Strike Towers Wrestling
Tuesday Night Titans

With Randy White and John Cartwright
December 23rd 2014
Tuesday Night 9:00pm
Live From: DD Center in Providence, Rhode island


[ In the back   Reno Destiny is standing in his office with Mason randall talking it up.  Reno wearing a all black suit and mason had a jacket and jeans on.  then someone knocks on the door ]

Reno:  Who is it.   come in

[ its a stw official with a card in his hand ]

Reno: what the hell is this?

Guy: It was a card  somebody gave it to me and told me to give it to you

Reno:  so you just take random cards from strangers huh.    you could have ebola and just gave it to me .

Guy:   uhh.. i dont think

Reno: see that is the problem  you dont think.  Im paying you to think and right now i could die.....[ he rips open the card ]  You  better hope i dont get sick,  otherwise you might want to think about taking a mortgage out on your house .

Mason : what does it say

[ Reno stands there  in confusion ] 

Reno:  i have no idea.  its just a letter X on it.   The hell is going on around here.

Mason :  That seems a little wierd.  isn't that your trade mark?

Reno:  the amount of Gimmick Infringment around here is astonishing.   Fuck this.   Listen  You see i have saint jude tonight?

Mason :  yeah.   how many times is this now ? like the 10th time

Reno:  Look this isn't about how many times,  your only as good as your last match.   win lose or draw , im still the man here in strike towers and its my job to give these people what they want.  So im going to give them a show.   Hey... Win lose or draw  you do not come from back here.  Had yall coming down aiding me all year,  its time i showed everyone who i am.

[ reno walks out of the room towards his personal locker room area.  Mason grabs his cell phone and starts dialing. ]

Mason :   yeah.......yeah   ......  everything is a go....

[ Mason smirks and hangs up the phone ]

Standard Match

Twilight song Basket case starts off as he is starting to make his way down to the ring when Psycho comes running out behind him and tags him with a double axe handle and away we go.

RW: Well so much for intros.

Twilight gets thrown into the ring as Psycho gets in he gets hit by a clothesline by Twilight. Twi now with a leg drop then a running forearm as Psycho was trying to get up.

JC: Twilight didn’t stand for that too long.

Twilight picks up and hits a suplex on Psycho followed it up by a top rope head butt which he hits, he covers Psycho as the ref counts 1……………2……………..kickout!

RW: Wow Psycho kicked out of that, not many get to do that.

JC: Maybe he’s getting better?

RW: maybe, but I wont count the chickens before they hatch.

Twilight stands up Psycho and appears to be going for a Russian leg sweep but Psycho counters it with a reverse Russian leg sweep that ends up taking a lot out of both guys!

JC: Uh oh.

Both seem out of it and Psycho is first to come around, he drapes an arm over Twilights chest and the ref counts 1…………..2…………..3!!!

RW: Huge win for Psycho tonight.

JC: He’s definitely on a roll, I’ll give him that much.


Standard Match

Both Mike Zybala and Precious are already both in the ring as the bell rings.

RW: Well that was weird, no intros, no Harold. What do you think that means?

JC: Not sure

Mike starts it off with a fast fury of forearms followed by Precious kicking him in the midsection and X-Factoring him!

Precious attempts to go for a pin but there is some ruckus happening in the crowd.

RW: Whats all that about?

From the crowd we see Nirvana and Ningyo come battling from within the crowd.

JC: What the?

Nirvana trips over Precious as Ningyo stands up Precious and drop kicks her right out of the ring!

RW: Who the hell is that?!

Nirvana stands up Mike Zybala and does the same to him!

JC: Ok they just cleaned house!

Nirvana and Ningyo continue to brawl as officials and security swarm the ring to break them up.

RW: Ok no clue what is happening, we’re going to commercial break and will hold off on speculation till we hear from either of those people that were in the ring tonight.

Winner: No Contest

Standard Match


RW: here we go the Moment we have all been waiting for  The Debut from the Kid For Dublin Ireland  Kaleb Zimmer

JC:  i heard he really likes to fight...  like  he fights midgets to

RW:  Midgets?

JC:  Midgets..


