Special Shows
XCW Sands of Time [card] [results]
SFT's Merger 3rd Anniversary Show [card] [results]

Lethal Lottery Winners
Lethal Lottery 1: Mad Dogg [finals]
Lethal Lottery 2: Knight [finals]
Lethal Lottery 3: Glenn Owen [finals]
Lethal Lottery 4: Cage [finals]
Lethal Lottery 5: Ray Cross [finals]
Lethal Lottery 6: Amy Jo Smyth [finals]
Lethal Lottery 7: Sara Pettis [finals]
Lethal Lottery 8: Mikheil Jarvis [finals] [brackets]
Lethal Lottery 9: Kyle Murphy [finals]
Lethal Lottery 10: SwitchBlade [finals] [brackets]
Lethal Lottery 11: Nirvana [finals] [brackets]
Lethal Lottery 12: Ace [finals]
Lethal Lottery 13: Devina Darknyss [finals]
Lethal Lottery 14: Reno Destiny [finals] [brackets]
Lethal Lottery 15: Jakubb Deathblade [finals] [brackets]
Lethal Lottery 16: YOUR NAME HERE [finals] [brackets]
King of the Deathmatch Winners
2001 King of the Deathmatch*: Superstar Deluxe
2002 King of the Deathmatch: Connor MacDaddy [brackets] [finals]
2003 Lord of the Cell***: Lucretia Black [brackets] [finals]
2004 King of the Deathmatch: Ace [brackets] [finals]
2005 King of the Deathmatch: Nirvana [brackets] [finals]
2007 King of the Deathmatch: Connor MacDaddy [finals]
2011 King of the Deathmatch: Lionel Kingston [brackets] [finals]
2013 King of the Deathmatch: Redd [finals]
2016 King of the Deathmatch: TBD [brackets] [finals]
Body Count Rumble Winners
2005 Body Count: Havoc [event]
2006 Body Count: Connor MacDaddy & Jared Mayer [event]
2008 Body Count: Connor MacDaddy [event]
2011 Body Count: Big T [event]
2014 Body Count: Saint Jude [event]
2015 Body Count: Rumpke [event]
2016 Body Count: The Dark Wolf [event]
War Survivors
Holy Wars 1*: Sorik
Holy Wars 2: Mad Dogg, Ace, & Dave Steel [event]
Cival War: Nathan Gust, Shawn Walsh, Aidan Morag & Connor MacDaddy [event]
XCW Clash of the Champions Winners
2000 Clash of the Champions**: Spawn
2001 Clash of the Champions**: Connor MacDaddy
2002 Clash of the Champions**: Aj Nin Red Rum & Satanaz Black
2005 Clash of the Champions: Kyle Murphy
2014 Clash of the Champions: Glenn Owen [Event]
2016 Clash of the Champions: Terryl Fexxfield [Event]
Craze in the Cage Open Tournament Winners
2011 Craze in the Cage Open Tournament: Ace [finals] [brackets]
2015 Craze in the Cage Open Tournament: Redd [finals] [brackets]

Shadows Gift Ladder Match
2013 Shadows Gift Match: Rico Smith [Event]
2015 Shadows Gift Match: Big T
2016 Shadows Gift Match: TBD [Event]
*took place in Strike Fantasy Wrestling(SFW).
**took place in X-Treme Championship Wrestling(XCW).
***KOTDM renamed Lord of the Cell in 2003 only.