and wraps Jude up and hits a side effect slam. Mike quickly covers but since he doesnt hook a leg barely gets a 2 count.

JC: The momentum has swung into the favor of our TV Champion.

Mike is up and Jude is up too. Mike hits a couple of punches on Jude before kicking him in the gut. Jude doubles over and Mike sticks Jude's head between his legs. Mike lifts up Jude for possibly a powerbomb but Jude reverses and lands on his feet. Jude kicks Mike in the gut and sets him up for a piledriver but with Mike's head between Jude's legs Mike lowers his head and then drives it up into the scrotum area of Jude.

JC: Ouch!

RW: Back of the head to the little head.

Mike comes out from Jude's nether region, lifts Jude up across his shoulders-and we can see Mike wince in pain but he holds Jude on his shoulders-and Mike hits a Mind Eraser. Mike covers Jude and hooks a leg and interlocks his fingers.

RW: 1..... 2..... 3! Saint Jude has been eliminated! We now know that itll either be Reno Destiny or Mike Zybala becoming the next Lethal Lottery Winner and World Champion!

Just like with TK both refs roll Jude out of the ring. Mike is up and looks a bit tired but still ready to kick some more ass. Mike stares at the entrance way waiting for Reno to come out.

RW: Wheres the man of destiny, John?

JC: Taking his time like a smart veteran would and should.

Mike Zybala: Come on, Reno! Come get your assed wrecked for a third time!!

RW: Mikey is feeling real confident.

Reno sneaks through the crowd and over the guardrail.

JC: There he is!

Reno crawls into the ring unbeknownst to Mike. Reno stays crutched in the corner as Mike continues looking up at the top of the ramp.

RW: I do believe Reno and Mike are on a Collision Course.

JC: Sorta speak.

RW: Dont turn around, Mike!

JC: Please do!

Mike starts to turn around, Reno charges, and Reno connects with a Collision Course. He has a smile on his face as he covers Mike, hooking a leg.

RW: 1..... 2.....

Mike kicks out!

RW: Nooooooooooo!! Mike Zybala is not done yet!!

JC: Still life left in him but against a guy like Reno its simply not enough.

Reno cant believe Mike kicked out and stands up staring at the ref like what the fuck. Reno backs the ref up against the turnbuckles yelling at him. As Reno keeps bitching to the ref Mike slowly makes his way to his feet. He sees Reno not paying attention and sets up for a superkick.

RW: Superkick time! If Mike hits it this match is over!

Reno finally turns around and Mike attempts a superkick but Reno grabs his foot and locks on One Swift Motion. Reno wrenches Mike's ankle.

RW: Hold on, Mike!!

JC: Tapout!!! You know you wanna!!!

Reno sets the ankle lock in even tighter and Mike has no choice but to tapout. The ref calls for the bell.

JC: YES!!!!!!!!!! RENO DESTINY!!!!!!!!!!!

The ref is handed the World Title and he hands it to Reno Destiny and raises his hand in victory.

Robyn Byrne: Your winner and 2014 Lethal Lottery Winner and the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.....RENO DESTINY!!!


After the match Reno slides outside the ring and picks up a chair, slides back into the ring, and smacks Mike Zybala In the head, as he falls to the ground Reno keeps smacking him with the chair. Hit after hit after hit comes down harder and bending the steel chair, after about 10 shots he throws the chair out the ring and kneels down staring at Mike Zybala. Reno looks around putting his hands to his face wiping the sweat off his forhead onto the back of his hair.

RW: What...has gotten into him.

Reno then gets up suddenly and looks over and asks for a microphone. He paces himself around the ring slowley looking out into the crowd and then turns at the lifeless body. He smiles and looks down on his handy work.

Reno Destiny: Before i let this show end.. There is ALOT of things i need to say and before even one of you walks out of this arena you are damn sure going to here it.

Reno Destiny: What have i done to make you all dislike me? Ive done some pretty bad things but to this day i can never wrap my head around the fact that i have done so much for this place and yet never got anything in return. Ive always been a man who walks to his own beat, and always did what was best for me and the people i cared for. When Daniel Kalis was here, i had his back and still do have his back till the death of me. When the fans cheered me i was behind them, even when they bood me out of the building, i walked through that curtain every single week and tryed to make a difference. Let me tell you from a guy from Los Angeles by way of Detroit, i did pretty damn well for myself. Hope there are people int he back watching this right and and see this trail of havoc that i have left. This signifies what people think of my career and think of the things that i have done. Am i not worthy of that respect? Ive grabbed all the imaginary brass rings that SFT had to offer and yet i still somehow have not measured up to the star power of other Hall of famers and other legends of Strike Towers and you know what i think, i think that is totall bullshit!

Reno Destiny: I am a 4 time World Heavyweight Champion, I have competed in some of the biggest wars SFT has seen, i have battled some of the legends SFT has ever created and i have beaten them. Again is that not enough? I'm not the type of man who does bitch and moan i show up i win, or i lose and that is it but on any given day the best man will win, if i think that best man is my opponent, i will get you next time, if i believe i should win, then you get this. Men go down to destiny...I have proved it for the past 10 years. 10 years 3 TV titles 4 World Titles, 3 Tag Titles, hardcore title, Stable Cup winner, and now the newest Lethal Lottery winner and still that garners nothing!? I have been to bat with some of the greatest, Aidan Morag, Sean Lane, Shawn Walsh, Joe Heh, Dameon, Brandi James, that was my class, and if anything is to be said about me then its to be said that my name is on the same level as them. There are some people who dont think reno destinys legacy is up to par and that i am the best of a small bunch of hacks. I dont see hacks when i look in that locker room, i see men who do what we love to do without a second thought, i used to be that guy who walked in did my job and left. for years i did this and now my work is being questioned? That starts wars when it comes to destiny. I hold up my end but others dont want to even step in this ring without having a "good reason" too. When i dish out an open challenge and i get the response, give me a reason? You take a look at the World Championship belt, take a look at the ring, take a look at the ramps the people sitting in the crowd, i dont care if you dont care about them, do this because this is what you do. People can scream they are the best all the time but without proving it to the next man who wants to step up, your nothing but a shadow of who you used to be, a bizaro, a shell. Gary Mac, Nirvana... im disapointed because i thought you two would have more balls to come out and face the best of a talentless roster... All i see are you bitches sniffin eachothers asses. This is who i am gentlemen I am SFT, I am Strike Towers Wrestling, I am the FACE of this company. You can throw your stones and say what you will about me but until i get my hands on either one of you, I will lay waste to everyone. This isn't the last time someone will get hurt and i swear i will fuck up everyones shit until i get you Gary Mac, i will hang everyone till I get to you Nirvana. whether you want to help solidify my name or not. The records will either show you are men.. or you are cowards. You will... Respect me I will make sure you all respect me...

Reno drops the mic, picks up the World Heavyweight Title, and raises it high in the air as Titans

Fades to black...

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