Take Me To Church" by Hozier begins to play when green white and orange strobe lights begin to flash causing the lights in the arena fade to darkness. Kaleb Zimmer walks out onto the stage area with a Irish flag draped around his shoulders. The camera focuses on his wrestling gear as "Man Of Honor" is in bold letters on his trunks. Kaleb takes in the crowds energy then begins to make way towards the ring. With the strobe lights following him.. Kaleb raises his flag then crowd erupts while he makes his way around the ring. Once at ringside, Kaleb meets some of his fans around ringside then walks up the staircase then he steps onto the apron and raises his flag again before climbing through the ropes. The arena lights begin to dim back to normal then the strobe lights stop flashing as Kaleb walks over to the referee in charge and shakes his hand as the music fades. Kaleb takes his flag to the corner then does his normal prayer before the match then turns facing the middle of the ring waiting for the match to begin.


RB:  Coming to the ring   From Dublin Ireland...  KALEBBBB  ZIMMMMMERRRRRRR


RW:  This kid looks impressive,  lets see whether he can make a mark here in historic Strike Towers.. agaisnt a former world champion


[ I got friends in low places by garth Brooks plays as jack walks out   tagging hands on his way to the ring.  making his way up the ring steps he smiles and moseys across the apron before stepping into the ring.  He takes out the straw in his mouth and the hat on his head and waves to everytong ]


RW: jack Jones looks pretty happy

JC :  A little too happy..


[ Before the bell can ring  Kaleb  Offers his hands out the jack jones and jack looks at him kinda wierd.   he does approach and shakes kalebs hand


RW : The honor code is what this guy goes by.  Really goes by the book this one.

JC:  He hasn't been in strike towers long enough yet to know there is nothing honorable about the bloodshed these rings have seen.

[ Kaleb waits for the bell and then he goes on the attack   He has a smaller frame but he is very powers as he ties up with jack and he quickly gets the upper hand .. he easily moves him towards the rops as he is holding a head lock on him  the ref starts to make the count  and he lets go slowley but then sends a straight right to his rib cage then a kick to the thighs.  another kick to the other thigh and another right hand.  Jack trying to cover up and then pushes him away  the ref moves out the way and Kaleb comes back with a elbow to the head of jack jones ]


RW: So far Kaleb is looking okay.  Peak Physical Condition

JC:  Dont let precious see him


[  jack hanging on the ropes.. kaleb comes back and grabs him by his hair and brings him to the center of the ring.  He stands on the side of him  and drops him with a russian leg sweep and sits there .  he moves quickly though getting on top of him delivering right hands to jacks head.   he picks up jack.. grabs his leg and drops him back with a cradle suplex.   jack is on the ground and he covers...




kick out.


RW: this guy is impressive

JC: ruthless aggression


[  kaleb gets up and grabs jack with him but jack gets in an elbow to kaleb..  kaleb bends over a bit and jack pushes him away.   Kaleb Tries a clothes line on the bounce back but jack ducks it and grabs his head facing away from him and drops a neck breaker.   jack and Kaleb are on the ground.  Jack gets to his knees and picks himself up with the ropes.  Kaleb gets back up and jack his him with some rights  .  grabs his arms and looks like he is going for a irish whip but bings him back in by his arms and sends knees to his midsection.  Afterwards  executes a arm drag and sends him under the bottom rope to the apron outside the ropes.   Kaleb sort of bounces up as jack is faced the other way.  Kaleb grabs the top rop and as jack turns around  kaleb Spring boards off the ropes and catches jack in a tornado DDT.  Kaleb sits up as Jack lays next to him.   he looks towards the sky before he gets up again .  He assends the middle rope and looks out towards the crowd.  Then diving off the ropes to deliever a diving leg drop  he then covers Jack again ]






Kick out


[  Kaleb looks down at Jack and gets back up and sits in the corner waiting for jack to get up    soon as jack stumbles to his feel..  Kaleb somersaults and hits the rolling thunder clothesline to jack and plants jack to the canvas.   Kaleb moves quickly and picks up jack.    He holds hte arms of Jack and  hits an STO backBreaker then a Reverse STO planting jack face first in the canvas.    Jack is holding his face in pain.. kaleb doesn't seem to be done though  .  Fast about it he picks up jack gets him into Pump Handle position.   He picks him up and as he is in the air it changes to a half nelson Driver and drops Jack jones.   as jack lays there kaleb looks at him before he goes for the cover once more ]








RW:  WOW  That came sudden and quick.  Jack Jones tried to get some offense but the new comer from Dublin wouldn't let up

JC:  This guy looks good  and seems to be the real deal.  Looks like he has some MMA Background.

RW: all i can say is.. Strike Towers....  there is some new blood in town



Winner: Kaleb Zimmer via Pin Fall

Standard Match



RB: “This match, is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 232 pounds, from Detroit, Michigan, Reeeeno Destiny!!

The guitar rips through the speakers and the arena gets dark as I Stand Alone by Godsmack plays. Reno Destiny walks through the curtain and stares out to the crowd pointing and talking, raising his hands for them to stand up on their feet. he walks down the ramp with his arms out and eyes to the ring. He walks up the steps and looks towards the audience and climbs the turnbuckle raising his hands and camera flashes flood the arena. He gets down and enters the ring.

RW: “This match is going to be a Revelation! HAHA!”

"Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash plays.

Jude steps through the curtain and slowly makes his way down the ramp. He looks around at the fans with indifference.

Robyn: And his opponent… making his way to the ring, from Waco, Texas and weighing in at 200 pounds...SAINT JUDE!

Jude walks up the steps and enters the ring. He takes off his ratty looking jacket and tosses it out of the ring. He then turns his direction towards his opponent. The referee begins the customary checks for foreign objects, finding no concealed weapons, he calls for the bell and this one is under way.

JC: “Let’s get this party started!”

We begin with the classic Collar & Elbow Tie Up. They jostle for position. Jude manages to manoeuvre Reno into a better position and locks in an Arm wringer, using the tip of his own elbow to cause more pressure on Reno’s Elbow joint. Jude then uses an Arm Take Down to get Reno to the Mat and he applies an Arm Bar to Reno.

JC: “Jude is a Mat Technician. Reno is going to have to change the game abit here otherwise Judd is going to wear him down.”

RW: “Relax, Reno is a multi-time World Champ! He has been through this before.”

Reno’s face is a look of pain and rage, as he almost drags himself to his feet, and he turns and punches Judd in the face, with a closed fist! The referee is furious and backs up Reno, warning he is risking a DQ if he does that again!

JC: “What a cheap shot by the boss!”

RW: “It broke the hold didn’t it? Ref better be careful otherwise Reno will fire his ass!”

Judd is still recovering and its Reno’s turn for some offense as Reno bounces off the ropes and Judd turns and Reno nails him with a Spinning Head Scissor Take Down, which sends Judd through the ropes and to the floor. Judd is still dazed as Reno gets a mixed reaction from the crowd.

JC: “Reno Taking control here!”

Reno, looking down at Judd, who is getting to his feet, Judd looks up in time to see Reno flyyyyyyyyy…

RW: “Flying Cross Body to the outside from Reno Destiny!”

JC: “Reno is proving the suit means nothing, he can still bring it!”

Reno jumps up to the apron, and stands next to the turnbuckles. Judd is rising, slowly, using the stairs as leverage; Judd turns to face an oncoming Reno! Reno flips through the air…WHAM!!!!!

JC: “HOLY SHIT!! JUDD MOVED! Reno has just landed awkwardly ladies and gentleman, his left leg, and knee, have impacted the ring steps!!”

RW: “Judd is a Mat wrestler; this is exactly what he wants!! An injured limb to target! There he goes! Reno will regret this!!”

Judd starts assaulting Reno’s left leg and knee with a fury of stomps and kicks, he then dives under the bottom rope, resets the referee’s count, then continues the onslaught, much to his fans delight. Judd then drags Reno to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Judd follows and he picks up Reno’s dodgy leg and drops an elbow, locking in a Leg Lock on Reno’s poorly leg. Reno screams but tells the referee to piss off, as he tries to battle out of the hold. Reno goes for the hair, referee stops him, Judd doesn’t like this and drags Reno back to the centre of the ring and locks in the Tequila Sunrise!!

JC: “Judd is trying to make Reno tap out!!

The referee continues to ask Reno if he is going to quit, Reno refuses, clearly in agony. He doesn’t tap!

RW: “Reno is a fighter!”

Reno continues to fight; he manages to drag to the ropes and grabs them. The referee forces Judd to break the hold but the damage is done. Reno Staggers back to his feet and out of pure desperation….

JC: “FATE!! FATE!! Reno just nailed one of his trademark moves. Judd is down!!”

RW: “So is Reno! He can’t take advantage, but he just bought himself some time!”

Judd is down as Reno grabs the ropes and lifts himself slowly to his feet, he stares down at Judd, and Reno is slowly climbing the ropes. Reno gives a salute to Judd, he leaps!”



Reno nails nothing but canvas, Reno rolls onto his stomach and tries to stand up, but Judd is up and dives over Reno, rolling him up!


Judd wins!!!

RW: “Saint Judd just beat Reno Destiny!!”

JC: “A good victory for Judd in a close contest, Reno just didn’t recover from that blow early on, but he did very well.


Winner: Saint Jude via Pin fall


RW : It is time for the main event.   World Title is on the line tonight

JC:  Yes   Reno really knows what he is doing with this match booking!

RW:  He put this card together?

JC:  are you saying he didnt?

RW:  nevermind.

[The lights flicker until the sound of electricity fill the arena as it is plunged into darkness. A Moon appears on the titantron and a white glow appears on the stage. A Huge explosion occures and the flames dance as Gabriel Ohio, wearing a longblack leather jacket appears where the moon is shining and advances with a slow pace down to the ring, from under is coat black smoke follows his footsteps.]

Amanda Byrne :  Intoducing First..  The Challenger.   GABRIELLLLLL OHIOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

RW:  Finally  Gabriel Ohio Gets his shot at the world title.

JC:  Yeah thanks to reno for giving him the opportunity

RW: Maybe he can usher us into the new era that reno is talking about....

[ Before Gabriels music can cut off  Josh Moriarty slides in the ring from behind and attacks Gabriel.  He starts to stomp away at him as the ref tries to get him off of ohio.   He throws the belt down and walks around the ring as the ref rings the bell.  Josh then picks up ohio to the turnbuckle and starts to shoulder charge him.  Ohio grabs his stomach in pain as josh grabs him by his hair and pulls him away .  Boot to the midsection and Ohio executes a snap suplex to ohio... gets up quickly and drops the elbow down.  Josh goes for the cover but doesn't get more then a one count.   He picks up Gabriel and tries to irish whip him but ohio reverses it.   Josh tries a clothesline but ohio ducks.  Josh comes back around and ohio cross bodies him to the canvas.  both men are down,  josh holding his stomach and ohio rolling around.  they both get up relativly quickly but ohio gets over to him first and gives up some right hands.   then scoops him up.   Gabriel ohio walks around the ring and   POWERSLAM   Ohio looks down at josh and smile.   He goes for the Pin ]





[ Ohio picks up josh but josh grabs him by his wrestling trunks and pulls him tot he outside.  Josh collects himself and tries to roll up to ohio but he is met by a couple of right hands.   Josh though after a couple sends a knee to his stomach and throws gabriel into the ring steps.  He looks around at the crowd and gives a smug look.   He goes towards ohio and picks him up and then with a gather ..tosses him into the ring post.  Ohio hits the deck grabbing his shoulder.  Josh walks over fast and picks him back up  .. Right hand to the face  followed by  josh slamming ohios head into the ring announcers table.   Ohio staggers towards the ring apron as josh just shoulder chargers his back on the edge of the ring.   Ohio falls to the floor holding his back and his shoulder.   Josh picks him and irish whips him OVER the announcers table. ]

RW:  Josh is Putting the pieces to him like i have never seen him do before to anyone

JC :  Im almost afraid for Ohio Right now.

[  josh goes over and tries to gather up whats left of ohio but ohio gets up and throws a production chair at josh to get him away.  josh staggers and ohio gets up and jumps off the table and double axe handles josh.    josh stumbles for a second but then blocks a right hand from ohio and gives a boot to his stomach and then whips him again into the pole on the same shoulder as was before .  Josh picks him up and rolls him in the ring  Josh gets up on the apron and tries to climb the turnbuckle.  he gets to the middle rope and ohio catches him and gives him body shots.  He climbs with Josh and wraps his arms around his head and thrusts his body on his shoulders and drops him from the second rope in a Death valley Driver.   Josh is on the canvas laying lifeless.  Ohio then starts to move around grabbing his shoulder.  Movement comes from Josh and ohio starts to try to make his way to his feet.    Josh grabs him first and gives him a right hand.  Ohio gives him one back.   Josh with his own,  and Ohio gives him one back.   Josh gives him another but then follows up with a boot  he bounces himself off the ropes but Ohio Picks him up for a tilt-a-world slam.   he covers and the ref coutns ]








[  Ohio beating the canvas as he lays on his back.   Josh rolls over and towards the turnbuckle.   He gets up and Josh gets up.. he runs after him but josh ducks and grabs him by his waist and executes a german suplex.. but holds on to ohio.   rolls up and tosses him back in another suplex  and holds onto him..  tosses bum back in ANOTHER suplex and throws him across the ring.   both men are down but josh seems to be getting his second wind   he picks up ohio and shoves a knee into his stomach and throws him down.   he is singnaling to the crowd that he is about to finish the match.    He taps his arm  looking for the clotheline from hell   as soon as ohio gets up ... Josh then charges at him but ohio ducks.   josh boucnes off the ropes hoping to land it here but Ohio grabs him up     SOUL REAPER Executed  on Josh Moriarty  and Ohio hits the mat and turns over to get his arm over his chest  pulling himself to hook the leg ]










JC : YESSS  Gabriel ohio is THE NEW FACE of Strike Towers Wrestling  



[ Gabriel grabs the title and lays back with it on his chest.   He is breathing heavily but he knows he just won the world title.   The ref helps him get back to his feet and he barley can raise the title in the air.    on the stage comes out Reno Destiny  Clapping his hands staring with a smile on his face.   Ohio Climbs the turnbuckle staring into the crowd holding up his New World Championship title



Winner and NEW STW World Champion: Gabriel Ohio via Pinfall

The lights begin to flicker off and on and eventually do go out. The entire arena is pitch black with only some fans lighting up their cellphones. A drum beat plays over and over again. The top of the ramp ignites in flames. You can barely see a figure rising from beneath the flames. As the figure becomes into view you can see he's wearing a black trench coat and has his head down, but if you look hard enough you see red face paint. A huge wall of fire explodes up in front of him. He walks right through it and "Highway To Hell" by AC/DC hits!! Red lights flash all throughout the arena as the man stalks down to the ring. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope. He stands in the middle of the ring, raises his arms up forming an X, and at the same time fire spits out of the ring posts. The lights come up and everybody can now see that its...

RW: EXTERMINATOR!?! ........ A decade later and the X man is back!!!

JC: This unbelievable, I don't believe my eyes. This guy was a tag team champion with SFT Hall of Famer Legion damn near 15 years ago.

RW: May he rest in peace.

JC: And now after a decade of doing god knows what he has come home to Strike Towers Wrestling.

RW: We can only wonder whats on his mind.

JC: Maybe we'll find out now.

RW: Make that my Xmas present, Santa. One of them anyways.

Exterminator shoots a glance at the new STW World Champion Gabriel Ohio and though normally Gabriel would stare a hole right back through Exterminator he simply exits the ring.

RW: What was that about?

JC: I dont think Ive ever seen Ohio just walk out of the ring so calmly.

RW: I bet theres more than meets the eye with "the look".

Josh Moriarty begins to rise up to his feet and when Exterminator sees this he runs at the ropes, does a back flip off the middle rope, and in all one fluid motion drops Josh Moriarty on the skull with a Reverse DDT.

JC: Didnt he call that the XDT?

RW: I believe so and he planted Josh Moriarty.

JC: Right on the back of his melon!

Exterminator goes out to the apron of the ring. He looks out to the crowd in the Dunkin Donuts Center before turning to face inside the ring. He holds up his arms in an 'X' again before grabbing the top rope with both hands, jumping up to the top rope, springboarding off the ropes, and wiping out Josh Moriarty with a 5-Star Frog Splash.

RW: Holy hell!!!! That was incredible!! A Springboard 5-Star Frog Splash that I believe he called the X-Termination Splash.

JC: It was like looking at moving art. So fluid with the motions. It was beautiful, Randy.

RW: And John has gone bye bye. It looks like we know whats on Exterminator's mind.......Dominance. And it looks like its starting with Josh Moriarty, hopefully at Everything Ends XIV in Boston, Massachusetts' TD Garden.

Exterminator stands up holding his midsection after the sick impact of the X-Termination Splash. He stands over the fallen, and now former World Champion, Josh Moriarty. He looks out to the Providence crowd and once again raises his arms up in an 'X' causing flames to shoot out of the ring posts.

RW: HOLY SHEEP SHIT!!!!! I hate when loud ass pyro goes off!!! Well folks, join us.....

Randy looks at the entranced John Cartwright....

RW: Or atleast me.... Next week on pay per view for Everything Ends XIV and send out 2014 with a BANGZOOMTOTHEMOON!!! For Johnny boy here, I'm Randy White, Gnite from Providence, Rhode Island!!!!

Randy talks real softly.

RW: Cant wait to take my Jello pudding pops to Umass and offer acting lessons. Theres always room for J-E-L-L-O and acting lessons.

Fade to black...

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